Naam: Roosien Verlaan

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Naam: Roosien Verlaan

Legmeerstraat 54-hs

1058 NG Amsterdam

Studio: Iepenplein 15-17

1091 JN Amsterdam

Cellular: 06 16510216



Date of Birth: 04 07 1981

Marital state: Living together with my love Jupijn and Daughter Zorana (08-04-08)

2003 – 2006 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Department Theatre Design en Art Direction. (diploma 2006)

1998 – 2002 1st grade teacher education in Arts, Amsterdam Higher School for Arts, Academy for Visual Arts. (Diploma 2002)

Art Projects
June 2009 De Vogels (the birds), concept and design with Theater Nomade

Premiere: 5th June 2009, on the canals of Amsterdam

March 2009 design musicshow 'Durf Jij", Ellen ten Damme

Premiere: 8th March 2009, Toneelschuur Haarlem

Nov. 2008 Design, costume and scenografy, De Perzen, directed by Alan Yadegarian

Premiere: 17 November, Bellevue Theatre, Amsterdam

June 2008 Design musicshow ‘De G van Gezellig’, Ellen ten Damme

Premiere: 27 June 2008, Parade, The Netherlands

March 2008 Design advice ‘Radio Relog’

Premiere: 14 June 2008, Oerolfestival

Feb. 2008 Installation ‘BeautyIdeals Strategy No. I’.

Premiere: 9 February 2007, Exposition Imagine IC

Aug. 2007 Research ‘Project: KATE’, about the commercial image of women.

June 2007 Design locationtheatre ‘Coriolanus’, graduationshow of the directorschool Amsterdam from Bas Jansen.

Premiere: 17 June 2007, NDSM-werf

May 2007 Installation ‘MolenMens’ – ‘We love technology! Don’t we?’

Premiere: 17 May 2007, Gaaspermolen, Amsterdam

Dec. 2006 Design ‘Fantasten’ from Theatregroup Fantasten.

Premiere: 15 December 2006, Melkweg , Amsterdam

Oct. 2006 Design ‘Sex. Drugs. Roemi.’ Written and dirtected by Alan Yadegarian.

Premiere, 16 October 2006, De Balie, Amsterdam

Aug. 2006 Design locationtheatre ‘Rood Zwart & Onwetend’, from Edward Bond directed by Alan Yadegarian.

Premiere: 11 August 2006, Fort Krommeniedijk, The Netherlands

Jun. 2006 Performance/installation ‘HET GRIJZE RITME’ on lokation at the Bijlmer, Amsterdam. Graduationproject at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Premiere: 14 June 2006, Station Amsterdam Bijlmer

Autumn 2005 Exchange to VSMU academy for thetrical arts and VSVU Academy for visual arts, Bratislava, Slowakije.

Nov. 2005 Design ‘Panelfest’. Festival to celebrate the first slabstyle building in Bratislava.

Premiere: 5 November 2005, A-stiri, Bratislava, Slowakije

June 2005 Design costumes ‘Western’, from Convoi Exeptionel

Premiere: 10 Junei 2005, Oerol festival

June 2005 Performance ‘100% HOOFD’

Premiere: 16 June 2005, Oerol festival

Dec. 2004 Design from 5 short interpretations of 5 directors from Theaterschool Amsterdam about MacBeth of Shapespeare. Cooperation with Bas Jansen.

Oct. 2004 Design ‘Som der Kwaden’ from Daan Faber at the festival Hollandse Nieuwe of Cosmic. Directed by Alan Yadegarian.

Premiere: 28 October 2004, Paradiso, Amsterdam

June 2004 Performance ‘GraafRaaf’

Premiere: 16 June 2004, western harbourarea, Amsterdam

Education and Workshops
Dec. 08-Jan. 09 Project workshop (5x) ‘make your fashion’, Highschool Vechtstede College, Weesp

Sept. 08-March 09 weekly workshop, CrisisCare Addiction Treatment, Amsterdam.

With aim to get out of the head into the doing and by that exploring different materials and sensations.

Feb. 07-present projects of 8 weeks each, primary school De Polstok, Amsterdam.

Sept. 07-jan. 08 Workshop ‘make your fashion’ Highschool Vechtstede College, Weesp.

July 07 support of amateur theatre makers, Theaterwerkplaats Zuidoost, Amsterdam

2002 – 2003 Highschool teacher of Visual Arts, Berlage Lyceum, Amsterdam.

2009-now Iepenplein 15-17, shared workingspace.

2008-2009 Werkplaats TOT with Elmo Vermijs, Nieuw en Meer, Amsterdam.

2006-2007 Atelier part of ateliercomplex Echtenstein, Amsterdam Zuidoost.

2005-2006 Squat van der Madeweg, Amsterdam.

    1. Squat Warehouse Willem de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

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