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Minister of Internal Affairs

Arsen Avakov

Akademika Bogomoltsa Str. 10

01024 Kyiv


Fax: +380 44 253 97 96


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Ambassade van Oekraine

Zijne Excellentie Dhr. Olexander Horin

Zeestraat 78

2518 AD Den Haag

Fax: 070 3615565


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Dear Minister,
Please allow me to draw your attention to the case of Sergei Dolgov, editor of an Ukrainian newspaper. He was abducted by armed men in civilian clothing from the office of ‘гацю в CCCP’ in Mariupol on 18 June 2014. Although the head of the Ukrainian government security agency said that Sergei Dolgov was formally detained, the police is not aware of his whereabouts, nor is his wife.
I call on you to immediately establish Sergei Dolgov’s whereabouts and ensure his safety. If he is in detention, please ensure his immediate access to a lawyer and charge him with a recognizable criminal offence, or release him immediately.
I urge you to promptly, impartially and effectively investigate the abduction and allegations of his ill-treatment and hold anyone found responsible to account.
Thank you for your attention in this urgent matter.
Yours sincerely,

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