Introduction to the solo chapters

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Introduction to the solo chapters

The big problem for me was to learn about the individual projects featuring Nits members in whatever form. Since I could not make short trips to the Netherlands, I have managed, over the years and with a lot of patience, to get hold of most of their records.

I would especially like to thank Clemens van Driel. His lists have supplied information for most of the Entries marked with a "+". Thanks also to Ruedi Fehlmann in Zurich for his attempts to supply me with not only up-to-date material, to MMM in Hoorn for the large offer of used records at fair prices and to the great Stips site.

Then Dennis and Thomas with their great support and – of course – their internet sites. And in the last months, all the sellers who offered their stuff in the internet.

The studio sessions of the Nits have involved various musicians over the 30-year period. The solo chapters indicate that the individual Nits members knew a lot of musicians very well beforehand.

HH 1001-1120 RK 2001-2029 MP 3001-3017 AR 4001-4018 RJS 5001-5323

JG 6001-6011 MB 7001-7049 PM 8001-8042 AL 9001-9011 LvK 10001-10025

  • As for the Nits chapter, "+" means that I do not have the associated record, tape, broadcast, etc. Either it is a rarity, or I do not need it. Please use caution with such information!

  • Composer credits: S and RJS are identical.

  • Most of the time, the first single of a project was released before the LP. Because of the presentation format, a LP is listed first.

  • Question marks after the issue date indicate that it’s missing on labels and covers.

  • I know that all the new info and records lead to a lots of As and AAs and ABs, etc. So I promised to re-number the whole Stips chapter.

November 2009: It’s done! I kept a few As, because the recording dates aren’t fixed. The file with the former Entry numbers is still available. Ask!
- Lots of Best Of/Greatest Hits records are not listed in chronological order. Some are like Supersister’s 5038 or the Earring’s 5068, but in most cases, the songs ask for another place. Here’s a list with all “exceptions”:

Supersister: 5048

Golden Earring: 5068, part 2

Sweet d’Buster: 5111, 5112

Gruppo Sportivo: 5118, 5119, 5182, 5183

Robert Jan Stips

5001 Born on 4th Feb. 1950 in Den Haag
5002 1964-65: The Blubs No recordings known

RJS: voc, p, tamb, harm; Gerhard Smidt: g, cla, voc; Arnold Slagter: bg; Marco Vrolijk: dr.

(Founder was MV. After the start, he invited RJS to join. Sometimes it was difficult to have a piano on stage, so RJS had to play another instrument.)

Smid in the liner notes of the first LP, Smit in the *m*a*n* CD booklet and Smidt on the Stips site!

5003 This continued on via The Q-Provocation (with Theo Nijenhuis: g) (later The Provocation (1965/66, with Ron van Eck: bg), Sweet Okay Supersister (1967, with Sacha van Geest: fl, voc; Rob Douw: toys, tru, voc (both replaced TH); Gerhard Smidt: g, cla, voc; RJS; RvE; MV), early Supersister (with Rob Douw) to Supersister (for musicians see Entry 5013).
5004 1965/6: RJS played piano for a children/ballet company called Morgenstond (at the time of Q-Provocation.)

No recordings known

5005 1967(/1968): Centre Experimentele Maatschappij (?), Den Haag

1 Super Blues (Band: Sweet Okay Supersister)

Notes: Song 1: Soundtrack for part two of the second Supersister DVD. (For DVD see Entry 5285).

Recording date not known to me. Additionally, no location is mentioned in the DVD booklet. They had a rehearsal room in 1967 (and 1968?) in the Centre. Or taken from an unknown studio session?

5006+ 1968: ...?... Studio, Den Haag

1 Pinknalsally (S) 2 Seven Devils (S) 3 Seven Ways To Die (S)

Notes: First studio recordings, according to the Stips site.

Songs played live but most probably not recorded at a studio: Antonella (S), Heebaberieba (S, RD), Lonely Rocking Rocket Man (S), Nothing Is Real (S), We’re On A Ship, Now (S).

5007 Late 60's: Prob. Bureau GeluidsManipulatie, Den Haag

Supersister - CD *m*a*n* Memories Are New (SOSS 55 23272, Aug. (?) 2000)

1 (2x3=) 6 blauwe dwergen (RD, S) 2 Seven Ways To Die (S) 3 Woods Of

Frustrated Men (RD, S) 4 Corporating Combo Boys (S) 5 Manke boerenwals (RD, S) 6 Psalm (RD)

Notes: Songs 5, 13-17 on the CD. “Late 60’s” taken from the booklet.

