Unit 4 Fire and water Lesson 16 Playing with fire

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Unit 4 Fire and water

Lesson 16 Playing with fire


Look Jess, it's still raining hard, you'll get absolutely ..1.. . You're not seriously planning to walk home, are you?

1 doorweken


Yes, I am. This ..2.. ..3... It was built years ago and its ..4.. is full of holes. I've already waited here for ages.

2 bushokje, abri

3 nutteloos, waardeloos

4 dak


I would have brought my dad's gigantic ..5.. ..6.. if I'd known. Easily big enough to keep both of us ..7..!

5 golf (spel)

6 paraplu

7 droog


But you didn't bring it so I'm just going to get soaked. See you tomorrow.

On the bus ...


Hey Donny, over here! Wait a ..8.., ..9.. me move my wet things so you can share this ..10... There you go.

8 hier: eventjes, een ogenblik

9 (toe)laten / liet toe / toegelaten

10 zitplaats


Thanks Cat. This weather is ..11..! I've never ..12.. so much rain.

11 onwerkelijk, onvoorstelbaar

12 ervaren, meemaken


Oh, I have. It always rained really heavily when I lived in Scotland.


Well it hasn't stopped raining here since last Monday, which must be a ..13... We've had torrential rain for over a week.

13 record


I know ... My cat's just had kittens. And they were born in our shoe cupboard, so I haven't been able to get my ..14.. out for three days!

14 kaplaarzen


Wow, amazing. How many did she have? Do you need any help finding homes for them?


Thanks for the ..15.., I'll let you know. She only had six this time. It would have been seven, but one of them died in my hands just after it was born.

15 aanbod


Oh, I'm so sorry. You have my sympathy, but there probably wasn't anything you could have done. Natural selection and all that.


Oh yeah, I knew perfectly well that they wouldn't all ..16.. . I was told that they never do. Here's our stop ... Why don't you ..17.. now and see the kittens? They're really sweet.

16 in leven blijven

17 langskomen


I'd love to but … well, maybe I shouldn't come to your place today. Jess and I haven't ..18.. very for a while. I think she'd be very ..19.. .

18 een goede verstandhouding hebben

19 van streek


I'm sorry about that but honestly, Donny, I simply don't understand. What is her problem? It's a totally ..20.. invitation to see Sugar's kittens. It's not like I've ever tried to steal you away from Jess.

20 onschuldig


I know that, Cat, you know that. She wouldn't see it that way. She takes everything so seriously. All of life's disasters seem to ..21.. her personally.

21 aangrijpen, ontroeren


Poor old Jess, how awful for her! Would you like me to speak to her? She should have learned by now that I'm not a ..22...

22 bedreiging


No, she'd misunderstand anything that was said right now, but OK. I'll come in with you for a ..23.. .

23 hier: een poosje


Great! ..24.. for the ..25.. by the front door. You see why I'm missing my wellies...

24 uitkijken

25 plas


Jess? You all right?


No! I've just got home and seen the news! Those terrible bush fires in Australia! Isn't that where Sophie's gone?


What? I mean, who? I don't know, I don't think so … listen, I can see why you're upset but Jess, this is really ..26...

26 gestoord, krankzinnig


All those people were burnt to ..27.. . Children were killed, homes were ..28.. . Don't you care? Check it out on Reuters, it's a ..29.. story. Where are you anyway?

27 dood

28 verwoesten, ruïneren

29 speciale nieuwsuitzending

Unit 4 Fire and water

Lesson 17 Fanning the flames

Britain ..1.. while ..2.. Australia burns

1 verdrinken

2 zuid

While Britain has witnessed the worst rain since ..3.. began, some ..4.. of Australia have had no rain at all. Very ..5.. temperatures and strong winds created firestorms, and everything in their path was ..6.. . Trees ..7.. from the heat, birds ..8.. from the sky and ash fell as fires burned across 115 ..9.. of ..10.., ..11.. and villages.

3 hier: registratie

4 regio, streek

5 hier: hard

6 vernielen, verwoesten

7 exploderen

8 hier: vallen

9 vierkante mijl

10 bos

11 landbouwgebied, landbouwgrond

It was ..12.. that at least 108 people have died in bush fires in Victoria, South Australia. Firefighters warned that this number was expected to ..13.. higher as they ..14.. looking for at least 100 people still missing in the ruins of houses.

12 bevestigen

13 hier: stijgen

14 doorgaan

Local people were warned ..15.. recently that Victoria badly needed rain. Bush fires are a natural ..16.. in Australia, but the drought, warm winds and recent extremely hot weather have created conditions that have made fires bigger than ever before.

15 betrekkelijk

16 gebeurtenis

At least 750 homes were destroyed as the fires burned through towns and farmland. Whole towns were ruined, with photographs of the region showing the blackened earth and buildings where fields and villages used to ..17.. .

17 staan / stond(en) / gestaan

..18.. described huge walls of flame that raced 'like a train' across the ..19.. .

