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Maurice Nio (1959) graduated cum laude as an architect in 1988 at the Faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology on a villa for Michael Jackson, the most curious final project of that year. This project has been of vital importance to his hybrid approach. Through a mixture of mythological and pragmatic mental processes, cryptic and at the same time utterly transparent design strategies, he has realized projects at BDG Architekten Ingenieurs (1991-1996), such as the enormous waste incinerator aviTwente. At VHP stedebouwkundigen + architekten + landschapsarchitekten (1997-1999) he realized the Zuidtangent, the longest high-quality public transport line in Europe. As from January 1st, 2000 he operates from his own design studio NIO architecten and currently works on the most beautiful shopping centre in the world and the most obscure houseboat in the Netherlands. Maurice Nio gives many lectures home and abroad, but has decided he no longer wants to be a teacher on art schools, academies or universities, and would like to design books again, or make his ninth video production, or else write new articles on urban development, architecture, film, video, television, photography or dance. Achievements anyway are his books You Have the Right to Remain Silent (1998), Unseen I Slipped Away (2004) and soon Things Won't Be Easy From Here On Out (2015).


Designs and projects for NIO architecten, Rotterdam
Redevelopment commercial building of Schaffenburg, Zwijndrecht, 2015

Ristrutturazione ed ampliamento del Mercato Civico’, redevelopment market building and new parking facility, Oristano, Italy, 2015

Scuola elementare con palestra piccola’, primary school and gym, Oris, Lasa, Italy, 2015

Nuovo teatro e complesso di Via Ravasi’, theatre en commercial functions, Varese, Italy, 2015

Progetto Flaminio’, redevelopment of the military terrain at the Via Giudo Reni, Rome, Italy, 2015

Health Center, Baarn, 2015

Modernization of the underground shopping area, Central Station Warsaw, Poland, 2014

- Youth Palace (youth center for the arts, library and theatre), Dongguan, China, closed competition, 2014

- Metro Station Novoperedelkino, Moscow, Russia, competition, 2014

- House for Juliet Aphane, Mbabane, Swaziland, preliminary design, 2014

- Replacement of the bridge Stroomkanaal, Lemmer, closed competition, 2014

- Sports complex Hogekwartier, Amersfoort, closed competition, 2014

- Garage/workshop and showroom for Autobedrijf Van de Knaap, Zeewolde, under construction, 2014

- Redevelopment of the building of WarmteBouw, Utrecht, study, 2014

- Redevelopment of disco SQ, Heerde, study, 2013

- 11 Bridges in the Qianhai district, Shenzhen, China, closed competition, third prize, 2013

- Office building for Suzhou Academy of Building Research, Suzhou, China, closed competition, 2013

- Collection building Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, closed competition, second prize, 2013

- Island house in Vathorst, Amersfoort, under construction, 2013-2014

- Light artwork tunnel Tugelaweg, Amsterdam, project realized, 2012-2013

- 8 Houses, Ponticello, Italy, study, 2012

- Cultural center, Alassio, Italy, study, 2012

- Lifeguard house, Nesselande, Rotterdam, contract drawings, 2012

- ‘Vanilla Park’, redevelopment of the former WATT building, Rotterdam, study, 2011-2012

- Capelsebrug P+R, Capelle aan den IJssel, preliminary design, 2011-2012

- Extension and renovation house, Altamura, Italy, project realized, 2011-2013

- 28 Holiday homes, Alassio, Italy, study, 2011-2012

- Artwork ‘Zandloper’, Monster, final design, 2011-2012

- Lookout tree, Geniepark, Haarlemmermeer, preliminary design, 2010-2012

- Retail Park Voorhout, Teylingen, study, 2010-2011

- International Turkish Trade Center, Vreelust, Rotterdam, preliminary design, 2010-2013

- Soccer Park, Roermond, study, 2010-2011

- Cartoon Studios, Roermond, under construction, 2010-2014

- Redevelopment of a water tower, Tegelen, study, 2010

- Container terminal buildings for Rotterdam World Gateway on Maasvlakte 2, Rotterdam, closed competition, 2010

- Bridge for pedestrians in Park Voorstonden, Brummen, preliminary design, 2010

- Museum of the Second World War, Gdansk, Poland, competition, 2010

- Ice track and top sports facility, Leeuwarden, study, 2010

- Reconstruction of the infrastructure node Hogeweg-Hogewegzone, Amersfoort, project realized, 2010-2013

