Curriculum Vitae Louis Ide

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Curriculum Vitae Louis Ide

Louis Ide

Born July 3, 1973 at Roeselare

Married to Els Vankeirsbilck, dentist

Father to Victoria, Felice en Augustine
Living in Zwalm, Brouwerijstraat 12 (Belgium).

Brief summary CV

Louis Ide (°1973) is married and has three daughters. He studied medicine at the university of Leuven, where he participated in the student community as cantor, Doc’s Bar responsible and member of the academic council. He specialised in microbiology, infection control, antibiotics policy, tropical medicine and mycology. He took part in MSF missions to Sudan and Chad. In 2007 he became a doctor at the Jan Palfijn hospital in Ghent. In the hospital laboratory he is responsible for microbiology, infection control and the antibiotics policy.

He is one of the founders of the N-VA party and served 3 years as its general vice-chairman. He subsequently was elected as senator and acted as the Senate treasurer and vice-president. He took part in the coalition negotiations of 2007, 2010 and 2014. As a member of the opposition he succeeded in pushing the law ‘Ide-Temmerman’ through parliament. In 2014 he was elected as a member of the European Parliament. Ide resigned his post as MEP upon being elected as general secretary of the N-VA later that year. He also serves as a member of the party’s executive committee.

Ide wrote three books on the Belgian healthcare system and is regarded by friend and foe as one of the leading experts on this subject.

As a Flemish regionalist he is the driving force behind ‘de Ebbenhouten Spoor (the ebony spur)’ award and the author of many opinions in the national press. He writes as a member of the ‘shadow parliament’ for the news website and writes a column for Tertio magazine. In his precious spare time he contributes to scientific publications.


  • Klein Seminarie Roeselare, option science A (mathematics): award for most achieving student

  • Master of Medicine (Campus Kortrijk of K.U. Leuven – K.U. Leuven) (1991 – 1999)

  • Certificate radiation protection, 1999

  • Aggregate in medicine (non-university), 1999

  • Degree in tropical medicine at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, 2002

  • Degree in infection control, 2002

  • Certificate “special training in antibiotic policy”, 2004

  • Degree in mycology at the Institute of Tropical Medicine Antwerp, 2005

  • Clinical biologist, responsible for microbiology, antibiotic policy and infection control at Mariaziekenhuis in Overpelt, 01/09/2006 – 30/04/2007

  • Clinical biologist, responsible for microbiology, antibiotic policy and infection control at hospital Jan Palfijn, Ghent, 01/05/2007 – present

  • President of the committee infection control, at hospital Jan Palfijn Ghent

  • President of the committee antibiotic policy, at hospital Jan Palfijn Ghent


  • Member of the Party Council N-VA, 2002 – present

  • General Vice-Chairman N-VA, 2004 – 2007

  • Member of the Party Executive, 2004 – 2011 and 2014 -

  • Member of the Executive Committee N-VA, 2004 – 2007 and 2014 –

  • General Secretary of N-VA, 2014 -

  • Chairman N-VA Kortrijk-Roeselare-Tielt, 2002 – 2004

  • Chairman N-VA Kortrijk, 2002 – 2006

  • Member of board N-VA Aalst-Oudenaarde, 2009

  • Member of board N-VA Zwalm, 2009

  • Municipal Councillor in Zwalm, 2013 -

  • Member commission for municipal infrastructure Zwalm, 2013 -

  • Senator 2007-2010 and 2010-2014

  • Quaestor (treasurer) of the Senate, 2011-2013

  • First Vice-President Senate, 2013-2014

  • Member of the commission Institutional Affairs, Senate, 10/06/2007 – 14/11/2008

  • Substitute member of the commission controlling the election expenditures and the accountancy of the political parties, deputy for the Senate, 10/06/2007 – 14/11/2008

  • Substitute member of the commission Social Affairs, Senate, 10/06/2007 – 14/11/2008

  • Second Vice-Chairman of the commission Social Affairs, 2010 – 2011

  • Member of the commission Institutional Affairs, 2010 – 2011

  • Member of the commission Social Affairs, 2010 - 2014

  • Member of the commission controlling the election expenditures and the accountancy of the political parties, deputy for the Senate, 2010

  • Vice-Chairman of the parliamentary group of N-VA, Senate, 2010

  • Chairman Palfijngroep N-VA, 2010 - 2014

  • Chairman of the Inter-parliamentary Union (IPU) Africa, as well as chairman of the IPU Jemen and vice-chairman of the IPU Rwanda, 2010

  • Repeatedly awarded excellent scores for parliamentary work in the following newspapers: De Standaard, De Morgen en Het Nieuwsblad

  • First author of the law Ide-Temmerman, law modifying the law of July 5, 1994 concerning blood and blood derivatives of human source with the purpose of increasing the maximum age for the donation of blood and blood derivatives.

