It stelen 2 Is it very to go on a summer camp? duur 3

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hoofdstuk 1 nr. 1 vocabulaire
Vul het goede woord in
Schrijf de Engelse vertaling op van het Nederlandse stukje dat achter de zin staat.
1 If you don’t lock your bike, someone can ..... it. stelen

2 Is it very ..... to go on a summer camp? duur

3 My sister got a ..... and she called her Pamela. dochter

4 At my new school I have to ..... my lunch during the break. eten

5 Oh, this new schoolbag is really ..... zwaar

6 The only books that I really like are ..... stripboeken

7 Is this too difficult? ..... I can help you. Misschien

8 I don't like soap series, I think they are ..... vervelend

9 When I was 8 I started to ..... Cola tins. verzamelen

10 Sometimes our ..... make a lot of noise. buren

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 2 grammatica
A new place to live, a new room of your own
Steve is zijn nieuwe kamer aan het inruimen en roept Andy erbij om te komen kijken. Vul het gesprek aan door this, these, that of those in te vullen:
Steve: Hi, Andy, look here! (1. Dit) ..... is my new room.

Andy: Where are you? I can't find you.

Steve: Up here, in my room. Come up and I'll show you. It's still a bit of a mess, isn't it?

Andy: You can say (2. dat) ..... again! Hey, Steve, is (3. deze) ..... CD yours? I like (4. die) ..... group very much!

Steve: I don't listen to (5. die) ..... CDs much. I don't like (6. die) ..... group any more.

Andy: They're just great! They were on tv last week, didn't you see them?

Steve: Well, my tv got sick from that, believe it or not. Here, did you see my computer?

Andy: (7. Deze) ..... computer? Is it yours? And all (8. die) ..... computer games, they are yours, too?

Steve: Hm. Only (9. deze) ..... two, I'm afraid. And all (10. die) ..... are my dad's. Come on, let us play this new game. I got it from my daddy and it is really exciting. Grmmm, hmmm, oh, waaaahw!

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 3 grammatica
Steve's new room – persoonlijke voornaamwoorden
Steve is going to move house. Steve brings his things into his room. Steve is putting everything in its place. Steve is carrying boxes.
Je ziet steeds de naam Steve. Als je eenmaal weet dat het over Steve gaat, kun je die naam Steve vervangen door .....
Vervang zo ook de volgende onderstreepte stukjes:

1 Me and my brother are helping Steve. ..... are giving him a hand.

2 Tom and Jerry will be on tv tonight. ..... are very funny, I think.

3 Mother is putting all things in the right places. ..... still has a lot of work to do.

4 You and your sister will have a room of your own. ..... can put your own things there.

5 My CD player is not really new. ..... is a second-hand player.

6 My dad has a new CD player. ..... plays all those terrible Beatle-CDs on it!

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 4 grammatica
Your music or mine? bezittelijke voornaamwoorden
Vul de gevraagde Engelse woorden in
My guitar
When I was 11 I got (1. mijn) ..... first guitar. Well, not a new one, really, in fact it was uncle Ernie's old one, but (2. er van) ..... sound was perfect! But uncle Ernie could not play it, so (3. zijn) ..... wife said he should give me the instrument.

My sister Sheila played the piano. Oh, that was terrible. When she sat on (4. haar) ..... piano stool, I walked out to see some friends. She didn't like the guitar music I made, so (5. onze) ..... parents had a hard job to keep us calm. We are (6. hun) ..... only children, and they got mad when we had a fight about music. One day, daddy said to me: 'Put (7. jouw) ..... guitar away and never play on it again! And you, Sheila, never touch that piano no more! This is the end of (8. jullie) ..... musical career!'

From then on, Sheila and I never had words about music again. I still play (9. mijn) ..... guitar every now and then, but she has given up (10. haar) ..... piano playing for good.

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 5 grammatica
a or an?
Vul in: a of an.
At twelve years of age, Nathan Watt has already got (1.) ..... kid's role in (2.) ..... smash-hit Disney film, Unstrung Heroes. Nathan plays (3.) ..... young American boy. He is (4.) ..... American who leads (5.) ..... chaotic life with his crazy parents.

The cute young actor also played (6.) ..... emotional role in (7.) ..... older film, Stolen Memories, made for the Movie Channel. In this film he played 12-year-old Freddy during (8.) ..... very special summer holiday.

hoofdstuk 1 nr.6 lezen
Hieronder vind je vijf ingezonden briefjes uit het Amerikaanse jeugdtijdschrift EXXprESS..

