May help you improve your cooking. (kans minder groot) Can

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1. Replace ◊◊◊

Replace the words by may (not), might (not) or could(n’t). Use the information in brackets.

  1. Cookery lessons may help you improve your cooking. (kans minder groot)

  2. Can I have the pepperoni pizza? (beleefder vragen)

  3. I can’t eat my desert. (verleden tijd)

  4. It may snow this Christmas. (kans groter)

  5. You can earn some extra money by delivering pizzas (zelfde advies op andere manier)

2. Fill in ◊◊◊

Fill in the correct forms

Vul de ontbrekende woorden in. Kies uit can, can’t, could of een vorm van to be (not) able to.
Dear Allison,
How are you? I’m doing fine. Last week I went running with my best friend, Kate. We hadn’t run for ages. You see, Kate [1]__________run for a while, because she had broken her leg. Luckily, she [2]__________ run now! I have to admit that I felt pretty tired afterwards. I [3]__________ hardly control my breathing. Kate felt really miserable afterwards and so we went home. I didn’t mind at all, because I was so tired that I [4]__________ sleep for ages. Kate told me that she was glad that she [5]__________ run again, although she had enjoyed lying on the couch for some time. What about you, Allison? [6]__________ you run five miles in an hour? I know you don’t care much for running, so the answer will probably be ‘no’. So what about your one and only passion: dancing? [7]__________ you still do all those difficult moves? If it hadn’t been for you I would never have [8]__________ dance like I do now. So thanks again.
All the best,

3. Fill in ◊◊

Fill in the correct words.

Vul het juiste woord in. Kies uit must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t, have to, don’t

have to of doesn’t have to.

> Don’t tell me I need to take this medicine?

< I’m afraid so. It’s doctor’s orders. You [1]__________take it.
> I’m afraid I can’t eat this egg roll, because there’s chicken in it, Mrs Meyer.

< Oh, how stupid of me. I completely forgot you’re a vegetarian.Well, don’t worry. You [2]__________ eat it.
> Pete can’t go out tonight, because I caught him smoking. Do you think that’s unfair of me?

< Absolutely not! We should do everything in our power to stop him from smoking.

He [3]__________ ever smoke again!

> Jenny hasn’t been at school all week. Do you know what’s wrong with her?

< Well, she’s broken her leg and will be in hospital for quite a while. Poor dear. I think we [4]__________ send her a get well card with all our names on it.
> Hello, Mrs Johnson, can Bart come out and play football with us?

< I’m afraid not, Kenny. He [5]__________ finish his homework.
> What is it, Kate? You look worried.

< It’s Mindy, sir. She’s fallen over. You [6]__________ come with me, right away.
> Look, Sparky likes crisps!

< Crisps are not for pets. You [7]__________ feed him any more crisps.
> Stephanie is so worried about her figure. She thinks she’s getting fat, so she’s going on a diet.

< But, Stephanie’s not fat at all. She [8]__________
4. Fill in ◊◊◊

Fill in the correct forms Choose from: must, mustn’t, should, shouldn’t, have to, has

to, don’t have to or doesn’t have to. Sometimes multiple answers are possible. If there’s a verb in between brackets, you should make it continuous.
Dear Brad,
How [1]__________ (you / do)? I hope that you [2]__________ (not / feel) as bad as last week. You gave us all quite a scare. What [3]__________ (you / think) when you did that dangerous stunt with your bike? You [4]__________ never do anything like that again! You got me so worried. I still can’t think of anything else, you know. I know I [5]__________ worry about you so much, but I just can’t help it. Yesterday, while I [6]__________ (take) a history test, I couldn’t concentrate at all. And when Tara and I [7]__________ (talk) about you in biology class, Mr Rogers became very angry. We were both punished. Tara even [8]__________ go to school on Saturday to do detention. I’m glad I [9]__________ do that. Instead I [10]__________ do some extra work. In fact, I [11]__________ be working on that, right now. So, I guess I had better finish this letter. Please, write to me to let me know you’re all right. I just want to know that they [12]__________ (take) good care of you at the hospital.


1. Fill in (present simple) ◊◊

Fill in the correct form

Vul de juiste vormen van de werkwoorden tussen haakjes in. Gebruik de present simple.
I [1]__________ (hate) baked beans, but my sister [2]__________ (love) them. My mum [3]__________ (make) them every Monday. I [4]__________ (train) with my hockey team on Mondays. We [5]__________ (play) a match every Saturday. My mum and sister [6]__________ (like) to come and watch me when I [7]__________ (play) a match. My sister [8]__________ (swim) every morning. She [9]__________ (say) swimming is great.
2. Fill in (present continuous) ◊◊

Fill in the correct forms

Vul de juiste vormen van de werkwoorden tussen haakjes in. Kijk naar het voorbeeld.
Patrick: Hello, 6781506.

Frank: Hi Patrick, it’s me, Frank. What (vb) are you doing?

Patrick: I [1]__________ (wait) for a friend.

Frank: What’s that noise? I can’t hear you.

Patrick: That’s because I [2]__________ (call) from outside. It [3]__________ (rain) cats and dogs.

Frank: How strange! The sun [4]__________ (shine) here at the moment.

Patrick: You are a lucky guy. I hope you [5]__________ (enjoy) yourself.

Frank: No, I am not.My father [6]__________ (take) a shower and then he’ll take me to my cousin’s birthday party. In the meantime I [7]__________ (watch) TV.

Patrick: I have to hang up now. My friend [8]__________ (walk) across the street and he doesn’t see me. See you later. And give my best wishes to your cousin.

Frank: All right, see you later. Bye bye.

3. Cross out Streep door wat fout is.

Let op wanneer je de present simple of present continuous moet gebruiken.

Chilling in Mecca
3 March 2006

Hello all,

Here another message from me. At the moment I [1] type / am typing this email

to let you know how life is over here. I [2] enjoy / am enjoying a cool drink in my

airconditioned room. And I [3] read / am reading a book by my favourite author: J.K.

Rowling. It is perfect here: warm, sunny, and dry. March [4] means / is meaning that winter (the rainy season) is over and that it will be dry and sunny for a couple of


My life [5] seems / is seeming perfect, but there are also some bad things to tell. The blue sky [6] looks / is looking great at the moment, but when I look down at the street, I get a reality check. Trash everywhere, smog, and while sitting in my room now, I can still hear that angry cabbies [7] honk / are honking. Street noises that go on and on. Moreover I [8] go / am going to school 8 hours a day, every day! I learn a lot, but school is dead boring. Most teachers [9] talk / are talking during the entire lesson and we have to listen and write everything down. It is always the same!

But those bad things can’t make me change my good mood now. Half the city is on

sale with the new outfits that [10] move / are moving in and old wardrobes that [11]

move / are moving out. So my friends and I will do some serious shopping later on in

the afternoon.

Life is different here but I [12] think / am thinking that it’s cool to be around students

of all ages and from countries like Iceland, Britain, USA, Japan, Korea, France, Russia, and many other countries. I’ve already enjoyed a game of volleyball with Jordanian students. That’s all for now. You’ll hear from me soon!

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