Demos, recorded as Sweet Okay Supersister or Supersister. Song 5 aka "Een manke boeren wals". Demos? Acc. to RJS, everything was ready for a LP release, but Negram, their record company of that time, was not interested.

Musicians: See Entry 5013, and with Rob Douw: tr, voc, lvoc (1), ideas;

Gerhard Smid (Smidt?): g, voc.

Stips site: Songs were recorded in 1968. Song 1 at Westland Studio, Den Haag (?), songs 2-6 at KRO Studio, Hilversum (or Kortenhoef) (?).

Song 2: Used as soundtrack for part two of the second Supersister DVD.

A date is given: 1969! (For DVD see Entry 5285.)

5008+ 1968: Radio studio, ...?... (KRO)

1 (2x3=) 6 blaue dwergen (RD, S) 2 6 blaue dwergen (RD, S)

Notes: Recording date taken from the Stips site. Broadcast on 12th Nov. 1969 ("Radio KRO 1969").

Doesn’t sound very convincing to me! Either a 1969 recording or a 1968 (or early 1969) broadcast.

5009 1969: De Laan, Den Haag (SB?)

1 Jam session (Band: Sweet Okay Supersister)

Notes: Soundtrack for part four of the second Supersister DVD. (For DVD see Entry 5285).

“1969” taken from the DVD booklet. A rehearsal or a live session at the De Laan club?

De Laan was later on named “Provadaya?” (Club).

((With flute and guitar.))

5010+ 1969/1970

For Shame: Every Night (.?.)/When The Sun Refuses To Shine (S) (Polydor ...?..., 1970)

RJS: songwriter.
5011+ 1970 (?): GTB Studio, Den Haag

Simon: Little Jane/Natalie (both: P. Seilberger) (Polydor ...?..., 1970)

RJS: p.
5012+ 1970 (?)

Frenk’s Crazy Crooks And Cranks: The Goose Blues (FvM, S)/ …?... (CNR …?..., 1970)

RJS: songwriter, p (?); Frenk van Meeteren: g, voc; Ruud Schoemaker: washboard; Gwy Marlet: fl.

Notes: Replaces former Entry 5017C: 1973 (?) / Frenk van Meeteren: The Goose Blues (FvM, S)/...?... (...?..., 1973) / RJS: songwriter.

5013: Supersister (1970-1973) (also known as Super Sister in the beginning):

RJS: keyb, leadvoc, vibes, harp; Ron van Eck: bg, g, harp; Sacha van Geest: flute, sax (1972 onwards), voc; Marco Vrolijk: dr, perc, voc. (RD and GS had left in late 1969)

(last concert: 28th July 1973. SvG and MV announced their leaving on first August.)

Supersister (1973-1974):

RJS; RvE; Charlie Mariano: sax, flute, bassclarinet, natha-suaram (March '74: replaced by Elton Dean: sax. First concert: 20th March, last: 23rd July); (John Schuursma: dr, then) Herman van Boeyen: dr; Daniel Denis (1973): dr (?); Rob Kruisman (1974): sax, flute.

(first: 24th Aug. 1973 / last: 10th Aug. 1974)

5014 March 1970: Geluids Technisch Bureau Bakker (GTB), Den Haag

She Was Naked (S)/Spiral Staircase (S) (Blossom Rec. 2103 002, May 1970)

Notes: I have two different covers: One with a blue one, the other with a picture of the band.

Engineer: Eric Bakker, prod: Hans van Oosterhout. Any connection to the studio Bureau GeluidsManipulatie?

((Polydor sampler Nederpop 1965-1975 (2426 016, 19??) with She Was Naked: B4.)).

Bonus tracks on Present From Nancy CD (see Entry 5016).

5015+ 21.6.70: Session '69, Dordrecht (AT?)

