1. When you walk through the storm Hold your head up high And don't be afraid of the dark At the end of the storm There's a golden sky And the sweet silver song of the lark Walk on, through the wind Walk on

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When you walk through the storm

Hold your head up high

And don't be afraid of the dark

At the end of the storm

There's a golden sky

And the sweet silver song of the lark
Walk on, through the wind

Walk on, through the rain

Though your dreams be tossed and blown

Walk on, walk on, with hope in your heart


Did I disappoint you

Or leave a bad taste in your mouth
You act like you never had love
And you want me to go without
Well it's...

Too late

To drag the past out into the light
We're one, but we're not the same
We get to
Carry each other
Carry each other


Ik kwam jou tegen, oh hee ho

Jij was verlegen, oh hee ho
Loop nu al dagen, oh hee ho
Want ik wil je wat vragen, oh hee ho

Every now and then I think about my life

I see it around me and smile
What a happy life I got till now
Till now

Every night I sleep well and I dream

I dream about everything I'm not
Ooh, I'm not a loser


Born down in a dead man's town

The first kick I took was when I hit the ground
You end up like a dog that's been beat too much
Till you spend half your life just covering up


Bartje staat te kijken door het raam

hij denkt aan Mia en alles wat ze deed

hij ziet zijn leven: de eeuwen gaan voorbij

hij huilt een beetje en hij roept haar naam

Jamais je n'aurais pensé ...

"Tant besoin de lui"
Je me sens si envoutée
Que ma maman me dit : ralentis
Désir ou amour
Tu le sauras un jour

J'aime j'aime

Tes yeux, j'aime ton odeur
Tous tes gestes en douceur
Lentement dirigés

We don't need no education

We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave the kids alone
Hey teacher leave us kids alone
Oh baby, baby
Oh baby, baby Oh baby, baby
How was I supposed to know
That something wasn't right here
Oh baby baby
I shouldn't have let you go
And now you're out of sight, yeah
Show me, how you want it to be
Tell me baby
'Cause I need to know now what we've got

You're so hot, teasing me
So you're blue but I can't take a chance on a chick like you
That's something I couldn't do
There's that look in your eyes
I can read in your face that your feelings are driving you wild
Ah, but girl you're only a child

With the lights out it's less dangerous
Here we are now
Entertain us
I feel stupid and contagious
Here we are now
Entertain us
A mulatto
An albino
A mosquito
My Libido

Left a good job in the city
Workin' for the man every night and day
Haven't ever lost one minute of sleeping
Worried about the way things might have been

Been a lot of places down in Memphis

I umped a lot of babes down in New Orleans
Had a lot of shots at good times in the city
Till I hitched a ride on a river bout queen

I made it through the wilderness
Somehow I made it through
Didn't know how lost I was
Until I found you

I was beat incomplete

I'd been had, I was sad and blue
But you made me feel
Yeah, you made me feel
Shiny and new

Just a castaway
An island lost at sea
Another lonely day
With no one here but me
More loneliness
Than any man could bear
Rescue me before I fall into despair

I'll send an SOS to the world

No clouds in my storms
Let it rain, I hydroplane in the bank
Coming down with the Dow Jones
When the clouds come we gone, we Rocafella
We fly higher than weather
And G5’s are better, You know me,
an anticipation, for precipitation. Stacked chips for the rainy day
Jay, Rain Man is back with little Ms. Sunshine
Rihanna where you at?

You have my heart

And we'll never be worlds apart
May be in magazines
But you'll still be my star
Baby cause in the dark
You can't see shiny cars
And that's when you need me there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines, we’ll shine together

Told you I'll be here forever
Said I'll always be a friend
Took an oath I'ma stick it out till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we'll still have each other

Jouw zachte ogen in de ochtendzon
Zijn zoveel mooier dan ik dromen kon
Dit komt maar éénmaal in een leven voor
We gaan er vandoor
Jij begrijpt
Wie ik ben
Wat ik voel
En wat ik wil bereiken
Enkel jij
Bent m`n doel
En al de rest zal wijken
Laat ze maar kijken
Naar ons raar gedoe
Laat me proeven van de hemel
Laat me zweven van geluk
Ik wil jou de wereld geven
Die van ons kan niet meer stuk

Devant Jacques Brel, devant Mozart,
Je m`sens petite, j`ai le cafard
Je ne suis rien qu`une poussière
Dans cet univers

Mais dès qu`tu m`aimes, dès qu`tu souris

Mes joies s`enchainent à l`infini
Y a plus de Brel, plus de Mozart
Ma vie redémarre

Every whisper
Of every waking hour I'm
Choosing my confessions
Trying to keep an eye on you
Like a hurt lost and blinded fool
Fool, oh no I've said too much
I said it all

Consider this consider this

The hint of the century
Consider this
The slip that brought me
To my knees failed
What if all these fantasies
Come flailing around
Now I've said too much

I thought that I heard you laughing

I thought that I heard you sing
I think I thought I saw you try
But that was just a dream
That was just a dream

Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk,
I`m a woman`s man: no time to talk.
Music loud and women warm, I`ve been kicked around
since I was born.
And now it`s all right. It`s OK.
And you may look the other way.
We can try to understand
the New York Times` effect on man.

Baby take off your coat
real slow
and take off your shoes
I'll take your shoes
Baby take off your dress
yes yes yes

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