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for Match Racing Events
Dear Chief Umpire,
Following is a set of issues that need to be addressed before the event. This check list is helpful for the OA in planning the event, and should be communicated with the OA Umpire Liaison as soon as you are appointed. For lower graded events and local events, this list may be too formal and detailed. For a local Grade 5 one day event, many of the items on this list will not be necessary. Feel free to modify as appropriate. Many times, the details can be covered in a phone call to the OA.
For higher graded events or events with a long history, likely these items have already been taken care of; however, this check list helps to establish a working relationship with the OA.

Dear Event organiser,

I am sure your preparations for the event are now well under way. In order for the Umpire team and Jury to do a good job it would be helpful if you could confirm the following. I realise that some of these may appear ‘obvious’, but the list is based upon real experience and it is much better to be clear as soon as possible. Please just indicate OK or make comments as you think fit, so I may communicate them to the umpires travelling to your event.



OK or comment

Umpire Team Membership

Please confirm that you are expecting the following members of the Umpire Team.

Key Personnel

Please complete the name of the following key personnel.

Organiser responsible for Umpire Team

Principal Race Officer

Boat manager & Repairs

Umpire Welfare

Please confirm the following:

You are planning to collect umpires from the local airport

If not please suggest alternatives and the hotel

address and reimbursement if necessary

You are planning to return umpires to the local airport after the event.

If not please suggest alternatives

and reimbursement if necessary

You are providing single room accommodation for each umpire.

Please state the name location of accommodation (this is often required for entry into a country)

Please state contact name and number at the accommodation for any queries.

You are providing daily transport from the accommodation to the venue and return

You are providing breakfast at the accommodation

You are providing breakfast at the venue

You are providing lunches, including soft drinks, at the venue for days ashore

You are providing suitable packed lunches for days on the water up to 8 hours. These include soft drinks (water up to 2 litres per person per day);

You are providing evening meals at the venue

You are providing evening meals elsewhere

Late evening meals will be available for the umpires in the event of any hearings.

You will reimburse agreed expenses on production of statements with receipts before the umpires depart. These will include all transport costs, accommodation, breakfast, lunch and dinner (all if not provided by you at no cost to the umpire team).

Please state the number of functions or occasions when you would expect the umpires to be wearing jackets and ties (or equivalent for lady jurors).
This is important as carrying an unnecessary amount of clothing can result in excess baggage claims

There will be internet access available for umpires to connect with their own laptop computers.



OK or comment

Umpires Ashore

Please confirm the following

You will provide a hearing room as follows:

Room is close to the dock and other facilities

Table minimum size 2 m x 1 m

5 chairs for jury

3 chairs for parties to hearing

6 chairs (minimum) for observers

Internet access (wireless)

Power points


Available 24 hours per day for umpire use only

A work room, which may be the hearing room with

Working space for at least 3 people

Power points

Printing facility from laptop or computer available with printer

Photocopier – available all hours

Internet access

Supply of photocopy paper

Secure storage for personal equipment, including laptop computers, especially while afloat.

Somewhere to hang wet clothing to dry

Please confirm that the following hard copy documents will be available for each umpire

The Notice of Race

Sailing Instructions

Class rules (if appropriate)

Any special regulations governing the event

Please confirm that a notice board (or area of a notice board) is available for the exclusive use of the umpires throughout the event. The area should be capable of displaying at least 4 pages of A4.

Umpire Meetings

Please confirm that the following meetings will be scheduled and that an appropriate location is available for these.

Pre event

Chief Umpire (CU) with organisers (OA)

CU with PRO

Umpire team meeting

Umpires with competitors


CU with PRO/OA before racing (very brief)

Morning meeting with competitors

Umpire team daily briefing

CU with PRO/OA after racing

Umpire debriefing with competitors followed by umpire team meeting.



OK or comment

Umpires Afloat

Confirm that all umpires are insured by the organising authority to drive umpire boats.

Confirm any licence required to drive umpire boats.

We will be 8 umpires and require 4 boats which should conform to the following, if possible.

4 boats

No other duties

Minimum 5 metre length overall

Minimum 40 hp engine

Preferable for engine to be 4 stroke

Capacity for 3 people to spend 8 hours per day

Preferably inflatable’s

Dry storage area

The following equipment to be available for each boat

VHF radio

Channel to communicate with other umpire boats

Channel to communicate with PRO

Channel to communicate to shore

Umpire identification flag – large ‘UMPIRE’ on white background.

Umpire id flag fixed without obscuring vision in a holder at the transom

A set of umpire flags; 2 yellow, 2 blue, 1 green, 1 red, 1 black.

System for leaving 2 umpire flags displayed without interfering with vision or needing to be handheld

Cool box for drinks

Umpires will bring

own voice recorders

own notebooks

own whistles

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