1 Memories Are New (E+S)/ 2 She Was Naked 3 Mexico 4 11-8/ 5

Dreaming Weelwhile (both: E+S) 6 Unknown Instr. (?) 7 Wow (Band) 8 Metamorphosis/ 9 Eight Miles High (rem. songs: S)
5016 July-Aug. 1970: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum : "Present From Nancy"

LP (Polydor 2441016, 1970?, with foc),

LP (Polydor 2419061, 1978?),

+LP Supersister (Dwarf PDLP-2001, 1970?, USA)

((LP Supersister (Dwarf PDLP-2001, 1970?, Promo for USA))),

CD PFN & To The Highest Bidder (Polydor, 843 230-2, 1990),

CD (Esoteric Rec. ECLEC 2056, 13.6.2008).
A1 Present From Nancy (E+S) (1a Introductions 1b Present From Nancy) 2

Memories Are New (E+S) (2a Memories Are New 2b 11/8 2c Dreaming

Weelwhile) B1 Corporation Combo Boys (S) 2 Metamorphosis (S) (2a Mexico 2b Metamorphosis 2c Eight Miles High) 3 Dona Nobis Pacem (H. van Oosterhout, Band)

Notes: Song 1a on US record as “Introduction”. Song 2 is also known as Memories Are New I (see also Entries 5043 and Nits – 067) and Memories Are New (Boomchick) (taken from the label). In the liner notes of the LP, the recording studio is called Phono Dream Studio, but it’s of course a nice description of the Hilversum Studios.

Song B1 with Gerhard Smid: g, voc.

The 2008 CD contains 2 singles as bonus tracks: Entries 5014 and 5017.

5017 (July-Aug.) 1970: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum: "Present From Nancy" (??)

Gonna Take Easy (Band, H. van Oosterhout)/Fancy Nancy (S) (Polydor 2050 048, Sept. (?) 1970?)

Notes: Most probably released before the LP. Cover and label stated Fancy Nancy as being on the A-side, but according to the lyrics, the song on the A-side is Gonna Take Easy. Same mix-up on LP (and CD) Superstarshine (see Entry 5038).

Bonus tracks on Present From Nancy CD (see Entry 5016), with the right sequence!

5018+ 1970/1971: GTB Studio, Den Haag

1 Working Woman (S)

RJS: keyb, voc.

Notes: Hauser Orkater demo session.

5019 Late 1970 (?): Phonogram Studios (?), Hilversum

A Girl Named You (S)/Missing Link (Band) (Pol. 2050 090, Febr. 1971?)

Notes: In comparison to the LP track with the same title, it seems to be a different song. B-side = instrumental.

Bonus tracks on To The Highest Bidder CD (see Entry 5028).

5020 Late (?) 1970: GTB Studio, Den Haag: "Musicians Union Band"

Musicians Union Band - +DoLP (Pol. 2675 009, Febr. '71),

- CD (Angel Air Rec. SJPCD010, fall '97).
B1 (LP) / 5 (CD) Bad Boy (E. Clapton, B. Bramlett)

RJS: p; Ray Fenwick: g; Bertus Borgers: voc, sax; Hans Vermeulen: g; Rinus

Gerritsen: bg; Willy Morcus: dr.

5021 Late (?) 1970: GTB Studio, Den Haag: "Musicians Union Band"

Bad Boy (E. Clapton, B. Bramlett)/Carolina Belle (R. Fenwick, H. Vermeulen) (Pol. 2050 102, 1971)

RJS: p (only A-side).
5022+ 5.2.71: Groeneveld Castle, Baarn (RT, TV)

1 Sweet Suicide 2 Present From Nancy (both: E+S) 3 Interview with .?. 4 A Girl Named You (S) 5 Interview ctd. 6 Mexico (S)/ 7 Metamorphosis (S)/ 8 Eight Miles High (S)

Notes: Two recording dates are circulating: 5th Feb. (5/2/71) and 2nd May (2/5/71)! 13th May is most probably the date of the VPRO radio broadcast. Interview recorded live in the studio or pre-recorded?

Song 3 re-broadcast on 31st August 2008 in Radio BRTO’s “Paperlate” (Nederpopclassics No. 572). Song listed as being from Baarn. Taken from a CDR, VPRO TV (!!) Special 1971, track 4. According to the retsisrepus site, VPRO recorded a show at Baarn’s Groeneveld Castle for this broadcast, but the tour list of the Supersister site doesn’t mention a Baarn show, neither in 1970 nor in 1971. But on the 5th Febr., a TV show is listed: VPRO televisie. On the 2nd May, no gig is listed. Other sources mention a VPRO telecast ((!)) in February 1971, resp. on 5th Febr. 1971.

