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This index was mainly prepared in 2000 and 2001.1 The archive itself was stored at the Mathematical Institute of the University of Amsterdam, afterwards (2001) brought to the Rijksarchief in Noord-Holland. The length of the archive is circa 2.5 meters. The material in the archive has been divided into a number of major categories, distinguished by capitals in the numbering of items, e.g. B (scientific correspondence), C (courses given by Troelstra, seminars and colloquia conducted by him), P (all materials relating to his publications) etc. Usually these major categories are again subdivided. The description of the contents is not carried out with the same amount of detail for each (sub-) category. A lot of material in this index was already set up by A.S. Troelstra himself (especially publications, lectures and congresses).

P. van Ulsen, Amsterdam, 2001.

Curriculum vitae of Anne Sjerp Troelstra2

10-VIII-1939 Born at Maartensdijk (Utrecht), the Netherlands.

1951-1957 Secondary school: Lorentz Lyceum (gymnasium beta), Eindhoven.

1-IX-1957 Enrollment as a student at the University of Amsterdam.

25-III-1964 Passed doctoraalexamen in Mathematics, cum laude. (At that time a bit more than a M.Sc.)

1-IV-1964 Appointed ‘wetenschappelijk medewerker’ (approximately, assistant professor) at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Amsterdam.

15-VI-1966 Doctorate (Ph.D) in mathematics on the thesis ‘Intuitionistic general topology’ (thesis adviser Prof. Dr. A. Heyting). University of Amsterdam.

1-IX-1966 till 1-IX-1967. On leave as a visiting scholar at Stanford University (departments of Mathematics and Philosophy) with a stipend from the Netherlands Organization for the Advancement of Research (then ZWO, now called NWO).

VIII-1968 Gave a series of ten lectures on Intuitionism at the Summer School on Proof Theory and Intuitionism at SUNY, Buffalo, New York.

1-IX-1968 Appointed ‘lector’ (associate professor) in mathematics at the University of Amsterdam.

1-IX-1970 Appointed ‘gewoon hoogleraar’ (full professor) in pure mathematics and foundations of mathematics at the University of Amsterdam.

4-VI-1976 Elected member of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences.

16-II-1996 Elected corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

15-XI-1996 Received the F.L. Bauer–Prize of the ‘Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universität München’, for internationally outstanding contributions to Computer Science.

1-IX-2000 Retirement.
1-IX-1973 till 1-VIII-1974 On sabbathical leave: from 1-IX-1973 till 1-III-1974 visiting fellow of Wolfson College Oxford, England; till 1-VIII-1974 visiting professor at the Department of Mathematics at Freiburg University, Federal Republic of Germany.

15-IV-1985 till 15-V-1985 Visiting professor at the ‘Scuola di specializzazione in Logica Matematica’ at the Univerity of Siena, Italy (paid by the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerchi).

VI-1991 Visiting professor at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Bern, Switzerland.
Married to Olga Bakker (born 15-VI-1939); two daughters: Willemien Petra (born 15-VIII-1968) and Catharine (born 25-VI-1970).

A short outline of Troelstra’s scientific work

Troelstra’s research interests were:

a. History and philosophy of constructivism.

b. Metamathematics of systems based on intuitionistic logic.

c. Proof theory.

Principal Scientific Meetings (invited speaker at the meetings marked with *) Careful records have not been kept at all times, so the list is certainly incomplete.

