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1 vocabulary vmbo
Hieronder staat een aantal woorden. Welke woorden passen in welke zin? (Je houdt er een paar over!)
admitted - average - competitors - hilarious - jam-packed - leaflets - rapids - recall - released - remained - runner-up -summit
1 Many people like mountains, but not everyone climbs for the ......

2 I have never laughed so much! It was .....

3 She nearly won first place but she was the ..... in the end.

4 At the end of the match only five players .....; the rest didn't make it.

5 The shop was ..... with people. There was a big sale going on.

6 I don't deliver newspapers; I deliver ...... Much easier!

7 You have to be careful with the ..... in this river.

8 When there are only three ....., it's not hard to get the bronze medal.

9 He can ..... every detail; he's got a photographic memory.

10 She was in a police cell for three days. They ..... her yesterday.
2 vocabulary vmbo
Lees de zinnen hieronder. Vul de lege plekken in. De Nederlandse betekenis staat erachter.
1 That was a great job; really ..... (uitstekend)

2 If you want to be good at something you need a lot of ..... (oefening)

3 We got a special …..: a huge ice-cream! (traktatie)

4 It takes a lot of ….. to do a bungee jump (moed)

5 Have you ..... what you're going to do? (besloten)

6 She was wearing a mask so I didn't ..... her. (herkennen)

7 He's so .....; he dropped three glasses when he did the dishes. (onhandig)

8 ..... Are you sick? You look pale! (Wat is er aan de hand?)

9 ....., I think you should do it! (Hoe dan ook, enfin)

10 What’s the ….. for his big success? (reden)

3 grammatica vmbo
Vul telkens de verleden tijd of het voltooid deelwoord van het gevraagde onregelmatige werkwoord in:
1 What's wrong with your arm? Oh, it's just my finger. I've (gesneden) ..... it badly.

2 It (deed zeer) ..... me more than I can say.

3 What does he know about the tennis championships? Well, he (las) ..... everything about it.

4 I wanted to buy that new sweater, but it (kostte) ..... too much.

5 Ouch! You (sloeg) ..... me! Did you do that on purpose?

6 When I was five I (dacht) ..... I'd become a bus driver.

7 The penalty kick was not too hard, so our goalkeeper (ving) ..... it.

8 She (voelde) ..... as if she had butterflies in her stomach.

9 When everybody had gone, David (kwam) ..... in.

10 Where's my bike key? I'm afraid I've (verloren) ..... it.

11 The national football team (vochten) ..... like lions, but still they couldn't win.

12 The shirt was not too expensive, so I've (gekocht) ..... it.

13 I wanted to catch little Jamie, but he (rende) ..... away too quickly.

14 All the houses in this square were pulled down, and then they (bouwden) ..... a shopping centre.

15 Look what has happened! Someone has (gestolen) ..... all my pens!

16 Jack is not here at the moment. He (verliet) ..... the building ten minutes ago.

17 You can only skate when the canals are (bevroren) ..... over.

18 Look what he's done! He has (gebeten) ..... me in my arm!

19 I don't know what TV-programme he had (gekozen) .....

20 This year I (groeide) ..... more than ever.

21 I was so thirsty, I (nam) ..... a giant coke.

22 Have you (geschreven) ..... an answer to Jean's letter already?

23 We did our very best, but still, we (verloren) .....

24 You may not leave the playground after the match has (begonnen) ......

25 You know what I've (gegeten) ..... this morning? A kipper!

26 When I was ten my father (gaf) ..... me a photo camera.

27 I have never (gezien) ..... such a terribly bad film.

28 Have you (genomen) ..... your pills this morning?

  1. Did you understand what she has just (gezegd) .....?

  2. After saying good-bye, he (ging) ….. home.

4 grammatica vmbo
Write correct sentences

Maak van de volgende stukken hele zinnen. Gebruik het voegwoord while. Je mag while aan het begin van de zin zetten of tussen de twee zinnen in (wat het beste past in de zin). Een voorbeeld:

Peter (make) his design for the poster match / his teacher - watch him

While Peter was making his design for the poster match, his teacher was watching him.


Peter was making his design for the poster match while his teacher was watching him.
1 He (copy) the figure of Spiderman / Mrs Maltby - talk to him

2 He (listen) to music / he - paint

3 His teacher (get) angry / Peter - tell jokes

4 Patrick (ride) his BMX bike / the others - cheer

5 Merrick (climb) Mount McKinley / her mother - follow her

  1. Jonathon (walk) through mountain streams / the children - watch him

  2. She (put on) her clothes / I – clean my teeth

  3. I (buy) my ticket / the train – roll into the station

  4. He (smoke) a cigarette / he – do his homework

  5. Dad (listen) to a CD / I – play a game on my computer

5 lezen vmbo
Van je docent krijg je de teksten over Shaun White en Andrew Panetti uit Outside Kids, Winter 1955 (CM 4.2).
Lees deze teksten eerst aandachtig. !!!
A Hieronder zie je twee keer vijf woorden. Ze zijn ook onderstreept in de tekst. Wat betekenen deze woorden in deze teksten?

Kies telkens het goede antwoord: a of b.

Shaun White

1 hottest = a heetste b meest populaire

2 lives = a leeft b woont

3 about = a ongeveer b over

4 beat = a sloeg b versloeg

5 finish = a afmaken b eindigen, over de streep komen
Andrew Panetti

6 guess = a denk b raad

7 seal = a zeehond b zegel

8 Last = a de vorige b laatste

9 degrees = a diploma ‘s b graden

10 Too = a ook b te

B Zet nu de zinnen hieronder bij de goede persoon. Eén zin is voorgedaan.
Shaun White :

Andrew Panetti: 1,

1 Seals and sharks have met him on their ways.

2 He doesn't really live in the right area.

3 Swimming pools are a nightmare to him.

4 He doesn't mind the cold.

5 He wasn't afraid of competing with professionals.

6 Skate boarding is one way of practising.

7 He doesn't like wetsuits.

8 He is the youngest.

9 He does a lot of other sports.

10 He's from California.

6 luisteren vmbo
BBC News item
Lees de beweringen hieronder.
Luister naar het nieuws. Geef aan met True of False of de beweringen kloppen of niet.
1 Vandaag vieren ze in Abingdon de gouden bruiloft van de koningin.

2 Het festival vindt voor het eerst plaats.

3 De burgemeester gooit krentenbroodjes naar de mensen.

4 In Londen gaan mensen op vossenjacht in Hyde Park.

5 Bezoekers kunnen het beste het centrum van Londen bereiken met de metro.

6 Chaplin en Atkinson zijn op jacht naar een olifant.

7 Ze zoeken een pot om de olifant in te koken.

8 De pot mag niet meer kosten dan £160.

9 Het skelet is bedoeld voor een rondreizende tentoonstelling.

10 De weersverwachting voor Groot-Brittannië is fantastisch.

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