  • Member of the European Parliament, 2014

  • Member of Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection, European Parliament, 2014

  • Member of Delegation for relations with the countries of Southeast Asia and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), European Parliament, 2014

  • Delegation for relations with the United States, European Parliament, 2014

  • Substitute member of Committee on International Trade, European Parliament, 2014

  • Substitute member of Delegation for relations with India, European Parliament, 2014

  • Substitute member of Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, European parliament, 2014

  • Substitute Member of Delegation to the EU-Russia Parliamentary Cooperation Committee, European Parliament, 2014

Other activities

  • Youth choir Colliemando: former member and present treasurer, 1991 – present

  • Certificates in general music theory and ear training, piano, organ and accordion

  • Licensed monitor (Sportiek)

  • Cantor of KULUK, 1993 – 1994, 1994 – 1995; author of the KULAK-song

  • Responsible of ‘Half-Time’, 1995-1996

  • Doc’s Bar, responsible of Medica, 1996 – 1997

  • Member of the daily board of Medica, 1996 – 1997

  • Member of SV 134, SV Roeselare football supporter group, 1993 – 2007

  • Member of ‘Buro van Kringraad’, LOKO (student council on education) and student representative, 1998 – 1999

  • Member of the commission aggregate at KUL, 1998 – 1999

  • Student representative at the Academic Council of KUL, 1998 – 1999

  • Co-organization of ‘Promotion 1999’ (yearly event for the graduates medicine 1999)

  • Member of LVGA (Leuven Association of physician-assistants), representative of the workgroup academisation, POC, 2001

  • Management board member of VNZ (the Flemish Neutral Health Service), 2004 – 2007

  • Member of VAKB (Association of Assistants in Clinical Biology), former treasurer and present webmaster

  • Secretary and webmaster of VGV (Flemish Association of Physicians), 2004 – 2007

  • Member of the church council of Hundelgem and the central church executive of Zwalm- Horebeke, 2014 -


  • Demotte werpt boemerang. De Tijd. 2/12/2004.

Demotte throws the boomerang.

  • De ene arts is de andere niet. De Tijd. 13/05/2004.

Doctors are not all the same.

  • Vlamingen en Walen hebben andere dokters nodig. De Tijd. 27/08/2004.

Flemings and Walloons need other doctors.

  • Vlaamse medische wereld wordt uitgelachen. De Tijd. 12/12/2003.

Flemish medical world is being laughed at.

  • De mot(te) zit in de gezondheidszorg. De Standaard. 29/01/2004.

Demotte is hidden in healthcare.

  • N-VA is bij uitstek rechtvaardige partij. De Tijd. 01/03/2004.

N-VA is, more than others, a just party.

  • De artsen gaan de straat op. Financieel Economische Tijd (FET). 13/12/2003.

Physicians on protest.

  • Een zieke gezondheidszorg is op zoek naar een goede arts. FET. 26/07/2002.

Ill healthcare is looking for a good doctor.

  • Is 0.7% van het BBP voldoende ontwikkelingshulp. De Standaard. 13/05/2003.

Is 0.7% of the GDP sufficient for development and aid?

  • Een kakofonie van artsencijfers. De Tijd. 29/07/2005.

How many doctors are there?

  • Vervotte moet Demotte in het oog houden. De Tijd 20/10/2005.

Vervotte needs to keep an eye on Demotte.

  • Het ziekenhuismonster. De Standaard 10/01/2006.

The hospital monster.

  • Een verschil van eetcultuur. De Standaard 31/05/2006.

A difference in food culture.

  • Het gebrek aan lange termijnvisie in de gezondheidszorg. De Standaard 11/04/2007.

The absence of a long term vision in healthcare.

  • Numerus clausus is detail met verstrekkende gevolgen. De Tijd 18/7/2007.

The ‘numerus clausus’ is a detail with far reaching consequences.

  • De mythe cultiveren gaat ten koste van de patiënt. De Morgen 4-10-2007.

