De Curriculum Vitae off Bert de Goei Personal information

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De Curriculum Vitae off Bert de Goei

Personal information

Name B.J.P. de Goei

Usual Name Bert

City Hengelo (o)

Phone No. 06-57947086


Date of Birth 10 January 1972

Nationality Netherland

Civil State Married

August 1984 - July 1990 VWO, het Lyceum de Grundel in Hengelo (o)

August 1990 - July 1991 Universitiy Twente – Technical Economics

August 1991 - July 1995 Hogeschool Enschede - Commercial Economics

June 1996 - august 1996 TAS Expert 400 (algehele AS/400 training en RPG/400)

Synobsys, Capelle a/d IJssel Several COOL:Plex modules

ICS, Utrecht AS/400 for developers

Navision, Barneveld Whole Microsoft Dynamics NAV Developing traject

Self-studies ASP en HTML 4.0, Visual Basic .Net

Qurius, Veenendaal NAV Installation & configuration

GAC, Oirschot Advanced Page Designer, RDLC Report Designer,

Connectivity Studio van To-Increase

RTC Niels-Erik Hansen, Vilnius

Engels verbal and writing good

German verbal average
Working experience

From beginning of 1997 till the end of 2002 I have been a programmer in CA Plex for several companies From the beginning of 2003 I am working as a certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV developer. In that time I have participated in several customizations and implementations for companies who do business in service, fashion, commerce, production, transport and education. My daily work exists of translation of customization desires to an functional design, building customizations in C/AL (NAV programming language), first and second support, building reports, make documentation for end users en train end users. I work for my own company De Goei-IT for my own customers and for Nav Solution Centers.

Personal characteristics

Accurate, well-thought (first think, than do) , spontaneously, helpful, stubborn, feel highly responsible, flexible, social, sport-minded.


My family, Formula 1, my personal internet site, running, cycling, swimming, give training, collect money for charity, soccer, computers, internet, music and cars.

March – present 2012 VolkerWessels Rijssen

Building reports and adjust reports for a construction company who works with the solution Contruct of 4PS. Dynamics NAV 2009R1 Classic Client. Conversions from Concorde XAL and Centric to Dynamics NAV.

May 2012 Verito Apeldoorn

Data-export from Dynamics NAV for a migration to another tool.

March 2012 Verito/1ClickFactory Vilnius

In Vilnius (Litouwen) I have participated in a conversion with the Transformation Tool of the Addon VST to the RTC of Dynamics NAV.

January – March 2012 Hosiery Center BV Vught

Analyse of a upgrade from Navision 2.60 to Dynamics NAV 2013 of a specialist in lingerie and hosiery. Navision version 2.60 (client 5.1) en Dynamics NAV 2013.

November – December 2011 MPrise Veenendaal

Customizations for Mood Media Engeland, an international supplier of sensory perception equipment.. Dynamics NAV 2009R1

September – December 2011 Nachon Zeewolde Building reports in the reporting tool of Dynamics NAV and bugfixing in the ERP solution for the transport branche. Dynamics NAV 2009R1 classic client.
September – December 2011 GAC Oirschot Several minor projects for the financial an logistic sector. Marin (Wageningen): Interface Dynamics NAV with scanning purchase invoices software of Ricoh.

Schobbers (Venlo): Building reports and bugfixing for the tailor made solution in trading seeds.

ArphaLight (Bavel): Making reports in the report designer of NAV

GE Artesia (Amsterdam): Interface for Dynamics NAV 2009 RTC and Midas.

June – September 2011 Verito Apeldoorn

Developed several subprojects in Dynamics NAV for the Add-on of Verito solution. Verito has a solution for charity, associations and commercial educators. Projects: SMS notification project, Donation registration project an legacies.

February – August 2011 De Klok Logistics Nijmegen De Klok is a specialist in Warehousing and Transport. After an implementation of less than a month, there was a period of planned customization. Main areas of work were EDI integration en reporting in Dynamics NAV 2009 classic client.
February – April 2011 MD Solutions Veenendaal I have worked on a solution for the flower bulb industry. The two biggest customers were Royal Van Zanten en Kapiteyn BV. (NAV 5.1.)
October 2010 – February 2011 Jansen Poultry Equipment Barneveld

JPE is specialized in designing, producing and worldwide manufacturing of first-rate housing systems for poultry. Development in NAV2009 classic.

2003 – 2010 Dysel Weerselo

As a developer in Dynamics: NAV I have been working for several customers of Dysel. The customers I have done the most work for are:

CCV ( Arnhem): CCV is an international organization that has his core business in the electronic payment solutions in Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Support, time-box development, customizations for call center, new products (transaction processing), imports and so on. ( Navision 3.60)
Hosiery Center (Vught): Hosiery Center is a specialist in lingerie and hosiery. Maintaining and extending the customized solution. EDI, intercompany, scanning, reports (NAV 2.60)
ELC: ELC stand for Equipment Life Cycle. It is developed by Dysel and internationally used for the rental en service branches. Development and fine-tuning of this add-on in NAV.

ITC (Enschede) Developing a student registration system in NAV 3.60.

2000 – 2002 Geové Velp

Part of a project group of a health insurance company. Developing and testing software in

CA Plex (AS/400)
1998 – 2000 Lease Plan Almere

Several projects for the internal lease applications. CA Plex (AS/400)

1997 – 1998 Aga Gas Amsterdam An ERP implementation for a vendor of industrial gasses. Mainly gap/fit customizations in CA Plex. AS/400

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