2 Active Passive Indirect object  subject A. I’ll tell him the story. S. meewvw lig vp I. O d. O p. He ‘ll be told the story Ww waar dit in voorkomt: I o +D. o Allow/ask/denyy/give/offer/pay/permit/promise/refuse/send/show/teach/tell 3

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Indirect object  subject

A. I’ll tell him the story.

S. meewvw lig vp


P. He ‘ll be told the story

Ww waar dit in voorkomt: i.o +D.o


Repostitional object (active)  S.(p)
A. He laughed at her.


P. She was laughed at.
A. He has send for the boss

P. The boss has been sent for


Verbal expressions :
-to make fun of

-to pay attention to

-to take advantage of

-to put a stop to

-to set fire to

A. She paid attention to my advice

S S.past D.o P.O

 My advice was paid attention to.


2e passive constructions after : (p)

A. People say that he is very polite.

P. It is said that he’s very polite.

P. He is said to be very polite.
A. They know that he’s a dirty liar.

P. It is know that he’s a dirty liar

P. He is know to be a dirty liar.

-Mensen spreken engels over de hele wereld.

A. People speak English all over the world. People is onbep dus mag weg

P. English is spoken all over the world.

To be + pp (altijd bij p)

-… elke dag.

A. They make progresse in medicine every day.

P. Progresse in medicine is made every day.
-Ze verkopen geen tabac in deze winkel.

A. They don’t tell cigarettes in this store.

P. Cigarettes aren’t sold in this shop.
-Ze gaven een receptie ten ere van hem.

A. They gave a reception in his honour.

P. A reception was given in his honour.
-Iemand liet de radio op de tafel achter

A. Someone left the radio on the table.

P. The radio was left on the table.
-We zullen deze kwestie volgende maandag bespreken.

A. We shall discuss this mather next Monday.

P. This mather will be discussed next Monday.
-Ze hebben recent dit hotel gebouwd.

A. They have built this hotel recently.

P. This hotel has been built recently.
-A. « … what have people done about this? »

D.o S
P. What has been done about this (by pp).

-A. Did they invite the Jacksons?

P. Were the Jacksons invited ?
-A. They’ve yust told their son the good news.

S I.o D.o

P. There son has yust been told the good news.
-A. In some country’s they still deny women the right to vote.

P. Women are still in some country’s denied the right to vote

-Er wordt gezegd van amylum dat het er aan denkt over zee uit te brijden.

A. Amylum is said to be thinking off expanding overseas.

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