Grammar Block New Interface Blue label Part 3 Unit 5

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Grammar Block New Interface Blue label Part 3 Unit 5
A. Complete the sentences. Use: present perfect continuous or present perfect passive.

(show) has / have been showing has / have been shown

1. Mr Cedillo ... (talk) about his wife's disappearance for ages!

2. All passengers ... (inform) that flight 2390 will be late.

3. No coffee for me, thanks. I ... (drink) coffee all morning.

4. Mandy and Bryony ... (rehearse) for Pop Idol for days now.

5. It ... (never find out) why planes disappear in the Bermuda Triangle.

6. Rick, you ... (look) on the internet all morning. Now it's my turn!

7. Mum ... (tell) by the doctor that Rick should take the sedatives for at least a month.

8. Dad's business trip to Bangkok ... (postpone) because of bad weather conditions.

B. Fill in the words. Decide for yourself whether you must use an adjective (bijv.naamw.) or an adverb (bijwoord). Sometimes you might have to use both.
real The reason for Mandy's failure at Pop Idol is that she's a bad singer.

The real reason for Mandy's failure at Pop Idol is that she's a really bad singer.

complete 1. It was a mystery what happened to flight 19.

good 2. I'm afraid there's no explanation why Rick didn't sleep last night.

sudden 3. Mr Wattret realized that the field trip was very boring.

succesful 4. If you perform this act you might become a dancer.

thorough 5. After all information on flight 19 had been checked it was followed by a search for the missing passengers.
C. Complete the sentences. Use: past perfect or past perfect continuous.

(show) had shown had been showing
1. When the plane finally landed most passengers ... (sleep) for hours.

2. Rick had to admit that he slept much better after he ... (take) the sedatives.

3. When Tim came home Mandy .. (already tell) Mum that he had been in a fight.

4. When we arrived in Zell am See it ... (snow) for several hours.

5. Mr Cedillo told the press that when he came home his wife ... (already disappear).

6. When Mum turned on the TV the flight to Miami ... (already crash).

7. Dad told Mum that he ... (never know) that Rick had nightmares.

8. When the pilot of flight 19 finally arrived he ... (drink) for hours.

D. Fill in. Choose from: who - whom - whose - which - that - Ø. If there are several possibilities, give them all.
1. Look, that's the new teacher ... I told you about.

2. Mr Wattret is the kind of theacher on ... pupils can rely.

3. The TV programme ... I watched last night was really interesting.

4. These are the children ... parents died in that terrible plane crash.

5. The pilot ... had most experience was asked to fly the plane.
E. Complete the sentences. Use the right form of: be able to - be allowed to - have to.
1. I'm terribly sorry I ... (zal niet kunnen) come to your party, Ann. I ... (moet) play a hockey match then.

2. Rick told Mum he ... (kon niet) sleep last night, so she told him he ... (mocht) stay at home that morning.

3. Dad ... (moest) fly to Rio de Janeiro this morning but the plane ... (kon niet) leave because of the weather.

4. If you want to pass your exams, Judy, you ... (zult moeten) work much harder!

5. This pilot ... (zal nooit mogen) fly a plane again because of a terrible mistake he has made.

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