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G i t a a r r o c k c o v e r b a n d

P l e a s e d t o m e e t y o u . . . G a r a n c e , D e n n i s , B j o r n , C l a u d i a e n B j ö r n



Garance Wijshoff

Claudia Sanders

Dennis Wouters


Bjorn Leufkens


Björn Hanssen

Audio & Video




R e c e n s i e " T h e C l a s h O f T h e C o v e r b a n d s "

Optredens (1/2)
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17-11-2012 Café Edelweiss, Kerkrade

04-11-2012 Kasteel Limbricht, Limbricht (unplugged, besloten feest)

01-09-2012 Café Edelweiss, Kerkrade

19-08-2012 Sjloespop, Born

30-06-2012 Gen-Out, Klein Genhout

31-03-2012 Café-zaal ’t Kempke, Stein

26-11-2011 Café The Cadillac, Valkenburg

05-11-2011 Drop Inn, Kerkrade

09-07-2011 Benefietconcert t.b.v. Casa Do Caminho, Beek

07-05-2011 Café Scheepens, Kerkrade

04-02-2011 Examenfuif, Gronsveld

09-01-2011 Shaggy’s Pub, Geleen

20-11-2010 Shannons Pub, Javelin Barracks, Elmpt (Duitsland)

13-05-2010 Hemelvaarttoernooi VV Neerbeek, Neerbeek

29-04-2010 Queensnight @ Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

06-03-2010 Croes Moeke, Sevenum

31-01-2010 The Clash Of The Coverbands (Limburgse finale), De Bosuil, Weert

08-11-2009 The Clash Of The Coverbands (Halve finale), De Bosuil, Weert

03-10-2009 Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

26-09-2009 Revuegezelschap Lindenheuvel, Geleen

01-05-2009 Woetsjtok, Brunssum

05-04-2009 The Clash Of The Coverbands, Blok 10, Horst

20-02-2009 Café De Babbelaar, Maasbracht

17-01-2009 Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

22-11-2008 Café Next Door, Kerkrade

01-11-2008 Café De Babbelaar, Maasbracht

21-06-2008 Rock your Soul, festival t.b.v. Casa Do Caminho, Groot-Genhout

05-04-2008 Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

07-03-2008 Café Tapas, Sittard

05-01-2008 Café Barrock, Maastricht

15-12-2007 Muziekcafé Smiley's, Brunssum

09-12-2007 Benefietmiddag t.b.v. Casa Do Caminho, Beek

08-09-2007 Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

26-08-2007 Sjilvend Rock(t), Schinveld

09-06-2007 Café De Babbelaar, Maasbracht

12-05-2007 Café De Haas, Voerendaal

28-04-2007 The Booze Bar, Kerkrade

11-03-2007 L1 Radio, Live bij "De Stemming" tussen 11.00 uur en 13.00 uur, Kerkrade

03-03-2007 Shaggy's Pub, Geleen

02-12-2006 Café Amadeus, Geleen

01-12-2006 Café Tapas, Sittard

04-11-2006 The Booze Bar, Kerkrade

30-09-2006 Café De Gouden Leeuw, Kerkrade

23-09-2006 Feestcafe `t Tepke, Gulpen

11-08-2006 Boerderijpop, Maastricht

07-08-2006 CD presentatie bij Radio Parkstad, Kerkrade

30-04-2006 Mosterdpop met onder andere Exit31, Stein

29-04-2006 Café Napoleon, Beek

01-04-2006 The Booze Bar, Kerkrade

07-01-2006 Grand Café Picasso, Geleen

12-12-2005 Parkstad Live, live op Radio Parkstad, Kerkrade

10-12-2005 The Booze Bar, Kerkrade

Optredens (2/2)
29-10-2005 Halloween party café Amadeus, Geleen

08-10-2005 Café Napoleon, Beek

24-09-2005 Café Thei de Bekker, Stein

16-09-2005 Shirley's café, Kerkrade

12-08-2005 Zeskamp Meers met Exit31, Meers

09-07-2005 Café De Malle Babbel, Heerlen

01-06-2005 De Nor, unplugged tijdens "lokaal motief", Heerlen

23-05-2005 De Mosterdpot, live op Lokale Omroep Stein, Stein

21-05-2005 Café De Metropole, Beek

30-04-2005 Koninginnedag met Exit31, Café De Dikke Stein, Elsloo

23-04-2005 Jubileumfeest Stichting JOE met Mo'Jones, Maaslandcentrum, Elsloo

10-04-2005 Benefietconcert Music for hope, Maaslandcentrum, Elsloo

02-04-2005 Café Amadeus, Geleen

18-03-2005 D'r Sjlaagboom, Kerkrade

05-03-2005 Gemeenschapshuis 't Trefpunt, Genhout

19-12-2004 First Gig, Maaslandcentrum Elsloo

06-11-2004 Café De Metropole, Beek

20-09-2004 Glaspaleis, Heerlen (Paleisconcert Muziekschool Heerlen)

17-09-2004 Boerderij, Geleen (vrijwilligers-feest van Partners In Welzijn, locatie Beek)

17-07-2004 Djive, Elsloo (examenfeest)
Playlist (1/2)
Novaddiction Defeat



Pawn in a game

AC/DC Highway to hell

Adele Rolling in the deep

Set fire to the rain

Someone like you

Anouk Girl


Audioslave Be yourself

Black Sabbath Paranoid

Counting Crows Mr Jones

CCR Proud Mary

Deep Purple Black night

Smoke on the water

Faithless Insomnia

Fall Out Boy Beat it

Franz Ferdinand Take me out

Golden Earring Twilight zone

Gotye Somebody that I used to know

Guns 'n' Roses Sweet child o' mine

Iron Maiden Run to the hills

Jefferson Airplane White rabbit

Jet Are you gonna be my girl

Jimi Hendrix All along the watchtower

K's Choice Not an addict

Kaiser Chiefs Everyday I love you less and less

Keane Bedshaped

Kings Of Leon Sex on fire

Kiss I was made for loving you

Kula Shaker Hush

Led Zeppelin Kashmir

Whole lotta love

Live I alone

Metallica Enter sandman

Mud Dynamite

Muse Bliss


Knights of Cydonia


Plug in baby

Sing for absolution



Neil Young (Keep on) Rockin' in the free world

Pearl Jam Black

Pink Floyd The happiest days of our lives

Another brick in the wall

Comfortably numb

In the flesh?


Placebo For what it's worth

Pure morning

Playlist (2/2)
Queen & David Bowie Under pressure

Rosemary's Sons Shine

Saybia I surrender

Snow Patrol Chasing cars

Shut your eyes

Crack the shutters

Steppenwolf Born to be wild

System Of A Down Hypnotize

The Black Keys Lonely boy

Little black submarines

The Cult She sells sanctuary

The Cure A forest

The Darkness I believe in a thing called love

The Doors Roadhouse blues

The Gossip Heavy cross

The Killers All these things that I've done

The Kinks Lola

You really got me

The Police Roxanne

The Sheer Right now

Triggerfinger I follow rivers
Man down


Short time memory love

U2 All I want is you


New Years Day

No line on the horizon



Sunday bloody Sunday

Running to stand still (unplugged)

The unforgettable fire


Uriah Heep Easy livin'

White Stripes Seven nation army

Within Temptation Running up that hill

Wolfmother Joker and the thief

Genomen tijdens de Limburgse halve finale “The Clash Of The Coverbands 2009” op 8-11-2009 in De Bosuil in Weert.

Foto’s © Jack Wouters .

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