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Appendix English
This is an appendix to the leaflet on letter writing and contains additional information specific to English letters.
Your data (only in formal letters)

Hoofdstraat 120

8304 AM Nootdorp


telp.: (+31)(0)527 616161

(Place and) date

Place (only in personal letters) and date are separated by a comma. The date should be written in full.

Example for formal letter:

27th January 2013
Example for personal letter:

Emmeloord, 27th January 2013

or Emmeloord, January 27th 213

or Emmeloord, 27 January 2013

or Emmeloord January 27 2013
But NOT 27 1 2013 or 27 Jan. '13.

The names of the months start with capital letters.

Recipient’s data

Mr J. Blank Title and initial(s) and name of addressee Personnel Manager Job title

IBM Britain Company name

100 High Street Number (or name) of house and street name

Largeton PQS 8QT Post Town and postal code

Great Britain Country
In formal letters do not use the addressee's first name; use his/her initial.

The number of the house precedes the name of the street.

The postal code comes after the name of the town.
The salutation/greeting

1 If you have no idea who you are writing to, write Dear Sir/Madam,.

2 If you do not know the addressee, but know it is a man or woman, write Dear Sir, for a man or Dear Madam, for a woman.

3 If you know the addressee's name write Dear Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms (no full stop) followed by the surname and a comma. Do not use first names in formal letters.

4 For friends you can use Dear followed by the first name and a comma.
Signing off

1 Sign a formal letter off with Yours sincerely or Best regards.

2 For friends you can use Your or Love, followed by your first name. No full stop.

3 In formal letters first write your signature and underneath your initials and surname. You can optionally put your job title and company name on the line beneath this. In informal letters write your first name and, if necessary, your surname. No full stop.


Write Enclosed: and then write what you have enclosed.


Enclosed: curriculum vitae
Useful idiom

Mag ik uitleggen waarom ik je niet eerder heb geschreven?

May I explain why I haven't written to you before?

Ik zou erg dankbaar zijn als U ...

I would be most grateful if you ...

Ik vraag me af of U me precies zou kunnen zeggen ...

I was wondering if you could tell me exactly ...

Ik zou graag willen weten hoe oud men minimaal moet zijn.

I would like to know if there is a minimum age limit.

Waar ligt ... precies?

Exactly where is ... situated?

Zou U binnen een maand kunnen reageren?

Would it be possible for you to reply within a month?

Ik hoop dat U het niet erg vindt dat ik zoveel vragen stel.

I hope you do not mind my asking so many questions.

Mijn hartelijke dank voor uw brief waarin U mij op de hoogte stelde van het feit dat ...

Thank you for your letter informing me that ...

Onder deze omstandigheden vrees ik dat ...

Under the circumstances I am afraid that ...

Ik bied U mijn verontschuldigingen aan voor het niet op tijd terugbezorgen van de boeken.

I sincerely apologize for not returning the books on time.

Ik hoor graag zo spoedig mogelijk van U.

I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.

In uw advertentie stond maar weinig vermeld over ...

In your advert little was said about ...






on the one hand/on the other hand






... as well





Idiom for application letters

Naar aanleiding van uw advertentie in ... van ..., zou ik willen solliciteren naar de positie van ...

With reference to your advertisement in ... of ..., I would like to apply for the position of ...

Al maandenlang kijk ik de kranten door in de hoop een dergelijke baan te vinden.

For months I have been looking through newspapers, hoping to find a job of this kind.

Uw advertentie sprak mij om twee redenen bijzonder aan.

Your advertisement strongly appealed to me for two reasons.

Ik denk dat ik geschikt ben voor de baan omdat ik ...

I think I might be suitable for the position because I ...

... om mijn horizon te verbreden ...

... to widen my horizon ...
 mijn schoolengels te verbeteren.

... in order to improve the English that I have learned at school.


teacher training college

Ik heb gedurende ... jaren bij ... gewerkt als ...

I have worked at ... for ... years as a ...

Ik ben van plan na mijn examen ...

After my exams I intend to ...

Ik werk momenteel ...

I am presently working ...







beheersing van het Engels

command of English



In 19.. heb ik mijn ... diploma behaald. Dit is gelijkwaardig aan het Engelse ... diploma.

