Workshop taken tunen Jan Strybol Bovendonk 24 mei 2014

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Workshop taken tunen

Jan Strybol

Bovendonk 24 mei 2014

- differentiatie: vele mogelijkheden

- taken tunen op basis van intrinsieke motivatie: verbinding met Competentie, Autonomie en Verbondenheid
- spreek- en schrijfversterkers
- tunen van schrijftaken
- belang en nut van creatief schrijven
- goede voorbeelden:

  • schrijfschriftje

  • gemoedschrijven

  • digitaal fotoboek (of facebook)

  • dagboek van Juul

  • reclame maken voor een onherkenbaar voorwerp

- 'gewone' taken wat opkrikken

  • ansichtkaart = semifree postcard idee / zelf laten maken (foto nemen/ecard)

  • beschrijf een huis = je buurmans huis (+ foto echte huis nadien)

- oefeningen met potentie (en mogelijkheden om te tunen)

  • kettingschrijven bvb op basis van de foto; wie wat vraag beantwoorden en doorgeven. laatste groep moet verhaal maken

  • regenbooggedicht

  • reversal advertentie

- 'moeilijke taken' haalbaar maken

- Tunen van spreektaken:

  • Foto's kiezen

  • Beroepen en eigenschappen


  • blauw

  • paars

  • geel

  • groen

  • rood

It was a ..... day. I felt ..... so went into the ..........
When I entered the ...... I was .........
What I saw there was.................!
My ........... was .......... and holding a ...............!
That was .................!
When I came closer, I saw ............
Of course, .........................!

The writing jar
The preparation for this one is really simple: write individual words on small pieces of paper. Fill the jar as much as you feel necessary with words. You can take this a couple of ways at this point: 1) learners each pick three to five words from the jar, or 2) you pick three to five words from the jar for everyone. The task is simple: learners must use all of the words selected in a quick story or paragraph.
Hoe kan je deze taken tunen?

Altijd wel leuk:

The reversal idea:
Keer het 'gewone' om. Vrij eenvoudige manier om tot heel andere schrijfproducten te komen. Beschrijf je dag? Begin bij de avond. Advertentie maken? Overtuig je klant hoe slecht het product wel niet is.
Creative writing prompts: korte vragen/situaties die je aanzetten tot fantaseren.
Hier heb je er al 375
Hier nog een hoop:

  • If you had to choose a favourite day of the year, which day would it be? Explain why this is your favourite day of the year and the things you like to do on that day.

  • Write a fake news story with the headline 'Man Eats 20 Light Bulbs, And Asks for More'.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years (think college, job, city)? How about 50?

  • What is your favorite smell and why? What memories does it bring up?

  • Imagine you work for an ice cream factory. What flavor would you invent and what creative name would you give it?

  • Think about the biggest surprise in your life. What happened and why did it shock you so much?

  • Think about the scariest moment of your life. Describe what happened and why you were so scared.

  • If you had an extra eye, where would you put it on your body?

  • If you could talk to any animal which animal would it be and why? What would the animal have to say?

  • If you could read people's thoughts, what would you do and why? Whose thoughts would you want to read most, and why?

  • If you could change your name, what would you change it to? Do you think this name suits your personality more than your current name?

  • If you could make one animal extinct, which would it be and why? Do you think the world would be better?

  • Imagine you could choose one type of weather for the rest of your life. What would you choose and how would it affect your life?

  • Imagine you were given a free wish, but you had to wish something for somebody else. What would you wish, for who, and why?

Mijn eigen tijdscapsule
Schrijf aan het begin van de cursus

Op het einde van de cursus wordt de capsule geopend.... Maar van wie is de capsule?

Mijn eigen planeet

  • Describe size and geography

  • Describe seasons of the year

  • Who is living there? What are their names? What do they look like?

  • Describe their character.

  • Do you grow any vegetable and fruits there? Which ones?

  • What do you eat?

  • How can you get there?

  • Do you use money?

  • Which language(s) do you speak?

  • What kind of political regime is there?

  • What kind of clothes do you wear?

  • Are there any foreigners?

  • Do you have any enemies?

  • Do you have any rules?

  • Do you live in towns or villages?

  • Do you use electricity?

Semi-free postcard

Write words to fill in the list below. Anything you think of is fine! Then use the list to complete the card on the next page. Don’t read the card first!

1. Country 2. To do with your eyes 3. Name of person 4. Adjective 5. Animal 6. Positive adjective 7. Body part 8. Food 9. Place 10. Drink 11. Object 12. Another object 13. A number
Dear Mom and Dad,

I’m having a lot of fun in (1)_____________. There are so many things to (2)____________

Yesterday, (3)______________ and I went to the zoo to see the rare and (4)_____________ Chinese (5)____________. It was (6)___________! It had the longest (7)____________ I’d ever seen. Afterwards we ate (8)_____________ at a nearby (9)_____________. Our meal came with a glass of fresh (10)___________ . Delicious!

Tomorrow we’re going shopping and we will buy some gifts to bring home. I know mom wanted a (11)______________ and dad wanted me to look for a (12)_____________ for the living room.

I’ll be home in (13)____________ days! I can’t wait to come home and see you again.


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