Acquisition Royal Leerdam Crystal by Royal Delft finalised

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Acquisition Royal Leerdam Crystal by Royal Delft finalised

Delft – On 30 November, the listed Dutch company N.V. Koninklijke Delftsch Aardewerkfabriek “De Porceleyne Fles Anno 1653” (Royal Delft) signed the definitive share purchase agreement concerning the acquisition of the Dutch crystal producer B.V. Leerdam Crystal (Royal Leerdam Crystal). The selling party is B.V. Koninklijke Nederlandsche Glasfabriek Leerdam, part of the listed US company Libbey Inc. The acquisition will be effected on 2 January 2008.

Patrick Grasso, CEO of Royal Delft:

I am very excited that the proposed acquisition of Royal Leerdam Crystal will take place as planned. For Royal Delft, the acquisition of this renowned crystal producer marks the start of a new phase as a multi-brand producer of high-quality interior design products. This move will enable us to join forces in order to strengthen the brands internationally. Furthermore, this acquisition will enable us to serve our business-to-business clients even better.”

Within the scope of the desired growth of Royal Delft, add-on acquisitions are possible. Royal Delft has engaged financial advisor Lindenaar & Co Corporate Finance to assist in its acquisition strategy.
About Royal Leerdam Crystal

B.V. Leerdam Crystal (Royal Leerdam Crystal) is the ‘design’ part of the traditional glass factory in Leerdam, which was founded in 1878. Since 1953 the glass factory has been allowed to use the designation ‘Royal’. The company produces a broad selection of traditionally made crystal design and tableware products. Since the beginning of the twentieth century the factory has attracted artists to create an aesthetically sound product portfolio. Leerdam’s reputation has been formed by famous glass designers such as Berlage, De Bazel, Lebeau, Lanooy, A.D. Copier and Meydam. For the last few years, together with Leerdam’s designer Siem van der Marel, a varying group of (young) designers and artists have committed themselves to the factory, and help determine the Royal Leerdam Crystal image.

About Royal Delft

N.V. Koninklijke Porceleyne Fles, Anno 1653 (Royal Delft) is the leading producer of authentic Delftware (Delft Blue) and special ceramic products in small quantities. Not only does the company operate as a ceramics knowledge centre, it also welcomes more than 150,000 visitors from all over the world to experience the traditional production process of Delftware products.

Delft, 30 November 2007

W.P. Grasso


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