26 July 2015 Management changes to vivat nv

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Press Release


26 July 2015

Management changes to VIVAT NV


Anbang completed the acquisition of VIVAT today. As of today, the composition of the Supervisory Board and Executive Board has been changed. The composition of the Boards of SRLEV NV and Reaal Schadeverzekeringen NV also altered. With effect from today, the statutory name of REAAL NV is also changed into VIVAT NV.

Appointments Supervisory Board and Executive Board of VIVAT NV

Jan Nooitgedagt (Dutch nationality) remains Chairman of the Supervisory Board of VIVAT NV. As of today, Nooitgedagt resigned as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of SNS REAAL NV and SNS Bank NV. In addition to Nooitgedagt, the Supervisory Board is composed of the following persons as of today:

• Miriam van Dongen (Dutch nationality)

• Pierre Lefèvre (Belgian nationality)

• Ming He (American nationality)

• Kevin Shum (British nationality)

From today, these five members also constitute the Supervisory Board of

SRLEV NV, Reaal Schadeverzekeringen NV and Proteq Levensverzekeringen NV.

Gerard van Olphen (Dutch nationality) has been appointed Chairman of the Executive Board of VIVAT NV as of today. At the same time, van Olphen resigned as Chairman and member of the Executive Board of SNS REAAL NV. In addition to van Olphen, the Executive Board of VIVAT NV is composed of the following persons as of today:

• Albert Bakker, Chief Operation Officer (Dutch nationality)

Xiao Wei Wu, Chief Transformation Officer (Chinese nationality)

• Lan Tang, Chief Finance and Risk Officer (British nationality)

• Feng Zhang, Chief of Staff (Chinese nationality)
The Executive Board of VIVAT N.V. will, amongst other activities, focus on managing strategic changes at VIVAT and its brands and improving and monitoring the financial performance and risk profile of VIVAT at a consolidated level. Moreover, the Executive Board will support the Dutch and European strategy of Anbang.
Managing Boards of SRLEV NV and Reaal Schadeverzekeringen NV

The Dutch insurance operations that serve customers through the brands of VIVAT

Verzekeringen will, under the chairmanship of Gerard van Olphen, be managed by:

• Seada van den Herik, Chairman of the Board of Zwitserleven

• Jacob de Wit, Chairman of the Board of ACTIAM

Arjen Schouten, Chief Financial Officer

• Willem Horstmann, Chief Risk Officer

• Albert Bakker, Chief Operation Officer

All of these members have the Dutch nationality.
Therefore, as of today, Gerard van Olphen and Albert Bakker have been appointed statutory directors of the companies SRLEV NV (Life & Pension risk bearer) and Reaal Schadeverzekeringen NV (Non-Life risk bearer). The other four persons already formed part of these statutory boards. They resigned as statutory directors of the holding company as of today. Wim Henk Steenpoorte will leave VIVAT. Thus ending an important and exceptional phase for the insurer – a period in which the focus was on the separation of SNS REAAL and the sale of VIVAT.
Gerard van Olphen: “Wim Henk Steenpoorte deserves a special word of thanks. Under his leadership, the management team has carefully positioned the insurer as an independent company and prepared it for the sale, always putting the interests of the customers of the VIVAT brands and employees first.”
There are no changes in the boards of Proteq Levensverzekeringen NV and ACTIAM NV, nor in Zwitserleven PPI NV.

The Articles of Association of REAAL NV were amended as of today, with the statutory name of the company being changed into VIVAT NV. VIVAT Verzekeringen, the name under which the holding company has been operating since last year, will be maintained as the trade name of VIVAT NV for the activities in the Netherlands. VIVAT Verzekeringen’s brands remain unchanged: Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Proteq, Proteq Dier & Zorg and ACTIAM.

Bonds issued by SRLEV

Announcements relating to bonds issued by SRLEV will from now on be made via the website of VIVAT (www.vivatverzekeringen.nl).

For information:
Corporate Communication:
Elvira Bos

(+31 6 83245014)

Investor Relations:
Victor Zijlema

(+31 6 23917718)


VIVAT NV is the holding company for, among others, SRLEV NV, Reaal Schadeverzekeringen NV, Proteq Levensverzekeringen NV, ACTIAM NV and Zwitserleven PPI NV. VIVAT NV also operates under the trade name VIVAT Verzekeringen. The subsidiaries of VIVAT Verzekeringen are also active on the Dutch market with the Zwitserleven, Zelf, Route Mobiel, Reaal, Proteq, Proteq Dier & Zorg and ACTIAM brands. A balance sheet total of € 60 billion (at the end of 2014) makes VIVAT Verzekeringen one of the larger insurers in the Netherlands. The company employs more than 3200 staff and has offices in Alkmaar, Amstelveen, Assen, Rotterdam and Utrecht. As of 26 July 2015, Anbang Group Holdings Co. Ltd., a full subsidiary of Anbang Insurance Group Co. Ltd, has been the sole shareholder of VIVAT NV. For more information please visit www.vivatverzekeringen.nl


This press release exclusively contains factual information and must not be interpreted as an opinion or recommendation with regard to the purchase or sale of securities issued by VIVAT NV and/or one or more of its subsidiaries. This press release does not contain any value judgements or predictions with regard to the financial results of VIVAT NV and/or its subsidiaries. If you do not wish to receive any press releases from VIVAT Verzekeringen, please send an e-mail to info@vivatverzekeringen.nl.

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