International Congress on Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science (ICLPMS):

Amsterdam 1967* (3rd ICLPMS); London, Ontario 1975* (5th ICLPMS)

European Logic Colloquia

Hannover 1966*; Cambridge 1971*; Clermont-Ferrand 1975*; Oxford 1976; Mons 1978*; Prague 1980* (conference cancelled, but Proceedings published); Manchester 1984

Other Congresses:

2nd Scandinavian Logic Symposium (Oslo 1970)*; The Kleene Symposium (Madison 1978)*; The Brouwer Centenary Symposium (Noordwijkerhout 1981; Troelstra organizer); Conference on Modern Logic (Rome 1977)*; Italian National Logic Conference (Montecatini 1979)*; Congress on the History of Logic (San Gimignano 1982)*; Incontri di Logica Matematica, On the Foundations of Mathematics (Siena 1987)*; International Congress on New Problems in Logic and the Phil. of Science (Viareggio 1990)*; Logic in Computer Science 91 (Amsterdam, 1991); Computer Science Logic '91 (Berne, Switzerland, 1991); Computer Science Logic '92 (San Miniato, Italy, 1992); Joint International Conference and Symposium on Logic Programming (Washington, DC, 1992)*; Workshop on Constructivity and Computation (Driebergen, june 27 – july 3, 1993) (Troelstra organizer); Category Theory in Computer Science, September 1993 (CWI, Amsterdam); Non-classical Logics in Computer Science (Schlosz Dagstuhl, Wadern bei Saarbrücken sept. 1993)*; International Conference on Proof Theory, Provability Logic and Computation. (Bern, Switzerland 1994)*

Tagungen Mathematische Logik, Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach:

april 18 – april 25, 1987; nov. 6 – nov. 12, 1988; dec. 16 – dec. 22, 1990; april 12 – april 18, 1992; april 1995; january 1998.

In these Oberwolfach meetings Troelstra has been Conference organizer, jointly with W. Felscher (Tübingen) and H. Schwichtenberg (München); later on with Y.N. Moschovakis (Los Angeles) and H. Schwichtenberg.
Ph. D. Students

1. D. Leivant, Absoluteness of intuitionistic logic. Ph.D. 19-XI-1975.

2. G.F. van der Hoeven, Projections of lawless sequences. Ph.D. 17-II-1982.

3. G.R. Renardel de Lavalette, Theories with type-free application and extended bar-induction. Ph. D. 20-II-1984.

4. I. Moerdijk, Topics in Intuitionism and topos theory. Ph.D. 20-XI-1985. (cum laude)

5. P.H. Rodenburg, Intuitionistic Correspondence theory. Ph.D. 5-XI-1986.

(Thesis advisor jointly with with prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem).

  1. M. Bezem, Bar recursion and functionals of finite type. Ph. D. 6-X-1986.

(Thesis advisor jointly with prof. D. van Dalen; Ph.D. at the University of Utrecht).

7. H.C. Doets, Completeness and Definability. Applications of the Ehrenfeucht game in second-order and intensional logic. Ph.D. 6-V-1987.

(Thesis advisor jointly with prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem).

8. I. Bethke, Partial combinatory algebras. Ph.D. 15-VI-1988.

9. M.G.D. Swaen, Weak and strong sum-elimination in intuitionistic type theory. Ph.D. 25-IX-1989.

10. J. van Oosten, Exercises in realizability. Ph.D. 5-V-1991.

11. D. Roorda, Resource logics: proof-theoretical investigations. Ph.D. 20-IX-1991.

(thesis advisor jointly with prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem).

12. H.A.J.M. Schellinx, The Noble Art of Linear Decorating. Ph.D. 3-II-1994.

13. A. Prijatelj, Investigating Bounded Contraction, Ph.D. 6-I-1995.

(Thesis advisor jointly with prof. J.F.A.K. van Benthem).

14. R. Iemhoff, Provability logic and admissible rules. Ph.D. 15-V-2001.

(Thesis advisor jointly with prof. D.H.J. de Jongh and prof. A. Visser).

15. K. Sasaki, Logics and provability. Ph.D. 11-IX-2001.

(Thesis advisor jointly with prof. D.H.J. de Jongh).
The foregoing theses were prepared under Troelstra’s direct supervision. Under his responsibility, but not actually supervised by him, also the following persons have obtained their Ph.D: L.C. Verbrugge (1993) and D. Zambella (1994). These two were supervised by dr. D.H.J. de Jongh (University of Amsterdam) and dr. A. Visser (University of Utrecht).
Membership of professional organizations

Het Wiskundig Genootschap.

