Luk van haute, Ph. D. Curriculum vitae

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Place and date of birth : Dendermonde (Belgium), 2 January 1963

Nationality : Belgian

Address : E. Verhaerenlaan 54, B-9050 Gentbrugge, Belgium

Phone/Fax : +32-9-245 03 48

E-Mail :

2008 : Lecturer (Japanese language and culture), Leiden University, The Netherlands

2003-2004 : Visiting Lecturer (Japanese language and culture), Ghent University, Belgium

1993-2003 : Lecturer and Coordinator, Graduate Program ‘Japanese Studies’

Hogeschool Gent (previously Mercator Hogeschool), Gent, Belgium

1998 : Visiting Lecturer (contemporary Japanese culture),

University of Leuven (KUL, Satsuma Chair), Belgium

1998 : Research Grant, Europalia Japan Committee

(6 months research in Japan on Japanese cinema, various locations)

1994 – present : Translation and interpreting (Atama Japan / J-COM Japan Related Services)

1993 : Japanese Language Instructor (in English)

University of Brussels (VUB), Language Institute (ITO)

1992-1993 : Japanese Language Instructor (in English), Mazda Motor Europe, Brussels

1991-1992 : Fellow, Dissertation Fellowship ‘The Japan Foundation’

University of Tokyo (Comparative Literature and Culture)

1988-1991 : Coordinator International Film, TV and Media Productions

Sky Planning Co., Tokyo

1986-1988 : Research Student, Scholarship Monbushō (Japanese Ministry of Education)

University of Tokyo (Comparative Literature and Culture)

1984-1986 : Assistant Japanese Language Instructor, Ghent University, Belgium


1997 : Ph.D. Languages and Cultures of Asia, Ghent University, Belgium

Dissertation: ‘Seventeen and the Young Heroes of Ōe Kenzaburō’

1984 : M.A. Languages and Cultures of Asia (Japanese/Chinese),

Ghent University, Belgium,

Thesis: ‘Kokugo-education in Japanese Elementary School’

Awards & Grants

2008 : Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (Flemish Literary Fund) / Fonds voor de Letteren (Dutch Literary Fund), Grant for Moderne Japanse verhalen (Anthology of Modern Japanese Short Stories)

2007 : Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (Flemish Literary Fund) / Fonds voor de Letteren (Dutch Literary Fund), Grant for the translation of Murakami Haruki's Dance, Dance, Dance

2005 : Vlaams Fonds voor de Letteren (Flemish Literary Fund), Grant for the translation of Kawabata Yasunari's Schoonheid en verdriet

2000 : Nomination (one of three) for the Noma Literary Translation Award


2000 : The Japan Foundation Study Tour Program 2000 for Group from G8 and EU

1998 : Research Grant, Europalia Nippon Kinen (ユーロパリア日本記念)

(6 months research in Japan on Japanese cinema)

1996 : Stichting Fonds voor de Letteren (Dutch Literary Fund), Grant for the translation of Ōe Kenzaburō's Seventeen & Homo sexualis

1991-1992 : Dissertation Fellowship, The Japan Foundation (国際交流基金博士論文フェローシップ, University of Tokyo 東京大学 (Comparative literature and culture)

1986-1988 : Scholarship Monbushō (Japanese Ministry of Education) (文部省国費留学奨学金)

University of Tokyo 東京大学 (Comparative literature and culture)

1985 : Study Tour Award for Outstanding Foreign Students of the Japanese Language (The Japan Foundation) (海外日本語講座成績優秀者研修会)

Academic Services and Memberships

- Narrator/Collaborator audio tape 日本語教育評価法 (Evaluation Methods for Japanese Language Education), NAFL Institute, Tokyo 1988

- Coordinator Graduate Program ‘Japanese Studies’ 1993-2003

~ setting up curriculum

~ attracting visiting lecturers

~ arranging traineeships in Japan or with Japanese companies in Europe

- Member Kinema Club/KineJapan (Study group on Japanese moving image media), since 2000

- Member blogteam Ubiquitous Gaze (an Academic Blog on Open Code, Education and Japanese Studies), since 2003

- Member of the Jury, annual Speech Contest Nihonjinkai (Society of Japanese in Belgium), since 2001

- Member of the Selection Committee, Scholarships MEXT, 2004

- Member of the Committee for Recommendation and Support, Dejima Film Festival (Holland), since 2005