Cultivating the myth at the expense of the patient.

  • Aernoudt blijf bij je leest. De Standaard. 26/11/2008.

Aernoudt, every man to his own trade.

  • Taalgrens is Zorggrens. Knack 13/02/2008.

The linguistic border is a healthcare border.

  • Kind of foetaal materiaal. Tertio. 24/11/2010.

Child or fetal material.

  • Twijfel als het eeuwige houvast. Tertio. 24/11/2010.

Doubt as eternal grip.

  • Lessen uit Zuid-Soedan. Tertio. 26/01/2011.

Lessons from South Sudan.

  • Fortuin en adellijke roem op kap van de asbestslachtoffers. De Morgen 24/10/2011.

Fortune and nobility at the expense of victims of asbestos.

  • Abortus buiten de moederschoot verlegt grenzen. Tertio. 21/03/2012.

Abortion out of the womb pushes limits.

  • Goede cijfers, slechte cijfers. De Standaard. 23/05/2012.

Good marks, bad marks.

  • Doodstraf op aanvraag komt dichterbij. Tertio. 17/10/2012.

Death penalty on demand moving closer.

  • Alsof Mieke Van Hecke de baas wordt van het gemeenschapsonderwijs. De Morgen. 08/04/2013.

As if Mieke Hecke became the manager of public education.

  • De ene arts is de andere niet. De Standaard. 1/10/2013.

Doctors are not all the same.

  • Voor een cleane samenleving. De Standaard. 17/03/2014.

For a drugfree society.

  • Open de jacht op cowboys en fraudeurs. De Standaard. 2/12/2014.
    On the hunt for cowboys and frauds.

  • Tendentieus, niet wetenschappelijk en gevaarlijk. De Standaard. 26/01/2015.
    Tendentious, non-scientific and dangerous.

  • Een goed ziekenhuis verdient een beloning. De Standaard. 09/06/2015.
    A good hospital deserves a reward.

  • Various articles in Artsenkrant, De Huisarts and others.

Opinion maker for

  • Erkenning homeopathie: is Onkelinx politica met een ethische code? 15/07/2013.

Recognition of homeopathy: does minister Onkelinx live by an ethic code?

  • Minister Jo Vandeurzen: u heeft nog één jaar voor de Vlaamse hospitalisatieverzekering'. 19/07/2013.

Minister Jo Vandeurzen: you have only one year left to bring the Flemish hospitalization insurance to live.

  • Gezondheid(szorg) botst soms met volksgezondheid. 08/08/2013.

Health(care) sometimes clashes with public health.

  • Gezondheidszorg is ook goed voor campagnedoeleinden. 18/09/2013.

Healthcare also benefits campaign purposes.

  • Terugbetalen sauna: stop onzin in gezondheidszorg. 02/10/2013.

Reimbursing a visit to the sauna: stop this madness in our health care system.

  • De hervorming van de Senaat, of hoe een lege doos opnieuw gevuld wordt. 18/10/2013.

The reformation of the Belgian Senate: once again an empty vessel.

  • Hoe sociaal is N-VA nu eigenlijk? 02/11/2013.

Exactly how social is N-VA?

  • Exuberante supplementen vooral een Franstalig probleem. 13/11/2013.

Enormous supplements are mainly a problem of the French speaking community in Belgium.

  • S.PA pleegt schuldig verzuim in bescherming asbestslachtoffers. 03/12/2013.

S.PA is in default if it comes to protecting the victims of asbestos.

  • Waarom is altijd de Vlaamse student verantwoordelijk voor betaalbaarheid gezondheidszorg? 09/12/2013.

Why is it always the Flemish student who has to keep our healthcare affordable?

  • S.PA wil blanco cheque voor de gezondheidszorg. 23/12/2013.

S.PA wants a blank cheque for healthcare.

  • Waarom geeft Onkelinx geen extra geld aan Rode Kruis Vlaanderen. 24/01/2014.

Why won’t minister Onkelinx give extra budget to the Red Cross Flanders?

  • Laat je borsten en darmen onderzoeken op kanker en kijk niet meer naar televisie. 17/02/2014.

Have your breasts and intestines checked for cancer and do not longer watch television.

  • Waarom een ingangsexamen voor dierenartsen goed is voor onze volksgezondheid. 12/05/2014.

And this is why an entrance examination for veterinarians is good for public health.

  • Ebola, het topje van de ijsberg? 11/10/2014.