Association for Symbolic Logic.

Deutsche Verein für Mathematische Logik und Grundlagen der Mathematik (member of the council).

Associazione Italiana di Logica e sue Applicazioni.

European Association for Computer Science Logic.

Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica en Wijsbegeerte der Exacte Wetenschappen.

Académie Internationale de Philosophie des Sciences (elected).

Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (elected).

Corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences (elected).

Functions in administration

Bestuuurslid van de (member of the council of the) E.W. Beth Stichting (E.W. Beth Foundation, A. Heyting Stichting (A Heyting Foundation), Association of Symbolic Logic, Nederlandse Vereniging voor Logica (Dutch Society for Logic), Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC, University of Amsterdam).

Directeur van de Onderzoeksschool Logica (1/2/1995 – 1997) (director of the (Dutch) Research School in Logic); directeur van het Mathematisch Instituut aan de UvA (director of the Mathematical Institute, University of Amsterdam); secretaris sectie wiskunde Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (secretary of the section of mathematics of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences).

Editor (1983 – 1991; three periods of three years) of the Journal of Symbolic Logic for the area ‘Proof Theory and Constructivism’.

Editor (1972 – 2000) of the monograph series ‘Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics’, published by Elsevier (North-Holland).

Editor (1980 – ) of Compositio Mathematicae.

Editor of Indagationes Mathematicae.

Member of the advisory board of Studia Logica.

Other activities

Served for a number of years as member of ‘De Commissie voor het Floristisch Onderzoek van Nederland’ (Committee for floristic research in the Netherlands), a committee of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Botanische Vereniging (Royal Durch Botanical Association).

Division of the material into main categories

Main divisions are indicated by the first (capital) letter of the number of the items. The letters have been chosen because of some mnemonic association with a Dutch word. The main divisions are characterized in the list below.3 The groups C, D1, P and V give mainly an overview of Troelstra’s activities in these sections. Not every item of them is really filled with records.

B. [Brieven] Scientific correspondence.

C. [Colleges] Notes of courses given by Troelstra, notes and announcements of Seminars and Colloquia conducted by Troelstra, lists of participants etc.

D. [Diversen] Miscellaneous: congresses attended by Troelstra and administration related to the University of Amsterdam.

G. [Genootschappen] Material connected with Troelstra's organizational activities, membership of societies etc.

P. [Publicaties] Material connected with Troelstra's publications: drafts, preprints, correspondence relevant to the history of the publication, data on the congresses where the lecture was given which resulted in the publication etc.

R. [Redactie-werk] Editorial work. Correspondence relating Troelstra's work as an editor of the series of monographs ‘Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematic’, The Journal of Symbolic Logic, etc.

S. [Scripties] Correspondence and documents concerning scripties (= M.Sc. theses) and promoties (= Ph.D theses) prepared under Troelstra's guidance, or in the preparation of which he has been involved.

V. [Voordrachten] Material concerning (un)published lectures and manuscripts of Troelstra.

Cc., cc. = carboncopy; Ms., ms., mss. = manuscript(s); Pc., pc. = photocopy; sh. = sheet(s): Ts., ts., tss = typescript(s).

X (> Y, Y >, Z > Y) = amid the correspondence between Troelstra and X: there are also letters from X to Y, from Y to X, from Z to Y (>< Y = letters from X to Y and from Y to X, etc.). Sometimes, the correspondence between Troelstra and X in such a bigger combination, with X, Y, Z, etc. is empty. Additions follow always under the ‘key’word. The additons of names are alphabetically (it gives an indication and this is not always the way they are really ordered in the archive under such an entry; the user has to search for that himself, especially in the Kreisel correspondence).
B. Brieven [Scientific correspondence]

The correspondence is chronologically ordered (decades: 1960 – 1970, 1970 – 1980, 1980 – 1990, 1990 – 2000), then alphabetically by correspondent (and then for each correspondent again chronologically). Anderson, J.G. means: there is correspondence between J.G. Anderson and A.S. Troelstra. The correspondence between A.S. Troelstra and G. Kreisel is exceptional, therefore also the treatment (the red coloured corrections in some letters are Kreisel’s; signatures with GK means G. Kreisel). Sometimes we name Troelstra in the correspondence only ‘T’, of course the signature ‘AST’ or ‘Anne’ means A.S. Troelstra.