Lees de zinnen onder de briefjes. Schrijf op welke briefschrijver bij welke zin hoort: Alethia, Cynthia, Hailey, Amanda of Amy.

New reader on board!

Dear EXXprESS,

I went to the mall to find a poster of Jonathan Taylor Thomas. No one had any! So I went to the bookstore and they had so many magazines about him, but I picked EXXprESS! I liked it so much I just bought a year's subscription to it! I love JTT with all my heart. I would like it if you put more pin-ups and centerfolds of my hunky man in EXXprESS! Thanks!


JTT's Faithful Follower,

Alethia W.

East Point, GA

My name is Cynthia and I'm 13 years old. I've got to say, I love your mag! When I grow up, I want to become an EXXprESS editor! Anyway, I'm totally in love with Elijah Wood. He rocks my world! I'm sending you a picture of me and my two best friends. We love your magazine soooo much that our parents call us The Three EXXprESSeers! Anyway, got-a-go!


Cynthia R.

Dorvel, Quebec, CANADA
Dear EXXprESS,

Hi, my name is Hailey and I'm 13. I'm Jonathan Taylor Thomas' biggest fan. I watch Home Improvement every day. His gorgeous face covers all my bedroom walls. I saw him while he was filming Tom And Huck in Alabama. I also love The Beatles. I know that sounds kinda weird, but they were great singers and they were so cute. Here's The Beatles' song I'd like to sing to JTT: 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand.' Thanks, EXXprESS!

JTT & The Beatles' No. 1 Fan,

Hailey B.

Fairview, TN
Dear EXXprESS,

Hi. My name is Amanda. I'm 12½. I've known about your magazine for a while but I just started getting it and my bedroom is covered with your pin-ups and centerfolds. I'm very impressed with your work. I'm including my picture so please print it and this letter in your magazine. Please put lots more pin-ups of Wil Smith and other famous stars in EXXprESS.

Your No. 1 Fan,

Amanda O.

Sumner, WA
Dear EXXprESS,

Hey! My name is Amy. I'm 13 years old. I just want to tell you that Devon is so hot. Devon Sawa, if you're reading this, I would do anything to meet you or kiss you or even hug you. I saw Casper 100 times. Don't kiss that girl C. Ricci 'cause that made me very jealous. And EXXprESS, please print more pics and interviews with Devon.

Devon Sawa's No. 1 Fan,

Amy T.

Berwick, ME
1 Ik ben nog geen dertien jaar. .....

2 Nergens was een poster van mijn favoriete ster te koop! .....

3 Ik zou voor mijn favoriete ster wel willen zingen. .....

4 Ik heb de film van mijn favoriete ster heel vaak gezien. .....

5 Ik heb mijn favoriete ster zelfs een keer in het echt gezien. .....

6 Mijn slaapkamermuren hangen vol met posters. .....

7 Ik wil later bij jullie blad werken. .....

8 Zet meer plaatjes en interviews met mijn favoriete ster in jullie blad. .....

9 Het is misschien wel vreemd dat ik die groep bewonder. .....

10 Ik word jaloers op de tegenspeelster in de film. .....

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 7 luisteren
The phone call
A Lees de volgende vragen.

1 De telefoon wordt opgenomen door iemand van .....

2 Waarom wil Marissa een penvriend(in)? .....

3 De opgebelde persoon vraagt of er een form gestuurd moet worden. Wat is een form? .....

4 Schrijf drie dingen op die Marissa moet invullen:




5 Waarom zegt de opgebelde ‘you know, your family name’? .....

6 Wat is de achternaam van Marissa? .....
B Luister naar het telefoongesprek. Beantwoord tijdens het luisteren de vragen. Ze staan in de volgorde van het telefoongesprek. Je krijgt het gesprek maar één keer te horen.

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 8 schrijven
Your own pen pal letter
Het eerste briefje aan een penvriend(in)!

Vul de ontbrekende stukken van deze brief aan.

(1) ....., Esther!
(2) ..... is John de Groot, from the Netherlands. (3) ..... thirteen years old.

(4) ..... a pen pal from England, and I am very happy that I got your (5) .....

(6) ..... football, computer games and skating (only in winter, of course!).

(7) ..... that you write me a letter soon!

(8) ..... from John in the Netherlands!

hoofdstuk 1 nr. 9 leren leren
Hoe heb je voor dit proefwerk geleerd?
Stel je voor dat je voor deze toets een spiekbriefje gemaakt zou hebben. Schrijf vier dingen op die zeker op dat briefje zouden moeten staan.

1 .....

2 .....

3 .....

4 .....

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