European Jazz Stage 2009 Program 1 North Sea Jazz Festival, Artist in Residence

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European Jazz Stage 2009

Program 1

North Sea Jazz Festival, Artist in Residence

The 33rd annual North Sea Jazz Festival brings us, as is the case each year, an artist in residence, who will perform on all three days of the festival, all in different arrangements.

This year it’s great vocal virtuoso Bobby McFerrin.

First we caught him in action on Friday with the NDR Big Band from Germany conducted by Geir Lysne.

Than on Saturday we recorded a trio gig with his friend from Cameroon, bas player and singer Richard Bona and Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista.

To finish it of with a duet on Sunday with German guitar wizard Ferenc Snetberger.

So stretch your vocal chords….and sing along!
Bobby McFerrin & NDR Big Band (1065)

Bobby McFerrin (vocals); Gabriel Coburger, Fiete Felsch (alto sax); Lutz Büchner, Frank Delle (tenor sax); Edgar Herzog (baritone sax); Thorsten Benkenstein, Ingolf Burkhardt, Claus Stötter, Reiner Winterschladen (trumpet); Dan Gottshall, Stefan Lotterman, Rene Mosele (trombone); Ingo Lahme (bass trombone); Stephan Diez (guitar); Vladyslav Sendecki (piano); Lucas Lindholm (bass); Ben Perowsky (drums); Marcio Doctor (percussion).

Bobby McFerrin, Richard Bona & Cyro Baptista (1063)

Bobby McFerrin (vocals); Richard Bona (bass, vocals); Cyro Baptista (percussion).

Bobby McFerrin & Friends

Bobby McFerrin (vocals); Ferenc Snétberger (guitar).

Program 2

The International Mix

In this program we travel from Minnesota to Rome and from Paris to Amsterdam.

On this trip you’ll meet the incredible composer Maria Schneider with her orchestra, we drop

by in Italy to hear some of an extensive set from the Italian duo Gianluigi Coscia on clarinet

and Gianni Coscia on accordion.

Followed by an a total international trio of French accordionist Richard Galliano, Italian

trumpet Paolo Fresu and the Swedish piano player Jan Lundgren.

Our International mix is completed by a performance of young Dutch talent Wouter Hamel, a singer and multi-instrumentalist on the verge of his international breaktrough.

Maria Schneider Orchestra (1064)

Maria Schneider (conductor); Rick Margitza, Rich Perry, Charles Pillow, Scott Robinson, Steve Wilson (reeds); Laurie Frink, Ingrid Jensen, Tony Kadleck, Jon Owens (trumpet); George Flynn, Marshall Gilkes, Ryan Keberle, Keith O'Quinn (trombone); Toninho Ferragutti (accordion); Ben Monder (guitar); Frank Kimbrough (piano); Jay Anderson (bass); Clarence Penn (drums).

Trovesi & Coscia (752)

Gianluigi Trovesi (clarinet); Gianni Coscia (accordeon).

Mare Nostrum (1060)

Paolo Fresu (trumpet); Richard Galliano (accordion); Jan Lundgren (piano).

Wouter Hamel (DJM)

Wouter Hamel – vocals, guitar, (toy) keys; Gijs Anders van Straalen – percussion; Sven Happel – bass; Pieter de Graaf – piano; Jasper van Hulten – drums.

Program 3

North Sea Jazz, What’s New

Besides the vocal acrobatics of The New York Voices at the North Sea Jazz Festival, we offer you three exciting new arrangements.

First we’ll hear piano player Jeroen van Vliet who wrote the Festival’s Composition Assignment this year.

Next we check out a popular Dutch band called Room Eleven, who’ll bring us a catchy mixture of jazz, pop, funk, blues and a touch of folk.

To wind things up with a concert of Mona Lisa Overdrive, a raw contemporary Hammond jazz quartet, that's looking to flatten conventions...
New York Voices (1057)

Darmon Meader (vocals, tenor sax); Peter Eldridge, Lauren Kinhan, Kim Nazarian (vocals); CD Bandorf (piano); Paul Nowinski (bass); Marcello Pellitteri (drums). Claus Dieter Bandorf (contrabas).

Jeroen van Vliet (NSJ Composition Assignment) (1059)

Erwin Vann (sax, electronics); Jörgen Brinkmann (cello); Jeroen van Vliet (piano, electronics); Frans van der Hoeven (bass); Pascal Vermeer (drums); Afra Mussawisade (percussion, electronics).

