The directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (weee), which entered into force as European law on 13

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WEEE Notice

The directive on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), which entered into force as European law on 13th February 2003, resulted in a major change in the treatment of electrical equipment at end-of-life.
The purpose of this Directive is, as a first priority, the prevention of WEEE, and in addition, to promote the reuse, recycling and other forms of recovery of such wastes so as to reduce disposal.

The WEEE logo (shown at the left) on the product or its box indicates that this product must not be disposed of or dumped with your other household waste. You are liable to dispose of all your electronic or electrical waste equipment by relocating over to the specified collection point for recycling of such hazardous waste. Isolated collection and proper recovery of your electronic and electrical waste equipment at the time of disposal will allow us to help conserve natural resources. Moreover, proper recycling of the electronic and electrical waste equipment will ensure safety of human health and the environment. For more information about electronic and electrical waste equipment disposal, recovery, and collection points, please contact your local city centre, household waste disposal service, shop from where you purchased the equipment, or manufacturer of the equipment.

RoHS Compliance

This product is in compliance with Directive 2002/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 January 2003, on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment (RoHS) and its amendments.

European Union Notice

Products with CE marking comply with the R&TTE Directive (99/5/EC), the EMC Directive (89/336/EEC), and the Low Voltage Directive (73/23/EEC) issued by the Commission of the European Community.
Compliance with these directives implies conformity to the following international standards:
IEC 60950-1 2004;

IEC 55022

IEC 55024 (IEC61000-4-2 excluded)

FCC part 15 Class B

User Manual

OPN: COMP-WRLD Version 2.4.2

© 2007 Optelec, the Netherlands

All rights reserved


P.O. Box 399

2990 AJ Barendrecht

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)88 678 34 44




WEEE Notice 1

RoHS Compliance 1

European Union Notice 1

About this manual 7

2. Getting to know your Compact+ 9

Front side 9

Bottom side 10

Right side 11

Underside 12

Placing the batteries 14

Turning power on / off 16

Using the magnification dial 16

Selecting a viewing mode 16

Using the snapshot button 17

Writing with the Compact+ 18

Using the collapsible, swing-out handgrip 18

4. Power and battery use 19

Charging the batteries 19

System Auto Off 20

Appendix A: Safety 21

Appendix B: Technical information 22

Over deze handleiding 7

2. De Compact+ leren kennen 9

Bovenzijde 9

Voorzijde 10

Rechterzijde 11

Onderzijde 12

3. De Compact+ voor het eerst gebruiken 14

Het plaatsen van de batterijen 14

Aan- / uitschakelen van de Compact+ 15

De vergrotingstoets gebruiken 15

Een leesstand selecteren 15

De snapshotknop gebruiken 16

Schrijven met de Compact+ 17

De Compact+ handgreep gebruiken 17

4. Netstroom en batterijgebruik 18

De batterijen laden 18

Automatisch uitschakelen 19

Bijlage A: Veiligheid 20

Bijlage B: Technische informatie 21

A propos de ce manuel 7

2. Description de votre loupe Compact+ 9

Vue du dessus 9

Vue de face 10

Vue de droite 11

Vue du dessous 12

Insérer la batterie 14

Bouton marche / arrêt 15

Utilisation du bouton d’agrandissement 15

Sélection d’un mode d’affichage 15

Utilisation du bouton de prise d’image 16

Ecrire avec la loupe Compact+ 17

Utilisation de la poignée mobile de la loupe Compact+ 17

4. Utilisation de l’alimentation et de la batterie 18

Charger la batterie 18

Le système d’arrêt automatique 19

Annexe A : Sécurité 20

Annexe B : Informations techniques 21

Il manuale 7

2. Descrizione di Compact+ 9

Lato superiore 9

Lato frontale 10

Lato destro 11

Lato inferiore 12

3. Informazioni preliminari 14

Inserimento delle batterie 14

Accensione e spegnimento 15

Uso del pulsante d’ingrandimento 15

Scelta della modalità di visualizzazione 15

Uso del Pulsante Foto 16

Scrivere con Compact+ 17

Uso della maniglia 17

4. Alimentazione ed uso delle batterie 18

Caricamento delle batterie 18

Spegnimento automatico 19

Appendice A: Sicurezza 20

Appendice B: Informazioni tecniche 21

1. Einführung 6

Über dieses Handbuch 8

2. Kennen lernen Ihres Compact+ 9

Oberseite 9

Forderseite 10

Rechte Seite 11

Unterseite 12

3. Erste Schritte 14

Einlegen der Batterien 14

Ein- / Ausschalten des Gerätes 15

Einstellen der Vergrößerung 15

Auswahl des Lesemodus 15

Verwenden des Standbild-Knopfes 16

Schreiben mit dem Compact+ 17

Verwenden des Griffs 17

4. Netz- und Batteriebetrieb 18

Wechseln der Batterien 18

Wenn der Compact+ nicht mit dem Stromnetz verbunden ist, wird er durch einen Akkupack bestehend aus 2 wiederaufladbaren Mignonzellen gespeist. Sie können auch normale Batterien verwenden, wir empfehlen allerdings Akkus, um die Umwelt zu schonen. Zum Aufladen der Akkus verbinden Sie bitte das Netzteil mit Ihrem Compact+ und stecken Sie es in eine Steckdose. Die orange LED neben dem Netzanschluss läuchtet so lange, bis der Ladevorgang beendet ist. Falls die LED blingt, is beim Laden ein Fehler afgetreten. Trennen Sie in diesem Fall die Verbindung zum Netzteil und überfrüfen Sie, on der Akkupack korrekt im gerät sitzt. Versuchen Sie es dann erneut. 18

Automatisches Abschalten 19

Anhang A: Sicherheitshinweise 20

Anhang B: Technische Daten 22

1. Introduction
Congratulations on choosing the Compact+, a pocket size electronic video magnifier designed by Optelec.
Optelec’s pocket size electronic magnifier enlarges, with magnification up to 10 times, and enhances printed text on a 4.3” widescreen display.
With its one button simplicity, controlling both magnification and viewing modes, the Compact+ offers an enhanced design that extends in operating comfort. It is designed for everyday use at any location.
If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the use of this product, please contact your distributor or the Optelec headquarters using the contact information at the last page of this manual. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. We hope you enjoy using your Compact+.

About this manual

This manual will familiarize you with the features and basic operations of the Compact+. Please read this manual carefully before using your device.

What’s in the box?
The Compact+ packaging contains the following:

  • The Compact+ pocket size electronic magnifier

  • A detachable neck cord

  • A protective carrying pouch

  • A power cable with power adapter and 4 plugs (EU, UK, US and AUS)

  • This user manual

  • The Compact+ rechargeable AA battery pack

If any of these items are missing from your package, please contact your distributor.

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