Songs 2 (Introductions + PFN) and 4 released on an illegal (?) CDR “live in Baarn & Meerlo”. Sources are VPRO recordings. (See Entry 5036, and with 5 single tracks)
5023+ 10.3.71: TV studio, …?...: “TopPop” (AVRO)

1 A Girl Named You (S)

Notes: No song mentioned, but this was the single track in March.
5024+ 1.5.71: Session '69, Dordrecht (AT?)

1 No Electricity (?)/ 2 Seven Ways To Die 3 A Girl Named You 4 Mexico 5 Energy (Out Of The Future)/ 6 Higher 7 Present From Nancy (E+S) 8 Memories Are New (E+S)/ 9 She Was Naked (Rem. songs by S)

5025 May 1971: ..?.., Den Haag

1 Interviews with RJS

Notes: Part three (and one) of the second Supersister DVD (see Entry 5285): A 1971 VPRO telecast or a best of of sev. telecasts. Introduction of the musicians and interviews with all four members. With small snippets of band rehearsals, a radio interview, piano demonstrations by RJS, etc.

The retsisrepus site has with “Supersister on the road” a part of this telecast as bonus. But the audio track is different. The original sounds are replaced by Seven Ways To Die (S).

A part of these interviews were re-broadcast on 24th Sept. 1986 in "Zomerpop" (VARA). (See Entry 127 (1986)).
5026 31.5.71: Damensportpark Geleen, Burg ("Pinkpop")

DVD Pinkpop – The Vintage Years 1970-1974 (Universal 981 787-7, 2004)

4 Mexico (S) 5 Wow (Band)

Notes: Both songs incomplete. Concert footage without live sound!

(According to the pictures, they were filmed playing both songs incl. “I love you”. Although they recorded Wow for a single release in 1973, it’s an old song. See Entry 5015.).

Bonus on the retsisrepus site.

YouTube site: Both songs.
5027 6.6.71: In De Warrekam, Laren (“Popfestival”) (TV)

1 …?...

Notes: Fragment only. Part of a broadcast about this festival. Aired in 1971 by ..?..

YouTube site: Whole broadcast.

5028 June-July 1971: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum: "To The Highest Bidder"

LP (Polydor 2925 002, 1971?, with foc),

+LP (Polydor 285 133, 1979?),

+LP (Dandelion 2310 146, 1971?, UK, with She Was Naked),

CD Present From Nancy & TTHB (Polydor 843 231-2, 1990),

+CD (Esoteric Rec. ECLEC 2057, 13.6.2008).

A1 A Girl Named You (S) 2 No Tree Will Grow (On Too High A Mountain) (S) B1 Energy (Out Of Future) (S) 2 Higher (S)

Notes: Release date was most prob. in late August 1971. Entered the charts on 11th Sept.

The 2008 CD contains 2 singles as bonus tracks: Entries 5019 and 5029.
5029 June-July 1971: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum: "To The Highest Bidder"

No Tree Will Grow (S)/The Groupies Of The Band (Band (Pol. 2050 141, 1971?)

No Tree Will Grow (S)/A Girl Named You (S) (Pol. 2001 252, 1971, D)

+No Tree Will Grow (S)/She Was Naked (S) (Dandelion, 2001 379, 1971, UK)

Notes: A-side: LP version, faded in and out. B-side (Groupies): With some female singers and lots of parts of cover songs such as Frère Jacques (trad.)

NL single: Bonus tracks on To The Highest Bidder CD (see Entry 5028).

5030 4.+5.10.71: NDR Radio studio, Hamburg (D)

Supersister - CD *m*a*n* Memories Are New (SOSS 55 23272, Aug. (?) 2000)

1 Hommage (S) 2 Sweet Suicide 3 Modest Man 4 Wine Melody 5 Nothing Is Real (R. Douw, S) 6 Workman's Song 7 House In The Country (S) (rem. songs by RvE, S)

Notes: Songs 6-12 on the CD. Song 1 is an instrumental.

Recorded with the Tanz- and Unterhaltungsorchester of the NDR. It’s said that most songs were especially written and arranged for that event.

CD liner notes: 4-10-1971 (= 4th Oct. 1971?)

Supersister site – 1971: 10th May. “NDR radio opnamen” No town given. (There were concerts on the 6th May in Hamburg and on the 7th May in Bremen.)

Supersister site - 1971: 4th & 5th Oct. 1971 in Hamburg. NDR Radio Studio.