Besides Kreisel there is an other remarkable phenomenon in this correspondence: the birth of the electronic mail. There is always a group of e-mails, difficult to order, therefore exists under B a special group after the period 1990–2000 with the name ‘e-mails, miscellaneous’; they are ordered as follows: ‘1990 – 2000, e-mail, miscellaneous’, then chronologically ((combinations of) months), and within such a group alphabetically. And again: it gives an indication under an entry and this is not always the way the names are ordered in the archive itself; the user has to search for that further on.

For manuscripts not associated with correspondence, but which have been annotated by Troelstra, see under group S and under R.

Period 1960 – 1969.
Anderson, J.G.


Beth-Pastoor, C.P.C.

Bishop, E.

Browder, F.E.

Brümmer, G.C.L.

Bulug, C.

(O. Troelstra-Bakker >, ts. Bulug 2 sh, ms. O. Troelstra-Bakker 2 sh)

Celluci, C.

(> G. Kreisel)

Curry, H.B.
Deligne, P.

Dijkman, J.G.

(ms. Troelstra 5 sh.: aantekeningen op Dijkman)
Engeler, E.
Freudenthal, H.
Gabbay, D.

Goodman, N.

Groot, J. de
Harrop, R.

Heyting, A.

(L.H. Hackstaff >, Heyting ts. 5 sh, ts Troelstra 2 sh, T > Y. Moschovakis )

Hosoi, T.

(R. Goodwin > T)

Howard, W.A.

Iongh, J.J. de

(D. Scott >)

Jongh, D.H.J. de
Kamp, H.

Keig, D.W.

Kleene, S.C.
Kreisel, G.

Kreisel 1966:

ts. Kreisel

Kreisel 1967:

> W.A. Howard, > S.C.K. (S.C. Kleene?), > S.C. Kleene, > R.M. Solovay;

mss. Kreisel

Kreisel 1968

Kreisel 1969:

> P. Bernays, > H.C. Doets, > W.A. Howard, > C.G. McKay, > M.O. Rabin; reviews by Kreisel, ms. Kreisel; ms. W.A. Howard)
Lekkerkerker, C.G.

(> D. Harting)

Löb, M.H.

Luckhardt, H.

McKay, C.G.

(C.F. Kent >< T, J. van Witsen >; tss. McKay)

Mayoh, B.

(> North-Holland Publ. Co. (H.J. Stomps), T > A.C. Zaanen; tss. Mayoh)

Mathias, A.R.D.

Moschovakis, Y. (& Moschovakis J.R.)

Mostowski, A.

Müller, G.H.

Myhill, J.
Nagashima, T.
Oort, F.
Parsons, Ch.

Prawitz, D.

Rootselaar, B. van

Schütte, K.

Scott, D.

(T > J.C.H. Gerritsen)

Segerberg, K.

Seldam, C.A. ten

(> A. Heyting)

Shepherdson, J.C.

Smorynski, C.

Stainier, F.C.

Stigt, W.P. van
Teensma, E.
Venneman, Th.

Vesley, R.E.

Period 1970 – 1979.
Alten, T. van

Anderson, J.G.

Arndt, O.

Arzarello, F.


(T >< Krishnarao, T > R. Walter)

Barendregt, H.

(ZWO mededelingen, ZWO >< T)

Barwise, Jon (&

Barwise, Jane)

Beeson, M.

(> G. Kreisel, > D. Scott)

Benthem, J.F.A.K. van

Berg, van de

Bernini, G.

Bezem, M.

Blok, W.