- Guest Editor and Compiler, Deus ex Machina (Literature & Art Magazine), Japan focus, September 2004 (Vol 28, Nr. 110)

- Adviser on subsidies for literary translations from the Japanese (Dutch Literary Fund), since 2005

- Cooperation STIHO Project Automatic generation of vocabulary lists with Japanese characters, mailgloss and implementation of a kanji-test program, 1998-99

- Cooperation STIHO Project Automatic generation of vocabulary lists and example sentences, reibun. Development of a collocation-corpus, 1999-2000

- Cooperation STIHO Project Japanology of the Low Countries (Developing a common infostructure for Japanese studies in the Low Countries: portal-site, Japanese-Dutch dictionary, multimedia database, learning object repository, 2001-03.

- Poetry International Festival, Rotterdam, Coordination of a workshop with Japanese poet Iwakiri Shōichirō, 2008

Teaching experience (selection)

- Leiden University (2008), Course on “Nationality and Identity: Foreigners and Foreign Countries in Modern Japanese Literature and Cinema”

- Leiden University (2006/2007), Japan Prizewinners Programme

- Ghent University (2003-2004)
As associate professor I was in charge of all Japan-related subjects (language, history, society, cultural history, …) in the department of Eastern Languages & Cultures.
- Hogeschool Gent (previously Mercator Hogeschool) (1993-2003)
For more ten years I lectured Japanese language courses (basic to advanced level), as well as courses on Japanese society and culture in the "M.A. in Japanese Studies" program, for which I also acted as coordinator.
- Leuven University (1998/2006)
I taught courses on media and popular culture
- Evening Japanese language courses at the language centre of VUB Free University Brussels (1993)
- Several private Japanese language courses for individuals and companies (including Mazda Motor Europe).
- Numerous guest-lectures at universities (Oxford, Copenhagen, Leiden, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Bucharest...) and other institutions/ conferences/ events (Embassy of Japan, Nippon Connection, ...), as well as paper presentations at EAJS (European Association of Japanese Studies), ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars), Kinema Club, etc. (see below for complete list).

Organisational skills

- From 1993 till 2003 I was coordinator of the "M.A. in Japanese Studies" program at Mercator Hogeschool (currently Hogeschool Gent). This program was newly established in 1993, and, in collaboration with the head of the school, I set up the curriculum and attracted international specialists as guest lecturers. I was also in charge of arranging traineeships for the students with Japanese companies or organisations, both in Japan and Europe.
- Also, during my period as visiting professor at Ghent University (2003-2004), I not only took over responsibility for all Japan-related courses from the professor on sudden sick leave, but was in charge of organisational aspects of the program as well. In doing so, I proved to be capable of quickly adjusting and responding to crisis situations.
- During my employment as production coordinator for film production company SKY PLANNING in Japan (1988-1991) I was often the only person (during production meetings and on set) understanding the languages of all parties concerned, which appealed not only to my interpreting skills, but also intercultural understanding and conflict management

Technical Translation and Interpreting Expertise

Translation: Over 1000 documents (1992 ~ present), mainly patents, research reports, procedures and manuals (various fields, but especially photography & printing, optical technology, biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemistry, building & construction)
Interpreting: Over 200 jobs (1989 ~ present) in various fields

Clients (selection):
- AGFA-Gevaert
- BD Consult
- BRT/VRT (Belgian Radio & Television)
- Charles Haerens NV
- Colruyt
- Concept & Multimedia
- Daikin

- De Lloyd

- Diversi Foods
- The Embassy of Japan in Belgium
- FIT (Flanders Investment & Trade)
- Hitachi HCME
- Honda Belgium
- Hoogovens NV
- ICI Europe Ltd. Polyurethanes Business
- Jetro (Japan External Trade Organisation)- Ricoh
- K.O.B.
- Mazda Motor Europe
- Rabot Spinning
- Royal Theatre La Monnaie
- Samsonite Europe N.V.