- Redevelopment of an infrastructure node, Diepenbeek, Belgium, closed competition, 2010

- Redevelopment of the racetrack Duindigt, Wassenaar, study, 2010

- A new entrance building for the Villa della Regina, Torino, Italy, competition, 2010

- Drawbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, Leiderdorp, project realized, 2009-2010

- Drawbridge for pedestrians and cyclists, Amsterdam, closed competition, 2009

- Bridge for pedestrians and cyclists, Zoetermeer, competition, 2009

- Houseboat for Arjan Kappers and Lydia Schouten, Amsterdam, project realized, 2009-2012

- Bus station and Park & Ride, Oristano, Italy, competition, 2009

- ‘Porta di Milano’, a new entrance to Terminal 1 of the airport Malpensa, Milan, Italy, competition, 2009

- Facelift Trading Center Newton, Cherkasy, Ukraine, final design, 2009

- Railway station Vesuvio Est, Striano, Italy, closed competition, 2009

- Redevelopment of Lungomare di Levante - Lotto Nord, Siracusa, Italië, closed competition, 2009

- Cutty Sark Gardens, Greenwich, Londen, voorlopig ontwerp, 2009-2010

- Railway station Cessange, Luxembourg, Luxembourg, closed competition, 2008-2009

- Hairstudio Explicit Hair Design, Arnhem, preliminary design, 2008-2009

- Mobility Park, Roermond, project realized, 2008-2010

- Retail Park, Almere, under construction, 2008-2014

- Spinoza Center, Amsterdam, preliminary design, 2008-2012

- Outdoor Center, Roermond, project realized, 2008-2009

- Childcare Center, Prato, Italy, competition, 2008

- 3 Bridges for pedestrians and cyclists in De Oude Dokken, Gent, Belgium, closed competition, 2008

- Pergola construction over the N201, Haarlemmermeer, project realized, 2008-2014

- Multipurpose building in the Waldorpstraat, Den Haag, study, 2008

- House for the family Hunting, Waalre, sketch design, 2007

- Underpass for pedestrians and cyclists, Delft, closed competition, 2007

- Railway Hanzelijn Oude Land, project realized, 2007-2012

- ‘ReBlackpool’, regeneration of the seafront of Blackpool, closed competition, 2006-2007

- Drawbridge Vrouwenakker, Liemen, project realized, 2006-2008

- Extension Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Italy, under construction, 2006-2014

- Redevelopment Shopping Center Lewenborg, Groningen, closed competition, 2006

- Freeway A4 - section Burgerveen-Leiden, under construction, 2006-2014

- Bridge Broekland - de Watertuinen, ’s-Hertogenbosch, closed competition, 2006

- Lightweight covering of freeways, study, 2005-2006

- Interior fittings for Saton Optiek, Katwijk, closed competition, 2005

- Advertising pillars (30 metres high), Roermond, closed competition, 2005

- House boat, Amsterdam, preliminary design, 2005

- ‘De Friesebrug’, movable bridge and tunnel, Alkmaar, closed competition, 2005

- Retail Park, Roermond, project realized, 2004-2008

- Biomass power station, Hengelo, final design, 2004-2005

- 22 Bridges in the ‘Watertuinen’, ’s-Hertogenbosch, project realized, 2004-2007

- 350 Houses in Geuzenveld, Amsterdam, study, 2004

- ZEP Leisure Park in Middelburg, project realized, 2004-2009

- Penthousing Schiedamse Vest 91-95, Rotterdam, study, 2004

- Gateway Art Project, Queens Drive Flyover/Rocket Junction, Liverpool, closed competition, 2004

- Service building for Micro Beton, Rotterdam, preliminary design, 2004-2005

- Hotel-restaurant, Harderwijk, study, 2004

- Interior fittings for ‘The Village’, Phase 3, life-style department store, Voorburg, project realized, 2003-2004

- House and pavilion, Waverveen, project realized, 2003-2005

- New design for the Europanels and Billboards of Viacom, study, 2003

- ‘The New Hunting Grounds’, proposal for a strategic intervention of food consumption in the public domain, study, 2003-2004

