Lees de zinnen en kies het juiste woord tussen haakjes. Vul dat in op je antwoordblad

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1 vocabulary vmbo

Lees de zinnen en kies het juiste woord tussen haakjes. Vul dat in op je antwoordblad.

1 He plays in the (local / national) team, the Jersey Ducks.

2 His mum and dad are not living together now; they are (desperate / separated).

3 The other kids acted as if she wasn't there, (ignoring / boring) her all the time.

4 You have to think about it first. Don't (run into / rush into) things.

5 Cleaning up after the party was my (responsibility / independence).

6 Be (sensitive / sensible)! Don't cross the street without looking left and right!

7 Did you get (admission / permission) from your parents to go out tonight?

8 The teacher asked him something, but he didn't (res­pond / correspond).

9 Why are you standing here? Are you (expecting / accepting) someone?

10 You can't hurry these things! You have to be (modern / patient)!
2 vocabulary vmbo
Bekijk het rijtje woorden hieronder.
accept - arranged - ex­pect - explained - hug - instead of - lawyer - loft - rush into - tag - ­turned out - yawn
Kies het goede woord voor elke zin en noteer dat op je antwoordblad. Je houdt er een paar over!
1 I wanted a video game, but ..... that they gave me a board game called ‘Risk’.

2 We saw a nice jacket, but when we saw the price on the ..... we didn't buy it.

3 The film seemed nice, but it ..... to be very boring.

4 I always ..... my teddy bear when I'm sad.

5 His bedroom is right under the roof, in the .....

6 The movie was about a ..... who had to defend a murderer.

7 I gave a big ..... ; I was sleepy and bored.

8 We ..... a surprise party for Jacky.

9 He's just a sore loser; he can't ..... that he lost.

10 I understand it now. She ..... it quite well.
3 grammar vmbo
Zet de bepalingen van Plaats en Tijd, die tussen haakjes achter de zinnen staan, in de juiste volgorde in de zin. Schrijf op je antwoordblad de hele zin op.
1 They started a new soap (in America - last month)

2 I watch every soap (after school - in my own room)

3 The new series is about a rich family (in the West - around 1850)

4 The father had found a new wife (at a ball - that summer)

5 She had bought a beautiful house (a few months before - near their place)

  1. Her eldest son was visiting her (for the summer holidays - at her house)

  2. Roy has spoken to Ted (this evening – on the phone)

  3. I will meet him (at the station – tonight)

  4. They take the schoolbus (at eight – near their home)

  5. She will meet him (at the station – tomorrow)

4 grammar vmbo
Van de woorden tussen haakjes is er steeds maar één dat past in de zin.

Noteer dat woord op je antwoordblad.
1 I would go to Rebecca's party (because / if / so / when) I were you.

2 George was invited to the party, (because / if / so / when) he bought a present for Rebecca.

3 Will you invite your classmates (because / so / though / when) it's your birthday?

4 Jim loves crashing a party, (and / but / like / or) the other guests don't like it.

5 Sally was invited (and / but / like / or) her boyfriend got an invitation too.

6 Will you buy her a present (and / but / like / or) will you give her some money?

7 George put on his best clothes (because / if / so / when) he wanted to look his best.

8 Good old George hopes to find a new girlfriend (and / but / like / or) he did at Jim's party.
5 luisteren vmbo

Christmas day

Lees de onderstaande zinnen. Ze komen uit de tekst die je dadelijk zult horen.

Luister naar de tekst en kies steeds datgene wat je ook in de opname hoort.

Noteer telkens één van de schuingedrukte woorden/uitdrukkingen op je antwoordblad
1 Listen to the Baker family trying to change / arrange their Christmas.

2 I can't / shan't tell her we're not going.

3 I can stay / stop here.

4 I've got to pick up Granny Smith at Swindon halfway / on the way.

5 We always have to wash up after that big / huge Christmas dinner.

6 Who says you are going to have any presents at all / anyway?

7 He is always a good laugh / sport.

8/9 Some other thing is / The other thing is that I'm working right up to Christmas eve / evening.

10 He's always saying he is used to cooking / used to cook the turkey.
6 schrijven vmbo

My most embarrassing moment!

Stel je voor dat je zelf ook zo'n vreselijk pijnlijk voorval hebt meegemaakt: je had afgesproken met je vriend(in) naar de film te gaan, maar je was die afspraak helemaal vergeten. 's Avonds bel je hem (haar) op om je excuses aan te bieden, maar hij (zij) blijkt de afspraak ook vergeten te zijn!

Maak het dagboekverslag hieronder goed af.
Dear Diary,
Well, this was a (1)..... day today! How could I be so (2).....! This could have been the day of my life, and see what I (3) .....! It happened as follows: I had (4)..... with (5)....., my new friend. I told you already, that I like (6)..... very much. We had planned to go to the (7)....., to that marvellous film called (8)..... . We would go there by (9).....; I would be at (10).....'s house at (11)....., so that we would be in time for the film. (It started at (12)..... ). Now, guess what happened: I simply forgot the date! Can you believe it?
I forgot my date with (13).....! When I found out that, I (14)..... . And that's not all! I (15)..... to tell how sorry I was, and then (16)..... told me that(17) ..... . He was angry with me, but that was not fair,

(18)..... ?

Well, today was a bad day, wasn't it? I hope tomorrow I (19) ..... . I’m going to (20) ….. now.

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