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Magnifying the atmosphere of beautiful little details, I integrate sophisticated sampling techniques in my compositions and live performances. I have composed music for ensembles, dance- en theatre performances, film, television and created sound installations. When performing live I use game controllers and software instruments to tweak sound in an intuitive way.

After years of playing bass guitar in different bands I became increasingly interested in electronic and electroacoustic music, sound design and sampling. I studied history at the State University Groningen and took a Sonology course at the Royal Conservatory in Den Haag. I use the cinematic and dramatic qualities of my music when working with theatre makers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists. I have worked with choreographers Kenzo Kusuda, Martin Butler, Roser Lopez Espinosa, Pere Gay I Faura and with the Guangdong Modern Dance Company form China. I have performed throughout Europe, in China, South Korea, the United States and Venezuela. I have worked with choreographer / visual artist Luis Lara Malvacias in Danspace/St. Marks Church, Dance Theatre Workshop and The Kitchen in New York. My work has been presented at the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, and in 2011 I was a guest composer at the University of North Texas. I have composed work for the Wave Field Synthesis system from the Game Of Life, made a sound and visual composition about the history of Dutch New Guinea for the Military Pension and Museum Bronbeek Arnhem and composed music for “(T)”, a collaboration with choreographer Luis Lara Malvacias, premiered during the 5 Dutch days at Dancespace Project, St. Marks Church New York. | soundcloud |  vimeo | newsletter
Contact: Pesthuislaan 68

1054 RL Amsterdam, The Netherlands

0031 20 6831483


urriculum Vitae
Ivo Bol


composer, sound artist and performer

Pesthuislaan 68, 1054 RL Amsterdam


2014 “(T)” Collaboration with Choreographer Luis Lara Malvacias, premiere at Dancespace Project, St. Marks Church New York, USA

“LINES” Sound- and light installation, exhibitions at the Luminale Frankfurt and Amsterdam Light Festival

2012 Soundtrack for “The Romantic Self-Exiles”, a film from Morehshin Allahyari, premiere at the Dallas Biennale, Dallas USA

2011 Performance of “Amanda” as composer in residence, University of North Texas, Denton USA

2011 "Cosmological Flight" surround-sound composition for the Wave Field Synthesis System, Gaudeamus Muziekweek Utrecht

2010 “The Red Chamber” Installation / performance in collaboration with Ibrahim Quraishi, Yin Yi and Zhang Xian, Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai, China

2009 "The Bailout", composition for the Amstel Quartet, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, USA

2007 The Gasometer Universe” winning composition for the MONO contest, organised by the German Association for Electroacoustic Music, performances at the Gasometer Oberhausen Germany


2014 residency at the Institute for Institute Lighting Design (iLO) Amsterdam

2012 workshop sound archeology at STEIM with Martin Howse

2011 residency at the University of North Texas

2009-2014 board member Dutch Composers Guild

2008 OMI music residency, Ghent NY, USA

2007 MONO competition award, organised by DEGEM Germany

2006 - 2015 programmer Auxxx concert series Amsterdam

2004-2005 Sonology Course, Royal Conservatory The Hague

1992-1995 Bachelor History, State University Groningen

1989-1990 VWO, high school diploma, Noordelijk Avond College

1978-1989 Waldorf School Groningen

1980-1986 classical violin training


17-01-2015 “Date, a Tinder Opera” collaboration with Monotak and Bert Kommerij, Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam

20-11-2105 Remix Autechre for organ and lights, Sint Jacobs Gasthuis Amsterdam

16-10-2014 “(T)” Collaboration with Choreographer Luis Lara Malvacias, premiere at Dancespace Project, St. Marks Church New York, USA

27-06-2013 Premiere “It is it” for Saxophone and electronics, Roode Bioscoop Amsterdem

08-02-2013 Remix for Ties Mellema's new album Princepiration, Muziekgebouw Amsterdam

11-09-2011 Premiere "Cosmological Flight" for the Wave Field Synthesis System from Game of Life foundation, Gaudeamus Muziekweek Utrecht

