Most of the day I am out by Yossi Berg From the press

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Most of the day I am out

by Yossi Berg

From the press:

“Berg's work is characterized by wild humor and the fact that he does not think only dance. He reveals a new place of a threatening reality in which we live in. This is a short, intense, dense and perspiring dance accompanied by texts that do not seek to flatter. It is difficult to remain indifferent to it” Sa'ar Dain, Ma’ariv

"Unadulterated pleasure... A sense of humor, energetic movement, creative lighting... This is a powerful performance, beautiful to the point of being poetic. The tapestry of movements possesses fascinating qualities. This, indeed, is a dance that one will want to see a second time...” Giora Manor, Israel Dance

"This is one of the most impressive and exciting programs I have ever seen... A gem of creativity, daring and originality, with excellent execution... Berg's work is surprising and replete with imagination and humor..." Ruth Eshel, Ha’aretz
"Two bodies showed the beauty and charm of minimalism. Their movement served as a perfect canvas for the dance narrative… a full embrace of emotional harmony…" Magdalena Mikrut, Konferencjastt
"Excellent choreography, excellent execution…" Eli Leon, The Marker
“The performance is striking… shows guts and creativity… sexual and beautifully executed…perfect synthesis…” Jan Willem Bakker, 8weekly
"Ultimate dance of the passion..."Het laatste beeld is mooi belicht: de beide mannen houden elkaar vast in een verstilde en ondanks de broeierige atmosfeer haast bevroren tango-houding. Lach Echoes, Meppeler Courant
“Somewhere between light and darkness, humor and sorrow,

dancing on the edge of the volcano” Fidelity

"Absolutely sublime and impassioned miniature…" Ballet Tanz
“Talents Berg/Graf make it exciting; it is a spark in the presentation”
The Gelderlander

vrijdag 7 maart 11:46

"This is a full of tension and humor duet…" Nina Alkalai,

"It is impossible to remain indifferent towards their ironic style and Particular sense of humor, full of brilliant observations…The choreographers manage to engage the viewers, in a clever way…" Anna Duda, Ballet dance - Critical dance forum

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