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  1. Familyname: VAN ABSHOVEN

  2. First Name: Pieter

  3. Date and place of birth: 23 August 1952, Ter Aar, the Netherlands

  4. Nationality: Dutch

  5. Civil Status: Married since 23 August 1993 with Ventura Maria Martin Martinez, born in Vila-Real (CS)

  6. Education:


    [ Date from - Date to ]

    Degree(s) or Diploma(s) obtained:

    Management for Development Foundation

    Dec. 1998

    Diploma on Organisational Develop­ment for Advisors and Consultants

    University of Utrecht, Dep. of Cultural Anthropology

    1989 – 1995

    Master of Science

    Frisian Language Institute

    1982 – 1983

    AFUK Diploma

    Delft University of Technology, Dep. of Civil Engineering

    1969 - 1988 (interrupted between 1974-1978 and 1980-1987)

    Civil Engineer

  7. Relevant language skills: Indicate competence on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 - excellent; 5 - basic)






    Mother tongue





























  8. Membership of professional bodies:

    ABV (Professional Association of Anthropologists)

  9. Other skills: (e.g. Computer literacy, training skills)

  • Extensive experience with Word-processing, Spreadsheets, Databases

  • Excellent moderation and facilitation skills

  1. Present position: Free-lancer

  2. Years within the firm: 10

  3. Key qualifications:

  • Capacity to analyse complex social and cultural situations, great empathy. Mediator between different cultural groups. Excellent knowledge of different minorities in Western and Eastern Europe, and of subcultures.

  • Specialised in the starting phase of projects: a thorough problem analysis, entering into the perspectives of all the different stakeholders, to come to an integrated solution involving different stakeholders.

  • Experience with projects based on a child's rights approach: streetchildren, working children, children in conflict with the law, child soldiers, children of ethnic minorities, sexually abused children, aids orphans.

  • Excellent knowledge of the NGO scene and situation through more than 14 years of working experience in Romania and Moldova with NGO’s active in the field of Human Rights and Democratisation, minorities, rural development, streetchildren and elderly care.

  • Proven track record of providing training and consultancy to NGO’s in the fields of organisational and programme development, capacity building, social service delivery, and project evaluation and analysing and interpreting budgets, financial and audit reports. Resulting in an improved communication with donor agencies, growing capacities of directors to manage their NGO. In some cases my interventions helped NGO through an existential crisis.

  • Long-standing experience as team leader and consultant in performance and training needs assessment, development of training programmes, monitoring and evaluation of organisation and capacity building programmes, development and imple­men­tation of effective knowledge transfer mechanisms such as coaching, mentoring, training-on-the-job, and job-shadowing schemes

  • Strong background in visibility and communication through publishing and presentations related to issues in the region.

  • Sound experience in working with and for the social inclusion of minorities and disadvantaged groups such as Roma, elderly, children, prisoners etc. in various donor-funded projects, including ECHO and PHARE

  1. Specific experiences in the region:


    Date from - Date to


    1992 – 1993.

    Hungarian language courses at the University of Debrecen.


    1992 – present

    Anthropological field work and from Sept. 1997 till Dec. 2001 on a permanent basis

    Rep. Moldova

    1998 – 2001

    Different missions (e.g. Auxiliary School Teleneşti, ECHO project, WCC mission)

  2. Professional experience:

    Date from - Date to





    2005 -

    Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands


    President of the Foundation Rebeca Lidwina, setting up an organization for palliative care in Miercurea Ciuc, România

    Private lessons Spanish and Dutch at ‘El Rogante’

    Transport of handicapped children to a daycare centre since November 2009

    Different publications (see publications list)

    Short missions to projects in Romania funded by Dutch NGO's.

    Training of groups travelling to Romania.

    2009 - 2013

    Alphen aan den Rijn, Netherlands


    Town councillor in Alphen aan den Rijn for Groenlinks, the Dutch Green Party. Portfolio: spatial planning, traffic and housing policy.