- Stad Gent (Dienst Protocol)

- TNS Opinion
- Toyota Motor Marketing Europe
- W. Lippens NV
- Xircom Europe

- Alphatrad
- Eurovision & Associates
- Ink Belgium
- Japan Consulting Service

- Japan Insite

- JFE Technology
- Language Service
- Lu’s Paragraph
- Miles Translations
- Pasmans Vertalingen
- Polylingua
- Yamagata Europe (previously Ycomm Europe)

Film & Television Related Translation & Interpreting Work

Film related translation work includes essays, film synopses, etc. for festival catalogues and publications, such as:
- Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival catalogue and Documentary Box series
- annual UniJapan overview of Japanese films
- Planet Eros Hong Kong International Film Festival special on independent Japanese cinema (2002)
- Holland Animation Film Festival special on Japanese animation (2002)
- ATG Retrospective of the Viennale 2003

- English subtitles for “The Lonely Hearts Club Band in September”, “Wild Side”, “After That” (films by Nagasaki Shun'ichi)

- English subtitles for “Oval x Over” (animation film by Production IG)

- English subtitles for “Za diru” (Japanese version of game show “The Deal”)

- English subtitles supervision for “Winds from Zero” (Shioya Toshi, 2007)
Interpreting work includes

- Kawase Naomi Retrospective, Film Museeum Amsterdam, September 2008

- Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, since 2006
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, since 1998
- Flanders International Film Festival Ghent, since 1996
- Brussels International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFFF), since 1999
- Cinema Novo Festival (Bruges) 2001~ (including 3-day film workshop by Kobayashi Masahiro in 2002)
- Film By The Sea (Vlissingen, Netherlands), 2006

- EC-Japan Fest, Antwerp (Belgium) 1993

- Europalia Japan, Belgium 1989
- Interview Kore-Eda Hirokazu, DVD Nobody Knows (Total Film, 2005)

In addition to translation and interpreting, I have acted as consultant for feature film (see below) and television productions (current affairs and travel programs like "Go2", "Sterke vrouwen","Panorama", "Telefacts").

Practical knowledge of the Japanese film world.

From 1988 till 1991 I worked for Sky Planning Co., a Japanese production company affiliated with Sky Corporation, which is mainly involved in international co-productions (Asia/USA/Australia/Europe…).

I was in charge of the international contacts (correspondence and negotiations with overseas agents, producers, …), wrote synopses and treatments, evaluated scripts sent by overseas production companies, etc. Credits include production coordinator and subtitling for the Japan–Hong Kong co-production "Spy Games" (David Wu, 1989), dialogue coach on the set of the 1990 TBS TV drama "Hon Kon kara kita onna" (The Woman from Hong Kong), casting adviser for the Japanese cast on "Mr. Baseball" (Fred Schepisi, 1992), location hunting and other pre-production work for "Ichigensan" (Morimoto Isao, 1999).
Through years of experience with interpreting work for various film festivals, I have also become personally acquainted with many Japanese directors and other people involved in the Japanese film business.

At the Brussels Fantastic Film Festival, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Nippon Connection Film Festival (Frankfurt) and other smaller festivals I have done numerous on-stage interviews and Q&A's with Japanese directors. During the 2008 Japan Week at the University of Leuven I also did a 45 minute on-stage interview with Yamada Yoji.

This has given me thorough knowledge of the inner workings of the Japanese film world, as is evident from my publications.


- De revival van de Japanse film (Revival of the Japanese Film), Salomé – Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam ’02
Translations of Japanese literature

- Kenzaburō Ōe ‘Seventeen’ (English translation of Sevuntiin), in Qualiteria, the QPB Literary Journal, New York ’95

- Kenzaburō Ōe ‘J’ (English translation of Seiteki ningen), excerpts in Grand Street, New York,

Dec ’95

- Kenzaburō Ōe ‘Two Novels: Seventeen/J’, Blue Moon Books, New York ’96 (reissue Foxrock, NY ’02)

(This translation was also published by the Book-of-the-Month Club, New York ’96)

- Kenzaburō Ōe ‘Seventeen & Homo Sexualis. Novellen’ (Dutch translation of Sevuntiin and Seiteki ningen), Meulenhoff, Amsterdam ’95

(The Dutch translation of Seventeen also appeared in ‘Made in Japan’, an anthology of Japanese literature, Meulenhoff, Amsterdam ’00, pp 91-160, and was nominated for the Noma Literary Translation Award 野間文芸翻訳賞 2000)

- Yu Miri ‘Gold Rush’ excerpts in Deus ex Machina, Vol 28 Nr 110, June ’04, pp 35-39

