Thematic Meeting "European Youth: Hope or Despair for the New Generation?"

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European Economic and Social Committee

Employers' Group

Thematic Meeting
"European Youth: Hope or Despair for the New Generation?"

29 August 2012

Palais des Congrès

10, rue de la Chancellerie


European states, affected by successive crises, are reacting in disorder.

In the eyes of European citizens and especially young people, Europe is becoming to appear less and less as a solution, and increasingly as a problem. Between 2008 and 2010, the total number of unemployed youth in the EU (under twenty-five years) has increased by one million, making it one of the groups hardest hit by the economic crisis: their unemployment rate has now increased to over 20%, and it peaks at over 40% in some Member States.

The isolationism and protectionism are current threats. Faced with the loss of identity and values, Europe does not find the answers to the height of local and global issues.

The Europe of Jean Monnet evoked dreams of generations as well for those in the West, scarred by the memory of the world wars, as for those in the East who were deprived of personal liberties. Today, our Europe lacks leadership able to reignite the march towards progress for generations. It is up to civil society to take its destiny in its own hands!

What needs to be done to give young Europeans the best tools and assets to succeed in life?

Does intergenerational solidarity need to be put in motion to restore meaning to collective action?

How can the European Economic and Social Committee, which represents the aspirations of civil society, contribute to this momentum?


13.00 Gathering at the Hotel Concorde Montparnasse in Paris, departure by bus to the Palais des congrès of Versailles

14.30 Welcome coffee

15.00 Opening: Following the footsteps of Jean Monnet, what future for the European youth?

André Marcon, President of CCI France, Henri Malosse, President of the EESC Employers' Group, Mihai Manoliu, Member of the Employers' Group.

15.45 What does it take to succeed? Preparing young people for the world of business

Yves Fouchet, President of the CRCI Ile de France and the CCI of Versailles Val d'Oise / Yvelines, Peter Clever, Vice President of the Employers' Group, Gonçalo Lobo Xavier, Member of the Employers' Group, Sophie Charlotte Forcioli, 23, student in political sociology, Yu Luo, 23, student at HEC, Alice Bruey, 25, graduated from ISIPCA, food flavor scientist at METARON

16.30 Coffee Break

17.00 Ensuring generational change within companies

Sylvia Gauci, Executive Secretary of the Malta Council for economic and social development, Lexxus Borovenkis, 30, founder of a marketing and communications company, Lia Bonnemain, 23, president of PEJ France (The European Youth Parliament) Claire Guichet, 24, representative of General Federation of Students (FAGE) in the EESC France.

17.45 Concluding debate: How to make the corporate world attractive to young people?

Christophe Praud, President of the Center of Young Leaders (CJD), Victoria Petrova, Head of Unit, DG Enterprise and Industry, European Commission, Jacek Krawczyk, EESC Vice-President, Vladimira Drbalova, Member of the Employers' Group

18.30 End of work

19.00 Departure for the Jean Monnet House

20.15 Reception at the Jean Monnet House:
presentation of the House and the work of Jean Monnet

21.00 Informal dinner – 23.00: Return to Paris

Thursday 30 and Friday 31 August 2012 - Palais des Congrès of Versailles

University of CCI in France
19-29 The challenges of a generation
Related to the program of the University


30 August: 08.00 departure for Versailles by bus from the Montparnasse hotel to the CCI University of France

- 18.30 return by bus from Palais des Congrès to the Montparnasse hotel

- For those attending the gala dinner only : 23.30 return by bus from Versailles to the Montparnasse hotel
31 August: : 08.00 departure for Versailles by bus from the Montparnasse hotel to the CCI University of France; 14.00: return by bus to the Montparnasse hotel

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