Examen vwo voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs Engels 20 05

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Examen VWO
Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs


20 05

Tijdvak 1

Donderdag 26 mei

13.30 – 16.00 uur


Voor dit examen zijn maximaal 48 punten te behalen; het examen bestaat uit 42 vragen. Voor elk vraagnummer is aangegeven hoeveel

punten met een goed antwoord behaald kunnen worden.

Geef niet meer antwoorden (zinnen, redenen, voorbeelden e.d.) dan er worden gevraagd. Als er bijvoorbeeld één zin wordt gevraagd en je antwoordt met meer dan één zin, dan wordt alleen de eerste zin in de beoordeling meegeteld.

500018-1-7o Begin

Let op: beantwoord een open vraag altijd in het Nederlands, behalve als het anders is aangegeven. Als je in het Engels antwoordt, levert dat 0 punten op.

Tekst 1 ‘A’ Is for …

The heading (‘A’ Is for …) is followed by “Anything goes?”.

1p 1 ■ What does this question suggest, judging from the article?

A American universities can no longer compete with universities abroad.

B Students should be honest about their real level of achievement.

C Top students at American universities are not given a chance to stand out.

D Universities should award students grades in accordance with their achievements.

Tekst 2 McDonald’s Uncontested

1p 2 ■ Which of the following should fill the gap in text 2?

A And

B Besides,

C Even

D Nevertheless,

Tekst 3 De volgende tekst…

3p 3 □ Geef van elk van de onderstaande uitspraken aan of deze in de loop van de passage juist of onjuist blijkt te zijn.

1 Frances is normaal gesproken geneigd tot somberheid.

2 Frances heeft niet altijd vertrouwen in het optimisme van haar ex-man.

3 De twee brieven op haar bureau staan symbool voor alles wat het leven Frances heeft geleerd.

4 Frances stelt zich voor dat Tony Wilde’s keuze voor haar niet alleen te maken heeft met haar acteertalent.

5 Frances zou er moeite mee hebben de haar aangeboden betrekking bij The Defender te aanvaarden.

6 Frances is vastbesloten de haar aangeboden rol aan te nemen.

Noteer het nummer van elke uitspraak, gevolgd door “juist” of “onjuist”.

Tekst 4 Welcome to the Fat Slob Way of Life

1p 4 ■ Which of the following is/are right, judging from paragraphs 1-2?

1 Yvette Cooper’s warning on children’s health deserves serious attention.

2 Yvette Cooper is concerned that Britain’s public health will drop below third-world levels.

A Both are right.

B Only 1 is right.

C Only 2 is right.

D Both are wrong.
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“So what … statement?” (alinea 3)

1p 5 □ Waar eindigt de beschrijving van de redenering van Yvette Cooper? Noteer de laatste twee woorden van de beschrijving.
1p 6 ■ Which of the following can be concluded from paragraph 6?

A Heart attacks need not be deadly anymore.

B Heart patients are usually well aware of the dangers of the FSWL.

C The FSWL does not necessarily lead to heart disease.
“She is almost certainly wrong to do so.” (alinea 7)

1p 7 □ Waar gaat Yvette Cooper aan voorbij volgens Theodore Dalrymple?

1p 8 ■ What is the point made about the government in paragraph 8?

A It encourages the general public to be more critical about what constitutes a healthy life.

B It fails to go further than just addressing the symptoms of a serious issue.

C It should give the man in the street better information about the health risks of some types of food.

D It should refrain from interfering in private matters of citizens.
1p 9 ■ What is the main point made in paragraphs 10-12?

A A great many British people spend their money on eating out.

B For a great many British people eating is no longer a communal activity.

C The British will eat anything at any time of the day.
“This is an extraordinary change” (alinea 13).

1p 10 □ Aan welke oorzaak schrijft Theodore Dalrymple deze verandering toe?

1p 11 ■ What is the point made in paragraph 15? Bad eating habits

A are characteristic of the socially deprived groups in society.

B originate in the pressure of present-day working conditions.

C prevail among the young, and among single people.