18 plaatselijke bewoners

19 platteland

Marie Capaldi was staying at a friend's house in Kinglake when a man arrived with his baby daughter, saying his wife and other child were missing.

'He was so upset, and he just stood there and he said "Look, I've lost my wife, I've lost my other kid. I just need you to save my daughter",' she told the website of Melbourne Age.

Chris Hanley, who has lived in Kinglake for 22 years, said: 'It's going to take a long time for the farmland to ..20.. . I've never seen so much ..21.. damage in all my life.'

20 herstellen

21 brand, vuur

..22.. to national ..23.. described how they were ..24.. in swimming pools as flames approached their homes, and how children were terrified by the powerful winds, the incredible heat and a strange orange light in the sky.

22 beller

23 radio

24 (zich) verstoppen / verstopte(n) / verstopt

Authorities said that the whole country should be ..25.. of the hard work thousands of ..26.. have done over the past few days.

25 trots

26 brandweerman

Four main fires continue to burn, but forecasts for the next few weeks promise firefighters some hope, firefighter Bruce Esplin said on Wednesday. 'We see a very bright light at the end of the ..27.. now,' Mr Esplin told reporters.

27 tunnel

Victoria Police Superintendent Rod Collins said police would go on looking for missing people, a job that could continue for another three weeks.

He said roads into villages and towns would open as quickly as possible when all the fires were under control, but that came with a ..28... 'Our advice is if people are going there just to have a look at what damage the fire has caused, they're not welcome,' he said.

28 waarschuwing

Mr Esplin ..29.. the warning, but ..30.. people that tourists were needed by local ..31.. .

29 herhalen

30 herinneren aan

31 hier: bedrijf

'If you're just being nosy, stay away. If you're going back as a ..32.., you're more than welcome.'

32 toerist

Unit 4 Fire and water

Lesson 18 Muddying the waters


Hi Cat. How's it going?


Donny, hi. Look, I'm really sorry, maybe I shouldn't have called you but …


Oh don't worry, Cat, it's cool. Jess was in such a panic about the bush fires, she didn't even realize I was with you.


Well actually that's not what I meant …


As it ..1.., Sophie was nowhere near the disaster ..2... I told you Jess gets ..3.. ..4...

1 blijken

2 hier: gebied

3 ongerust

4 onnodig


I certainly don't want to cause trouble between you. I wouldn't have ..5.. now but I don't know who else to ask for help.

5 opbellen / belde(n) op / opgebeld


Why, what's the matter? What can I do for you?


My house is ..6..!

6 overstromen


Oh no! That's terrible!


Yes, the ..7.. at the bottom of the garden has just ..8.., and the water is ..9.. , all over the ..10.. . It's still ..11.. with rain. I don't know what to do!

7 beek

8 buiten zijn oevers treden / trad (traden) /getreden

9 hier: stromen

10 gazon, grasveld

11 hier: gieten


I'm ..12.. ! Have you rung your mum?

12 onderweg zijn


Yes, of course I have! I rang her first. I was told she's in meetings this afternoon and her mobile isn't on. I couldn't ..13.. any of my brothers, either. I left a ..14.. on Mum's voicemail but I don't know how quickly she can get home. Lots of trains were ..15.. earlier, because of water on the ..16.. lines.

13 te pakken krijgen

14 boodschap

15 annuleren, schrappen

16 spoorlijn


You should have called the ..17.. immediately. Do it now. They have massive ..18... And why don't you start putting a few valuables into a bag? I'll be there as soon as I can, OK?

17 brandweer

18 pomp

Ten minutes later ...


Oh Donny, there you are! Look, the river water is coming in over the ..19.. and my piano is in the ..20.. . It'll be ruined! I should have moved it but … I tried but it was too heavy for me.

19 drempel

20 voorkamer


No, you couldn't have done it ..21.. . Maybe I should have called Spud and Darren? The staircase is very ..22.. and the ..23.. are too steep, but three of us could probably have ..24.. it ..25.. a table …

21 hier: alleen

22 smal

23 trap

24 optillen

25 op


Donny, I think it's too late. There's ..26.. water all over the floor already, look! It's going to ..27.. everything, the ..28.. , the ..29.. , all our ..30.. … Listen! Help has arrived … thank goodness!

26 modderig

27 beschadigen

28 vloerkleed, tapijt

29 meubels, meubilair

30 bezittingen


Your cat!


What? Oh no, the cat! And her kittens! Oh, the poor things! Donny, they'll drown!


Don't worry, I'll ..31.. them!

31 redden


Right you are, young lady. The water's ..32.. . Get out of here – no time to lose!

32 stijgen / steeg (stegen) /gestegen


But I can't! Donny … the kittens … if they …


No ifs, no buts – out! We were trained to deal with this. You too, young man.


I've got them, Cat! They're all safe, take these two carefully, be ..33.. …

33 voorzichtig


Donny, thank you, thank you …


Come on you two! It's time to go!


Donny, how can I ever thank you?

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