Room Eleven (1069)

Janne Schra (vocals); Floris van der Vlugt (tenor sax); Bart Wirtz (alt sax); Gerben Klein Willink (trumpet); Louk Boudestijn (trombone); Arriën Molema (guitar); Tony Roe (keyboards); Lucas Dols (double bass); Maarten Molema (drums, percussion).

Mona Lisa Overdrive (DJM)

Jesse van Ruller – guitar; Stefan Lievestro – bass; Arno Krijger –hammond; Hans van Oosterhout-drums

Program 4

Woods & Strings

Celebrating a career that spans five and a halve decades, we bring you alto master Phil Woods.

In this programme we also offer two concerts where strings play first fiddle. The British clarinetist and saxophonist John Surman is accompanied by a classic string quartet and we have a young Dutch talent, Jeffrey Bruinsma. He is exploring the violin in styles covering jazz, world – and classical music.

Then there’s Esra Dalfidan a Dutch singer with Turkish roots. She won the Dutch Jazz Vocal Competition in 2008 and she mixes jazz with oriental traditionals.

Phil Woods

Phil Woods, Jesse Davis (alto sax); Donald Vega (piano); Daryll Hall (double bass); Leon Parker (drums).

John Surman’s String Project (1066)

John Surman (bass clarinet, soprano sax, baritone sax); Patrick Kiernan, Rita Manning (violin); Bill Hawkes (viola); Nick Cooper (cello); Chris Laurence (double bass).

Jeffrey Bruinsma (1048)

Jeffrey Bruinsma (violin); Oene van Geel (viola); Maarten Ornstein (C-melody sax, bas clarinet); Gulli Gudmundsson (bass); Afra Mussawisade (percussion).

Fidan (DJM)

Esra Dalfidan –zang; Franz von Chossy –piano; Tobias Klein – basklarinet; Uli Genenger – drums; Tomas Merlo - bas

Program 5

Caribbean & More….
Losen those hips for a round trip of the Caribbean & more…..

We have a swirling performance of piano wizard Michel Camilo from the North Sea Jazz Festival. He was born in the Dominican Republic.

From the next island, Curaçao, we have an other great pianist and composer: Randal Corsen.

In the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam we recorded the Dutch Jan Hartong who studied Salsa with New York pianist Eddie Martinez and in Cuba with keyboard greats Herman Lopez-Nussa and the late Emiliano Salvador.

Followed by Brazilian born singer Lilian Vieira with het band 70-ies Samba Soul, shaking the classical foundation of that same Amsterdam Concertgebouw.
Michel Camilo

Michel Camilo (piano); Charles Flores (bass); Dafnis Prieto (drums).

Randal Corsen (1070)

Randal Corsen (piano); Roy Hargrove (trumpet); Scott Colley (bass); Horacio "El Negro" Hernández (drums); Pernell Saturnino (percussion).

Jan Hartong (1043)

Jan Hartong (piano); Jeroen Vierdag (bass); Lucas van Merwijk (drums).

Lilian Vieira (1041)

Lilian Vieira (vocals); José Lopretti (piano); Ed Verhoeff (guitar); Jura Gomes (bass); Enrigue Firpi (drums); Martijn van der Linden (cavaquinho); Alaor Soares (percussion).

Program 6

Bigger Bands

In this years series of European Jazz Stage we will make room for some outstanding Big Bands.

We have bas player, composer, arranger John Clayton as a guest-conductor of the Metropole Orchestra.

He brought his finest arrangements, which he normally plays with his own Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, but are now tested on the highly talented musicians of the Metropole Orchestra.

There are also two treats from the North Sea Jazz Festival in this show. The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and The Dutch Jazz Orchestra. The first Big Band you’ll hear with two outstanding singers who are 2 generations apart and the second is paying tribute to one of the founding fathers of modern Dutch Jazz, pianist, trumpetist, composer, arranger, mathematician Rob Madna.
Musical Director John Clayton (714/715)

John Clayton (leader, composer, arranger); Mark Scholten & Leo van Oostrom (alto sax); Leo Janssen & Jos Behren (tenor sax); Sebastiaan Ohm (baritone sax); Jan Oosthof, Henk Heijink, Jan Hollander, Ruud Breuls & Jan Wessels (trumpet); Bart van Lier, Paul Woesthuis & Jeroen Rol (trombone); Martin van den Berg (bas trombone); Jesse van Ruller (guitar); Rob van bavel (piano); Aram Kersbergen (bas); Martijn Vink (drums)

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw met Rita Reys en Fay Claassen (1058)

Fay Claassen, Rita Reys (vocals); Henk Meutgeert (band leader); Jorg Kaaij, Marco Kegel (alto sax); Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Simon Rigter (tenor sax); Juan Martinez (baritone sax); Ruud Breuls, Jelle Schouten, Rini Swinkels, Jan Wessels, Jan van Duikeren (trumpet); Andy Bruce, Jeroen Rol, Martijn Sohier (trombone); Martien de Kam (bass trombone); Jesse van Ruller (guitar); Peter Beets (piano); Frans van Geest (bass); Martijn Vink (drums).

Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Tribute to Rob Madna (1068)

John Ruocco (band leader, clarinet); Albert Beltman, Hans Meijdam (alto sax); Tom Beek, Ferdinand Povel, Simon Rigter, Ab Schaap (tenor sax); Nils van Haften (baritone sax); Ruud Breuls, Jan Oosthof, Erik Veldkamp, Jan Wessels, Peter van Soest (trumpet); Hansjorg Fink, Ilja Reijngoud, Martijn Sohier, Martin van den Berg (trombone); Martijn van Iterson (guitar); Karel Boehlee (Fender Rhodes); Rob van Bavel (piano); Jeroen Vierdag, Jan Voogd (bass); Marcel Serierse (drums).

Program 7

RNW Archives 1974

In this year’s European Jazz Stage series we do something new, which in fact is 35 years old. We’re delving into the Radio Netherlands Archive and we’re bringing back some beautiful concerts from the Jazz festival in Laren in 1974, that will be highlighted in one of this seasons programmes.

One of these performances is from pianist Bill Evans with tenor man Stan Getz.

But there is more…..pianist Roland Hanna brought his trio to the festival and is playing in two different arrangements. First with Frank Wess on sax & flute, then with the Dutch Sax Group with among others; Ferdinand Povel and Piet Noordijk.

Bill Evans & Stan Getz (1974)

Bill Evans (piano); Stan Getz (tenor saxophone); Eddie Gomez (bass); Marty Morell (drums).

Dutch Sax Group with the Roland Hanna Trio (1974)

Ferdinand Povel (soprano, alto & tenor sax); Karel Reys (alto & soprano sax); Piet Noordijk (alto and soprano sax); Dick Vennik (tenor sax); Leo Gerritsen (baritone sax); Roland Hanna (piano); George Mraz (bass); Freddy Waits (drums).

Roy Haynes Hip Ensemble (1974)

John Mosley (trompet & flugel horn); Bill Saxton (tenor and soprano saxophone); Bob Nelson (piano); Don Pate (bass); Roy Haynes (drums).

Roland Hanna & the New York Jazz Quartet (1974)

Frank Wess (flute, sax); Roland Hanna (piano); George Mraz (bass); Freddy Waits (drums).

Kwartet Rob Franken (1974)

Rob Franken (Fender Rhodes); Joop Scholten (guitar); unknown (bass); unknown (drums).

Program 8

Dutch Diversity

We composed a very special show to demonstrate the diversity on the Dutch jazz scene.

From a band which stands firmly in the bebop tradition ―the Martijn van Iterson - Ilja Reijngoud Quartet― to a band that explores more free forms of jazz with Dutch trumpet talent Eric Vloeimans and celebrated cellist Ernst Reijseger.

From that we switch to the danceable latin-flavoured soul jazz of the New Cool Collective to finish it of with the contemporary impressionistic vibes of the Wolfert Brederode Quartet.

A flat out treat from the Dutch lowlands.
Eric Vloeimans – Ernst Reijseger Boompetit (689)

Eric Vloeimans trompet, Anton Goudsmit (gitaar), Harmen Fraanje (piano), Ernst Reijseger (violoncello)

New Cool Collective (1005)

Benjamin Herman (leader, alt sax, vocals); David Rockefeller (trumpet, vocals); Anton Goudsmit (guitar); Willem Friede (Fender Rhodes, vocals); Lesley Lopez (bas); Jos de Haas (timbales, vocals); Frank van Dok (congas); Joost Kroon (drums)

Martijn van Itterson & Ilja Reijngoud (815)

Ilja Reijngoud (trombone); Martijn van Iterson (guitar); Marius Beets (bas); Marcel Serierse (drums)

Wolfert Brederode (DJM)

Wolfert Brederode –piano; Claudio Punti –klarinet; Gulli Gudmundsson – bass; Samuel Rohrer –drums.

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