Powerful and in Shape Londen 2012 Olympic Games

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Powerful and in Shape

Londen 2012 Olympic Games

Mered de Vries
With great enthusiasm and perseverance Mered (28 years) became a professional athlete whom started her career in Friesland. She came to Amsterdam in 1997 to study at the university Hogeschool van Amsterdam (Communication and Management). During the first 5 years she combined sport and study. After she finished her study, she became a fulltime athlete. Lots of international experience like Italy, Switserland and Asia made Mered ready to realize her main goal ‘the Olympic Games Beijing 2008’. Together with her partner Patricia Labee, they are a perfect combination of Great Spirit, good performance, lot of hard work and some fun.
Lucia Rijker, Inge de Bruijn and Leontien van Moorsel as her examples, Mered will not give up until she gets what she wants. Besides these serious things in top sport, humor is essential in her live. “A journey around the World for several years and perform on the biggest and most beautiful beaches in the World, with a major amount of spectators who like to see the good looking athletes, is not only a nice fairytale but demands also a lot of hard working” thus de Vries.

Patricia Labee

Her character can be described as enthusiastic, positive and creative. She’s a winner!!! By playing beach volleyball Patricia (28 years) can totally be herself; sporty, fit and powerful. She grew up in a small town near Rotterdam named ‘Ridderkerk’. Currently Patricia lives in Amsterdam if she is not somewhere else around the world. After she graduated (University ‘Communications’) Patricia started working for a big advertising agency. Besides this she was active as a freelance photographer. Still beachvolleyball was here great passion.

Together with Mered she already traveled a lot, for example Thailand and Italy (both Patricia and Mered speak Italian fluently). In August 2005 they won the bronze medal at the Dutch Championships. Three months before the National Championships they started as a team. Therefor the bronze medail was a fantastic result. As Patricia always loved beach volleyball and wanted to qualify for the Olympic Games she combined these two passions. Now she takes part in the most powerful and glamorous team of the Netherlands: Labee-DeVries.

International Women Beachvolleyball Team

  • 10-13 May Modena Italy, FIVB (Federation, Internationale de Volleyball) World Tour

  • 18-21 May Alanya Turkey, CEV (Confederation Europeenne Volleyball)

  • 24-27 May Shanghai China, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 31-3 June Rhodes Greece, FIVB World Tour Open or CEV Germany

  • 15-18 June Moscow Russia, CEV

  • 20-23 June Gstaad Switzerland, FIVB World Tour Grand Slam

  • 27-30 June Stavanger Norway, FIVB World Tour Grand Slam

  • 4-7 July Marseille France, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 12-15 July Montreal Canada, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 18-21 July St Petersburg Russia, FIVB World Tour Open or CEV Spain

  • 25-28 July Paris France, FIVB World Tour Grand Slam

  • 1-4 August Klagenfurt Austria, FIVB World Tour Grand Slam

  • 5-8 August Luzern Switzerland, CEV

  • 18-20 August Scheveningen the Netherlands, National FINALS (NC)

  • 24-27 August Scheveningen the Netherlands, CEV FINALS (EC)

  • 30-2 September Warsaw Poland, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 13-16 September Porto Santo Portugal, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 26-30 September Victoria Brasil, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 25-28 October Acapulco Mexico, FIVB World Tour Open

  • 1-4 November Phuket Thailand, FIVB World Tour Open

There’s only ‘I’ in the word win

Mered de Vries
Place: Amsterdam

Age: 28 years

Education: HEAO Communication and management (certificate)
Indoor Volleyball

7 years Eredivisie Netherlands (highest division), AMVJ Amstelveen

1 year Italy (A1 and A2, Asystel Milan and Busto Arsizio)

  • Main draw Italy 2005 (5th place)

  • N

    ational Championships 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005: 3rd place, Scheveningen

  • Highest division Netherlands 2005: 1st place 4 times; Callantsoog, Dordrecht, Groningen, Hoek van Holland

  • European Cup Germany 2004

Patricia Labee
Place: Rotterdam

Age: 28 years

Education: HBO Communication (certificate)
Indoor Volleybal

7 years Eredivisie Netherlands (highest division), Sliedrecht Sport

1 year Italy (A1, Vicenza)

  • Main draw Italy 2005 (5th place)

  • Dutch National Championships 2005: 3rd place, Scheveningen

  • Highest division Netherlands 2005: 1st place 4 times; Callantsoog, Dordrecht, Groningen, Hoek van Holland

  • Winner Open Spain 2004

  • Dutch National Championship, Scheveningen 2003: 5th place

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