Ide to Serial / Serial to ide ata adapter sata-ide serial to ide adapter

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SATA-IDE Serial to IDE adapter
IDE-SATA IDE to Serial ATA adapter


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User manual

Thank you for buying the Gembird® IDE to Serial ATA adapter! This manual will help you install and use it properly.

The SATA device is adoptive a JM20330 solution of JMicron Company The Serial ATA physical link, and transport layers are compliant to Serial ATA 1.0 up to a 1.5GHz data rate, and scalable to 3.0GHz data rate by directly doubling the internal clock source. The application layer supports both Hard Disk Drive and ATAPI Optical Storage such as CR-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, etc. The Serial ATA and the Parallel ATA application layer support both host and device operation and can be configured through.


  • Supports automatic SATA 3.0/1.5Gbps speed negotiation

  • Supports serial ATA hot-plug

  • IDE-SATA adapter allows to use SATA drives on any computer with internal IDE controller

  • SATA-IDE adapter allows to use IDE (ATAPI compatible) drives on any computer with SATA controller


  • Chipset: JM20330

  • Supports ATA/ATAPI Ultra DMA modes and PIO modes 0-4 up to 150MB/s

  • Supports serial ATA hot-plug

  • Ultra low power consumption with the power management

  • Master/slave support

  • Connectors: 40 pin IDE and 7 pin SATA connector

Descriptions of the parts of the devices


  1. Power supply connecter: Provide Power to SATA operate form electrical source of computer

  2. LDO: SATA system power regulator for 5V to 3.3V and 1.8V

  3. SATA & IDE connecter: Conversion output for SATA system to IDE or IDE to SATA

  4. Operation indication LED: Indication the system is operating

  5. MCU: Master control processor JM20330

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