Minutes of the meeting of the general assembly

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Milan, December 2, 2000
Present: the voting members present


The president takes the chair and opens the meeting at 14.00.
0. Approval Minutes General Assembly - Berlin
The voting members present approve the Minutes of the Meeting of the General

Assembly, Berlin October 30, 1999.

  1. Evolution of the accounts

The Secretary General, Jos Willems, presents the 2000 accounts. He gives a survey of the payments by the members and explains the current situation. Not all members have paid their membership fees yet, but the majority did. There is an increase of 80% compare to the 1999 situation: 6,179 Euro in 2000 (3,421 Euro in 1999).

With the SPRI sponsorship and the income from the CERP Communication Challenge, 18,077 Euro has been transferred into the account.

In the same period 18,077 Euro was spent.

  1. Budget

The president elect, Gerhard Bütschi presents the 2001 estimation, based on a minimum increase of the members and taking the confirmed EBOK national sponsorships into account. It is estimated that 18,700 Euro can easily be obtained through ordinary membership fees and new members from the Academy.

Because the CERP Communication Challenge is ceased for the time being, there is no additional income foreseen, although costs were made.

The 2001 costs are also estimated at 18,700 Euro.

J. Niznik remarks that the secretary is estimated lower in 2001 than in 2000. The reason is that about 50% of the secretary time in 2000 was taken by the Survey; this will not be the case in 2001.

The draft budget is approved by the General Assembly.

  1. The appointment of 2 auditors

The meeting unanimously nominates:

  • Betteke Van Ruler

  • Eric Hertzog

as auditors for the control of the 2000 accounts.

The definitive approval of the 2000 accounts will be in March 2001.

  1. The Statutes

The president reads the articles in which minor modifications have been brought after the General Assembly agreed (Berlin, October 30, 1999) that the Association will be under International regimentation. Becoming an ‘international association’ has great advantages despite it is to be approved by Royal Decree.

With the reservation of the date (December 2, 2000), all changes presented by the president and highlighted by the secretary general are approved by the General Assembly.

  1. Activities report

5.1. Membership:

The impressive increase (+ 110%) is especially the result of the efforts of the current management. The president stresses the importance of a global involvement in recruiting new members. She asks each member to become an ambassador for the association. Her experience is, that presenting the actual activities of the association is enough to awake the interest of an increasing number of colleagues.
5.2. The Survey of PR programmes in Europe:

This activity took about 50% of the time of the central secretariat, collecting, implementing, updating and adding data.

The Survey will be available on our website by January 2001.
5.3. Website & website training:

The central secretariat was trained in Lugano in March 2000 in order to be able to bring in the contents and update directly the information. The French version was implemented. Still the data are not always updated within a continuously process. This crucial information flow is to be managed in the new 2001 structure.

5.4. Visual identity:

Additionally, the visual identity of our association will be part of our new strategic approach. This new project will be developed by students of the Graphical Department of EGON, Gent. The results will be presented on the occasion of the next General Assembly in Warsaw.

5.5. Newsletter:

There were 3 numbers which raised a lot of positive reactions. Also the evaluation by the Board of Directors was positive.

The president insists on the need of members’ input, and she welcomes all contributions, suggestions, comments, remarks and ideas.
5.6. 2000 Congress - Milano

This 2000 congress has been realised in close co-operation with Tino Ferrari who is warmly thanked, together with IULM and the secretariat.

This triangle achieved a valuable result from which the participants could take advantage.

Also the new Research and Education activities acknowledge positive reactions.

5.7. Accountancy:

This was accurately followed together with the payments of the memberships. This strategy leads to a number of non-payments which is hardly to be taken into account, and an increase of the income.

5.8. The Board of Directors:

The BoD met 3 times (Basel, March 2000 – Bled, July 2000 – Milano, November 2000).

New initiatives were taken, developed and implemented.

The EBOK Committee met 5 times (Amsterdam, November 1999 – Basel, March 2000 – Bled, July 2000 – Stockholm, September 2000 – Milano, November 2000).

5.9. Meetings & congresses:

The president, A-M Cotton and the past president, S. Kleijne, participated at the General Assembly of CERP (Mainz – May). The president sent a report to all members on this occasion.

She presented the association, as well as the Education project, on several occasion: at the ECN congress (Malaga -– May), at 2 Road Shows of the MPR programme organised by the University of Lugano (Brussels – June , Amsterdam – September), at the yearly MARPE meeting (Nancy – July).

The EBOK project was presented by B. Van Ruler and D. Vercic at the World Congress of PR in Chicago (October).

Two more meetings were organised with IABC-Europe (September – November) during which both associations presented their aims and objectives.

  1. Reports from the working groups

  • Website : G. Bütschi presents the website structure and contents. He emphasises the problem of the management of the website; the follow-up has to be done by a webmaster who has to be assisted by someone looking after the contents.

  • EBOK: D. Vercic reports on the status of this project. A final problem to be solved concerns the introduction of the data on the website.

