Tracklisting robot wars 10”

Dovnload 76.75 Kb.
Grootte76.75 Kb.
01. Post Student Syndrome
02. Copycat
03. Robot Wars
04. …And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out
05. Written In Some Depressive Mood
06. Encounters
07. You Know So Well
08. Fuel
09. In Existence
10. The Kids Shouldn’t Be Playing With Fire
11. Tekila
12. Attitude
13. Dead Men
14. Morning Wood
15. Utopia Dismantled
16. The Last Thing
17. Biela
18. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken)
19. Ons Land
20. Nieuwe Politiek #1
21. Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Gezind
22. Nieuwe Politiek #2

23. Laatste Halte



10" (Deadlock Records [NL] DEAD002, 2000)

Post Student Syndrome / Copycat / Robot Wars / And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out / Written In Some Depressive Mood / Encounters / You Know So Well / Fuel //

1000 press / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 20-21.02.2000
1. Post Student Syndrome

Prospects of a new life, planning, cash in, cash out

Weigh every step I take

Live up to every expectation that rests on my shoulder

And now I talk to the mouth of some lost soul that never matched up to his own

And I wonder how many careers are based on true motivation.

Are mine true enough to make it through time

I’ll serve mine and already apologize for failing

I dare you to say you live the life you dreamed of

Consequences first, step out of line, severe damage for sure, think it over first.

Post student syndrome

Even when I finished being a student more than a year ago, I still have my doubts about the kind of future that lays ahead of me after the safe world of university. My current job is pretty satisfying but I can’t imagine myself working like this for the next year or next two years. Making 9 to 5 days and purchasing a career without actualy wondering “why?”. At the same time I realize that doing something else next year depends mainly on my own initiative. I better make sure that’s not just dreaming….

2. Copycat

I keep hearing what was said long before

Synchronized mouths a copy of dim light

Is what remained

The worst has still to come,

But you don’t know and you never will

No gods, no masters

Your revolution is not much more

Than a piece of paper

Tell me whom are you fooling

Don’t expect me to strife on your side

No progression made


Too many words, too many songs

Don’t imitate, innovate….. haha, how appropriate

3. Robot Wars

Robot wars, no remorse, metal bloodshed

Robot wars, shred to pieces, ripped apart total devestation

Killing is the game, robot wars the name

Two warriors, battleground, till the end
All hail to SHIKARI, all hail to ROBOT WARS

Let the battles start

Death machinery

Robot wars

Let’s do some damage

Dead metal, Mathilda, Sgt.Bash, Robot wars

Robot wars

Some entertainment, see

4. …And Just When I Thought I Had It All Figured Out

Made a blueprint for my own reassurance

Funny, how everything seems to be falling apart

When the most precious of thoughts is proven wrong

Made a blueprint to cut out my insecurities

Now I can only question the need of trying to structure my life

Never thought that anyone

Could break down this fortress

And leave me in ruins like this

And I can only ask myself, was

It worth, rationalize thoughts,

Can I, can I…

What is love, is this love

Can I love, will I love…


And just when i thought i had it all figured out

I keep on amazing myself how much i value certain pre-set patterns that are part of my life, or better, which i thought were part of my life. I guess we all do it in one way or another, finding smething or someone to hold on to. Especially in realtionships. However the harder we hold on , the harder we fall if some of these patterns don’t seem to fit anymore. I’ve seen my life turned upside down within just a couple of weeks and i couldn’t satnd it that i totally lost grip over what seems to be everything around me. I couldn’t order my feelings of anger, frustration, tenderness or love…..especially love, ust because i couldn’t believe what was happening and refused to let go of my self set structures. For obvious reasons this fears me, on the other side i should realize that this is just how it works…..and i do. But then again this makes afraid of falling in love, while it’s probably one of the best things in life…….i love
5. Written In Some Depressive Mood

This room is too small

I hate this room, it’s not mine

I hold the key but there’s no keyhole, no exit

It’s like a rope tightened around my neck

Forced to swallow, choking

Another 25 years tied down on these restrictions

Just the thought

Break the burden

Kill that thought

My own noise

I once said to former classmates in highschool that 25 years seemed to me as a reasonable age to die….of course i was joking. I’m 25 right now and this has been one of the most confusing years i can remember so far. My state of mind changes from feeling great to being extremely depressed. I guess it happens to everyone and it should be normal or something but to me this new. There were/are times when i feel like i totally had it, being totally fed up with everything and everyone around me, and especially with myself. Moments when i wished there was just a simple switch to turn or button to push, making it all stop being able to step out and start all over again. I wish i could stop every once and awhile.

