Name: Ad Snik Private address: Middelweg 93, 6584 ag, Molenhoek

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Curriculum vitae

Name: Ad Snik

Private address: Middelweg 93, 6584 AG, Molenhoek

Date of birth: 10-11-1951

Working address: Department of Otorhinolaryngology,
Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre,
PO Box 9101, 6500 HB Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Education and degrees

1970-1976: Physics. University of Technology Eindhoven,

MSc: Feb. 1976

1976-1983 Eindhoven University, PhD project “Biolayers”

PhD: March 1983; title of the thesis: “Study of physical properties of monolayers”

1984-1988: Clinical Physicist Audiology, registered in March 1989


1983-1985: Lecturer HTS Utrecht, physics and electronical engineering

1985-1989: Clinical Audiologist, Audiological Centre Tilburg

1989-1998 Clinical physicist/audiologist, University Medical Centre Nijmegen, ENT department, Audiological centre

1998- Head of the Audiological Centre Nijmegen

2006- Professor in Audiology

Main research topics in the last years
Cochlear implantation

Bone anchored hearing aids and middle ear implants

Auditory evoked potentials

Central auditory processing

Paediatric audiology


Membership societies

  • Dutch ENT society

  • Dutch society of Audiology (NVA)

  • Dutch society of clinical physicists (NVKF)

  • International Society of Audiology (ISA)

  • American Academy of Audiology (AAA)

  • Biomaterials club

Member Editorial Board:

Otology and Neurotology

Journal of Hearing Science

(Co)promoter, PhD studies

  • Mylanus E.A.M. Bone-anchored hearing aids. Clinical and audiological

  • Van der Pouw C.T.M. Bone-anchored hearing. Short and long-term

  • Makhdoum, M.J. Auditory performance of cochlear implant users.
    psychophysical and objective measurements.

  • Van den Borne, B. Cochlear implantation in children. Special reference
    to postmeningitic deafness.

  • Stollman M.H.P. Auditory processing in children, a study of the effect
    of age, hearing impairment and language impairment on auditory
    abilities in children.

  • Neijenhuis C.A.M. Auditory processing disorders. Development and
    evaluation of a test battery.

  • Beynon AJ. Electrically evoked auditory cortical event-related potentials
    in cochlear implants.

  • Hol M. Bone anchored hearing aid. Patients’ opinions and long-term

  • Van der Reijden C. Auditory steady state potentials.

  • Vermeulen A. Reading skills after cochlear implantation.

  • Damen C. Cochlear implantation and Quality of Life Assessment.

  • de Beer B. From child to adult. Otitis media in Nijmegen.

  • Rotteveel L. Cochlear implantation in compromised cochleae.

  • Kunst S. Bone anchored hearing; special applications.

  • Sparreboom M. Sequential bilateral cochlear implantation

  • Verhaegen V. Active implants in otology

  • Chiong C. Hearing screening in the Philippines

  • Dun, J. Bone conduction devices

  • Beyen JW. Bilateral hearing and cochlear implantation

  • De Wolf M. Bone-anchored hearing aid. Clinical outcomes and benefit assessment

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