Ebola, tip of the iceberg?

  • Ebolacoördinator moet achtervolging inzetten. 17/10/2014.

  • Ebola coordinator should set off in pursuit.

  • België haalt brons als het om antibioticaverbruik gaat: Bedankt, mevrouw Onkelinx. 19/11/2014.
    Belgium gains bronze in antibiotics use: Thank you, Mrs. Onkelinx.

  • Een gegeven paard kijkt men juist wel in de bek. 26/01/2015.
    One defenitely should look a gift-horse in the mounth.

  • B-Fast goede wil volstaat niet, wat is de toegevoegde waarde, waar zit de expertise? 07/05/2015.
    Good intentions won’t suffice for B-Fast. What is the added value, where is the expertise?

  • De tijd dat Brussel letterlijk en figuurlijk centraal lag in Europa, is voorbij. 29/05/2015.
    Why Brussels is no longer literally and figuratively the centre of Europe.


Member of the Shadow parliament of news website

  • De echte vraag voor de SP.A: secularisatie of de islamitische achterban ontzien? 05/06/2015.
    The dilemma of the socialist party: secularisation or a kid glove treatment of its Islamic constituency?

  • Wat is in godsnaam het verschil tussen een religieus dogma en een wiskundig axioma? 11/06/2015.
    For god’s sake, what’s the difference between a religious dogma and a mathematical axiom?

  • Het is tijd dat PVDA zijn demonen uit het verleden in de ogen kijkt., 18/06/2015.
    It’s about time the Communist Party faces the shadows of its past.

  • Wat is de beste benadering voor het Rwanda van Paul Kagame?, 25/06/2015
    How should we approach Paul Kagame’s Rwanda.

  • Vluchtelingencrisis: Nu zit elke natie in het Europees keurslijf, waardoor er fundamenteel niets gebeurd. 27/08/2015
    Migration crisis: European regulation obstructs action.

  • Bloed afnemen bij de arts? Zo bespaart u op uw laboratoriumfactuur. 03/09/2015
    Blood tests taken? Save on your laboratory bill.

  • Het is fout het debat over kernenergie zomaar te vermengen met het debat over veiligheid. 10/09/2015
    You can’t mix up the debate on nuclear energy and safety.

  • Als politici er voor kiezen de wetenschap te negeren, dan moeten ze daarover duidelijk communiceren. 17/09/2015
    when politicians choose to ignore scientific knowledge, they should clearly say so.

  • Kindergeld als instrument. 24/09/2015
    Child benefit as a political tool.

  • Boerkini: Hebben wij het recht niet onze Europese manier van leven te behouden? 01/10/2015
    Burqini: Don’t we have a right to keep our European way of life?

  • Het lijkt wel of tegenwoordig iedereen doktertje wil spelen. 08/10/2015
    It seems that everyone wants to play the doctor these days.

Column for Tertio Magazine

  • De weg van het minste kwaad als leidraad. Tertio 23/09/2015
    The way of the lesser evil.

Most important references in the national press

  • RIZIV gaat regionale cijfers publiceren. De Huisarts. 1/05/2008.
    RIZIF about to publicise regional data

  • Bart De Wever en zijn ‘offer they can’t refuse’. De Morgen. 23/06/2009.
    Bart De Wever en his offer they can’t refuse

  • Zelfs uw ziekenhuisfactuur is communautair. Knack. 25/03/2009.
    Even your hospital bill is influenced by Flemish-Walloon relations.

  • Wees voorbereid op decentralisatie zorg. Artsenkrant. 13/11/2012.
    Be prepared for the decentralization of healthcare.

  • Ik ben geen socialist, maar wel sociaal. Knack. 28/03/2012.
    I am not a socialist, but I am social.

  • Waar haalt regeerakkoord de mosterd. Artsenkrant. 23/01/2015.
    Where does the government find its inspiration?

  • Vijf kandidaten voor gegeerde post van N-VA penningmeester. De Standaard. 13/01/2015.
    Five candidates for sought-after post of N-VA treasurer.

  • Het grote gezondheidszorg debat. Knack. 03/06/2015.
    The great healthcare debate.


  • Lof der gezondheid. Diagnose van een terminal gezondheidsbeleid. Roularta Books. 2006. (praise of health: diagnosis of a terminally sick healthcare policy)

  • Lof der gezondheid. Van apologie tot utopia. Pelckmans. 2012.

