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hoofdstuk 6 nr. 1 vocabulaire vmbo

The right word in the right place.

Zet de volgende woorden op de goede plaatsen in de zinnen.
advertenties - geld - mouwen - juiste maat - kaart - cadeau - kan er niet meer tegen - vliegtuig - waar kom je vandaan? - weigeren
1 I like this sweatshirt but the ...... are too short.

2 I ..... all that shouting any more.

3 When I was on holiday in Britain everybody asked me '..............' ?

4 Look for the way to Amsterdam on this .....

5 Next year we will go to America on holiday by .....

6 On my 14th birthday I got a beautiful ..... from my sister.

7 This shirt is far too big for me. This can't be the ...........

8 I think there are too many ..... in our newspapers today.

9 I would like to buy that shirt, but I don't have enough .....

10 When Donald asked me to help him I could not .....

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 2 vocabulaire vmbo

Vul de woorden in

Zet de gegeven woorden op de juiste plaatsen in de zinnen.
bill - celebrate our victory - doesn't fit - fed up - fill in - movies - language - saving up - staying with - take it easy
1 Don't make yourself angry. Come on, .....

2 Of all tv-programmes I like horror ..... best.

3 We won! Wow! Let us .....!

4 Can you ..... all the words in this test?

5 I really love that sweatshirt, but I'm afraid it .....

6 After I had studied for this test for two hours I was ..... with it.

7 I am ..... my money for a racing bike.

8 I get into difficulties in Germany because I don't speak the German .....

9 We had a fantastic party, but who is going to pay the .....?

10 Last summer my cousin was ..... us for two weeks.

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 3 grammatica vmbo

Oh, oh, all those TV-commercials!

Maak onderstaande zinnen goed af door te zeggen wat er zal gebeuren of juist niet zal gebeuren. Dus gebruik will of won't in je antwoorden.

Kijk maar naar deze voorbeelden:

What happens if I take Kellogg's cornflakes for breakfast?

If you take Kellogg's cornflakes for breakfast, you will have a great day.

What happens if I don't use Philips batteries?

If you don't use Philips batteries, your walkman won't play long.

1 What happens if I use new Pampers?

If you use new Pampers, your baby's bums ..... (not get wet)

2 And what if I drink Coca Cola?

If you drink Coca Cola, you ..... (feel good)

3 But what then, if I don't use Timotei shampoo?

If you don't use Timotei shampoo, your hair ..... (not look glossy)

4 And if I don't take Clearasil?

If you don't take Clearasil, you ..... (get pimples)

5 Oh, too bad! But don't tell me I must use Kodak films!

If you don't use Kodak films, your colours ..... (be poor)

6 All right, all right. But no new Omo, please!

If you don't buy new Omo, your wash ..... (not be clean)

7 Someone like you will never feel safe.

If you don't buy a Volvo, you ..... (not feel safe)

8 Now I've had enough of it. Stop this stupid talk!

If you listen to me, you ..... (feel happier)

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 4 grammatica vmbo

Make contact with another world in Sea World!

Een van de vele toeristenattracties in Florida is Sea World. Hier vind je de tekst van een reclamefoldertje van Sea World. Vul op de open plekken de juiste vorm van het gegeven woord in. Gebruik de vergrotende trap en de overtreffende trap (-er, -est, more, most)
The (1. exciting)..... things happen at Sea World. We have the (2. new) ..... shows and the (3. professional) ..... performers. We have more modern facilities. But one thing hasn't changed. The thrill that comes from making contact with the animals of Sea World has not become (4. expensive) ..... than it was last year.

One of your (5. important) ..... contacts begins with our (6. famous) ..... stars, Shamu and his family of killer whales. Their new show, 'Shamu, new visions' is (7. dramatic) ..... than ever. You will feel as if you were racing through the water and into the air right along with Shamu.

Nowhere else can you discover that sea lions and otters are the world's

(8. funny) ..... clowns. That dolphins are one of nature's miracles. And that all animals have an important place in our world, which we are making (9. miserable) ..... day by day.

So make some valuable contacts. At Sea World. Our shows are

(10. exciting) ..... than any other water show in Florida!

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 5 lezen vmbo

Visit St. Augustine Alligator Farm!

Lees dit verhaaltje over de alligatortuin ('Alligator Farm') in Florida, U.S.A. Beantwoord dan de vragen die eronder staan.
Founded in 1893, the World's Original Alligator Farm is an exciting day of fun for the entire family. Come face to face with GOMEK, the giant saltwater crocodile from New Guinea. This colossal creature is the largest reptile on exhibit in all America. Wildlife from all over the world can be found on the farm. Monkeys and tropical birds from the jungles of South America, giant tortoises from the Galapagos Islands, Gila monsters from the deserts of Mexico, and snakes from the four corners of the Earth are all part of our unforgettable World of Adventure!

Our exciting Reptile and Alligator shows will thrill the entire family. These entertaining shows will give you the facts behind some of Nature's most unique and unusual creatures. You will make many new friends when you meet the funny and lovable goats and deer in our petting zoo.

Geef op deze vragen zo kort mogelijk antwoord.
1 Year when this attraction started: .....

2 Name of the attraction: .....

3 Sort of animal that GOMEK is: .....

4 South American animals they have: ..... and .....

5 Place where the tortoises come from: .....

6 Place where the Gila monsters come from: .....

7 Animals that appear in a show: ..... and .....

8 Place where you can meet goats and deer: .....

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 6 schrijven vmbo
Send me a postcard, drop me a line
Nadat Esther een en ander geschreven heeft over haar vakantie, is het nu jouw beurt om jouw vakantie in Amerika te beschrijven. Maak daarvoor deze brief goed af.
Dear Esther,
(Bedank voor de brief die ze geschreven heeft over haar vakantie.)


I think you must have had a splendid holiday! Now let me tell you about our tour in the United States. (Vertel iets over de vlucht naar Amerika).

We (2)...........................

I liked America very much. We went to New York (they call that 'The Big Apple'), but it rained there all of the time. (Vertel hoe je dat hebt gevonden.) (3) ........................
Oh, so many of these Americans are really fat. When we were there we (vertel wat je daar veel gegeten en gedronken hebt.) (4)..............., and you can have (5) ......... everywhere.

No wonder so many people are fat!

Everything in America is so big. Not only the cola or the cars, everything. (Vertel over een attractiepark waar je was.)(6) ........................ .
Well, in my next letter I'll write to you about my new friend. Did you know already that I (7) ..................?
Do you have fun fairs in Wales? Please, let me know about it!
(8) .....

hoofdstuk 6 nr. 7 luisteren vmbo
Fill in a form
Een toerist vraagt aan een stewardess om een kaartje met persoonlijke gegevens in te vullen. Vul jij dit kaartje in:
1 Date: .....
2 Surname: .....
3 First name(s): .....
4 Date of birth: .....
5 Place of birth : .....
6 Nationality: .....
7 Passport number: .....
8 Home address: .....
9 Phone number: .....

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