- 48 Houses on the PontMeyer site, Zaanstad, contract drawings, 2003-2007

- Palace for the Queens of the Night, Rotterdam, competition, 2003

- ‘Amsterdam 2.0’, Phase 2, a vision of the future of the City of Amsterdam, study, 2003-2004

- Interior fittings for ‘The Village’, Phase 2, life-style department store, Voorburg, project realized, 2002-2003

- 5 Houses for screw jacks in Leidsche Rijn, Utrecht, closed competition, 2002-2003

- Tunnel, Pijnacker, project realized, 2002-2004

- Canopy NS station Hoofddorp, Hoofddorp, closed competition, 2002

- 33 Houses in Groenoord-Zuid, Schiedam, project realized, 2001-2005

- Bus station, Hoofddorp, project realized, 2001-2002

- Tunnel, Amstelveen, project realized, 2001-2004

- Showroom for Schaffenburg, Zwijndrecht, project realized, 2001

- 65 Detached houses, Leidschenveen, preliminary design, 2001-2004

- Two tunnels in Vathorst, Amersfoort, project realized, 2001-2005

- 20 Houses, Leidschenveen, contract drawings, 2000-2001

- Office building, Utrecht, study, 2000

- Office building, IJsselstein, study, 2000

- Service building for MC Automatisering, IJsselstein, study, 2000

- Interior fittings for ‘The Village’, Phase 1, life-style department store, Voorburg, project realized, 2000-2002

- Redevelopment of the Runshopping Centre, Hoorn, study, 2000

- Sound barrier houses, Naarden, study, 2000

- Office building in Veenendaal, study, 2000

- Extension of the office building for Twence Waste Incineration, Hengelo, project realized, 2000-2002

- 198 Houses, Almere-Stad, project realized, 1999-2003

- Disembarkation installation for cruise ships, Amsterdam, preliminary design, 1999-2000

Designs and projects for VHP Urban Developers + Architects + Landscape Architects, Rotterdam
- Public transport junction and bus depot in Hoofddorp, study, 1999-2001

- Joinery works, businesses centre and offices in Ede, project realized, 1999-2001

- ‘Expo 2001’, 50 deregulated houses in Almere-Buiten, closed competition, 1999

- ‘Batavia City’, Factory Outlet Centre in Lelystad, project realized, 1999-2001

- Sound protection shields along the N22 and N201 roads in Hoofddorp, project realized, 1998-2002

- Viaducts and tunnels for the Central Section of the South Tangent in Haarlemmermeer, project realized, 1998-2002

- ‘The Village’, life-style department store in Voorburg, project realized, 1998-2001

- Auxiliary boiler house for the PNEM in Breda, closed competition, 1998

- The Central Section of the South Tangent, 14 public transport stops between Haarlem and Schiphol, project realized, 1998-2001

- Roundabout and office building in Veldhoven, urban development study with architectural adaptation, 1998

- Redevelopment of the centre of Sliedrecht, urban development study, 1998-1999

- Two apartment towers and a renovation project in Rotterdam, study, 1998

- 51 Patio houses on the MARIN terrain in Wageningen, study, 1998-1999

- ‘1:100.000 < NORTHERN LIGHTS < 1:100’, EO-Wijers competition, 1998

- Shopping space and houses on the Biltstraat in Utrecht, preliminary design, 1998

- ‘Amsterdam 2.0’, Phase 1, a vision of the future of the City of Amsterdam, study, 1997-1999

- ‘<12’, a competition of ideas for a playground/square in Rotterdam, 1997

- Extension of the aviTwente Waste Incineration Plant in Hengelo, final design, 1997

- 12 Sound barrier houses and sound protection shield in Diependaal, Hilversum, project realized, 1997-2001

- Central services offices for the VAM in Wijster, contract drawings, 1997

- Redevelopment of the Klein Amerika Square in Gouda, urban development study, 1997-2000

- Redevelopment of the Schelde terrain of Vlissingen, urban development study, 1997-1999

- Redevelopment of the centre of Houten, urban development study, 1997

- Service building for Wasco Beheer in Rotterdam, project realized, 1997-1998

- Open air theatre in the Zuiderpark in The Hague, preliminary design, 1996-1999

- Extension and renovation for Leebo Bouwsystemen in Drunen, project realized, 1996-2001

- Fire station in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, closed competition, 1996