Bouvère, K.L. de

Bowen, K.A.

Bridges, D.S.

Brock, M.G.

Brown, C.
Cantini, A.

Casari, E.

Cellucci, C.

Chancellor, J.

Daalen, Diederik van

Dalen, Dirk van


(T >< Oberschelp)

Diller, J.

(> K. Potthoff & H-G. Karstens)

Dobre, A.

Dummett, M.A.E.

Engeler, E.

(L. Luckhardt >, referee report on ms. by H. Luckhardt)

Feferman, S.

(H. Friedman >, > J. Myhill)

Felscher, W.

Fenstad, J.E.

Follesdal, D.

Fourman, M.P.

Friedman, H.

(S. Feferman >; ts. Friedman)

Fris, M.
Gabbay, D.

(G. Kreisel >, A. Levy > T, T > North-Holland Publ. C.; ts. abstract Gabbay, tss. Gabbay)

Gandy, R.

(M. Dummett > T, M.H. Löb > T)

Garcia, N.M. Lopes

Gargov, G.K.

Gelfond, M.

Girard, J.-Y.

Goodman, N.D.

Grayson, R.J.

(T > L.A.B. Stroosnijder)

Greenleaf, N.

Grice, G.R.

Groot, J. de

Guardiani, G.
Hackstaff, L.H.

(> A. Heyting)

Hallnäs, L.

Hayashi, S.

(ts. Hayashi 4 sh.)

Hermes, H.

Heyting, A.

(pc L.E.J. Brouwer (1924) >)

Hindley, J.R.

Hintikka, K.J.J.

Hirschfeld, R.A.

Hodes, H.T.

Holmes, D.E.

(J. van Witsen > B. van Rootselaar, J. van Witsen > A. Heyting)

Hornung, J.

Howard, W.A.

(> J. Diller, G. Kreisel >)
Iseki, K.
Jervell, H.R.

Julian (& Mines & Richman)

Jongh, D.H.J. de

(T > Lekkerkerker, H.C. Doets > M.H. Löb; cv of de Jongh by Troelstra, evaluation of de Jongh by students)

Keisler, H.J.

Koecher, M.

(with bibl. of G. Hasenjaeger, W. Schwabhäuser, H. Luckhardt, J. Diller)
Kreisel, G.

Kreisel 1970:

> AshviniKumar, > Bishop, > J.E. Fenstad, > N. Goodman, > W.A. Howard, > R. Jeroslav, > D.H.J. de Jongh, > G.E. Mints, > J. Myhill, > G. Takeuti, ts. Kreisel, pc. Kreisel reviews, tc. Kreisel-Krivine corrections, errata.

Kreisel 1971:

>< M. Beeson, > B. Dreber, > S. Feferman & H. Friedman, T > H. Friedman, > D. Gabbay, > K. Gödel, >< J. Myhill, >< D.Prawitz, > B. Scarpellini, > Shoenfield, > C.A. Smorynski, > R.E. Vesley; mss. Kreisel, tss. referee reports & (auto)reviews by Kreisel

Kreisel 1972:

> A.G. Dragalin, > W.A. Howard, T > W.A. Howard, G. Mints >, > M.O. Rabin;

ts. Kreisel, (auto)reviews, corrections

Kreisel 1973:

M. Beeson, > D. Burghelea, > J.D. Halpern, > Kotze, > Krivine (?), > Logic Search Committee, > P. Martin-Löf, >< G. Mints, > G. Takeuti; reviews by Kreisel, bio of Beeson by Kreisel

Kreisel 1974:

> K.D. Crosbie, J.J. de Iongh, > Jech, > C.G. Jockusch, > D. Leivant, > V. Lifs(c)hits, > Krivine(?), > D. Leivant, > P. Martin-Löf, > G. Mints, G. Mints > D. Leivant, E. Radu, > C.A. Smorynski, > Yates; tss. reviews by Kreisel, tss. Kreisel.