  • Research Committee

  • The future of Research committee : I. Jensen refers to the PhD network she presented earlier at the present congress. She emphasises that next to fundamental research the committee takes an interest in empirical investigations. It is not the purpose of the committee to exclude research input. The aim is to stimulate all kinds of research on every level of higher education.

  • J.Willems Award : S. Wolstenholme will send a letter to all education institutes which were informed on the J. Willems award in the past that, in order for the award to gain strenght and involve more people, an evaluation process is underway (implying that the award will not be organised in the year ahead) which is to result in criteria for defining different categories of entries. The result of this evaluation will be presented on the occasion of the GA in Warsaw. On that occasion it may be announced whether sponsorship for translations could be found (European support and/or international offices from universities).

  • Education committee

  • Education project : A-M Cotton presents the status on the Education project: 18 countries co-operate representing different levels of commitment; the methodological approach was presented on the occasion of the present congress.

  • Accreditation: different questions still rise: Is there any interest in this kind of accreditation? Do CERP Education & Research have the people to lead this kind of committee? Wouldn't it be better to develop Guidelines how to do with the best ideas from the European countries and together with the EDUCATION COMMITTEE?

The proposal is to create a new committee of 3 to 4 persons, reviewing the accreditation procedures during the coming year. The results of this issue should be presented at the Warsaw congress in 2001. This committee should be part of the Education committee since the overall aim of the Education committee is to develop a model of PR teaching in Europe and to evaluate the compliance of European PR programmes with the CER model. If nobody can be found to participate to this Accreditation Committee, this will prove de facto there is no real interest in this matter.

The General Assembly agreed on the proposal.

  • Glossary : This on-going project has been part of the association since many years. Last years Belgian language students from Mercator Hogeschool (Gent) yearly add and enhance this project which is actually called ‘EleCT 2000’: Electronic Lexicon of Communication Terminology. It contains approximately 500 concepts in 5 languages (English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch) with English definitions, reliability codes and synonyms. The latest developments added a search engine and the content is now available on CD-ROM. A-M Cotton distributes a form for those who would like to order this first edition. More information can be found in the latest Newsletter.

  • The Survey: The data collected will be available on the website from the end of January onwards. J. Willems presents the data collecting process as well as a concrete example (Germany). G. Bütschi demonstrates directly how to find the information. The initiative is welcomed positively by the General Assembly.

  • CCC: The first edition of this CERP Communication Challenge (1999) has been the last. It has been launched in 2000, but the DG Information Society never came with a definitive agreement concerning the budget. A-M Cotton and S. Kleijne endorsed the conquest, participated at the promotional activities as well as at the selections of the winning team 2000. On several occasions, they worked out a new financial proposal together with the former president of CERP, R. Linning. Without success. The budgets were continuously rejected by the European institutions despite the argumentation (image of DG’s, continuity, commitment with universities in Europe and with students’ teams, etc). A letter was sent by R Lining to the CCC 2000- participants, asking them to be patient and explaining them the current situation. No definitive decision has been taken so far. Our association cannot link itself any longer to this project, although the financial agreement has to be respected, and CERP has to pay for the work done by the president and the past president.

  1. CERP and CER

Because there is no added value anymore resulting from the last links with CERP, the Board of Directors ask the G.A. to endorse the decision not to pay the membership fee any longer. This implies our association officially cease all official co-operation with CERP.

Last year till June 2000, our association (A-M Cotton and S. Kleijne) collaborated actively to the CCC 2000, as they did in 1999. The efforts were financially gratified regarding the CCC 1999. The same amount will be asked for the 2000 Challenge although the budget of the 2000 conquest is still not officially accepted by DG Information Society. This means that there will not be a 2001 challenge.

The Board of Directors suggest to look for and to examine new strategic partnerships, reconsidering our strategic position in Europe.

Legally we cannot use the name CERP anymore and all members of our association will have to unlearn talking about ‘CERP Education & Research’. As already presented, a new visual identity is to be created. In the intermediate period, the Board members suggest to use the full name. The new strategic approach will be presented at the next G.A. in Warsaw.

The G.A. unanimously accept the decision.

  1. The following congresses

M. Kosewski informed the G.A. about the developments, and confirmed that next congress is to be organised in Warsaw from October 25 (Thursday) till October 28 (Sunday).

The 2001 theme is Public Relations Education in Europe. The data collected in the Education project will be the main input from the association.

D. Vercic confirmed that the 2002 congress is to be organised in Bled and will focus on the EBOK.

  1. Composition of the new board of directors

G. Bütschi presents his 7 main objectives: Education, Research, EBOK, Members, Repositioning, Congresses and new Strategic Alliances.
To realise these purposes, the following Board of Directors is proposed by G Bütschi for the year 2001:
1. Gerhard Bütschi (president)

2. Anne-Marie Cotton (past president)

3. Luis Poupinha (president elect)

4. Jos Willems (secretary general)

5. Inger Jensen (research committee)

6. Bertil Flodin

7. Pal Horsle

8. Marek Kosewski (Congress 2001)

The General Assembly unanimously approves this composition.

There being no other business, the president declares the meeting closed at 17.00.

