A survey of Sleep-wake research in The Netherlands anno 2002 10

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A survey of Sleep-wake research in The Netherlands anno 2002 10

Trait-like inter-individual differences in sleep cycle duration

Blaauw, M.S.J., Liang-tso Tung, M.D. Baynard, D.F. Dinges, H.P.A. van Dongen. 16

High frequency EEG in insomnia and in healthy subjects

Bossche, R.A.S. van den, A.W.de Weerd 20

Pathophysiology of periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD): activity patterns of

the leg muscles

Brinkley, A., R.M. Rijsman, A.W. de Weerd 24

Dynamic of the waking EEG during chronic partial sleep deprivation

Brunier, A.B. de, D.F.Dinges, H. P.A. van Dongen 27

Angelman syndrome and sleep disorders

Curfs, L.M.G., R. Didden and M.G Smits 30

The relation between sleep architecture and depressive symptomatology in


Dreesen, T.H.M., K.A.A. Noppe, J.H.M. de Groen 33

Restless legs syndrome: excessive daytime sleepiness caused by dopamine-agonists

Gelevert, A.M.M., J.H.M. de Groen 36

Slow-wave microcontinuity plots versus hypnograms in assessing the first night


Geurts, R., B. Kemp. A. de Weerd 38

DQB1*0602 in non-narcoleptic patients with EDS

Groen, J.H.M. de J.W.P.H.Soons 42

Sleep onset: relationship between actigraphy and sleep log measurements in children

with sleep onset insomnia

Heijden, K.B. van der, M.G. Smits,W.B.Gunning 44

Craniofacial structure and obstructive sleep apnea: the significance of hyoid bone position

Hoekema, A., B. Hovinga, B.Stegenga, J.H. van der Hoeven,

L.G.M. de Bont 47

Relationship of the amygdala EEG with behavioural patterns of sleeping and waking rats

Jans, L., G. van Luijtelaar, A. Coenen 51

The natural history of snoring in patients for OSAS: an eight-years follow-up study

Knuistingh Neven, A., J. Sork, H.A.M. Middelkoop, M.P. Springer, A.W. de Weerd 56

The time course of sleep inertia in a semantic priming paradigm

Kolff, M., W. Hofman, G. Kerkhof, A.Coenen 60

Differences in NAP characteristics in ambulatory polysomnography of MSTL test positive and MSLT test negative patients with the complaint hypersomnia ans excessive daytime sleepiness

Linskens, I., R.J. Schimsheimer 65

The effects of diazepam on sensory gating

Luijtelaar, G. van 67

The quantification of sleep misperception in primary insomniacs

Magnée, E.H.B., H.M.J.C. Verbeek, A.M.L. Coenen, M.G. van Erp, J.H.M. de Groen 71

The effect of melatonin administration on sleep, daytime sleepiness and performance after a period of night work

Nagtegaal, J. E., G.A. Kerkhof, M.G. Smits, T. van den Heuvel 75

The somatotropic axis in hypocretin-deficient narcoleptic humans: altered circadian distribution of GH secretory events

Overeem, S., S.W. Kok, G.J. Lammers, A.A. Vein, M. Frölich, A.E.Meinders,

F.Roelofsma, H. Pijl 79

Effect of body temperature manipulations on sleep onset latency and scores of

subjective feelings associated with sleepiness

Raymann, R.J.E.M., E. van Someren, S. Drosopoulos, S. Collins, R. Vis,

G. van Krevelen, R. den Haan, W. Schneijdenberg, D.Swaab 84

24-Hour salivary melatonin rhythm in demented elderly

Riemersma, R.F., E.J.W. van Someren, D.F. Swaab 88

A double-blind cross-over study of the therapy of idiopathic and uremic periodic limb movement disorder: Sinemet CR, clonazepam and placebo

Rijsman, R.M., A. Brinkley, A.W. de Weerd 91

Bright light effects at night and day on various measures of sleepiness

Rüger, M., M.C.M. Gordijn, D.G.M. Beersma, B. de Vries, S.Daan 95

Effects of diazepam on traditionally and non-traditionally studied components of the human event related potential

Sambeth, A., J.H.R. Maes, E.L.J.M. van Luijlelaar, C.M. van Rijn 100

How reliable are simple polygraphic methods to diagnose OSAS ?

Schreuder, K.E., A.G.H. Kessels, J.J.M. Manni, J. Troost, A.C. Declerck 105

The classic sedative diazepam increases the P300- ‘old/new’ memory-effect in a visual recognition task

Smit, A.S., A.M.L. Coenen 111

The effect of sustained mental effort on vigilance

Smit, A.S., P.A.T.M. Eling, A.M.L. Coenen 114

Non-linear analysis of sleep EEG, is non-linear cross prediction better than correlation dimension ?

Strijers, R.L.M., C.J. Stam 118

Association of event related potential amplitude and subjective sleepiness during prolonged wakefulness

Strijkstra, A.M., A.A. Wijers, D.G.M. Beersma, S. Daan 121

Ictal and interictal sleepiness and mood in migraine.

Stronks, D.L., J.H.M. Tulen, L.J.M.M. Mulder, J. Passchier 124

Sleep disorders and depressive feelings: a global survey with the Beck depression scale

Vandeputte, M., A.W. de Weerd 128

Sleep efficiency in chronic sarcoidosis patients associated with periodic leg movements

Verbraecken, J., E. Hoitsma, C. van der Grinten, N. Cobben, E.F.M. Wouters,

M.Drent 132

Factors predicting nocturnal oxygen desaturations in severe COPD patients with and without nutritional depletion

Verbraecken, J., H.J. Pennings, C. van der Grinten, E.F.M. Wouters 135

Nocturnal hypoventilation in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; combined treatment with acetazolamide and progesterone

Wagenaar, M., P. Vos, H. Folgering 140

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List of sponsors 156

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