6. Encounters

Standing on behalf of the crowd

Thinking where did

I bring myself and you ask

What’s the threat?
I keep running into disillusion

It’s hard not to be cynical

Alternative nation inhibited

By leaders and followers

Who do you identify with?

Don’t you know

You have to choose sides

Let the cleansing begin

Be sure to wear the right stigma
All I believed in faded away

Are my expectations too high

Or are you afraid of recognition

And admit it at the same time

My hero died today and

I held the knife

Walked right into it
If this is the current state

Of evolutions, count me out

My hero died today

And I should have seen it coming…


Attending a show I run into images of people, not people. Each time again I experience meeting more faces without names, people who think being part of something only expresses itself by being there and the way they look. I also see myself accepting it, considering it normal “this is different/alternative and this is the way we look like”

Yes I know “what would you care what we look like?” well unfortunately the attitude comes with the look. For me this band is an expression for all sorts of emotion. Of love, anger, frustration…. And important, passion for everything I do within this band. And that’s defintely something I miss at another average show, with another average band, with another average audience…
7. You Know So Well

What did I say? What did I do?

This view of mine will probably never fit in

What did you say? What did you do?

Oh, you know so well how I should succeed

Please go

Set things straight in your own pathetic world first

Shut up and stay out of mine


You know so well

This is basically the “fuck you” song on this record. I guess the lyrics pretty much explain themselves. When i wrote this, it was specifically directed at someone who took pleasure out of questioning and criticizing everything i did or thought. There never seemed to be any reasonin the discussions we had and it didn’t really matter who was right or wrong. The most striking thing was the lack of understanding or respect and the provoking manner this always had to took place. Though these words are not very appropriate anymore considering him (we’re still friends), I still run into numerous encounters where this is so recognizable. People who always seem to know what’s best for you and in most of these occasions i just think……..please go…

8. Fuel

This is my st(h)atement

What won’t regress my motivation

Is my own reversion

Of the herds of know-it-alls

That seems to surround me daily

Setting fire to settled structures

The present order until there’s

No more now and here

Fear down the monuments

Butrn their churches

I feed on you, you give me reason to

I love to despise

For the hope

A better day


I feed on the hate you sow


I’ve been involved with this hardcore/punk thing for about six years now i think. Back then, i found everything that happened musically and politically very inspiring and enriching my own selfconciousness or whatever you want to name it…and it still does. However over the years the inspiration and motivation in continuing this, being part of a “scene” shifted from a very positive attitude towards a very cynical one. Going to shows, meeting people, reading zines and lyrics also contributed to an awareness of being involved in something that couldn’t be more cliche, foundon solid structures and slow in changing. I’m not disappointed but when i think of it, it’s rather strange that sometimes i’m more inspired by the apathy and numbness in this scene than the things that attracted me in the first place. Should i say thank you for the inspiration?



10" (Deadlock Records [NL] DEAD00?, 2002)

SHIKARI: In Existence / The Kids Shouldn't Be Playing With Fire / Tekila / Attitude // (SEEIN'RED)

1400 press / stamped-printed in 5 different colors / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 14-15.12.2001

9. In Existence

Did the thought of seeking beyond the boundaries of our enclosing existence ever cross your mind?

