T 3 oets chapter three Time to kill

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oets chapter three

Time to kill

Schrijf niet op dit opgavenblad, maar noteer je antwoorden op het antwoordblad.

A Say it in English (kgt)

Schrijf op je antwoordblad wat je in het Engels zegt.


  1. Het is tien voor drie.

  2. Doe dat niet, alsjeblieft.

  3. Mijn ouders hebben hier altijd gewoond.

  4. Ik weet het niet.


  1. Mag ik naar de bioscoop gaan?

  2. Wat ben je aan het kijken?

  3. Weet u hoe laat het is?

  4. Wanneer is Newsround op tv?

B Complete the dialogue (gt)

Schrijf op je antwoordblad wat je in het Engels zegt.


Let’s stay home tonight. We went out yesterday, and we have to get op early tomorrow morning. (1) (Vraag wat er vanavond op tv komt.)


(2) (Zeg dat je het niet weet.) The TV guide is on the table. (3) (Zeg dat ze het zelf maar moet bekijken.)


Let’s see … (4) (Vraag hoe laat het is.)


(5) (Zeg dat het tien over zes is.)


Oh, I see, on BBC2 it’s football all night. (6) (Zeg dat je nooit van voetbal hebt gehouden.) How about you?


Well, (7) (zeg dat je als drie jaar voetbalt). I don’t need to watch every game, though. I don’t mind watching something else now. (8) (Vraag wanneer Top of the Pops erop komt.)


Now you’re talking! Well, let’s see …

C Write an e-mail (kgt)

Je bent aan het chatten met Michael uit Londen, die je via internet kent. Bekijk zijn vragen en reacties. Schrijf jouw vragen en reacties erbij zodat het een kloppende chatsessie wordt. Vraag en antwoord in hele zinnen!








It’s a quarter to three here in England. What time is it over there in Holland?




So, what’s on the telly tonight in Holland?




I’ve been watching football on the telly since two o’clock. I’ve played football since I was eight years old. How about you?




My sister likes roller hockey. I have never liked rollerskating. How about you?




I have to go now, my parents don’t want me to chat too long. Can you chat whenever you want?




OK, bye now!



D Choose the correct alternative (kgt)

Kies bij elk nummer het juiste woord en schrijf het op je antwoordblad.

Kies uit:
boarding / excellent / for / incredible / jealous / lift / promise / reputation / since


Here, I can lend you my helmet. Are you any good at (1)?


Well, I’ve been doing it (2) 1998 and I guess I’ve earned myself quite a (3) around here.


Oh, have you? Well, show us something then. Can you (4) your board or do another trick?


Yes, I can do many tricks. I (5) you it’ll be quite spectacular. Here I go!


That was spectacular, indeed! By the way, did you watch that documentary last night about that German guy, Samuel Beyer? That was (6), the things he could do.


Yes, I watched it. He’s already an (7) skater, and he’s still young.


About our age, I guess. I was quite (8) when he showed all his tricks.


So was I. But then again, he’s practised them (9) almost eight years.

E Write the sentences (kgt)

Schrijf de zinnen over en zet het bijwoord tussen haakjes op de juiste plaats.

  1. My neighbour goes fishing on Saturdays. (mostly)

  2. Matthew drinks a glass of beer. (regularly)

  3. Richard makes mistakes. (often)

  4. I am in time for my ballet lessons. (usually)

  5. Samantha is bored by her dad’s stories. (sometimes)

  1. Sarah plays tennis. (from the age of six)

  2. Teenagers listen to pop music. (since the 1950s)

  3. My grandparents are out of the country. (never)

  4. David Beckham is the most popular football player. (for a few years now)

  5. We know each other. (since 1987)

F Write the sentences (gt)

Maak hele zinnen met de gegeven woorden.Gebruik de voltooide tijd (present perfect).

  1. They – know each other – since 1992

  2. Skater hockey – be – his favourite sport – always

  3. Our TV set – be – in the left corner of our living room – never

  4. They – argue – about TV programmes – always

  5. You – be – to this part of the country – never

G Choose the correct statements (gt)

Lees Cassie Thain, race car driver.