- Sono Sion ‘Skull’ / ‘Volle kracht tandengeknars’ / ‘Tokio het doodsbed’ / ‘Tokio electriciteit’ (poems from the collection Tokyo Gagaga, 1993), Deus ex Machina, Vol 28 Nr 110, June ’04, pp 41-46 (with Serge van Duijnhoven)

- Kawabata Yasunari ‘Schoonheid en verdriet’ (Dutch translation of Utsukushisa to kanashimi to [Beauty and Sadness]), Meulenhoff, Amsterdam (September ’06)

- Murakami Haruki 'Dans, Dans, Dans' (Dutch translation of Dansu, dansu, dansu), Atlas Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, 2008

- Murakami Haruki 'Waarover ik praat als ik over hardlopen praat' (Dutch translation of Hashiru koto ni tsuite kataru toki ni boku no kataru koto), Atlas Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, expected 2008

- 'Moderne Japanse verhalen' (Anthology of Japanese short stories), Atlas Uitgeverij, Amsterdam, expected 2009


In English

- ‘Young and Politically Incorrect: Ōe Kenzaburō’s Early Marginal Heroes’, in Japan and Korea: Contemporary Studies B. Frellesvig & R. Starrs, Eds., Aarhus University Press ’97, pp 101-112

- ‘Kokusaika in Japanese Movies and Movies About Japan’, Minikomi Nr. 61 (2001/3), Akademischer Arbeitskreis Japan, Vienna, pp 19-24

- ‘Three Foreigners Eating Noodles’, Romanian Journal of Japanese Studies, Mar ’02, pp 53-65

- ‘Dealing with the Identity Crisis: Japanese Cinema Left and Right’, Asian Cinema, Vol.16, No.1, Spring/Summer ’05, pp125-134

- ‘Banzai for Low Budgets and Internationalisation: Creative Solutions in Contemporary Japanese Cinema’, Dejima Film Festival Magazine, May ’05, pp 2-6

- ‘Shinji Somai: Odd One Out’, Film International, #16, 2005:4, pp 32-37

In Dutch

- ‘De gedroomde keizer’ (The Dreamed Emperor, on Ōe Kenzaburō), Kunst en Cultuur (Art and Culture, Magazine of the Palace of Fine Arts Brussels) Sep ’89, pp 43-45

- ‘Wan, tsu, Japanse rock-scène’ (Wan, Tsu, Sree...the Japanese Rock Scene), K&C Sep ’89, pp 32-33

- ‘Kenzaburō Ōe, een interview’ (Kenzaburō Ōe, an Interview), K&C Oct ’89, pp 6-9

- ‘De Japanse film’ (The Japanese Film), K&C Oct ’90, pp 24-26

- ‘Yūko Tsushima, een ongewone vrouw in Japan’ (Yūko Tsushima, an Unusual Woman in Japan), De Morgen (Flemish newspaper), 28 Dec ’90, p 24

- ‘Zappen in Tokio’ (Zapping in Tokyo, on Japanese TV programs), K&C Nov ’91, pp 6-7

- ‘Op zoek naar nieuwe waarden...maar helaas niets gevonden’ (In Search of New Values...but Alas None to Be Found, on new Japanese literature), K&C Feb ’92, pp 18-20

- ‘Japan en de vrije meningsuiting: de aanslag op Jūzō Itami’ (Japan and the Freedom of Speech: the Assault on Jūzō Itami), K&C Nov ’92, pp 6-7

- ‘Racisme en cliché, Rising Sun verfilmd’(Racism and Cliché, Rising Sun the Movie), K&C Feb ’94, p 16

- ‘Japan na de bubble’ (Japan after the Bubble, three part series) De Morgen 1-2-3 Aug ’94, (3x) p 6

- ‘Het staat nog niet in de boeken, Japan wordt een ander land’ (It Is Not Yet Written in the Books, Japan Is Turning Into a Different Country), K&C Nov ’94, pp 2-3

- ‘Tussen woud en wereld’ (Between Forest and World, on Ōe Kenzaburō’s Nobel Prize), De Morgen 14 Oct ’94 (p 2)

- ‘Ōe Kenzaburō en de Nobelprijs’ (Ōe Kenzaburō and the Nobel Prize) K&C Dec ’94, pp 28-29

- ‘Japanse scholen in het buitenland’ (Japanese Schools Abroad), De Morgen 28 Dec ’94, p 10

- ‘De angst voor de volgende grote’ (Fear for the Next Big One, on the Kobe-earthquake), De Morgen 18 Jan ’95, p 2