Kreisel 1975:

>< J. Barwise, J. Barwise & H. Friedman, >< Y.L. Ersov, > D. Gale, > R.O. Gandy, U.G.H. (?) >, W.A. Howard >, > S.C.K. (S.C. Kleene?), > S.G. Simpson, > Simpson & C.A. Smorynski, > C.A. Smorynski, > H. Schwichtenberg; tss. , mss. Kreisel, reviews by Kreisel.

Kreisel 1976:

> M. Beeson,

J.W.S. Cassels, > H. Friedman, > M.H. Löb, > G. Mints, > North-Holland Publ. Co. (E. Frederiksson) > H. Rogers jr., > A.C. Segal, > R. Statman;

mss. Kreisel, reviews by Kreisel.

Kreisel 1977:

P. Aloisio, >< M. Beeson, > C.A. Smorynski; mss. Kreisel, reviews by Kreisel.

Kreisel 1978:

> H. Luckhardt, > D. Prawitz, > D. Scott; mss., tss. Kreisel, reviews.

Kreisel 1979:

> H. Luckhardt, > Pres. Magdalen Coll., > D. Scott, P. Wojtylak >;

mss., reviews by Kreisel.
Kreinovich, V.

Krijgsman, P.H.

Krolikoski, S.J.

(with cv)

Kushner, B.A.
Lambek, J.

Leivant, D.

(> H. Rogers jr, J. van Witsen >; ms. Leivant)

Lenstra, H.W.

Levy, A.

Lifs(c)hits, V.

(referee report, abstract, ms.)

Lindström, P.

Löb, M.H.

Loi, M.

Lopez-Escobar, E.G.K.

(J. van Witsen)

Luckhardt, H.
McAloon, K.

(J. van Witsen > T, J. van Witsen > E.P. Reckman)

McKay, C.G.

Mandelkern, M.

Manibhandu, S.

(recomm. of Manibhandu by A. Heyting, by Troelstra, G.R. Grice > T; ts. Manibandhu))

Margenstern, M.

Martin-Löf, P.

Mathias, A.R.D.

Mayoh, B.H

(T > Zaanen)

Mentink, A.

Metakides, G.

Mints, G. E.

(T > P.C. Baayen; tss. Mints)

Montagna, F.

Moriconi, E.

Moschovakis, J.R. (& Moschovakis, Y.)

Mostowski, A.


Müller, G.H.

Murawski, R.

Myhill, J.

(ts . Myhill, review of Esenin-Volpin by Grishin)

Nelson, D
Ono, H.

Oort, F.

Osswald, H.
Parsons, Ch.D.

Pfeiffer, H.

Posy, C.J.

(T > G. Massey)

Pottinger, G.

Powell, W.C.

Prawitz, D.

(ts. Prawitz)

Radu, E.

(ts. Radu)

Rautenberg, W.

Scarpellini, B.

(G. Kreisel >)

Scholten, F.P.

Schultz, K.

(ts. Schultz)

Schwichtenberg, H.

Scott, D.S.

(abstract PhD R.J. Grayson, recomm. Grayson by Scott, >< A. Heyting, > G. Kreisel, article A. Heyting)

Scott, Ph.

Segerberg, K.

Sehnert, M.P.

(ts. Sehnert)

Shoenfield, J.R. (pres. ASL)

Shukla, S.L.

(cv Shukla)

Sieg, W.

Simpson, S.G.

Smith, J.

Smorynski, C.A.

(review of McLane by Smorynski)

Staples, J.

(G. Renardel de Lavalette >)

Statman, R.

(ms. Statman)


Stein, M.

Stigt, W.P. van

(> G. Kreisel)

Sundholm, G.

Suppes, P.

(4th Int.C.Logic, Meth. & Phil. Sci.)

Surdu, A.

Swart, H. de

Szabo, M.E.

Tait, W.W.

Takens, F.

Takeuti, G.

Thomason, R.H.

Tucker, J.V.
Veldman, W.

(> G. Kreisel)

Vesley, R.E.

Vogel, H.

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