Schrijf op je antwoordblad de nummers op van de beweringen die kloppen met de tekst.

  1. Tijdens de voorrondes van haar eerste wedstrijd zette Cassie de snelste tijd neer.

  2. Cassie is behoorlijk volwassen voor haar leeftijd.

  3. Cassie heeft nog maar één groot ongeluk gehad.

  4. Cassie vindt dat meisjes grote doelen voor ogen moeten houden.

H Choose the correct alternative (gt)

Lees Cassie Thain, race car driver.Van wie zijn de volgende uitspraken?

Schrijf op je antwoordblad achter elk nummer de naam van de persoon van wie de uitspraak is.

  1. We wilden graag een auto kopen, dus namen we er eentje mee voor een proefrit.

Cassie / haar vader / haar opa

  1. Wanneer je een klein meisje bent dat tegen grote mannen racet moet je gehard zijn.

Cassie / haar vader / haar opa

  1. Ze rijdt al vanaf haar tweede.

Cassie / haar vader / haar opa

Leesteksten bij Chapter three


Time to kill
(Text tasks 5.1, 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 )
Cassie Thain: Race car driver

What's your motto?

The need for speed

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

That I do other things besides race

What's always in your fridge?

Orange juice and oranges

If you had a superpower what would it be?

The ability to predict the future

Television character most similar to you?

Road Runner!

I n many ways Cassie Thain seems like a regular teenager. She is fifteen years old. She lives in California and plays softball after school. But she also races in her Outlaw Sprint Go Kart on a race track every Saturday. And she wins.

Cassie started racing when she was ten years old, but her first driving experience took place when she was only two! 'She's been driving on my knee since she was two years old,' says her dad, Mike. 'She used to love to sit on my lap and steer the car down the road...and she was good at it.' Cassie's father introduced her to driving. But it was her grandfather who helped her discover her love of racing. Cassie's grandpa has had a huge influence on her life. He is her idol and also her coach. She is named after him (his name is Casey) and she was born on his birthday. Needless to say, they have a very special bond.

'My grandpa used to race too,' says Cassie. We found out about these Mini-World of Outlaw cars, and he took me to the track to see them. Then he said, 'Well, do you want one of these?' We were interested in buying a car, so we took it out. And you know, I wasn't scared of it, so I just kind of jumped in.'

Cassie is known for her smooth and fearless driving. Which is not easy when you're racing a bunch of grown men. She doesn't have time to be scared though. She's too busy thinking about how she can race better, and dreaming about her next victory. Cassie races three different kinds of cars, Outlaw Karts, Modified Midgets and Legends cars. She drives them in different kinds of races.

Cassie says that driving felt totally natural from the very beginning, and her family agrees. Her father remembers, 'The first time she ever drove the car in a race, she'd had just one small practice in somebody's little field. She raced the car, she set fast time (the best) and finished second in the main race. The second time she raced, she won.'

It's a pretty amazing feeling to be the best at something you love. 'I love racing,' says Cassie,' for the speed, the intensity.. and the winning.' She would race every day if she could. And she does a lot of winning. Of course, racing isn't all about trophies and wins. It's a lot of hard work. 'I had to grow up really quick,' she says. 'Racing is an older sport.' Her father agrees. 'When you're a little girl racing against men, you've got to be tough. She is.'

She has also been determined and very brave. Racing is exciting, but it can also be dangerous. Cassie doesn't get hurt often, but the accidents she does have are big. 'This year, I had one pretty bad accident,' she says. 'We had just gotten the white flag, which means there is one lap to go. We went into the first turn and I tried to pass the car that was in first place. After I passed it, the car drove into me and I went end over end and flipped...I got hurt pretty bad. And I had another race after that! Some people offer to drive for me, with my number on their car. But I was determined to do well, so I had to go out, and I ended up winning the next race.'

Whew! That takes guts, and a lot of commitment. But Cassie loves racing more than anything else, so the hard work and the sacrifices are choices she's willing to make. Her advice to girls is very direct, and she means every word. 'Set your goals high,' she says. 'Aim for the unexpected and it will come.' Ride on, Cassie!

Words to help

smooth soepel

determined vastbesloten

end over end over de kop

commitment toewijding

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