Immigration, achter blauwe gebouw paspoorten stempelen

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Banjul: inklaren (vrijdag tot 1300)

Ankeren voor in+uitklaren tussen containerkade en douaneschepen (at Half Dike, by Banjul Pier. Shelter is usually adequate. Niet te dichtbij, er liggen wrakken). Met Visa pinnen bij bank of wisselen. Dan eerst naar Immigration, achter blauwe gebouw (paspoorten stempelen: geen visum nodig), dan naar Customs (evt inspectie?) N van havencomplex, 200 m van blauwe gebouw. Daar krijg je een clearance doc. van (met scheepsstempel erop). Dan naar havenautoriteiten in blauwe gebouw voor de vaarvergunning. ongeveer 23 euro (735 dalassi).

There is an official fee for extending the 14 day standard stamp of 200 Dalarsi ($10 US - May 2008). However immigration officials may attempt to charge more, plus an inspection fee. Ensure you double check your passport stamp is correct. Although the officials are very friendly, the formalities tend to be time-consuming and finding your way around is not easy.

Lamin Lodge bij Lamin Creek en dichtbij Serakunda markt. For a longer stay, Lamin Lodge (13.23.637N 16.37.562W) is a very sheltered spot in the mangroves, with a bar/restaurant and dinghy dock. It's a bit of a walk to the main road, but then catching a bush taxi to do the shopping is no problem.

Lamin Creek:

This is accessible at any state of the tide but it is best to make the passage on half flood. A

moment's carelessness or disorientation can lead to a grounding but the bottom is soft. There are

many spots on the way to Lamin where one could anchor in seclusion. It is all well sheltered once

under the lee of Chitabong Island. Lamin Creek is dominated by Lamin Lodge, an idiosyncratic

structure on the W bank of the creek which provides cold beer and meals and caters for a healthy

river tourist and birdwatching trade. It lies down four kilometres of rough dirt road from the

village of Lamin, which is on the main road to Banjul airport. Follow the directions carefully and

you should have little difficulty until you approach the anchorage. Keep centre stream until about

1/2 cable downstream of the Lodge, then hold over to the E bank, leaving all the moored boats to

starboard. There is a line of two or three yachts on moorings close to the E bank. Leave these

close to starboard and anchor in 3m in line with but past the end of this line. Holding is good.

There is an unofficial "Harbour master" there who looks after some of the moored yachts. His

name is Llanda (and Lennox met groene taxi, voor je boodschappen en diesel) and he is reliable. If you wish to leave a boat there, he will look after it for a very modest sum. His mother also does washing (en erg goed!!)
Ask the Lodge voor water. This has to come by donkey cart from the standpipe in the village, so may take some time. Lamin Lodge is owned by a German called Peter Loess (en manager Omar), who has been there since the seventies, having sailed there in his own wooden gaffer, now sadly defunct. He is consequently yacht-friendly.
Banjul ND organic farm market, waar veel groenten te koop zijn. Vanaf Lamin: als je tegen de hoofdweg (asfalt) aanloopt, linksaf. Pak een busje (5 dalashi), 2 minuten.


Vis kopen van vissers: 50 D per kilo

Jufureh: toeristtrap

James Island: ankeren alleen met heel mooi weer (lunchsstop?)

H 1. Bintang creek bolon: ankeren tegenover toeristkamp

Kemoto point: ankeren bijna midden van rivier (hotel is helaas weg)

T Sami creek: oppassen voor visnetten , of Jurunka / Tabirere creek (3 meter over drempel bij LW)

H 2. Mandori kreek (ver te bevaren), stille beschutte kreek met veel vogels

Ankeren coordinaten Rhythm: 13.27.80/15.54.64)

T Tendaba Camp: zwembad, watertanken en bushpigsteaks bij lodge. Kleine boodschappen

Yanina: The tourist camp is still there at Tendeba and has a small swimming pool. The restaurant is still serving bush pig steaks. Because the mud flats dry out near the camp, dinghy ashore to the jetty and walk through the village; it’s a friendly place. Jainaba and Alieu spoke English and were asking for books, paper and pens for the village school and we promised to do our best.
Net voorbij Balingo: kan je ankeren

3. Rond de ferry naar Farafenni (4km lopen/taxi): alongside de reserveferry in madina creek?

H Tussen Sunkuia en Karantaba Creek: ankeren ver van de kant, midden op rivier tegen muskieten
T 4. Bambale:leuk dorpje+schooltje N van Elephant Island (toegang dorp via bombale creek)

Ankeren bij de betonnen wharf. coordinaten Rhythm: 13.27.67N/15.20.77W

Seahorse island: ankeren prima er net na.(Irony: geweldige ervaring).
H Kau-ur: druk plaatsje met notenfabriek, boodschappen?

Yanina: At Kau-ur there is a small concrete slipway suitable to beach a dinghy. We were greeted by hordes of children and an older youth who helped us carry the dinghy ashore, and who accompanied us on the track across the rice fields to the village. For part of the way we were given a ride on a donkey cart, presumably the one that will fetch your diesel for you, as described in the pilot.

Na Kau-ur: Bantanta Creek: nijlpaarden

5. Bij Pappa island? Carrols Wharf?

T Ankeren: Rhythm tegenover Carrols Wharf. Achter het eilandje, midden tussen de vislijnen liggen we op 13.39.779N/15.09.805

In de buurt van Jessadi (landinwaarts) leuke mensen

Kudang Tenda vriendelijk dorpje (veel kinderen, waterput)
(langsvaren) Deer island: bovenlangs (ondiep??> gaat goed) nijlpaarden
Na Kantaur mooiste stuk waterpunt + boodschappen??

H T 6. Bird Island: ankeren en wandelen heuvel op, nijlpaarden

(langsvaren) H T 7. Baboon Island: onderlangs 1e eiland (op terugweg) of 200 dhl voor park betalen bij rondvarende rangers.

H Ankeren buiten Nat.Park bij Walli Kunda/Ka-ai island nijlpaarden

H T 8. Georgetown: ankeren bij Bird Safari Lodge, eten bij manager Sam/eigenaar Mark

Water via de Lodge (vraag aan Mark), boodschappen in dorp (half uur lopen)

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