We get a fix on

greed and consumption

trained into perfection

living an assumption

We are deceived in our loves, fights and motivations

I truly wish that we just could all see through the blinds

create your own existence
10. The Kids Shouldn’t Be Playing With Fire

Integrity seems really hard to hold on to when integrity can be bought and sold

if you can't live up to your won set of values, why bother?

stop trying making up excuses, it's obvious you're willing to sell yourself out,

why even speak of politically awareness when the only policy is you

can't start a fire as long as the consequences won't outgrow the level of giving it a serious thought, oh no, imagine!!

this is your policy of me

only suited up till here

a policy of me

only valid now and here

tell me, tell me

wait, nevermind your story, I bet it will fit into your pathetic little world, you've justified it all haven't you?

kids shouldn't be playing with what they don't know how to handle, leave your policy at home, so it's there where I can burn it down
11. Tekila

Step into a never ending circle that feels so familiar, never asking for a direction,

lead me into your love

this time, I just know it's for real

this time. this is how you make me feel

this time, not gonna let it go


this scene looks so familiar

I've played thsi part before

it's the one where I lost my lines

the director shouted "cut" and I kept talking

and even though I can't remember the words

it must have been the right script

and if you ever wondered why, I can't stop, can't get enough?

I want you to feel, I want you to be here, feel your presence and I love to love you
12. Attitude

Would it make a difference if you'd be born with your mouth stuffed?

you talk so much it makes no sense at all

just plain repetitions. waht have you got to add?

an advertisement of something i'll never be a part

in the name of shut up and play

a culture of apathy

fuck it, not afraid to say

fuck it you won't save the day

fuck it this must come really hard

fuck it please tear us apart

your interpretation of a so called open mind means nothing more but blind acceptance of a goal justifying the means, your attitude mistaken for an opinion.

to me you're nothing but scared

7" EP (Level Plane [USA], LP41, 2002)

CDEP (Level Plane [USA], LP41, 2003)

Dead Men / Morning Wood / Utopia Dismantled / The Last Thing //

7" = 500 press / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 18-20.08.2001 / CDEP has 30 minute DivX video
13. Dead Men

What makes this anger grow

frustration building up inside of me

the inability of getting through to you

a blind acceptance of the role they assigned to you

have you ever wondered who told you what to do?


Dead men


A heart at twenty, a mere consumer at thirty, when did you stop feeling like you did?

your heart didn't stop beating, you didn't stop breathing, still it seems to me as if everything just quit


Such a sad story that's meant to be so unreal but the laughter remains rather dimm playing your role as I'm watching you sliding away. what's left?, your prospects, your future?


Anger builds inside of me, I wish I could light the fire, make you realize and live again.

I wish I set the world alight, make everyone see, hear and feel, I wish I could
Dead Men

“When you’re not a rebel at twenty, you’ve got no heart

when you’re not settled at thirty, you’ve got no brain”
Someday we’ll all reach that age when it’s time to get serious…

I didn’t know that included having my heart removed.

14. Morning Wood

See me here

drowning in

some self created form of misery


Nothing else seems to matter at all, nothing of any relevance, will release me from here 

hit me hard, then cut me deep, it might just hurt or put me to sleep 

please last for another day, comforts me more than it should, gives me the relief, the need more than anything would


Caught up in self reflection, swallowed with appreciation 

nothing else seems to matter at all but even I realize that I'll have to


Wake up


Nothing of any relevance matters here, self reflection, appreciation comforts me, then I'll wake up again

Morning Wood

No words here, just a feeling. Real sometime ago, possibly real sometime in the future

15. Utopia Dismantled

Life reduced to a concrete wish. Simplification of our wants and needs and eventually transformed into an ultimate attempt of forcing patterns upon us. Don't think we'll think for you. Satisfaction gained out of emptiness. Our homes as the imagination of the circle of demise we're in. Concrete = freedom. Trapped into a steel caged. Life's being decided for you.

Nevermind the wealth your bathing in, we'll turn it into mud for you, but don't fear, your smile never fades in this utopia especially build for you. You'll never see. You'll never realize
Utopia Dismantled

About increasing the amount of abilities and reducing originality. Uniformity as the image of an utopian lifestyle.

Freedom of choice is a joke.
16. The Last Thing

Bless myself with this fucking gift of saying the right thing when it's need to be said.