15-10-2010 Premiere of “Synthese” composition for ensemble, turntable en LiSa, performed by Ivo Bol and ensemble Brooommm, Korzo5Hoog The Hague

12-01-2010 Premiere of “Dream # 1” for LiSa and two moveable instruments, performed by Rare Degree (Michael Straus alto saxophone and Dana Jessen bassoon), Outpost Performance Space Cambridge, Massachusetts USA

11-12-2009 Premiere of "Het boek, het volk en de strijd", composition for saxophone quartet and electronics written by Ivo Bol, Bas Apswoude & Olivier Sliepen, performed by Amstel Quartet and Ivo Bol, Toonzaal Den Bosch

01-11-2009 Premiere of "I am a Man" composition for CD and two instruments, performed by Griffin Campbell and Michael Straus

20-04-2009 Premiere of "The Bailout", composition for saxophone quartet and electronics written by Ivo Bol & Ties Mellema, performed by Amstel Quartet and Ivo Bol, Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, USA

15-09- 2007 Premiere of “The Gasometer Universe” winning composition for the MONO contest, organized by DEGEM (German Association for Electroacoustic Music) performances at the Gasometer Oberhausen Germany

07-11-2006Contamination” for ensemble and laptop, New Music Coop Ensemble & Ivo Bol, Electrons and Phonons concert series in Austin, TX USA

03-05-2005 Premiere “Soundboard” for saxophone and LiSa, Ties Mellema & Ivo Bol, Galeria de arte Nacional Caracas, Venezuela

02-02-2013 Premiere “The Body Minds” choreography: Marta Reig Torres, Cadance Festival, Theater aan het Spui Den Haag

01-10-2012 Premiere sound / visual composition "Waar nog zoveel te doen is", Military Pension and Museum Bronbeek Arnhem

16-08-2012 Premiere “Two Old Guys and a Relatively Young Man” choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Denmark

13-04-2012 Premiere of The Romantic Self-Exiles, the new film from Morehshin Allahyari at the Dallas Biennale soundtrack: Ivo Bol

18-02-2012 Sound design for SnakeCharmers' Ball at the Something Raw Festival, Amsterdam
direction: Benoît Lachambre, together with SNDO Students

17-04-2011 composition and live performance “Amanda & the black void of space” choregraphy: Luis Lara Malvacias, Warehouse 9 Copenhagen, Denmark

19-11-2009 “JA!!” choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias, Danspace Project, St. Marks Church New York, USA

18-04-2009 "Sooner Than you Think" choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias and Jeremy Nelson, 92nd Street Y Harkness Dance Festival, Ailey Citigroup Theater New York, USA

04-12-2008 “Do you have a cigarette?” choreography: Pere Faura Frascati WG, Amsterdam

25-10-2008 “Honey Crypto” choreography: Kenzo Kusuda Music: Ivo Bol, Cadans Festival Korzo Theatre Den Haag

08-05-2008 "Reason Without Meaning" choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias, The Kitchen, New York USA

04-05-2007 “Forward For Forward” choreography Liu Qi, Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Guangzhou, China

29-06-2007 "Concau" choreography: Roser Lopez Espinosa Dies de Dansa Barcelona, Spain

11-05-2007Sad Sam" choreography: Matija Ferlin Zagbreb, Croatia

28-11-2006 “There Is No Such Thing” choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias, Dance Theatre Workshop, New York USA

02-09-2006 "The Time After" Choreography: Elza van der Heyden Concept: Paul de Bruyne, Guandong Modern Dance Company Guangzhou China

11-06-2006 Sounddesign for “Picabia, China Contemporary” VPRO Dutch television

06-04-2006 “This is a picture of a person I don’t know” choreography: Pere Guy I Faura, premiere Korzo Theatre, The Hague

January 2006 workshop with José Navas from Compagnie Flak for students of CODARTS Rotterdam

