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2. Getting to know your Compact+

When the unit is placed correctly in front of you the display will be facing up and the round magnification dial / mode button is at the right side of the unit.

Front side

The following image shows the front side of the Compact+.
4.3” widescreen display mode button

magnification dial

4.3” widescreen display The 4.3” widescreen displays text and images
Mode button Pressing the mode button allows you to select one of the five

viewing modes

Magnification dial Turning the lever allows you to adjust the magnification

Bottom side

The following image shows the bottom edge of the Compact+.
snapshot button DC IN 5V jack

Snapshot button The snapshot button allows you to temporarily freeze an image on the screen of an object or text that may be at arm’s length, enabling you to bring the image closer to your eyes

DC IN 5V jack The AC power adapter cable connects to this jack. Use only the model of AC adapter that comes with the Compact+. Use of an adapter other than that supplied with the unit automatically voids the warranty.

Right side

The following image shows the right side of the Compact+.
on / off switch

On / Off switch Pressing the small round orange button for half a second will switch the unit on or off


The following image shows the underside of the Compact+.
camera battery

unit compartment collapsible,

swing-out handgrip

Battery compartment The battery compartment can take the Compact+ battery pack supplied with the unit or two single AA batteries, either rechargeable or disposable
Camera unit The Compact+ features an auto-focus camera that can slide in two positions; one for reading (‘centre’) and one for writing (‘end’)
Collapsible, swing-out handgrip Pull and swing-out the collapsible handgrip for enhanced reading comfort

3. Getting started

Placing the batteries

Your Compact+ will operate on one of three battery options:

  1. The Compact+ battery pack supplied with the unit, or

  2. AA rechargeable batteries, or

  3. AA disposable batteries

1. The Compact+ battery pack supplied with the unit consists of two AA rechargeable batteries.

We strongly advise you not to remove, open or disassemble the plastic sealing of the battery pack. Removing this sealing might cause malfunctioning of the batteries.
In the event that the unit has not been supplied with battery pack installed, install the battery pack as follows:

  • Turn the unit upside down

  • Press the small tab at the far end of the battery compartment to release the cover

  • Lift the cover

  • Install the battery pack

  • Replace the cover of the battery compartment

  • Gently press down to lock, until you hear a click

For optimal battery life please do not charge the Compact+ before the “battery empty” () warning is displayed on the screen. Frequent charging of a full battery pack may damage the battery and reduce its lifetime.
2. and 3. When using AA rechargeable or disposable batteries:

Install the batteries as follows:

  • Open the battery compartment as above

  • Remove the Compact+ battery pack

  • Install your batteries being careful to match polarity (i.e. + with +)

  • Replace the cover

Please note that when utilising rechargeable batteries, other than those supplied with the Compact+, it is not possible to recharge them using the AC power adapter supplied with the unit. Doing so may result in damage to the unit and automatically voids the warranty.

Turning power on / off

Switch the unit on and off by pressing the orange button, located at the right side of the unit, for half a second.

Using the magnification dial

To set the magnification, simply turn the lever of the dial, located next to the display. Placing the unit on a flat surface, allows you to select one of the three magnification levels; 5X, 7.5X or 10X. Lifting the unit allows you to lower the magnification which is useful to obtain an overview of the object or text being viewed.

Selecting a viewing mode

Pressing the round mode button, located in the center of the magnification dial, allows you to select one of the five viewing modes.
-       Negative mode: reading in high contrast white on black

-       Positive mode: reading in high contrast black on white

-       Photo mode: view full color text and photos

-       High contrast yellow text on a black background: reading in high contrast yellow on black

-       High contrast yellow text on a blue background: reading in high contrast yellow on blue
Pressing the round mode button for approximately one second, allows you to switch object lighting off. Object lighting can be turned on and off in each of the above mentioned viewing modes, facilitating reading of glossy magazines, displays and screens. Pressing the mode button for one second again, will switch object lighting back on, whereas selecting the next viewing mode by a short press of the mode button will turn the lighting on too.

Using the snapshot button

The snapshot button allows you to temporarily freeze an image on the screen.

  • Hold or place the Compact+ over the text or image

  • Press the oval shaped snapshot button, located at the bottom side of the unit

  • Bring the unit closer to your eyes to view the object or text

  • Turn the lever, located next to the display, to change the magnification

  • Press the viewing mode button, in the centre of the magnification dial, to change the viewing mode

  • Press the snapshot button again to unfreeze the image

Writing with the Compact+

You are also able to use the Compact+ for writing. Take the unit in your hand and turn it upside down (display facing down)

  • Slide the battery compartment to the centre bringing the camera lens to the far end (see picture).

  • Place the unit back on your paper (display facing up).

  • Hold the Compact+ down on the side of the magnification dial / mode button so that the Compact+ rests on that side edge. This lifts the camera and allows a pen to be used within the area shown on screen.

  • Place your pen under the raised side and you can start writing.

Slide the battery compartment to its original position to return to the reading mode.

Using the collapsible, swing-out handgrip

The Compact+ has a collapsible, swing-out handgrip;, giving you the feeling you are using a regular magnifying glass. Simply pull the handle, located on the underside to release it, and swing it out to eventually snap in place. The collapsible handle gives you additional support and control for optimal reading comfort.

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