- ‘Portretten van Japanse jeugd’ (Portraits of Japanese Youth), De Morgen 2 Mar ’95, p 28

- ‘Leven na de bom, Masuji Ibuse Zwarte Regen’(Life after the Bomb, Masuji Ibuse’s Black Rain) De Morgen 24 Mar ’95, p 29

- ‘Aum Shinrikyō, de laatste faze van de waanzin’ (Aum Shinrikyō, the Final Phase of Madness) De Morgen 24 Mar ’95, p 13

- ‘Japan beeft na voorspelling vreselijke ramp’ (Japan in Fear After Prediction Terrible Disaster, on Aum), De Morgen 15 Apr ’95, p 10

- ‘De benijdenswaardige doden, Kenzaburō Ōe Voetballen in 1860’ (The Enviable Dead, Kenzaburō Ōe’s The Silent Cry) De Morgen 28 Apr ’95, p 26

- ‘Nader tot ui, Shūsaku Endō Diepe rivier’ (Closer to Onion, Shūsaku Endō’s Deep River) De Morgen 19 May ’95, p 26

- ‘Aum, tussen tv-soap en een spannende wielerwedstrijd’ (Aum, Between TV Soap and Exciting Cycling Race), De Morgen 22 Jun ’95, p 11

- ‘Kobe na de schok’ (Kobe after the Shock), De Morgen 23 Jun ’95, p 10

- ‘Japan, de mythe voorbij’ (Japan, Beyond the Myth), Muziek en Woord (Music and Word, Magazine of the Belgian Radio and Television Broadcasting Service) Aug ’95, pp 46-47

- ‘De teloorgang van de geest van de samoerai’ (The Demise of the Samurai Spirit, on Japanese Nationalism) De Morgen 3 Aug’95, p 14

- ‘De simpele truuk van de democratie’ (The Simple Trick of Democracy, on postwar Japan) De Morgen 8 Aug ’95, p 9

- ‘Wurgseks en metafysika, Shūsaku Endō Het schandaal’, (Strangulation Sex and Metaphysics, Shūsaku Endō’s Scandal) De Morgen 9 Feb ’96, p 26

- ‘De angst voor de Japanse radijs’ (Fear of the Japanese Radish, on food poisoning epidemic), De Morgen 29 Aug ’96, p 14

- ‘Geen twijfel mogelijk: het geluk ligt overzee’ (No Doubt About It: Happiness Lies Overseas, on Japanese women abroad), De Morgen 30 Aug ’96, p 10

- ‘De Japanse obsessie met kleine meisjes’ (The Japanese Obsession With Little Girls), De Morgen 3 Sep ’96, p 24

- ‘In de wereld en de wereld in’ (In the World and Into the World, on contemporary Japanese literature), Muziek en Woord (Music and Word, Magazine of the Belgian Radio and Television Broadcasting Service) Oct ’97, pp 5-6

- ‘Het meesterwerk van anti-Superman’ (The Masterpiece of Anti-Superman, on Kitano Takeshi and independent Japanese film), De Morgen 13 Mar ’98, p 30

- ‘Japanse clichés wankelen onder crisis’ (Japanese Clichés Shaken by Crisis), De Morgen 28 Sep ’98, p 13

- ‘Als de jeugd geen toekomst heeft…’ (When Youth Has No Future…), De Morgen 29 Sep ’98, p 12

- ‘Shōhei Imamura in Gent’, Kunst & Cultuur Dec ’98, pp 40 -41

- ‘De kids doen niet meer mee’ (The Kids Don’t Play Along Anymore) / ‘Op zoek naar nieuwe nationale trots’ (In Search of New National Pride) in Japan-special ‘Japan zoekt Japan’ (Japan in Search of Japan), De Morgen 15 Jan ’99, p 58

- ‘Het ware pad van de samoerai is de dood’ (The True Way of the Samurai Is Death) (on Mishima Yukio), De Morgen 3 Jun ’99, p 23

- ‘Pink’ (on Pink Film), Kunst & Cultuur Nov ’99, pp 18-19

- ‘Okinawa zet zich schrap voor woelige G8-top’ (Okinawa Prepares for Turbulent G8 Summit), De Morgen 20 July ’00, p 12

- ‘De antiprioriteit van gagaku’ (The Anti-priority of Gagaku), Het Kunstenpaleis Oct ’00, pp 12-14