(praise of health: from apologia to utopia)

  • Lof der gezondheid. Voorschrift voor een zieke gezondheidszorg. Lannoo. 2014.

(praise of health: prescription for a sick healthcare system)

Ebbenhouten spoor

Founder and driving force behind ‘de ebbenhouten spoor’ (The ebony spur), an award for a laudable new Fleming.

Laureates: Gilbert Nyatanyi, Sugar Jackson, Pedro Brugada, Nasser Nadjmi, Svetlana Bolshakova, Aviel Cahn, Sepideh Sedaghatnia.

Scientific contributions

Symposia and congresses

  • Symposium Development and Cooperation, KUL, 1999

  • Workgroup colloquium VGV: healthcare and economy, May 8, 2004

  • Lecturer at symposium of VAS: linguistic border = health care border

  • Moderator symposium VAKB: “rational use of tests: the monster of Loch Ness?”, May 30, 2006

  • Participation at the NOXAFIL® European and Canadian Advisory Board Meeting, held on Friday, March 30, 2007, Munich, Germany

  • Lecturer at the congress of the Belgian Union for Humane and Veterinarian mycology: Madurella mycetomatis: Subcutaneous noduli after a fall in an Acacia tree in Namibia twenty years ago. Paleis der Academiën Brussel 12-4-2008. Louis Ide

  • Lecturer at the symposium of VAS on “the sense and the nonsense of an agreement”, October 8, 2011

  • Moderator at the symposium “10 years infection control in East-Flanders”

  • Lecturer at the Joint Meeting of the Belgian Society of Human and Animal Mycology-Netherlands Society for Medical Mycology. Darwin Zaal, Zoo, Antwerpen. 13/10/2011. Think mycology: some unusual cases.

  • Discussion on quality indicators and public disclosure at the national study day BAPCOC, quality of care in antibiotic policy.

  • Debate High Health Council on conflict-of-interest. 10/05/2012.

  • Multiple lectures on antibiotic policy, BNP, malaria, rubella, research of feces, research of genital secretion with women, catheter sepsis, hepatitis B, PCR, health care, MRSA, …


  • Poster International Society Laboratory Haematology, Banff Canada 2002: Feasibility of leukocyte counting in body fluids with the Sysmex XE-2100 automated haematology analyzer. Ide L, Boeckx N, Brusselmans C, Goossens W.

  • Poster Belgische vereniging voor humane en veterinaire mycologie van 8/5/2004. Genotypic Characterisation of Aspergillus fumigatus Isolates from a Patient with Multiple Myeloma. E. De Laere, E. Boone, A. Verlinde, L. Ide, H. Demuynck, I. Surmont. H.-Hartziekenhuis Roeselare-Menen, Belgium.

  • Poster accepted and published at the ICAAC 2005, Kopenhagen. Evaluation of a novel ELISA (Enzygnost Anti EBV IgM II) for the Diagnosis of Primary EBV infection K. Lagrou, A. Clinckspoor, M.C. Clukkers, J. Decoster, W. Laffut, L. Ide, M. Lontie, M. Van Ranst.

  • Poster accepted, published and cited at the ECCMID 2005. Characterization of blaBEL-1, a Novel Integron-Located Extended-Spectrum ß-Lactamase Gene from a Pseudomonas aeruginosa Clinical Isolate in Belgium. L. Poirel, L. Brinas, A. Verlinde, L. Ide, P. Nordmann.

  • Poster accepted and published at the ECCMID 2006, Nice, Fance. Four Patients with a Pseudomonas aeruginosa BEL-1 Clavulanic Acid-Inhibited Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase: Where is the Link? L. Ide, A. Verlinde, P. Descheemaeker, E. De Laere, I. Surmont.

  • Poster accepted and published at the ECCMID 2006, Nice France. Overestimation of Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamases (ESBLs) by VITEK-2 and possible consequences for the antibiotic policy. Clara Ceyssens, Louis Ide, Jan Verhaegen, Katrien Lagrou, Johan Van Eldere.

  • Poster at the RICAI 2008, poster n° 263. Antimicrobial resistance survey in Belgian Clinical Isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae collected in during winter 2007-2008. Carpentier M, Mulongo B, Glupczynski Y, Goffinet P, Govaerts D, Lefèvre P, Lontie M, Cartuyvels R, Meunier F, Philippart I, Surmont I, Camps K, Gordts B, Ide L, Frans J.