D reflect changes in society as well as in personal attitudes.
1p 12 ■ Which of the following has been mentioned in the text as one of “the assumptions upon which the government bases its policies” (last sentence paragraph 16)?

A A government is negligent when it does not tackle diseases affecting large population groups.

B A healthy society is one that is based on family values.

C Eating habits are not the only factor to determine the quality of life.

D It is not up to the government to take a moral stance on the way people choose to live.
1p 13 ■ What function is paragraph 17 meant to serve?

A To add a last new argument to the writer’s reasoning.

B To illustrate the FSWL.

C To summarise the writer’s point about the FSWL.

D To warn against the FSWL.

Tekst 5 Globalisation

Kies bij iedere open plek in de tekst het juiste antwoord uit de gegeven mogelijkheden.
1p 14

A clean production processes

B international trade

C local economies

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1p 15

A fundamentally mistake

B irreparably change

C seriously harm

D warmly embrace
1p 16

A expansion

B novelty C prestige D profit
1p 17

A globalisers

B local entrepreneurs

C protesters
1p 18

A counterbalance

B include

C replace

D undermine
1p 19

A international competition

B local trade

C long-term effects

D removing trade barriers
1p 20

A anti-globalisation protesters

B environmentalists

C multinationals

D the rich countries
1p 21

A cut wages

B move away

C raise prices

Tekst 6 ‘I found it hard to stay awake’
“which is itself a bit shocking” (alinea 1)

1p 22 □ Waarom, volgens Andrew Hagan?

1p 23 ■ What do paragraphs 2 and 3 serve to illustrate?

A The capacity to offend that A Clockwork Orange had in 1972.

B The degree of aggression and violence in A Clockwork Orange.

C The hypocrisy of film censors in the 1970s.

D The way the press sensationalised the unusual aspects of A Clockwork Orange.
1p 24 ■ Which of the following is true of the writer’s present stance on what he wrote in 1972?

A He feels that he did not do justice to the film director’s artistic achievement at the time.

B He has since realised there may be a point in confronting people with examples of base


C He insists that the gradual acceptance of violence over the years has proved him right in the end.

D He regrets it because his judgment had been unfairly influenced by other people’s reactions.

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“How can this be so?” (alinea 5).

1p 25 □ Hoe beantwoordt Andrew Hagan deze vraag? Vul de onderstaande zin aan op je antwoordblad:

Het openlijk aandacht besteden aan seks en geweld in films en dergelijke…
1p 26 ■ Why does the writer call Dickens’ novels “quite revealing” (paragraph 6)?

A They exposed the hypocrisy of those who committed atrocities while pretending to be good citizens.

B They illustrate that the existence of certain types of brutal behaviour could not even be acknowledged.

C They provide insight into the historical background of serious crimes against young people.

D They showed Victorian readers that their world was not as secure as they wanted to believe.
2p 27 □ In welk opzicht en op welk terrein prijst de schrijver Dickens, en in welk opzicht en op welk terrein bekritiseert hij hem, in de alinea’s 7 en 8?

Vul de onderstaande zinnen aan op je antwoordblad:

Hij prijst Dickens omdat… Hij bekritiseert hem omdat…
1p 28 ■ What does the writer mean by “Seeing is believing.” (paragraph 9)?

A Any reader who does not accept the author’s view now, is bound to do so after watching

A Clockwork Orange.

B Many people want to see for themselves if A Clockwork Orange is as violent as reported.

C Once people have seen A Clockwork Orange, they will take the issue of violence seriously.
1p 29 □ Wat maakt de schrijver duidelijk over “Some” in alinea 10?
1p 30 ■ What is the writer’s final judgment of A Clockwork Orange?

A After a promising start it rapidly turns into a vulgar display of sex and violence.

B Both subject and filming technique have become outdated.

C Its solution to the issue presented lacks artistic and intellectual originality.


1p 31 ■ What is the main point made in the first paragraph?

A At times of war people are capable of crimes too horrendous for explanation.

B Historians often contradict each other when analysing the past.

C Historians would rather ignore certain facts when analysing a war.