- ‘De ontrimpeling van Butoh’ (The Dewrinkling of Butoh), Het Kunstenpaleis Feb ’01, pp 11-12

- ‘Kenzaburō Ōe’s Seventeen & Homo sexualis’, in Vertaling & Verbeelding Johan Thielemans & Marc Van de Velde, Eds., Gent, Mercator Hogeschool, ’01, pp 36-49

- ‘Het vage verlangen naar verdwenen vrouwen’ (The Vague Desire for Vanished Women) (review of Murakami Haruki’s South of the Border), De Morgen 4 July ’01, p 40

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- ‘De angst voor geweld en chaos’ (Fear for Violence and Chaos, World Cup for Japanese people and media), De Morgen 4 June ’02, p 11

- ‘Stop de rijzende nonsens!’ (Stop the Rising Nonsense!, Belgian media about Japan), De Morgen 28 June ’02, p 43

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- ‘Yu Miri’ Deus ex Machina, Vol. 28 Nr. 110, June ’04, p 34

- ‘Sono Sion’ Deus ex Machina, Vol. 28 Nr. 110, June ’04, p 40

- ‘Kirino Natsuo’ Deus ex Machina, Vol. 28 Nr. 110, June ’04, p 54

- ‘Abe Kazushige’ Deus ex Machina, Vol. 28 Nr. 110, June ’04, p 72

- ‘Moeder is een vlek lipstick op de vloer’ (Mother Is a Stain of Lipstick on the Floor, review of Kore-eda Hirokazu’s Nobody Knows/Daremo shiranai), De Morgen 18 Nov ’04, p 20

- ‘Japan vindt het tijd om weer oorlog te kunnen voeren’ (Japan Thinks it’s Time for the Right to Wage War), De Morgen 21 Nov ’05, p 11

- ‘Nieuwe Japanse helden’ (New Japanese Heroes, Literary prize winners in Japan), Vrij Nederland 18 Mar '06, p 80-81

- ' De tactiek van de sluipende ontkenning' (The Strategy of Creeping Denial, on recent Japanese war films),

De Morgen 14 April '07, p 46

- 'Haruki Murakami:Na de aardbeving, review', De leeswolf, Vol.14, Nr.4, May '08, pp 260-261

- 'Smachtende hofdames, kwijnende dichters en het laten van winden' (Pining Ladies-In-Waiting, Languorous Poets and the Art of Farting, on Classical Japanese Literature), De leeswolf, Vol.14, Nr.5, June '08, pp 352-354

- 'Jos Vos: Eeuwige reizigers, review', De leeswolf, Vol.14, Nr.5, June '08, p 354

- 'Shoko Tendo: Yakuzadochter, review', De leeswolf, Vol.14, Nr.7, October '08, pp

Other languages

- ‘Somai Shinji: Dhadolimdanghan Goezza’, in Retrospective: Shinji Somai Jeonju International Film Festival, Apr ’05, pp10-29 (Korean)

Radio Programs (Compilation/Interviews)

- ‘Het dorp in het woud’ (The Village in the Forest, on Ōe Kenzaburō), BRTN Radio 3, 23 Nov ’89 (1h)

- ‘De seksuele en politieke jeugd in het vroege werk van Kenzaburō Ōe’ (The Sexual and Political Youth in the Early Works of Kenzaburō Ōe), Radio 3, 30 Nov ’89 (1h)

- ‘Japan en zijn internationale rol’ (Japan and its International Role, interview Frans Boenders), Radio 3, 23 Feb ’91 (30min)

- ‘Populaire cultuur in Japan’ (Popular Culture in Japan), Radio 3, 10 Mar ’91 (30min)

- ‘Censuur in Japan’ (Censorship in Japan), Radio 3, 11 Apr ’93 (30min)

- ‘De Nobelprijs van Kenzaburō Ōe’ (Kenzaburō Ōe’s Nobel Prize), ‘Ophef en vertier’(interview Joost Zwagerman), Radio 5 (Netherlands), 22 Oct ’94 (15min)

- ‘Portret van de hedendaagse Japanologie’ (Portrait of Contemporary Japanology), Radio 3, 20 Nov ’94, (1h)

- ‘Aum en de Japanse media’ (Aum and the Japanese Media), ‘Het gevolg’ (interview Betty Mellaerts), Radio 1, 23 Jun ’95 (20min)

