Publications in Dutch Poetry 1985 Sterkwater Ambo/de Prom

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Publications in Dutch

Poetry 1985 Sterkwater Ambo/de Prom

Poetry 1991 Materiaal Ambo/de Prom

Poetry 1997 Het Feestmaal Meulenhoff

Novels 1992 Argelozen in het Circus Toth

2000 De Beul Meulenhoff

Poetry and Prose in magazines

De Revisor.Surplus. Perdu. Nieuw Vlaams Tijdschrift. Hollands Maansblad.

Anthologies Published by: Bert Bakker, De Bezige Bij, Ambo, Contact. Querido

Translations from French into Dutch of poems by Verlaine and Rimbaud published by Vasalucci.

Translations of her work in appeared in Raven Introductions , Poetry Ireland Review, La Buenos Aires Ajena (Emece) .
Articles for de Volkskrant en NRC

Judith Mok wrote a column for Lover a literary Magazine from 1996 till 1998

Dutch Awards: Judith Mok was selected for the Prix de l’Academie Francaise

for an unpublished manuscript to be written in French by a Dutch author.

Publications in English

Novel : Gael 2006 Telegram / London
Short story Pirates 2006 Telegram
Gods of Babel poetry collection 2011 Salmon

Prose pieces published in Anthologies:

A treasury of Sunday Miscellany edited by Marie Heaney 2009

Sunday Miscellany 2006

Sunday Miscellany 2004

The quiet quarter 2004

The quiet quarter ten years of Great Irish Writing 2009

The stinging Fly 2008

Poetry in Anthologies
Poems in Between two Waves edited by Pieter van der Kamp 1998

Poems in Raven Introductions 1988

Poems in Landing Places 2010 Dedalus Press

Poetry in magazines

The Stinging Fly 2009

The Stinging Fly 2010

Poetry Ireland Review 2008

Prose pieces for RTE and Lyric Fm

Blowing the Shofar



Dancing with Nureyev



Being a European





Articles for the Irish Times

Tackling the Anti-Islam backlash

My Freedom about Ayaan Hirshi Ali

Articles and Blogs/ Log for the Sunday Independent

From 1997 till 2008

Articles for the New Music Magazine

Short story “Pirates” shortlisted for the Francis Mc Manus Award 2007

Short story “Where is the Party” shortlisted for the Francis Mc Manus Award 2008
Judith Mok received an Arts Council Literary Grant in 2008

and an Arts Council Mobility Award in 2003

Judith Mok received an Arts Council Award in 2012

Publication in the Cimarron Review (USA) summer 2013 edition



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