So well thought, almost real, one day and I'll start believing it myself

Bless myself being so goddamn rational, so much sense when the damage is already done


And even though, I must say that it does make sense to me, it feels like shit

The last thing I ever wanted to hear that it's probably the best for the both of us


These words are me, I know but I swear I didn't have to use ‘em

These words are mine, I know but I hate it, them coming out of my mouth


A price I was more than willing to pay to keep me from drifting from you or me

The Last Thing

There is probably a thousand or so more songs like this to be written. This is the last time I wrote one… I hope.


3" creditcard CD (Masterhardcore [NL] Masterhardcore1, 2002)


110 press, 75 are numbered / in envelope with 55 blue print, 55 red print / special UK may 2002 tour release / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 05.2001
17. Biela

Toca Biela

Viva la Biela

La Biela es nuestra vida!


Listen up!

Play Biela

Long live Biela

Biela is our life!


In 2001 Don’t Belong records from Spain was working on a 7” compilation project called Bielaaarrggghh! The idea was simular to the 7” series that was put out by Slap-A-Ham in the States, except this one was to include as many bands as possible from Europe. Shikari went for the most anthemic track for the record and especially recorded the song Biela. Biela is local slang from Asturias, Spain (where Don’t Belong was located) and stands for “Thrash”, “Fast Hardcore”, and the likes. Unfortunately this project was canceled because far too few bands sent in their songs…

When we were preparing for our UK tour with Seein’Red, the release of the split 10” was postponed once again. We decided to use the Bielaaarrggghh songs for a special UK tour release (SR also recorded one song for it) and put both songs on a 3” mini-CD.

18. Fall On Proverb (Unbroken cover)


CD (Royal Blood [NL], RBR01, 2002)

SHIKARI: Ons Land // (+ 24 other bands)

Recorded live in Bunt's Studio, Utrecht 11.2001 / benefit release / Royal Blood Records = Commitment Records
19. Ons Land

Welvaartsstaat Nederland, ons knus cultuurtje, ons kikkerland

Toppunt van onnozelheid, alleen heet het hier gezelligheid

Met z’n allen voor de buis, kijken naar het koningshuis

Toppunt van onnozelheid, alleen heet het hier gezelligheid

We doen niet moeilijk, het hoort erbij, we kijken al uit naar de dag

Waar zij gaan, zullen wij staan, wapperend met oranje vlag

We doen niet moeilijk, het hoort erbij, het huwelijk van de eeuw

Waar zij gaan, zullen wij staan, trots als wij zijn op de leeuw

Hoe kun je niet verlangen naar het wuiven van haar hand

De herinnering dat we leven, leven in een geweldig land.
Ons Land / Our Country

Welfare state Holland, our comfy little culture, our frogland

pinnacle of silliness, except here it’s called cosiness
everybody in front of the box, watching the royal house
pinnacle of silliness, only here it’s called cosiness
we’re not being difficult, it’s all part of the game, we’re looking forward to the day
Where they’ll go, is where we’ll stand, waving the orange flag
we’re not being difficult, it’s all part of the game, the wedding of the century
Where they’ll go, is where we’ll stand, proud as we are of the lion
how could you not long, for the waving of her hand
the reminder that we live, live in a wonderful land.

The current Dutch welfare state has created a culture in the last two decennia which is characterized by the high level of complacency in which society drags itself along. Every potential problem or conflict is covered with the veil of love already in advance. This makes, among others, a discussion on whether to abolish the monarchy or not often no longer discussable/possible. An attempt here to, often meets with a lack of understanding with many in the audience and remarks like “oh, let them be”, “Holland just happens to be a monarchy” or “it doesn’t do any harm”. It’s remarkable to see how many would rather wave to the queen than to wonder why the royal family receives so much money from the Dutch government, why the queen can co-decide in the naming of an ambassador, why Maxima , contrary to many people in actual need, can get a residence permit, or about the censorship the royal family can impose on the media. No, better just party along on queens day or on the wedding of W.A. and Maxima, what are we even worrying about? Of course, the royal family isn’t the biggest problem in Dutch society. A signal can however definitely be given that one has to look closer & more critically at the monarchy to realize that something is fundamentally wrong with maintaining this phenomenon. This song is therefore also not so much aimed at the royal family, but at the sheepish behavior of the majority of the Dutch population. For fuck sake, wake up!