- ‘Nieuw Japans proza’, (New Japanese Proze), ‘Zegge & Schrijve’, Radio 3, 24 Oct ’97 (1h)

- ‘Japanse populaire muziek’, (Japanese Popular Music), Radio 3, 2 Nov ’97 (45min)

- ‘Hedendaagse Japanse kunst’ (Contemporary Japanese Art), ‘Het pak van Sjaalman’, Radio 3 (interview Bart Stouten), 21 Oct ’98 (30 min)

- ‘Akira Kurosawa’, ‘Neon’, Radio 1 (interview Nicky Aerts), 31 Aug ’04 (7 min)

- ‘The 47 Ronin’, ‘Memo’, Radio 2 (interview Kathleen Pauwels), 15 Dec ’04 (15 min)

- ‘Hirohito’ , ‘Maandag Wasdag’, Radio 1 (interview Koen Fillet), 10 Jan ’05 (10 min)

- ‘Can the Japanese Say No’, ‘De nieuwe wereld’, Radio 1 (interview Annemie Peeters, 31 May ’05 (10 min)

- ‘Princess Nori Marries Civilian’, ‘Wilde geruchten’, Radio 1 (interview Koen Fillet), 16 Nov ’05 (10 min)

- ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, ‘Wilde geruchten’, Radio 1 (interview Koen Fillet), 24 Feb ’06 (10 min)

- ‘Extreme Japanese Television’, ‘Wilde geruchten’, Radio 1 (interview Koen Fillet), 3 May ’06 (10 min)

- 'Mobile phone novels', ‘Wilde geruchten’, Radio 1 (interview Koen Fillet), 9 Jan ’07 (10 min)

- 'Sumo', 'Fris & Co', Radio 1 (interview Sven Pichal), 4 July '07 (10 min)

- 'Kabuki', 'Mezzo', radio 1 (interview Ruth Joos), 26 July'08 (5 min)

Conferences, Symposia, Lectures

- ‘Literaire ontmoetingen’ (Literary Encounters, with Ōe Kenzaburō, Tsushima Yūko, Nakagami Kenji), Europalia Festival ’89, Brussels, interpreter and coordinator

- ‘The Sexual Youth in the Early Works of Ōe Kenzaburō’, 25 Feb ’91, the University of Copenhagen, Denmark, lecture

- ‘Away from Territory’, Colloquium on ‘Japanese Literature abroad’, organised by The Japan Foundation, 28 Mar ’95, Brussels, panel member

- ‘Continuity in Ōe’s Marginal Heroes’, The Fourth Nordic Symposium on Japanese and Korean Studies, 5-8 Sep ’95, University of Aarhus, Denmark, lecture

- ‘The Young Heroes of Postwar Japanese Literature’, 13 Jan ’97, Cultural Centre Maasmechelen, lecture

- ‘Kenzaburō Ōe’s Seventeen’, 23/30 Jan ’97, Literary Circle of the Lodewijk de Raet Foundation Gent, two lectures

- ‘Postwar Japanese Literature’, 12 June ’97, Elcker-ik, Antwerpen, lecture

- ‘Japan debate’, live debate on changing Japan, 2 nov ’97, BRTN Radio 3, panel member

- ‘Kitano “Beat” Takeshi and the Independent Japanese Film’, 24 Feb / 24 Mar ’98, The Cultural and Information Centre of the Embassy of Japan, Brussels, two lectures

- ‘The “Independency” of the Independent Japanese Film’, ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars), 25-28 June ’98, Noordwijkerhout (NL), paper presented in the panel ‘Modes of Dissent in Contemporary Japan’

- ‘Japanese Cinema post - Kurosawa’, 19 Jan / 16 Feb ’99, The Cultural and Information Centre of the Embassy of Japan, Brussels, two lectures

- ‘The “Independency” of the Independent Japanese Film’, 4 Jun ’99, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford, lecture

- ‘Ethnic Minorities in Contemporary Japanese Film’, 1 May ’00, Leiden University (Holland), lecture

- ‘Translation and Imagination’, 3 May ’00, Mercator Institute, Gent, workshop on literary translation

- ‘Foreigners in Japanese Movies: the Real Kokusaika?’, The 9th International conference of the EAJS, 23-26 Aug ’00, Lahti (Finland), paper presentation

