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1 vocabulary vmbo
Welk woord past in welke zin? (Je houdt er twee over!)
appealed - booked - deliberately - escape - fumble for - host - investigate - on the alert - safety - shelter - sighed - stench
1 He said it was an accident. He didn't do it .....

2 The policeman ..... her for riding without a light.

3 We needed some ..... against the rain.

4 When you hear the alarm you should be .....

5 You need to wear this helmet for your own .....

6 She hired a private detective to ..... the murder.

7 He ..... when he saw the work. He was tired already.

8 It was pitch dark; I had to ..... the light switch.

  1. The burglar managed to ..... on the way to the police station.

  2. The ..... coming from that rubbish heap is unbearable.

2 vocabulary vmbo
Welke woorden ontbreken in dit verhaal? De vertaling staat telkens tussen haakjes gegeven.

Let op: de meeste werkwoorden moet worden ingevuld in de verleden tijd!!

Yesterday three boys of 15, 16 and 19 years old, were arrested for trying to rob at least five people in one day. They ..... (1) (vielen aan) their victims in the shopping centre. Sometimes the victims ..... (2) (lukte het) to get away. Sometimes they ended up with a ..... (3) (bult) on the head. One of the victims hit back giving the 16 year old boy a ..... (4) (blauw oog).

The boys ..... (5) (veroorzaakten) quite a panic in the shopping centre. The police were ..... (6) (geschokt) to hear one of the boys say he ..... (7) (vond leuk) scaring people. A man who saw one of the robberies said he had been too ..... (8) (bang) to do anything about it. The police blames the eldest boy: ‘It's all his ..... (9) (fout). He was the leader. He deserves the harshest ..... (10) (straf)’.

3 grammatica vmbo

Zet achter elke zin de juiste tag question. Je kunt kiezen uit de drie mogelijkheden die achter elke zin gegeven zijn.

Voorbeeld: The woman motorist was six times over the limit, wasn't she?
1 The Greek men are organizing dog fights, .....? (are they - aren't they - isn't it)

2 The pitbulls hadn't eaten for a few days, .....? (had they - isn't it - were they)

3 A Spanish woman lived under the kitchen sink, .....? (did she - didn't she - wasn't she?

4 She hadn't lived there all her life, .....? (didn't she - had she - isn't it)

5 The Spanish woman is blind, .....? (doesn't she - is she - isn't she)

6 Social workers found her in a cardboard box, .....? (didn't they - don't they - were they)

7 A woman motorist had drunk a whole bottle of vodka, .....? (hadn't she - hadn't it - isn't it)

8 She wasn't able to drive her car anymore, .....? (isn't it - was it - was she)

9 The other drunken driver was not sent to prison, .....? (did he - was he - wasn't he)

10 Mr B. is chairman of the anti-alcohol committee, .....? (doesn't he - is he - isn't he)
4 grammatica vmbo

Voeg nu zelf de juiste tag question toe aan elke zin.

1 Tina Shea was looking for her front door keys, .....?

2 She had come back from her holiday in Bognor Regis, .....?

3 She knew something was wrong, .....?

4 She didn't like the smell that came to her from the living room, .....?

5 Tina couldn't believe her eyes, .....?

6 All her houseplants were smashed, .....?

7 She saw packets of soap powder scattered across the floor, .....?

8 Her two children started to cry, .....?

9 Tina doesn't want to live in that house any more, .....?

10 She lives in another village now, .....?
5 grammatica vmbo

In deze zinnen staat steeds de verleden tijd of de voltooide tijd gegeven. Welke van die twee is goed?

1 Look! Somebody (messed up - has messed up) my whole collection of pigs.

2 Mark! (Were you - Have you been) in my room?

3 Well, erm, this morning I (was - have been) there for a minute.

4 When I came into your room I (lost - have lost) control of my bike.

5 Then it (fell - has fallen) in the middle of your pig collection.

6 I (tried - have tried) all day to put things right again.

7 Oh Mark! Why (didn't you tell - haven't you told) me that before you went to school?

8 And you ruined the lovely pig that Fabrizio (gave - has given) me this summer in Italy.
6 lezen vmbo
CM 5.2
Newspaper articles. What's the right order?

Van je docent krijg je vijf krantenberichten die in stukken zijn geknipt en door elkaar zijn gegooid

Zet de delen in de juiste volgorde in het schema achter de titels door de nummers in te vullen.
Car crash ..... ..... .....

Baby milk scare ..... ..... .....

Radioactive pigeons ..... ..... .....

Coma student tragedy ..... ..... .....

Boy injured by wall ..... ..... .....

7 luisteren vmbo

A Lees de beweringen hieronder.

B Luister naar het verhaal van Jenny.

C Geef steeds aan of de bewering waar of niet waar is (T) en (F)
1 Ze slaapt graag in een opvanghuis.

2 Haar moeder was erg jong toen Jenny geboren werd.

3 Haar ouders zijn gescheiden.

4 Ze woonde bij haar oma.

5 Ze helpt elke vrijdag een vrouw en krijgt dan £1.

6 Ze vindt het heerlijk om rond te trekken.

7 Haar vriendje woont in een opvanghuis voor kinderen.

8 Jenny en haar vriendje komen allebei niet uit Londen.

9 Ze durft niet naar oma te gaan.

10 In de zomer vertrekken ze voorgoed naar Brighton.

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