This song appeared on the Maximaal Onthaal compilation CD released by Royal Blood Records, and especially recorded live in the Bunt’s Studio in Utrecht. This compilation was made to coincide with the weddingday of the Dutch crown prince (Willem-Alexander van Oranje Nassau) and his fiancee Maxima Zorreguieta from Argentina on 02.02.2002, and offers a wide variety of underground Dutch punk and hardcore bands presenting their view on the Dutch monarchy, the royal family and the marriage of W.A. and Maxima in particular. What gave this marriage extra dimension, is the fact that Maxima is the daughter of a former minister of the military junta that ruled Argentina from 1976 to 1983, a junta that is responsible for the ‘disappearance’ of thirty thousand people. Obviously, this was more than a marriage. This release is also a benefit CD for two Argentinian organizations: Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of Plaza de Mayo) and HIJOS (Hijos por la Identidad y la Justicia contra el Olvido y el Silencio) – two organizations mainly made up out of relatives of the people that have disappeared in those years that Argentina was ruled by the military junta.

7" EP  (The Electric Human Project [USA], EHP024, 2004)
SHIKARI: Nieuwe Politiek #1 / Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Gezind // (PHOENIX BODIES)
1000 press on red vinyl / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 26.03.2003 //

1. Nieuwe Politiek #1
Wat speel jij in het circus van preken en gestotter
Waar loop jij in de polonaise van collectief gesnotter
Kijk eens aan, nooit gedacht, we kunnen het wel, zie die daadkracht
All for one, one for all maar het is hier natuurlijk duidelijk te vol
Een stille tocht, weet iemand waarvoor? Tegen het onrecht, allen in koor
Tolerantie, respect voor elkaar. Ook als het niet zo uitkomt, lastig maar

Haak maar in, zing maar mee, we hebben allemaal een oplossing voor een dergelijk probleem
Holle rethoriek doen we hand in hand, ons gelijk vinden we in de volgende krant
Integratie is een heel vies woord, nee stuur maar terug naar hun eigen oord
Holle rethoriek doen we hand in hand, normen en waarden vallen samen door de mand 

Haak maar in schreeuw maar mee, nog wat harder, alweer een idee.

Oh wat weten we toch weer goed hoe leven in Nederland ook al weer moet  

The New Politics #1
What do you play in the circus of preaching & stuttering
Where do you walk in the parade of collective blubbering
Well look at that, who would have thought, we can do it, see that determination
All for one, one for all, though, ofcourse it's clearly too full here
A silent march, does anyone know what for? Against injustice, sings the choir
Tolerance, respect for one another. Also when it suits us less, bit of a nuisance really

Join in, sing along, we all have a solution for such a problem

Hollow rhetoric, we do it hand in hand, the next paper will give us our justification
Integration is a nasty word, better send them back to their own part of the world
Hollow rhetoric, we do it hand in hand, our morals & values show their true face together

Join in, scream along, a bit louder still, another idea once again

Oh how well we all know how living in Holland has to be done.

Cheap sentiments used as an instrument to gain popular support. Masshysteria. A centuries old tool, one might say but still working in present day politics. Last year, and well up to today, Dutch society was soaked in it. In their struggle to seize power at the elections, all the political parties used fear and prejudice in one way or another to woo the electorate. Even the so-called left-wing or progressive parties participated in the witchhunt. Worse: considering yourself left-wing or progressive was equivalent to signing your own death-sentence in the elections. At a time in which people should be able to gather information from a diversity of channels to make up their own minds, evryone's just staring and gazing at what the main media sources are telling us. It seems as if no one is really interested in what independent sources have to say. Believe the hype and vote for it. Makes you wonder next time you're asked to... oh yeah, it's one of our rights.