09-11-2005 “The Gemini Project”, concept/choreography: Martin Butler, Nes Theaters Amsterdam

20-10-2005 “Badman” choreography: Luis Lara Malvacias Danspace, St. Marks Church, New York USA

07-06-2005 “Ariadne’s Thread” Choreography: Maria Ines Villasmil, AHK Amsterdam

26-05-2005 “Invisitors’ Vista” choreography: Kenzo Kusuda premiere Korzo Theatre Den Haag

10-04-2005 “Het Paradijs” A Grand Theatre, director: Bram de Goeij, Tour in Groningen

April 2004 “Hypnos & the Locolocolocomotion” choreography: Kenzo Kusuda première DWA Amsterdam

November 2003 “LUKA in The Last Celebrity”, choreography: Martin Butler première Ludwigsforum Aachen, Germany

September 2003 “Redshift” choreography: Jack Gallagher premiere Veem Theater Amsterdam

May 2003 “Dynamo” choreography: Ricardo Santana, Circulo de Bellas Artes, Madrid Spain

2003 “Muse on Screw” choreography: Kenzo Kusuda première Cadance Festival, The Hague

2003 – 2004 Composition & live performance for theatre performance “Graan” production: Grand Theatre Groningen, tour in the Netherlands

2002 “Is Is Me Wonder” choreography: Jack Gallagher production: Krisztina de Châtel, premiere Bellevue Theater Amsterdam

June 2002 “Hybrid’s Origin” Oerol Festival Terschelling with choreographers Kenzo Kususda, Nir de Wolff and Jack Gallagher

2001 “Lovely” director: Ivana Muller

19-10-2000 “Cocktail” choreography: Michelle Kurzenacker, première in Theater im Depot, Dortmund Germany

22-04-1999 “Puppet Master” choreography: Martin Butler, première Frascati, Amsterdam

16-06-1999 “De Burger” Troika Theatre Collective, Oerol Festival Terschelling


24-06-2013 Live performance with Andrew Blanton's Panoptica OT 301, Amsterdam

11-01-2010 Cross-media project Tientos y Lucientes directed by Udo Moll, Kunststation St. Peter, Cologne

11-08-2008 Performance with the OMI musicians at the Roulette, New York

27-01-2008 Amstelveens Poppentheater, Amstelveen De Uitvinder; puppet theatre performance by Bjorn Sluiter with live sampling

April 2007 “Voices” Live Sampling performance with Oratorium libretto: Hélène Gelèns composition: André Arends

December 2006 US tour Wrikken (Ivo Bol and Joris van Perlo)

18-08-2006 Live performance Ties Mellema & Ivo Bol IJ-Toren, Grachtenfestival Amsterdam

April 2006 Instant Music Tour; Felicity Provan, Justin Bennet, Martin Luiten, Ivo Bol

13-10-2005 Performance at The Project Room in Brooklyn, New York with James Hirschfeld, Missy Mazzoli and Red Wierenga

29-04-2014 LINES installation with lighting designer Katinka Marac, Luminale Frankfurt

Drive in performance Life cinema aan de Leyweg

Haga Ziekenhuis Den Haag, produced by Het Koorenhuis

12-04-2010 “The Red Chamber” Installation / performance presented at the Dutch Culture Centre in Shanghai as part of the Shanghai World Expo, music and sound design: Ivo Bol and Yin Yi

03-02-2007 “The Planet x 10” turntable installation/performance at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

21-08-2006 Installation “Memory Scan” with Miriam Reeders at the Noorderzon Festival, Groningen

04-06 2004 Installation / performance “Space, the vinyl frontier” OT 301 Amsterdam

13-05-2004 Programming and composition New Media/Dance Performance “Recog” choreography: Maria Ines Villasmil / Dual Dance Project première AHK, Amsterdam

split LP Vinkepeezer with Morsanek (kazemat 2009)

single Wrikken (stichting mixer 2004)

Physical Remix of Janek Schaefer's 'Wow' 7" (diskono 011, 2001)

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