A-M Cotton


December 29, 2000

Present: Gerhard Bütschi - Anne-Marie Cotton - Bertil Flodin - Axel Grijspeerdt -

Inger Jenssen - Sonja Kleijne - Marek Kosewski - Dejan Vercic - Jos


Excused: Tino Ferrari

Invited: Sue Wolstenholme

  1. Budget 2001 JW

Wordt door mij of door Gerhard , volgens afspraak, voorgesteld.

  1. Website Management AMC

Voorstel deze taak aan de voorzitter toe te vertrouwen; het is zijn organisatie dus hij heeft best het beleid van de informatie doe wereldwijd verspreid wordt. De praktische uitvoering met een aantal goed omschreven verantwoordelijkheden worden aan het secretariaat gedelegeerd

  1. Ebok Management AMC

Voorstel dat dit door de President Elect wordt uitgevoerd. Vraag is : wie doet hier de praktische uitvoering ?

Executive Board samenstellen per regio om de richtlijnen van de EBOK team te realiseren?

  1. Survey on website AMC

Het is vanaf 2001 de bedoeling dat de Survey die vanaf Januari op ons Web zal staan elk jaar wordt à jour gesteld en aangevuld.

Dit kan door de Secretaris Generaal wat het management betreft, en door het secretariaat wat de praktische uitvoering betreft, gedaan worden.

Vooraf dient echter meegedeeld dat het moeilijk bleek om een sponsor voor CD ROM te vinden en dat het recupereren van de kostprijs door verkoop zeer twijfelachtig is.

Daarom werd besloten een Website versie te maken (volledig gerealiseerd door EGON) in de overtuiging dat de BOD dan ook zal aanvaarden dat EGON als 3° hoofdsponssor wordt aangegeven. (niet te vergeten dat EGON (of wat er zal van overblijven !!!!) ook nog voor de Corporate Identity en de web toepassing daarvan zal zorgen……..

Bovendien werd ook reeds de infomap door EGON gesponsord……..en bergen papier en copies !!!!!

Een demonstratie wordt voor morgen (GA) beloofd (van Duitsland).

  1. Corporate Identity AMC

Briefing opdonderdag 7 december.

Eerst voorstel rond half februari.

Volledig voorstel tegen mei.

Domeinsnaam en naam?

  1. Award: new procedure proposal JW

Als iedereen de tekst hierover zal gelezen hebben , dan moet ik niet veel uitleg meer geven en kunnen zij het voorstel goed- of afkeuren of wijzigen……

  1. Education project AMC

Aangezien het laat aan het worden is……… zou ik hier alleen datgene over vertellen dat de Board echt moet weten om beslissingen te nemen. De rest horen ze morgen wel op de GA.

Akkoord van de BoD dat ik het project verder zet.

  1. Research: future AMC/IJ

Hier zie ik een echt probleem.

De weg die ingeslagen was tijdens vorige vergaderingen werd door het recente voorstel van Gerhard gevoelig omgeslagen…… Bovendien maakte ik een aangepast voorstel (hierbij toegezonden) dat nog niet werd besproken.

Ik deed dit voorstel in de overtuiging dat noch de ingeslagen weg (altijd BLED) , noch het voorstel van Gerhard ideaal waren; Ik denk dat de gulden middenweg …… in het midden ligt; vandaar mijn voorstel.

Ik vrees echter dat Inger en Axel naar Milaan komen om op de vergadering van RESEARCH op zaterdag voormiddag een toekomstige werking te promoten die in de lijn ligt van de vroegere richting …….. Elk jaar in Bled en (enige)klemtoon Research.

Zou het niet wenselijk zijn dat jij hierover zo vlug mogelijk eens met Axel ( en /of Inge) kon nagaan of mijn laatste voorstel verenigbaar is met wat zij nu voor Milaan voorbereiden ????? Ik denk dat dit echt nodig is ………

  1. Next congresses AMC/MK/DV

Hier dient nagegaan hoever Marek staat en in hoever Dejan zijn belofte voor BLED 2002 houdt ?

  1. Cerp – CER AMC/GB

Hier was ons standpunt de keuze trachten te maken tussen 3 mogelijkheden:

  • Met CERP op voorwaarde dat deze ons een jaarlijkse dotatie van 5000 Euro per jaar gedurende minstens 3 jaar wil (contractueel) garanderen.

  • Met een andere organisatie samen gaan : IABC/andere Voor/Nadelen

  • Zelfstandig door het leven gaan

  1. Board of Directors and functions AMC

Voor de vergadering begint zou jij met Gerhard en eventueel een (paar ?) andere (Dejan) moeten nagaan welk voorstel het beste is (buiten de vastliggende zaken uiteraard)

Zeer belangrijk is hierbij dat er een volledig en sluitend akkoord is over de functies die elk lid dient te vervullen !!!!

  1. Over koetjes en kalfjes (miscellaneous) kan men nog altijd praten als het niet te laat geworden is………

Memberships: status

Beslissing volgende BoD vergadering (spring meeting): Brussel (Betteke en Eric - Auditors)

PS: niet vergeten bij het begin het voorgaande verslag te laten goedkeuren in beide vergaderingen……………. Veel succes !!!!

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