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BONNYCASTLE J; The scholar's guide to arithmetic /or A complete exercise-book….. , 7e1802

BRIDGE B; An elementart treatise on ALGEBRA, 3e1815

BROOK-SMITH J; Arithmetic /in theory and practice, 6e(reprint 1901)1881


CASEY J; A treatise on the analytical geometry of the point, line, circle, and conic sections, /....., 1e1885

A Treatise on Elementary Trigonometry, / With Numerous....... (Edited by Patrick A.E. Dowling), ?e1901

A sequel too the first six books of the Elements of Euclid /containing......(Part I.), herdruk-1910

COLENSO JW(1814-1883); Arithmetic /designed for the use of schools...decimal coinage, 1e1843,

New edition 1879, (New edition, thoroughly revised by Hunter)1886

The elements of algebra /adapted for teachers and students at the university, 5e1864

The Elements of Euclid (the parts usually read in the universities)....Dr.Robert Simson...., New Edition 1866

COTTERILL REV.J; The Rule of Three /Not the rule of proportion, but a rule illustrating proportion, 1844

CRESSWELL D; An elementary treatise on the geometrical and algebraical investigation of MAXIMA AND MINIMA /being the substance of a course of lectures……Euclid's Elements, (1e)1812

DAVIDSON JAM; A system of practical mathematics /...annexed accurate tables...; (mist titelblad, 1e1823??)

DAVIES Ch; Elementary Algebra: embracing the first principles of the science, 1848

DEDEKIND R; Essays on the Theory of Numbers (vert.v. I.Stetigkeit&...., II.Was sind&...,1901), Dover1963

DODGSON CL; Curiosa Mathematica, Dl.1(a new theory of parallels): 4e1895, Dl.2(pillow-problems): 4e1895

FORSYTH AR; Theory of functions of a complex variable, 2e1900

HALL HS,STEVENS; A text-book of Euclid’s elements/for the use of schools /Books I-IV and XI, New edition-1900

INGRAM A; A concise system of Mathematics /in theory and Practice, for the...., 2e1830

KELLAND P; Elements of algebra /for the use of schools and junior classes in colleges, 1e1872

LARDNER D; Treatise on arithmetic /practical and theoretical (in serie: the Cabinet Cyclopaedia), 1e?1834

MORGAN A DE; zie in rubriek: Geschiedenis van de wiskunde


SALMON G; Zie Dingeldey-20e eeuw, Duits


STEWART R; A practical treatise on arithmetic /arranged for pupils in classes /for the use of schools, 1847(8-vo)

TODHUNTER I; ALGEBRA /for the use of colleges and schools /with numerous examples, New edition-1887

PLANE TRIGONOMETRY /for the use of colleges and schools /with numerous examples, 7e1878

WALKINGAME F; The tutor's assistant: being a compendium of arithmetic, and Complete question book…… (corrected by the rev.T.Smith), 35e1830

The tutor's companion /or the complete Practical Arithmetic (extended by I.Butler), 1841

Nicholson's Walkingame's Arithmetic … (simplified and improved by W.Nicholson), 1852

WOOD J; The elements of algebra /designed for the use of students in the university, 7e1820

Amerikaanse series - Arithmetic - 19e eeuw (incl. lager onderwijs)

Primary = grade 1-2, Intellectual = grade 3-4, Practical = grade 5-6, Higher = grade 7-8
ADAMS D; Arithmetic /in which the principles of operating with numbers….(Adam's new arithmetic), 1836,

1841(inhoud gelijk aan 1836, beter exemplaar), 1848(Adams's new arithmetic, revised edition)

BAILEY M A; American comprehensive arithmetic, 1e?1897

BEZOUT E; Elements of arithmetic /transl. fr. the French /and adapted to the use of American schools, 1824


The Normal Primary Arithmetic: designed as an Introduction to...mental and written...(Edward Brooks), (1869)