- ‘On the “Japaneseness” of Japanese Films’, ICAS (International Convention of Asia Scholars) II, 9-12 Aug ’01, Berlin, paper presented in the panel ‘The End of Uniqueness? Transculturation and Indentity in Japanese Films’

- ‘Japanese Film Between Tradition and Modernity’, 23 Mar ’02, Cinema Novo / De Volkshogeschool Brugge, lecture

- ‘Sociological Changes Through the Eyes of Movies’, 5 Nov ’02, Amsterdam, interuniversity course on Area Studies (IIAS/University of Amsterdam/ Leiden University)

- ‘Searching Left and Right: A New Idenitity in Japanese Cinema’, 15-17 Nov ’02, workshop Film als Spiegel politischer Kultur in Japan, Hamburg University, paper presentation

- ‘New Cinema from Japan’, 28 Nov ’02, The Cultural- and Information Centre of the Embassy of Japan, lecture

- ‘Revival of the Japanese film’, 22 Mar ’03, FNAC Forum, Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, lecture

- ‘Revival of the Japanese film’, 11 Apr ’03, Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, lecture

- ‘Foreigners and the Language Problem in Japanese Movies’, Kinema Club II Conference, 29 May–1 June ’03, East West Center, Honolulu (USA), paper presentation

- ‘Japanese Film’, 22-26 Mar ’04,University of Bucharest (Romania), series of lectures (8 hours)

- Kinema Club III Conference, 13-14 Feb ’04, New York University, New York (VS), discussant

- ‘The Many Shapes and Guises of Internationalisation’ , 12 May ’05, Leiden University (Holland), lecture

- ‘The Current State of Japanese Cinema’, 28 May ’05, Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam, panel discussion (Dejima Film Festival)

- Kinema Club V Conference, 22~26 June ’05, Athénée Français, Tokyo, Japan, discussant

- ‘Nationalism in Japanese Literature and Film’, 13 Dec ’05, University of Leuven (Belgium), lecture

- JPP (Japan Prizewinners Programme) Refresh Course, 3-6 Jan ’06, Leiden University (Holland), intensive Japanese language training

- Japanese Film & Television, 23/30 Mar + 27 Apr ’06, University of Leuven, three lectures

- ‘Asian Horror panel: Gruesome Asia’, 2 Apr ’06, Rialto (Cinemasia Film Festival), Amsterdam, panellist

- ‘Tomioka Kunihiko and Young Filmmakers of CO2’, 21 Apr ’06, Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, panel chair

- ‘Kobayashi Masahiro’s Bashing’, 31 May ’06, Het Ketelhuis, Amsterdam, introductory lecture

- ‘Camera Japan’, 3-4 June ’06, Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, film introductions

- 'Honor, Nihilism and Absurdism: The Japanese Gangster Movie since 1960', 8 Nov '06, Leiden University (Holland), lecture

- 'Japanese Cinema in the 21st Century', 28 Nov ’06, The Cultural- and Information Centre of the Embassy of Japan, lecture

- JPP (Japan Prizewinners Programme) Winter Course, Dec '06 - Jan ’07, Leiden University (Holland),

- 'A Plea for a History of Failure', Kinema Club VII Conference, 18-22 April ’07, Goethe Universität, Frankfurt, paper presentation

- 'Kawasaki Minoru' 21 Apr ’07, Nippon Connection, Frankfurt, panel chair

- ‘The Many Shapes and Guises of Internationalisation’ , 25 May ’07, Leiden University (Holland), lecture

- 'Translating Kawabata Yasunari's Beauty and Sadness', 25 May ’07, Leiden University (Holland), lecture

- 'Japan and the Cry of the Setting Sun', 19 December '07, Wereldculturencentrum Zuiderpershuis, Antwerpen, Literary night, main guest

- Japan Week, 12 March 2008, University of Leuven, Interview with Yamada Yoji (45 minutes) before live audience

- 'The Many Faces of Contemporary Japanese Cinema', 18 April '08, Dommelhof, Neerpelt, lecture and panel discussions during Cofib Film Seminar (18-20 April) on Kawase Naomi's The Mourning Forest

- 'Iwakiri Shoichiro Translation Workshop', 9-13 June, Poetry International Festival, Rotterdam, Coordination

- 'What I Talk About When I Talk About Murakami Haruki' 19 September '08, Camera Japan, Lantaren/Venster, Rotterdam, lecture

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