2. Tijd Was Ons Niet Zo Goed Gezind
Stel mij de vraag hoe het met je gaat
Ik me voor de geest haal hoe het met je staat
Dat we nog zouden bellen om af te spreken
En zoals gewoonlijk weer zijn vergeten
Ach ik loop wel langs, je woont toch hiernaast
Morgen is er weer een dag, het heeft geen haast 

Tijd was ons niet zo goed gezind 

Wil graag weten hoe met je gaat

Wil graag weten hoe het staat
Horen en zien van een lach
Genieten van een mooie dag

Eigenlijk te kort, maar ook wel weer goed,

Geen idee hoe ik het eigenlijk zeggen moet

Misschien zie ik je nog wel weer

Onder andere omstandigheden, de tijd dan met ons, een volgende keer

Time wasn't on our side
Ask myself the question how you're doing
I imagine how you are
That we'd call to meet up
And forget again as usual
Oh well, I'll walk past, you live next door anyway
Tomorrow is another day, there's no rush

Time wasn't on our side

Would like to know how you're doing
Would like to know how you are
Hear and see the laughter
Enjoy a beautiful day

It's too short, but in a way it's ok

No idea how to say this anyway

Maybe I'll see you again some day

Different circumstances, time on our side, another

for Laura 1976-2002

7" EP (UPS / De Graanrepubliek [NL], 2004)
SHIKARI: Nieuwe Politiek #2 / Laatste Halte // (AÇÃO DIRETA)
1000 press on black vinyl / recorded at Kuschelrock, Bremen 07 & 08.04.2004 //

1. Nieuwe Politiek #2
Verhoogde waakzaamheid, waar je ook gaat of staat, het is nergens meer veilig op straat
Grote problemen, ja van die onbekenden op de hoek, kijk maar uit ze zijn naar jou op zoek
Ongewenst gedrag want ze staan daar maar, wees je bewust van het loerende gevaar
Overal te horen en overal te lezen, godzijdank we hebben weer wat te vrezen 

Angst en vooroordeel, gelukkig doen we ook weer geen stap teveel

Oud vertrouwd voedsel voor politiek gewin, angst verblind en we trappen er weer in. 

Vreest u niet, de staat waakt, uw stem, mijn mandaat

New Politics #2

Heightened vigilance, wherever you may roam, it  isn't safe on these streets anymore
Major problems, yeah those strangers on the corner, they are after you
Undesirable behaviour, because they’re just standing there, be aware of the lurking danger.
Everywhere to be read and heard, thank god we’ve got something to fear once again.

Fear and prejudice, of course we’re not helping one bit either

Tested and tried fuel for political gain, fear blinds and we fall for it once again

Don’t be afraid, the state watches over you, your vote, our mandate

New politics deals with the way politicians try to convince us of several needs, do’s and don’ts. Conviction through fear. Present day bullshit about the threat of terrorism and Islam (usually mentioned in one and the same breath) obviously being the most relevant example now. You’d think we’d look past all the horror stories and make up our own minds. The contrary however is true. Stop hearing, start listening!!!

2. Laatste halte
Nooit gedacht dat wij zouden bezwijken
Nooit gedacht dat wij niet zouden lijken
Geen gevestigde orde of verwachtingspatroon
Nooit werken tot de dood voor een hongerloon 

Nooit gedacht dat ik niet zou doorzien

Of beter gezegd misschien niet zo voorzien
Denken aan een toekomst, mee met je tijd
Is gelijk afstand doen van identiteit 

Bezig met een toekomst, mee met je tijd

2 stappen terug naar jouw realiteit 

Denken aan een toekomst, mee met je tijd

Mee met je tijd? Waar ga je dan heen? 

Het stopt hier!!

Last stop
Never thought we’d cave in
Never thought we’d become like them
No establishment or expectations
Never work till death for starvation wages

Never thought I wouldn’t see through

Maybe better said: I didn’t see it coming
Thinking about a future, move with our time
Equals departing your own identity

Considering your future, go with the flow

2 steps back to your reality

Thinking about a future, go with the flow

Go with the flow?, where are you going?

It ends here!!

