Pits 10/03/09 Minutes

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PITS 10/03/09 Minutes.


Name (organization, favorite color), Benjamin Ziepert (SU, ?), Thomas Ziehmer (UReka/University Council, green), Karin Paardenkooper (IntOffice, red), Lennart Mulder (ESN Twente, orange), Ganesh Basad Bhatta (SAB ITC, blue), Philip Serracino Inglott (Ideefiks, black), Ferry Haris (PPI Indonesian Student’s Association, black), Arzu Yücekaya Bat (TUSAT, purple), Wenny Kristina (PPI, blue), Mingliang Jin (ACSSE Chinese Student’s Association, orange), Fons Schreurs (AEGEE-Enschede, yellow/blue), Pieter Smits (Dimensie, blue), Bela Primus (SAB ITC, blue), Mayur Dalwani (ISA Indian Student’s Association, black), Joep ter Auest (AIESEC Twente, blue).


AEGEE-Enschede clarifies that instead of having two PAGs there’s just one that starts meeting in March and organizes the Let’s GO! fair in November 2009.

ESN Twente announces that the plans to participate at the International Sports Day have been canceled because of the participation fees. Still, ESN Twente and IntOffice like the concept and are looking into bringing the International Sports Day to the UT campus next year. It’d be as big as the Bata. TODO ESN Twente, IntOffice.

The Student Union asks every PITS association to send their contact information (mobile number, e-mail and the names of the responsible officers that attend PITS meetings) to b.ziepert@union.utwente.nl. TODO.

ACSS Enschede is planning a trip to the Keukenhof (tulip fields) on Saturday 25th April.

ISA will celebrate Holi, the Festival of Colors, on Sunday 19th April. See www.isa.utwente.nl for more information.

TUSAT announces three upcoming events: Tuesday 7th April the movie Neredesin Firuze will be shown from 20:00 at the Vesting Bar. On Saturday 18th April the Turkish Night will happen from 18:00 in the Atrium. Expect a dinner, shows and a party. Finally on Friday 22nd May from 22:00 in Asterion a Turkish Party can be expected. See www.tusat.org for more information.

PPI Enschede will present Borneo Island on Thursday 14th March from 12:00 to 17:00 at the Atrium. For the ones who couldn’t come PPI Enschede has some videos on www.justin.tv/ppie. See www.ppienschede.com for more information.

TUSAT reports back on the question of foreign fonts being installed on the library PCs. The issue has been resolved.

IntOffice informs about Student Singer and Songwriters Contest. Preliminaries will be held on Monday 20th April from 20:15 in the Amphitheater. Registration closes at 1 April. More information can be found at www.nootuitgang.nl. And even more interesting is IntOffice’s cultural listings for March and April that can be found at http://intoffice.utwente.nl/nieuws/vrijhofagendamarch/.


IntOffice reminds everybody that the first PAG meeting scheduled in the end of March will take place together with the event bureau. TODO SU assemble as list with all the participants and send it to IntOffice.

UReka mentions how the PITS logo could easily be updated to the new style/logo of the university. The font used is called Univers LT Std 57 Condensed.


All TO DOs have been completed.

Maastricht Summary and Questions to Go Further.

What's important and interesting 

  • are the plans for the introduction. How can the upcoming introduction help integrating the Dutch and foreign students even better than last years?

  • is the way the D-Team talks about becoming active and integrating

  • are ways to let the story of Dutch student life come back in the Dutch language course in July

Introduction IntOffice propose to invite the Introduction Committee and Inge van Haare to PITS. TODO SU.

D-Team IntOffice would like to see the D-Team at PITS. TODO SU.


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