    Member of different national working groups (housing policy, Europe, diversity, politics and religion)

    Member of the Dutch delegation to the congress of the European Green Party.

    Candidate in the European elections of 2009.

    March. 2003 – Dec 2004

    Utrecht, Netherlands

    Kerkinactie, Global Ministries, Protes­tant Church of the Netherlands

    Policy Officer Children at Risk (50%)

    Coordinating the project officers work for the Children Program of Kerkinactie in the different regional teams. Elaboration of and advise on lobbying and advocacy strategies for childrens’ rights and the social inclusion of target groups: streetchildren, working children, children in conflict with the law, child soldiers, children of ethnic minorities, sexually abused children, aids orphans. Monitoring and project evaluation. Preparing campaigns: “Locking up children is criminal” in cooperation with Defence for Children International, and “Help the Cinderella of Peru”. Giving presentations at seminars and conferences about children at risk.

    May 2002

    Moldova, Transnistria

    Word Council of Churches

    Senior Expert

    Commissioned study on churches and church-based services including stakeholder analysis and assessment of the socio-economic situation and the role of the churches; development of recommendations.

    Apr. 2002 – Oct. 2002

    Bucureşti România


    Management Consultant on organisational development

    Divided over five missions advising the management of the organisation how to restructure activities, to set up a new administrative system and a new system of budgeting and reporting, in order to better reflect the activities of the organisation and increase sustainability of the different activities. Assessment of training needs and preparation and implementation of trainings for staff (including development of training materials)


    All over România



    Monitoring and project evaluation of economical projects of the loan scheme of Oikocredit in Alba, Suceava, Iaşi, Buzău, and Prahova.

    June 2000 - April 2002

    Bucureşti, România


    Senior Expert

    PHARE Programme 9803.01, Government Strategy for the Improvement of Rroma situation in Romania. Supervising the local team members responsible for the administration and procurements and the database development. Setting up the team, the procurement and subcontracting procedures. Evalutation of the applications for projects of the Partnership fund and checking reports in those cases where problems had risen. Presenting the project at a conference of the Rroma inspectors in Sibiu.

    Sept 1997 – Dec 2001

    Bucureşti, România

    Different NGO’s

    Management Consultant for different NGO’s financed by Cordaid

    In România: Federaţia Română pentru Dezvoltare Montană şi Rurală (FRDMR, rural development), Fundaţia pentru Dezvoltarea Societăţii Civile (FDSC, NGO support), Human rights organisations SIRDO, LADO, APADOR-CH, and Liga Pro Europa, Rromani Criss and Impreuna (Rromi), GERON (home care for elderly), Casa Deschisa. (Day centre for street children training them basic life skills). In Moldova: ACASA Association and Caritas Moldova (Humanitarian Aid), ACAP (Association of Auditors), Auxiliary School and Foundation Recuperare in Teleneşti.

    • During four years supervising these organisations on a permanent basis. Training needs assessment and Coaching NGO directors and advising and assisting the staff on general management, human resource management, strategy deve­lopment and project management. Mediating in the communication between the local organisation and Western donors and Dutch Government Agencies. Conflict management between local organisations (e.g. Impreuna split off from Rromani Criss).

    • Networking: stimulating and assisting in setting up a network of Home Care organisations in Romania, to improve their position in negotiating with the Ministry of Health and the Health Insurance Houses

    • Needs assessment, including training needs, for the Auxiliary School and Foundation Recuperare in Teleneşti, Moldova. Coaching of the Recuperare foundation linked to this school. Drawing up with ACASA a three year planning, including training needs assessment for the organisation. Training needs assessment for Romanian and Moldovan NGO’s in the field of accounting and financial management.

    • Setting up a volunteergroup within Geron to visit elderly patients in order also to raise social involvement in the poblems of vulnerable older people.

    • With Casa Deschisa advising on project management and preparation for the 2 programmes:
      1. Day centre for street children. Development of educational program to prepare street children to enter the normal Romanian educational system, including second chance education
      2. After school program for children from problem families to help them with their homework to avoid school abandonment.

