Location: Cinema Ketelhuis

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VIVA Festival
Biennale of Amsterdam

May 10 -12 2008

Location: Cinema Ketelhuis

In this world of globalisation, where we believe that the internet informs us about mostly everything and we hardly take the necessary time to live, video art is a form of art which asks the viewer for reflection and time to see the work until its end instead of just walking by.

The VIVA Festival was conceived to create an itinerant meeting point where international video artists will find a space for their intellectual discourse in the visual arts, creating a net all over the world in collaboration with international curators, foundations, galleries, private collections and institutions to be able to bring the best of international works and is organised to promote artists worldwide through a personal invitation to participate.
Most of the video artists have been confronted to the impossibility of presenting there single channel video works as they believed they should be presented, having to adapt themselves to the traditional expositive structure were the “passing by observer” due to the exhibition format, disrupts the view of there works.

In front of this option the VIVA Festival propouses the “Festival Format” as the best procedure to show the works, taking in consideration the time and structure of the single channel pieces which should be seen from the begin to be able to understand there meaning.

Without an integrating discourse which pretends to unify the works, selected exclusively because of there quality, there intellectual dissertation and there capacity to transform the point of view of the viewer, the single channel pieces which are shown at the VIVA Festival should be enjoyed by the Viewer as independent from each other.

In this new wave of experimental forms of expression and opening up to the totality of the world as a scenario of the hole, were near and far are no more a criteria to stop the communication, the VIVA Festival sees the world as a stage where it finds it way - in conventional and non conventional spaces - to reach also an audience which does not take any frontier as insuperable.

Artists from all over the world confronted in spaces all over the world making an international interchange possible, which dissolves all the barriers, is the main criteria to entail in this project.

Ana de Alvear, director of VIVA festival. www.vivafestival.com

Saturday May 10 2008
from 19:00 till 20:00 hrs
Isaac Julien – The Attendant – 1993, 10’ UK
Yusuke Sakamoto – Yakizakana no Uta – 2004, 4’36’’ Japan
Manuel Saiz – Being Luis Porcar – 2005, 1’ Spain
Martijn Veldhoen – Forward – 2004, 6’ Holland
Slater Bradley – Year of the Doppelganger – 2004, 4’45’’ USA
Douwe Dijkstra – The Washing Machine – 2005, 4’23’’ Holland
Joanneke Meester – Playground – 2007, 6’33’’ Holland
Hans Op de Beeck – All together now … – 2005, 6’59’’ Belgium
Markus Wambsganss – Lightning Bolts and Man Hands – 2004, 6’30’’ Germany
Bruce Nauman – Violent Incident – 1986, 2’57’’ USA
Ana de Alvear – Cecile’s difference – 2005, 6’ Spain
Total Time: 59’44’’

Sunday May 11 2008

from 18:00 till 19:00 hrs
Stan Douglas – Monodramas – 1991, 3’ Canada
Mariko Mori – Kumano – 1999, 12’ Japan
Anky van der Heijden – It’s a thin Passage – 2002, 0’38’’ Holland
Alex Campoy – sin rumbo – 2007, 2’55’’ Spain
Pim Trooster – once upon a time in west Spain – 2003, 1’ Holland
Simone Hooijmans – Saljoetsilo – 2005, 2’47’’ Holland
Melchor Martinez – Sin Titulo – 2005, 3’ Spain
Arthur Kleinjan – Skipping – 2004, 3’18’’ Holland
Merel Van’t Hullenaar – Griz#1 & Griz#2 – 2003, 5’30’’ Holland
Tomoko Konoike – Mimio – Four seasons – 1999/2000, 6’ Japan
Alicia Framis – Ajax Football Stadium Amsterdam 03 – 2003, 3’52’’ Spain
Mark Leckey – Fiorucci made me Hardcore – 1999, 15’ UK
Total Time: 59’00’’

Monday May 12 2008

from 18:00 till 19:00 hrs
Pipilotti Rist – Pamela – 1997, 5’ Switzerland
Tymen van Vlier/Dave Vriens – Zadelpijn – 2005, 9’36’’ Holland
Ira Schneider – How Bill Viola Does It – 1975/2000, 2’13’’ USA
Manon Bovenkerk – Love – 2003, 2’15’’ Holland
Darya von Berner – November Boughs – 2006, 2’ 36’’ Spain
F.A Kodde – Pipes – 2005, 4’30’’ Holland
Xenia Vargova – One minute movie – 2004, 1’ Bulgaria
Otto te Plate – Oud Licht – 2001, 4’36’’ Holland
Maria Zervou – The Doll – 2005, 3’ Holland
Akino Kondoh – Ladybird’s Requiem – 2005/2006, 5’ 38’’ Japan
Joost Bakker – Laagtevrezers – 2004, 3’ Holland
Julian Rosefeldt – Lonely Planet – 2006, 16’18’’ Germany
Total Time: 59’42’’

Special Thanks:

Mizuma Art Gallery, Japan
Spanish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan
Instituto Cervantes, Tokyo, Japan
Hara Museum, Japan
Taka Ishii Gallery, Japan
Isaac Julian, London, UK
Mark Nash, London, UK
Victoria Miro Gallery, London, UK
onedotcero, London, UK
Helga de Alvear Collection, Spain
Eyelight, Spain
Confluencias.org, Spain
Urrozproyectos.com, Spain
Galleria Moriarty, Spain
Fugu Art Projects, Spain
SAFE, Holland
The Stad als Theater, Holland
theoneminute, Holland
Ron Mandos Gallery, Holland
Galeria Luisa Strina, Brasil
235 Media, Germany
imai - inter media art institute,
Niels van Tomme, Belgium
Claire Cooke, onedotzero, London
Celine Brouwez, Belgium
Pim Trooster, Holland
Elisa Uematzu, Japan
Charlie Peel, Spain
Sandra Thomas, Germany

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