In 19.. I obtained my ... certificate. This is the Dutch equivalent to an English ... certificate.


main subject

een cursus volgen

attend a course

Example of an application letter
Europalaan 1

1234 AB Emmeloord

The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 527 123456

e-mail address:
27th January 2013
The Board of Directors

St. John's Hospital

13 New Street

Birmingham 3AX 4Q7

Dear Sir/Madam,
In the Times of 21st January I read your advertisement for the post of head nurse at your hospital. I would like to apply for this position.
As you will see from my CV I am presently employed at Emmeloord Municipal Hospital as head of the nursing staff. Although I enjoy my work very much I would prefer to work at a hospital where open-heart surgery is conducted regularly. Your hospital has a very good reputation in this field and working at your institution would enable me to expand my professional knowledge and experience.
I am a fully qualified nurse and have been head of the nursing staff at Emmeloord Municipal Hospital for the last four years. I have already assisted at several open-heart operations at our hospital and am familiar with the latest techniques. Furthermore I expect to complete a special course in nursing this type of patients next month.
I have lived and worked in Great Britain before and my control of the English language is at near-native-speaker level.
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience and would be more than happy to visit you at the hospital to discuss further details.
Best regards,

J. van der Tuin

Enclosed: curriculum vitae

Surname Van der Tuin

First name Jan

Date of birth 31 December 1988

Place of birth Utrecht, the Netherlands

Nationality Dutch

Marital status Single

Address Europalaan 23, 1234 AB Emmeloord, The Netherlands

Telephone 31 527 123456

e-mail address

2000 - 2006 H.A.V.O. - Prof van Dam Lyceum, Utrecht. Secondary School, advanced level

2006 - 2010 HBO-V - Utrechts HBO College, Utrecht

This is the Dutch counterpart to the British Qualified Nurse certificate
Other skills
Foreign languages: English Fluent

German Good

Experience in the use of word-processing programs, such Word for Windows.
2010 - 2011 Nurse

Emmeloord Municipal Hospital, Emmeloord

2011 - 2013 Nurse

St. Stephen's Hospital, London

2013 - present Head of nursing staff

Emmeloord Municipal Hospital, Emmeloord

1 J. de Groot, Head of nursing department, Emmeloord Municipal Hospital. Tel. 31 527 543100

2 D. Thomas, Head of nursing staff, St Stephen's Hospital, London. Tel. 01-234455677

Example of a formal letter
Diezestraat 15

8303 DA Emmeloord

The Netherlands

Tel.:31 527 123456

e-mail address:
4th June 2013
Voluntary Services Overseas

Box 236

2630 Tastrup

Dear Sir/Madam,

I read your advertisement West Africa Needs You in yesterday's Volkskrant. I am very interested in becoming a volunteer, because I think that everybody must help to achieve better circumstances in Africa. The information meeting you mentioned in the advertisement sounds interesting, but I would like to receive some more information before I can decide to do participate.
First of all I would like to know how much the school fees are per month. And are these fees only to be paid for the one month of project evaluation, or also for the six months of training at the Travelling Folk High School?
Then I would like to know if there is a minimum education limit for participation in this project.
Finally, would you please send me some more information about the living circumstances in the villages in Guinnee Bissau?
I look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.
Yours sincerely,

A. van Beveren

Enclosed: an addressed envelope

Example of an informal letter
Emmeloord, 4th July 2014
Dear auntie Susan,
It’s been a long time since we last met, so I thought I’d drop you a line to bring you up to date on what’s been happening lately.
I suppose the most important thing is that Mum’s job is more secure now than when we first moved here six months ago. At the beginning of the year, when she got the job, we thought it might be only temporary, but we just learned that she will be offered a permanent job. Obviously this is great, since now we can look for a permanent home. I really like this new town and I’m having a great time at my new school, so I’m really thrilled that we won’t have to move again anytime soon.
My parents are also really happy here. I hope Dad will be able to find a job soon, too. He’s been looking around, but so far he has not been able to find a suitable position. For the moment he spends most of his time pottering around in the garden.
We see quite a lot of my sister too. She lives in the next town, which is only 13 miles away from here. I’m happy that I see her more often than before, when lived far away from us and she came around only once a month or so.
So what about you these days? Are you still stuck in that old job? Since my dad’s having such difficulties finding a suitable job, I now understand your reluctance to give up that boring job. There’s nothing worse than filling in endless application forms with no idea of what it will lead to.
Anyway, I’ve got I’ve got a lot of studying to do for my English literature test, so I guess I’ll better get to it now. Please drop me a line soon.

Your cousin,


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