    • Coordinating the committee organising the national congress of FRDMR in 1999 and presenting the paper ‘Advice from a Dutch consultant’ (published in 2000) and making field trips for this organisation identifying and monitoring projects in Maramureş, Alba, Harghita (rural women’s association), Iaşi, Prahova, and Suceava.

    June and Sept. 1999


    WOM, Menaam

    Mission leader

    Field trips to Maramureş for a Dutch donor who had a conflict with a local partner that was accused of mismanagement and the disappearance of building material for milk tanks. Controlling the administration at the office in Sighetu Marmaţiei, and checking on the spot of all the projects.

    Sept 1999 - July 2000

    Republic of Moldova

    Caritas Moldova

    Team leader monitoring

    Monitoring of ECHO projects. Caritas Moldova was carrying out two emergency projects for the distribution of coal, food, and medicines among children and vulnerable elderly. The procurement of the goods and the actual distribution was done by local organisations (parishes, schools, hospitals, etc.) at ten different locations, including Chişinău, Bălţi and four parishes in Transnistria. In most locations the local Caritas also involved other local NGO’s. The team made 6 monitoring trips visiting every time all the local projects, seeing that at a national level the project was well organised and that the procurements were done correctly and the goods distributed to the right beneficiaries and that the activities were well reported to ECHO.

    May 1998

    Teleneşti, Rep. of Moldova

    Cordaid, Municipality Delden


    Identification mission Auxiliary School and Boarding House for children withi all kinds of problems, ranging from social problems to slightly retarded. Identification of school improvement: Building improvement, curriculum development and updating professional skills of teaching staff.

    Feb. 1998 - Nov 2001




    Correspondent for the Dutch Radio program Wereldnet at Radio747. On average a radio emission once in six weeks, talking about the actual situation in România.

    March 1997

    All over România

    Mensen in Nood


    Assessment and evaluation of the Federaţia Română pentru Dezvoltare Montană şi Rurală, a rural development organization with projects all over the country: information centres, milkcollection centres, loan scheme.

    June 1996 - Sept 1997

    Oegstgeest, ’s Herto­genbosch


    Finance Officer

    In Bilance for Asia Department, especially for the larger projects in the Philippines. And in Mensen in Nood for Bureau Central and Eastern Europe, especially for the larger projects financed by backdonors, in România, Bulgaria, and Albania.

    Project evaluation and checking reports of local partner organisations applying for grants. Helping the organisations to improve their reporting skills, so that it could also function as a management tool.

    Feb. - July 1993

    Madefalva, România

    University of Utrecht


    Seven month anthropological field work in a Hungarian village on cultural changes after 1989 and people’s perception of these changes, using the methods of participant observation and half open interviews.

    Jan 1980 - Dec 1987


    Novib (Co-financing organisation)

    System analyst, fi­nance officer

    First as system analyst and computer programmer, when Novib was in the process of computerising the database of members and small donators ( 200.000 addresses), and the financial database of the projects they financed. Developing and testing the software and later training others to use it. Later as Finance Officer evaluating projects and checking accounts.

    1974 – 1978


    University of Delft

    Various exe­cu­tive func­tions in the field of Deve­lopment Co-operation and Appropriate Technology.

    • Organising a congress on the Civil Engineer and the Third World (1974),

    • Setting up the Committee for Development Cooperation at the department of Civil Engineering, organising lectures, extra curricular activities, and different smaller projects, finding within the university answers for technical questions coming from the Third World (1975).

    • Member of the Steering Committee of the Appropriate Technology Group of the TU-Delft.

    • Board member of the Foundation TOOL, organising a national congress on appropriate technology (1976-1977)

    • Preparing a exhibition for the Open Days of the TU-Delft (1978)

  3. Others relevant information: (e.g. Special Training, Publications)


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Contributor Inleiding in de Ontwikkelingssamenwerking, especially the chapter on education and Paulo Freire, about the lectures on development cooperation given at Delft University of Technology by dr. Sj.M. Theunis, director of Novib.

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