Last stop is about society and her expectations. On how friends around you seem to change over night. No more the people you thought you knew, but career seeking jerks without any understanding or interest in whatever you yourself are involved in. All in the name of growing up, being sensible etc.. Well, I hope death fits in with their ambitions

Bas - bass & vocals

Mark - vocals

Maurice - guitars

Michael - drums

P.O.Box 752
9700 AT Groningen


Albert & old Simplon, Anjel, Asbestbar, Arnoud & Vera Kelderbar, Axe Kooi, Squatbar Le Duc, Cavia Express, Eva Cavia, Geert, Koen Van Krimpen, Lut, Mats, O.R.K.Z., Patrick Lint & Grover Pop, Peter Weening & Vera, Pieter & Platenworm, Richard/Vera, Rutger Velders, Tim K, Default, Fleas And Lice, Instil, Kempes (rip), Los Asesinos de la Superficialidad (rip), Makiladoras, Mindføk, PCP, Revolt (rip), The Last Mile, Alex, A.N.W.B., Arno/Miles Apart, Bart & Co-9 Zwolle, BJ & Brouwerij Hengelo, Boris Kansloos, Daniël, Dave Opoespook & Klaartje Pariah, Dejan/Villa Friekens, Dick/Possible Suspect, Dredwin/OCCII Adam, Erik & J.C.Sparrow Klazienaveen, Geertjan/Wasted Youthpower, Grrtjan & Entrepotdok (rip), Krisis/Hilversum, Lara & Rutger/ACU Utreg, Leo/Xtreem & Poortgebouw Rotterdam, Maarten Punk, Manuel/Goathead, Marteun-Jop-Klopstra en Het Podium/Hoogeveen, Mathijs Amersfoort, Menno/Bunt’s Studio, Mike D., Parents of Punk, Paul & Onderbroek Nijmegen, Proppie, Richard U.P.S., Robert Voogt, Rogier Amsterdam, Ronny/Deadlock Records, Sander, Theun K, Theun & Goudvishal Arnhem, Thijs & Bar En Boos Leiden, Wilco D.P., Worm Rotterdam, Wouter, All Tensed Up (rip), Betercore (rip), Collywobbles (rip), Loct, Mihoen!, Point Of Few (rip), SAF, Seein’Red, Alain/Nabate & La Zone/Liege, Christine & Frontline Gent, K13/Gent, Vuur, Phil & Elodie, Amanda Woodward, Face Up To It!, Alex & Sebastian Zoro/Leipzig, Baracke Münster, Ben, Circle Dirk/Fabrik Duisburg, Darius & Roberto/Change Musik Bremen, Dirk Kusche & His Eternal Lovecabin, Franz, G18/Bremen, Heinz/Wojczech, Marcus/Per Koro, Niels/Selmatravels, Ralf/Flowerviolence, Roland & Corinna, Rote Flora Hamburg, Stefan Ehlert/Miranda, Sören & The Now Denial, Steven/Crucificados, Thomas & AZ Conni Dresden, Urte & AJZ Göttingen, Louis Cyphre, Yage, Zeroid (rip), La Idea, Ekkaia, El Corazon Del Sapo (rip), Sin Dios, Uveviolence, Laquiete, Andy, Graham/Crime Scene & Duke Of York Bristol, Jamie, Jo & Red House Manchester, Marv & The Indian Queen Boston, Nick & Old Vic Nottingham, Ralf Opiate, Sned/Flat Earth, 1 in 12 Club Bradford, Boxed In, Ebola, John Holmes, Narcosis, Poundaflesh, Shank (rip), Scalplock, Social Insecurity, Attack Webzine, Toni & Downsided/Thrash And Burn, Derek & Phoenix Bodies, Greg & Level Plane, Mike/Electric Human Project, Creation = Crucifixion, Hot Cross, Jonathan/Antagonia Difision, Jorge/Rebirth Records, Ação Direta, Execradores, Maciek/Yama Dori, Michal/Lublin, Papirna squat Prague, Ruslan/Belarus, Hidetoshi & Crude, Hatta Nirman, Borhan/Bullwhip Records.

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