  • Poster at the BVIKM 12/11/2009. Follow-up of resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae collected in Belgium since 1995 and possible effect of antibiotic use. Vanhoof, R., Van Bossuyt, E., De Craeye, S. Van Eldere, J, Verhaegen, J, Kaufman, L & the Belgian SP Study group*.

*Antwerpen, AZ Stuyvenberg (Camps, K & Vande Vyvere, M), Arlon, Cl. St.Joseph (Goffinet, P.), Bonheiden, Imelda ZH (Frans, J. & VanNoyen, R.), Boussu, CHR Warquignies (Philippart, I.), Brugge, AZ St.Jan (Gordts, B. & Van Landuyt, H.), Brussels, Cebiodi (Mulongo, B. & Fagnart, O.), Gent, AZ J.Palfijn (Ide, L. & VanNimmen, L.), Haine-St-Paul, Hôp Jolimont (Meunier, F.) , Hasselt, VirgaJesse ZH (Cartuyvels, R. & Magerman, K), Liège, Hôp Citadelle (Carpentier, M.), Leuven, MCH (Lontie, M.), Marche-en-Famenne, Hôp Princesse Paola (Lefèvre, P.), Montigny-le-Tilleul, CHR A.Vésale (Govaerts, D), Roeselare, H.Hart ZH (Surmont, I.), Yvoir, CU Mont Godinne (Glupczynski, Y.).

  • Poster at the RICAI 2011.Resistance rates of various antimicrobial agents in non-invasive isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae collected in Belgium during winter 2010-2011. Carpentier M, Mulongo B, Glupczynski Y, Goffinet P, Govaerts D, Lefèvre P, Lontie M, Magerman K, Meunier F, Philippart I, Surmont I, Camps K, Nulens E, Ide L, Frans J

  • Persistent fever : unusual presentation of a mycobacterial infection. Poster. Coomans C., Schelstraete P., Vallaeys J., Lagae Ph., Ide L., Jeannin Ph.

  • Poster at the RICAI 2012. Significant increase in Penicillin resistance in Belgian non-invasive clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumonia. Survey of antimicrobial resistance rates in isolates collected during winter 2011-2012. R. Vanhoof, S. Bertrand, F. Fux, J. Van Eldere, J. Verhaegen and the Belgian SP Study Group.

  • Poster at the RICAI 2013. Continuing increase in Penicillin non-susceptibility in non-invasive clinical isolates of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Results of the Belgian Survey on antimicrobial resistance in winter 2012-2013. R. Vanhoof, S. Bertrand, G. de Laminne de Bex, F. Fux, W. Mattheus, J. Van Eldere, J. Verhaegen and the Belgian SP study group.


  • Persistent Polyclonal B-Cell Lymphocytosis, januari 2002, Acta Clinica Belgica. Ide L, Dekoninck A, Verburgh E, Goossens W, Brusselmans C, Boeckx N, Emonds MP, Vandekerckhove P.

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  • Head to Head Comparison of N-Terminal pro-B-type Natriuretic Peptide and B-type Natriuretic Peptide in Patients with/without Left Ventricular Systolic Dysfunction. M. Vanderheyden, G. Manoharan, G. Claeys, F. Beckers, J. Bartunek, and L. Ide. Clinical Biochemistry 2006; 39: 640-5.

  • Arcanobacterium pyogenes spondylodiscitis in a veterinary surgeon. A plea for cooperation between medical en veterinary microbiologists in identification of causal agents of zoonotic infections. L. Ide, A. Decostere, A. Stuer, P. Stuer, E. De Laere, A. Verlinde, I. Surmont. Clinical Microbiology Newsletter 2006; 28: 163-7.

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Membership of professional associations

  • BVHVM.

  • BVIKM.

  • LOK Heymans Vandenbergh.

  • VAS.

  • VBS.

  • ASM.

  • ISHAM.



  • Reviewer Acta Clinica Belgica.

  • Assessment of the reference labels in Belgium .

  • Commentary by means of article external quality control WIV, 2011.

  • Promoter of several master dissertations of students at Hogeschool Gent, Geel and UGent (clinical pharmacy) .

Foreign missions

  • Mission Doctors without Borders, Akobo, South-Sudan, 1998

  • Mission International Organization for Migration, medical repatriation Benin, 2000

  • Mission Doctors without Borders, Mayo-Kebbi, Chad, 2000

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