Donderdag 5 juli 2007 flyer'dam Rotterdam flyerculture from the 80's till now

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donderdag 5 juli 2007
flyer'dam - Rotterdam flyerculture from the 80's till now
Flyers are a phenomenon, which have certainly been part of our culture for the last twenty years or so. They have become invaluable in telling the story of our youth and their cultures.
flyer’dam features the flyers of many different parties, events and related subjects in Rotterdam. The upcoming of house, acid, gabber, illegal parties, r&b but also tekno, drum ‘n’ bass, mtc party’s, hip-hop, breakbeatz, the alternative scene, easy tune, art pop parties and more are featured in this book. The focus of flyer’dam is the 80’s till now although the book gives a broader overview of what was going on before this time to get us to were we are today.
This book wants to expose the sound and beat of Rotterdam. And not by presenting photographs of bands or the crowd or the interior of some random club, but by flyers of those particular club nights. They tell us a story of design, love of form, the transient processes, trends and imagery of certain times. All aspects of nighttime youth culture and the nights themselves will be taken under consideration. Flyers will tell a story without words, they are part of something bigger. (The La Rivière Tapes – flyer’dam)
At the 27th of july at 19:00 hr the book flyer’dam will be launched at Showroom MAMA at the Witte de With street in Rotterdam. From 23:00 an afterparty by bar dancing Nikola Tesla will be held at Café de Unie and Bootleg DJ Café.

flyer'dam - Rotterdam flyerculture from the 80's till now

Edited by: Gyz La Rivière & Fleur Kolk

2007, 224 pages

ISBN / EAN: 978 90 8690 107 4

Published by: Veenman Publishers

available in shops from August 10th 2007

available online at

contact: of

phone: 0031 641222655

Many thanks to all the collectors that helped us make this book.

Made possible by: Gemeente Rotterdam dienst Kunst & Cultuur, Centrum Beeldende Kunst, Rotterdam Marketing, Showroom MAMA, Historisch Museum Rotterdam en Fonds voor beeldende kunsten, vormgeving en bouwkunst

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