The Normal Mental Arithmetic: a thorough and complete course by analysis and induction (E.Brooks), 1867

The Normal Written Arithmetic /by Analysis and Synthesis (Edward Brooks), (1869) pp. 97-100 missing

Key and manual to the Normal Written Arithmetic /and also Methods of teaching arithmetic, 1878

The Normal Standard Arithmetic /by Analysis and Induction / designed for public…..academies, etc., 1901


The new normal mental arithmetic /a thourough and complete course /by analyses and induction, 1873

The new normal written arithmetic /designed for common schools……academies, etc., 1877

The philosophy of arithmetic, zie onder: Geschiedenis van de wiskunde

CALL O; Call's Decimal Arithmetic /on a new and improved plan throughout /comprising, (1e?)1842

COLAW AM, ELLWOOD; School arithmetic /Advanced book (Dl.3 Three-book series) /with answers, ?e1907

COLAW J M, DUKE, POWERS; School arithmetic /Practical book (Dl.2 Two-book series), ?e1906

COLBURN DANA P; The Child’s book of arithmetic /designed..........primary schools, 1e 1866

COLBURN W; Intellectual Arithmetic /upon the inductive method of instrn (Colburn’s First Lessons), (1849)

COLUMBIAM COMPLETE ARITHMETIC” Complete course in arithmetic /written and mental for higher

grades (The WERNER educational series) 1894 (pp.289-290 weg)

COOK JW & MISS N.CROPSY; The new advanced arithmetic, 1899

DABOLL NATHAN; Daboll’s schoolmaster’s assistant, improved and enlarged. Being...of arithmetic.

adapted to the United States. zj (1825?)

DABOLL N, DA DABOLL; Daboll’s complete Schoolmaster”s assistent: being....practical ARITHMETICK, /

adapted to the use of schools in the United States: /exemplified....., 1e1836 (mist p.1,2?)

DAVIES Ch; Primary arithmetic /(The elementary combinations, by object lesssons), NewYork&Chicago 1871

The university arithmetic /embracing the science of numbers ....applications, 1846

Elements of algebra /on the basis of M. Bourdon: embracing Sturm’s and Horner’s theorems............., 1859

DILWORTH Th; The schoolmaters assistant, being a compendium of arithmetic….., 1815

EATON JS; A treatise on arithmetic /combining…. common schools and academies, 1871

EMERSON F; The North American arithmetic /part three for advanced scholars, 1851

FELTER SA & FARRAND SA; Felter's advanced arithmetic /containing oral and written problems /and drill card excersises (Natural Series /Third book), (1e)1878

FICKLIN J; National arithmetic /oral and written /for common and graded....etc, 1e1881

FISH DW; Robinson's Progressive intellectual arithmetic /on the inductive plane /being…., (1863)

The complete arithmetic. Oral and written (Robinson's shorter course), 1874

The rudiments of written arithmetic: /containing.........for graded schools, NewYork&Chicago 1883

Robinson's Progressive practical arithmetic /containing…for common schools and academies, 1873, 1881

(Robinson's) The Progressive higher arithmetic /for scools, academies, and mercantile colleges, 1876

Fish’s arithmetic Number two /Oral and written /upon the inductive method, NewYork-Cinc.-Chicago (1883)

GREENLEAF B; INTRODUCTION to the NATIONAL ARITHMETIC /on the inductive system /combining the analytic and synthetic methods (omslagtitel: Common school arithmetic), 1856(pp.145-6 ontbreekt)

Key to the National Arithmetic /exibiting the operation of the more difficult questions...teachers only, 1864

New Practical Arithmetic /in which.....are simplified by Induction and Analysis, 1e?1884

The Complete Arithmetic /oral and written /on the basis of works by Benjamin Greenleaf, 1899

JONES A; The science of arithmetic 1e?1897 zie rubriek Didactiek-Engels

MILNE WJ; Elements of Arithmetic /for primary and intermediate classes in public and private schools, (1893)