- Public transport stops in Utrecht, study, 1996

- 21 ‘Tower’ flats in Heerhugowaard, project realized, 1996-2000

- 90 ‘Water’ flats in Heerhugowaard, project realized, 1996-2000

- 100 ‘Court’ flats in Heerhugowaard, project realized, 1996-1999

Designs and projects for BDG Architects and Engineers, Zwolle
- Office building for the VAM in Wijster, project realized, 1996-1997

- ‘Amsterdam 2.0’, Phase 0, a vision of the future of the City of Amsterdam, study, 1996

- The Aktivon leisure park in Sevenum, preliminary design, 1995

- Covered swimming pool in Zoetermeer, closed competition, 1995

- Extension of the Overijsel Provincial Museum in Zwolle, closed competition, 1994

- Runshopping centre in Hoorn, project realized, 1994-1995

- Car showroom and garage in Staphorst, definitive design, 1994

- Apartment building in Lelystad, study, 1994

- The aviTwente Waste Incineration Plant in Hengelo, project realized, 1993-1997

- Three apartment buildings in Zwolle, final design, 1993

- Office building in Almere-Stad, preliminary design, 1993

- Five Apartment buildings in Harderwijk, closed competition, 1993

- 57 Ground level houses in Almere-Stad, project realized, 1993-1996

- Renovation of the ‘Hoge Vaart’ silo in Zeewolde, project realized, 1993

- Conversion and interior design of the VSN Group in Utrecht, project realized, 1993

- Supermarket and flats in Lelystad, study, 1993

- Extension of the Hotel Bad Boekelo in Enschede, project realized, 1992

- The ‘Flevocentre’ exhibition centre next to the Lelystad exit of the A6 motorway, study, 1992

- Apartment building and shops in Dronten, closed competition, 1992

- Six office buildings in Venlo, urban development study, 1992

- Office building for M&I Partners in Amersfoort, preliminary design, 1992

- Office building for Heilijgers in Amersfoort, project realized, 1992-1995

- Office building for Eigen Huis in Amersfoort, study, 1992

- Fire station in Lelystad, project realized, 1992-1994

- Cinema and shops in Almere-Stad, project realized, 1991-1994

- Extension of the ‘WBL’ Housing Association in Lelystad, study, 1991

- Golf club building in Leidschendam, project realized, 1991-1993

- Multistorey car park in Almere-Stad, project realized, 1991-1992

- The ‘La Gare’ office building in Lelystad, preliminary design, 1991

- Extension of ‘De Hanzehof’ in Zutphen, study, 1991

- Apartment building on the coast of Lelystad, study, 1991

- Cinema complex in Leeuwarden, study, 1991

- Experimental residential building in Camminghaburen, study, 1991

- The Centre for Biological Agriculture in Lelystad, final design, 1991
Designs and projects for NOX Architects

1991-1996 in collaboration with Lars Spuybroek, Rotterdam

1989-1990 in collaboration with Siem Goede, Amsterdam
- ‘H²OXPO’, Freshwater pavilion in Neeltje-Jans, project realized, 1993-1997

- ‘Heavenly Bodies’, telephone installation for Galerie Motta in Eindhoven, 1994

- ‘Excessive Force’, entrance installation for V2 in Rotterdam, final design, 1994

- ‘Armed Response’, ice installation for V2 in Den Bosch, 1993

- Conversion for the Duizend & Eén publishing company in Amsterdam, project realized, 1993-1994

- Conversion for MonteVideo in Amsterdam, study, 1993

- ‘Centropa’, competition for a ‘Sign of the Future’ in Graz, 1993

- Conversion for Mediactive in Amsterdam, project realized, 1992

- ‘Harlem Shuffle’, housing for the elderly, a competition for a 21st century almshouse in Haarlem, 1992

- Conversion of the VBC video production company in Amsterdam, project realized, 1992

- Conversion for Gied Jaspars in Amsterdam, study, 1992

- Extension and conversion of the Verhorst family home in Uithoorn, final design, 1990

- Doctor’s surgery for the Hofman family in Uithoorn, project realized, 1990-1991

- ‘The New Acropolis Museum’, a competition for a museum in Athens, 1990

- ‘Spiderman’, a competition for a new type of primary school in The Hague, honourable mention, 1989


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