D Making sense of war entails dealing with the emotions evoked by warfare.
1p 32 ■ What is to be concluded about military historians from the second paragraph?

A They are inclined to pay little attention to the role of women in warfare.

B They feel that writing war history is not a woman’s field.

C They like to emphasise soldiers’ heroism rather than their fears and doubts.

D They tend to close their eyes to the savagery of their compatriots in battle.
1p 33 ■ Which quotation sums up the main point made by Joanna Bourke?

A “Contradiction and … the past.” (lines 1-3)

B “With a … ‘our men’.” (lines 12-14)

C “There is … of it” (lines 20-21)

D “historians have … full-rounded way” (lines 22-23)

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Tekst 8 Teaching’s true vocation

Hieronder staan vijf uitspraken. Twee ervan geven elk een opvatting weer van één van de twee briefschrijvers.

1 Practical training is ultimately the only useful thing in education.

2 Pupils do not realise the relevance of academic subjects.

3 Recently introduced school subjects do not deserve to be called academic.

4 School subjects should be approached from an academic as well as a practical perspective.

5 Teachers are reluctant to experiment with new approaches in education.

2p 34 □ Noteer de naam van de twee briefschrijvers, gevolgd door het nummer van de uitspraak die zijn/haar opvatting weergeeft.

Tekst 9 Have We Lost the Healing Touch?

1p 35 ■ What do the examples in paragraph 1 serve to illustrate?

A The appeal exerted by medical technology.

B The false expectations medical technology has raised.

C The improvement of public health as a result of medical technology.

D The writer’s conviction that medical technology is being used beyond the permissable.
1p 36 ■ Which of the following could replace “Never mind that” (line 29)?

A It goes without saying that

B It is rightly assumed that

C We do not object to the fact that

D We seem to forget that
1p 37 ■ Which of the following is true of the sentence “Or will … to computers?” (lines 41-44)?

A It aims to belittle the problem touched upon by the two previous questions.

B It questions the advantages of the development sketched in the two previous questions.

C It suggests the writer’s misgivings with respect to the issue raised in the two previous questions.

D It underlines the main concern of the doctors referred to in the two previous questions.
1p 38 ■ Which of the following are in line with the writer’s point in paragraph 3?

1 Doctors ought to do every available test before making a diagnosis.

2 Nearly every illness can now be diagnosed with technology, even if it cannot be cured yet.

3 The pressure to apply technology does not only come from the medical profession.

4 The threat of facing a claim from a patient may make doctors do unnecessary tests.

A Only 1 and 2.

B 1, 2 and 3.

C Only 3 and 4.

D 1, 3 and 4.
1p 39 ■ What is criticised in “Patients … lifesaving.” (lines 79-86)?

A Failing medical technology.

B Patients’ passive attitude.

C The medical world.
1p 40 ■ What does the example of the “German pediatricians” (line 88) serve to illustrate? The writer’s view that

A doctors derive part of their authority from very personal ways of examining the patient.

B in the past physical disorders were too often seen as symptoms of mental disease.

C valuable medical expertise may get lost if we rely too much on technology.

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Lees bij de volgende opgaven steeds eerst de vraag voordat je de bijbehorende tekst raadpleegt.

Tekst 10 Here kitty kitty…

1p 41 □ Citeer de eerste twee woorden van de zin waarin de werking van “a new cure” (onderkop)

wordt uitgelegd.

Tekst 11 LAN of Magic & Opportunity

3p 42 □ Geef van elk van de onderstaande eisen aan of de “Network Engineer” volgens de advertentie hieraan wel of niet moet voldoen.

1 Bereid zijn een aanvullende studie te volgen.

2 Bereid zijn voor het werk te reizen.

3 Bereid zijn in de buurt van Disneyland te gaan wonen.

4 Een academische opleiding gevolgd hebben.

5 Vloeiend meerdere Europese talen kunnen spreken.

6 Mensen kunnen opleiden in het gebruik van netwerksystemen. Noteer het nummer van elke eis, gevolgd door “wel” of “niet”.


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