Stips site: Recorded in Bremen. ((Today the NDR Studio is in Hamburg))

Finally I got it! There were two pictures on the Supersister DoDVD (“Supersister Last Picture Show / 1970-73”): “Opnamen met orkest – Hamburg – 6. Okt. 71” and “NDR Studio Hamburg – 5. Okt. 71”. On the 3rd, they had a gig in the Netherlands, then, on the 4th, they travelled with the equipment in their van to Hamburg, were in the studio on the 4th and 5th and travelled on the 6th to Bremen for the next gig.

5031 Early 1972: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum: "Pudding en Gisteren"

LP (Polydor 2925 007, June (?) 1972?, with foc),

+LP Pudding And Yesterday (Polydor 2310205, 1972, D),

+LP (Polydor 2480 153, 1972, UK)

LP (Polydor 2419 058, 1977?),

CD PeG & Superstarshine (Polydor 843 230-2, 1990),

+CD (Esoteric Rec. ECLEC 2059, 13.6.2008).
A1 Radio (Band) 2 Supersisterretsisrepus (S) 3 Psychopath (S) 4 Judy Goes On Holiday (Band) 5 Oohwee I Love You Baby (S?) B Pudding en gisteren - Music For Ballet (S+E)

Notes: Harp on song A3 by RJS, on A1 by RvE. Credits for track Pudding en gisteren: E+S, arranged by Supersister. LP: Song A5 is a “ghost track” after more than a minute of silence. Not listed on the LP/CD. (Today, on a CD, it would be called a hidden track! But, on the 2 on 1 CD, there’s the normal gap between songs. And on the Esoteric CD?)

The German and English editions were released some weeks after the Dutch LP. With (translated) title “Pudding and Yesterday”.

According to RJS, they were working on this project with the Nederlandse Danstheater for about a year. Working title was “Signalen”. Danstheater director was Walter Nobbe, choreographer Frans Vervenne. Premiere on the 3rd March 1972 at the Circusgebouw, Scheveningen. With Supersister playing live. Were there more performances with the Danstheater?

((+LP 10 jaar Pinkpop (Philips 6436 099, 1979) with Radio. No live recording!))

(In June-July 1995, the band Kxtahpaph recorded Pudding en gisteren: +CD

Hard Age (Anserine Music ...?..., 1996).)

The 2008 CD contains 2 bonus tracks: Entries 5032 (B-side) and 5038 (B4).

5032 Early 1972: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum: "Pudding en Gisteren"

Radio (Band)/Dead Dog (S) (Pol. 2050 182, May 1972?)

Notes: Stips site says: Credits A: S, RvE, SvG; B: Supersister.

A-side: Same as LP track. B-Side: Bonus track on Pudding en Gisteren CD (see Entry 5031).

5033 1972: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum

Barry Hay - +LP Only Parrots, Frogs & Angels (Polydor 2925 006, May ’72),

- CD " (Lost & Found 547372-2, 7.5.1999).
A1 Xena 2 Sometimes Three Times B2 I Want To Be With You (all: BH)

RJS: synth (A1), keyb (A2), p (B2); Barry Hay: lvoc, bvoc (A1, 2), acg (A1, B2), snowflake strings (A1, B2), sax (A1), flute (B2); Hans Hollestelle: g (A1, 2), perc (B2); Frank van der Kloot: g, bg (B2); Jan Hollestelle: bg (A1, 2), perc (B2); Louis Debij: dr (A1, 2), perc (B2); Ron Westerbeek: org (A1); Herman van Veen: vio (A2), bvoc (A2); Cesar Zuiderwijk: bongos (B2); Josée (not Jose) van Iersel: bvoc (A1, 2); Gonnie van Dijk: bvoc (A1, 2); Patricia Paay: bvoc (A1).

Notes: The solo LPs of Barry and George were rel. on a +DoLP (Polydor 2679 013, 1972, D).

5034+ Feb. '72: Casino, Den Bosch (AT?)

1 Present From Nancy (E+S) 2 A Girl Named You (S) 3 Pudding en gisteren (E+S) 4 Mexico 5 Energy/ 6 Higher (all: S) 7 Radio (Band) 8 Wow (Band)

5035 1972 (?)

Supersister - CD *m*a*n* Memories Are New (SOSS 55 23272, Aug. (?) 2000)

1 Present From Nancy (E+S) 2 Radio (Band)/ 3 Mexico (S) 4 Judy Goes On Holiday (Band)

Notes: Live recordings. Date and location not given. Scheveningen? See Entry 5038. The whole gig was recorded. Credits for Radio: RvE, S, for Present: S.