Standard arithmetic /embracing a complete course for schools and academies, (1911)

PERKINS GR; Higher arithmetic /designed for the use of High Schools, Academies, and Colleges…., 1850

PIKE N; The new complete system of arithmetick /composed for the use of the citizens….., 6e1807

PRINCE JT; Arithmetic by grades /for inductive teaching, drilling and testing /book number six, 1895

QUACKENBOS GP(Minnesota text-book series /Appletons’ math.series /Upon basis of works of Perkins);

An elementary arithmetic, St.Paul-Minn. 1887

A practical arithmetic, St.Paul-Minn. 1878

RAUB AN; The complete arithmetic /combining oral and written exercises…..instruction, 1894?

RAY J; Practical arithmetic /by induction&analysis (Ray’s Arithm.-third book), one thousandth ed.improved, 1881, (Same title, different on p.71 coins) editor: Wilson,Hinkle&Co. (1866-1881)

Ray’s New Practical Arithmetic, (1877 (1905))

A key to RAY’s HIGHER ARITHMETIC /, (Act of Congress 1858)

Key to RAY's NEW HIGHER ARITHMETIC (Eclectic educational series), (1881)

MOTT MEDIA reprint: Ray’s New Intellectual Arithmetic, (1877 (1905)) 1985

MOTT MEDIA reprint: Parent-Teacher Guide for Ray’s New Arithmetics (by Ruth Beechick) 1985

"Robinson's mathematical series"; zie onder: Fish

"Robinson's shorter course"; zie onder: Fish

ROBINSON’S NEW PRIMARY ARITHMETIC”; NewYork-Cincinnati-Chicago, (1892)

ROBINSON’S NEW HIGHER ARITHMETIC” /High schools, academies, and mercantile colleges, (1895)

SMITH DE; Practical arithmetic, 1905

Advanced arithmetic (1905)

SMITH RC; Practical and mental arithmetic /on a new plan ………… , 1835?

STODDARD JF;The American intellectual arithmetic /containin...(New revised edition; Normal math. series), 1866

THOMSOM JB; Higher arithmetic; or the science and application of numbers….(Day and Thomson's Series), 8e1849, 120e1862

WALSH M; A new system of mercantile arithmetic /adapted to the Commerce in the US….., 4e1818

WALSH JH; New grammar school arithmetic, 1903

WALTON GA; A Written Arithmetic /for common and higher schools /....exercises, ?e1876

WATERHOUSE CH; Arithmetical spyglass and teacher’s assistent intended as a Key and Supplement..., 2e1842

WELLS W; A complete course in algebra /for academies and high schools, 1e?1885

An academic arithmetic /for acad., high and comm. schools (Wells Math.Series), 1893(incl.answers)

WELLS W; HART; New High School Arithmetic, 1e?1919

New high school algebra, ?e1912

Modern first year algebra /with answers, ?e1923

WENTWORTH GA, REED; Wentworth's Primary Arithmetic, 1894(p.11-12 ontbreekt)

WENTWORTH’S MATHEMATICS (?= Wentworth’s Series of Mathematics);

(?Exercises in?) ARITHMETIC (Wentworth&Hill), geen titelblad, 8vo, xvi+362+(8) pp. (1881?)


The Smith-Burdge arithmetics /Primary book (Smith&Burdge), (1926)

New York State arithmetics /Advanced book (Smith&Burdge), (1926)

Complete arithmetic (Wentworth&Smith), 1909

Arithmetic /Book Three(Wentworth&Smith), (1911)

Essentials of arithmetic /Advanced book(Wentworth&Smith), (1915)

Plane and solid geometry(Wentworth&Smith), reprint1913(?)

Solid geometry (Wentworth&Smith), reprint1913(?)

WHITE EE; A New Elementary Arithmetic /uniting oral and written exercises, 1883

A complete arithmetic, /uniting mental and written exercises, 1870

A New Complete Arithmetic /uniting oral and written exercises, (1897)

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