More live tracks from that periode (Present From Nancy/Mexico, Judy Goes On Holiday) used as soundtrack for part two of the second Supersister DVD (see Entry 5285).
5036+ 8. or 9. 7.72: …?..., Meerlo: “Midsummer Pop Festival”

1 Judy Goes On Holiday (Band) 2 Radio (Band)

Notes: Released on an illegal (?) CDR “live in Baarn & Meerlo”. Source are VPRO recordings.
5037+ 1972 (?): GTB Studio, Den Haag

Duo Wubbels: He, wat maak je nou weer (S, W. Stips, J, Veth)/Ik zie jou daar wel staan (S, WS) (Polydor ...?..., 1972)

RJS: keyb, prod.
5038 Best Of: "Superstarshine vol. 3 - Supersister"

LP (Polydor 2419 030, fall 1972),

CD Pudding en Gisteren & Su (Polydor 843 230-2, 1990).
A1 She Was Naked (S) 2 Missing Link (Band) 3 A Girl Named You (S) 4 Fancy Nancy (S) 5 No Tree Will Grow (S) 6 The Groupies Of The Band (Band) B1 Radio (Band) 2 Spiral Staircase (S) 3 Gonna Take Easy (Band, H. van Oosterhout) 4 Wow (Band)

A: 5014/5019/5019/5017/5029/5029

B: 5031/5014/5017/new

Notes: Song B4 is a live version, recorded at the Circusgebouw, Scheveningen, 1st July, 1972 (“Holland Festival”). There are two parts: Wow – The Story (S) and Wow – The Song (Band). Songs A4 und B3: same mix-up ... (see Entry 5017). Not on CD are songs A3(, B1) and A5; song B4 is listed "fourth" on the CD.

Song B4: Bonus track on Pudding en Gisteren CD (see Entry 5031).
5038A+ Late 1972 (?): TV studio, …?...: "Edison Award '73 (?)" (TV)

1 Interview with RJS

2 Oohwee I Love You Baby (S?)

Notes: Song 2: Band performance of this “hidden track” of PeG LP. ((Or did they play Wow or the “I Love You” part of that song?)). They played this song instead of the expected hit Radio.

Listed in an article as Edison Award ’73, but as the band took part in March ‘73 in a concert with Award winners, it’s most possible from 1972.
5039 1973 (?): Dureco Studio, Hilvarenbeek

Wow (Band)/Drs. D (Band) (Pol. 2050 244, April ‘73)

Notes: A-side: Mistakenly credited to RJS. (Stips site says: Supersister.)

Song aka "Wow (The Intelligent Song)".

Bonus tracks on Iskander CD (see Entry 5044).
5040+ March 1973: Vliegermolen, Voorburg (TV)

1 Pudding en gisteren (E+S)

Notes: Concert with lots of international Edison Award Winners. Broadcast on TV. Supersister performed excerpts from P e g.
5041+ 20.3.73: Radio studio, London (?) (UK): "John Peel Sessions" (BBC)

1 Pudding en gisteren (E+S)

Notes: Live broadcast?
5042+ 1973: Phonogram Studios, Hilversum

1 Europe 15? Dollars A Day (Band)

Notes: Demo. Song title taken from the Stips site. According to this site recorded with the "new" band (=”Iskander”).

A single was announced but most prob. never released. Songs were Europe on 5, 10 or 20 Dollars A Day parts 1 and 2. On a website, even a cat. number is given with Pol. 2050 232. A mistake because the band which recorded Wow (Pol. 2050 244) wasn’t the new band??

5043 1973: Rainbow Studio (?), ...?...: ("Iskander")

Bagoas (E+S)/Memories Are New (Band 2) (Pol. 2050 272, Sept. 1973)

Notes: A-side: Different from LP version. B-side also known as Memories Are New II (see Entries 5016 and Nits – 067). Produced by Hans van Oosterhout, not Georgio Gomelski who was the LP producer. As the new band was formed in August 1973, it’s a August or September session in a Dutch studio.

Released in September. With 4 musicians on single cover: RJS, RvE, CM, HvB. I have no clue if the Rainbow Studio was the right name or another nice description of the Phonogram Studios?

Bonus tracks on Iskander CD (see Entry 5044).

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