Pieter van Huystee Film presents in co-production with ikon, Euromedia Productions, M30M and Canal Sur Televisión Blind Fortune a film through the eyes of blind lottery sellers

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Pieter van Huystee Film presents

in co-production with IKON, Euromedia Productions, M30M and Canal Sur Televisión

Blind Fortune

A film through the eyes of blind lottery sellers

a film by Ramon Gieling


Project summary

Production company: Pieter van Huystee Film

Noordermarkt 37-39, 1015 NA Amsterdam,

The Netherlands

Phone: +31 20 421 0606 / Fax: +31 20 638 6255


Language: Spanish with English subtitles

Genre: Full Length Documentary

Screening format: Digital Betacam, HD

Running time: 74 minutes

Land of origine: The Netherlands

Written and directed by: Ramón Gieling

Director of Photography: Goert Giltay

Editor: Patrick Janssens

Music: Paul M. van Brugge

Sound design: Marc Lizier

Sound: Danny Munoz

Camera assistant light & grip: Eugene van den Bosch

1st Directors Assistant: Ana Sanchez

Production Direction: Paulino Cuevas

2nd Directors &

Production Assistant: Salvador Gieling

Research: Pascale Luycks, Luis Lozano

Line producer: Natascha Teunissen

Producer: Pieter van Huystee

Commissioning editor: Margje de Koning, IKON

Pilar Ortega, Canal Sur Televisión S.A.

Sales agent: Kaisa Kriek, NPO Sales – Kaisa.Kriek@omroep.nl

Publicity: Curien Kroon – curien@pvhfilm.nl

This film is supported by: The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO Fund, Mediafonds,

EuroMedia Productions and M30M

World premiere: November 19th 2012, International Documentary Film

Festival Amsterdam

In Spain every day, in every city you see people buying a lottery ticket from a blind vendor at a street corner. Blind Fortune moves into the world of blind lottery vendors in Malaga and Sevilla. We are diving into their universe of moving darkness, motionless shadows and grey spots. At the same time we are telling the story of the winners and losers of the lottery, of the dreams and illusions the blind vendors sell.

Blind people don’t see the world and live in an universe of moving darkness, motionless shadows and grey spots. Their sense of touch is twice as developed as those of sighted people, their hearing is two to three times finer than that of looking fellow. In Spain, three fifths of all blind people live their lives working as a vendor of lottery coupons. And every day, in every village and every city you see people buying a lottery ticket from a blind vendor at a street corner or at the kiosk.
In this documentary we move into the world of five blind people. A former soldier in the legion, who was blinded twenty years ago in an accident, smokes joints, sells lottery tickets and says blindness made him a nobler person. A woman who tries to remember the last memories of sight in the village she was born. Another woman who is still fighting to accept her blindness. A former bartender who got blind in an accident and whose eyes were opened by the psychologists saying there was life after blindness. And a nine-year-old blind child who can afford going to school through the sale of lottery tickets. The lottery is the backdrop against which the stories of our blind characters occur.

Biography and Filmography Ramon Gieling

Ramón Gieling is a renowned Dutch filmmaker who has made numeral documentaries, feature films, short films and experimental films since 1975. Many of his films have been made in Spain, where the director is partly living. His work includes the documentary films THE FUTURE IS WITHIN AN HOUR, BUÑUEL’S PRISONERS, CINE AMBULANTE – LIGHT IN TIMES OF DARKNESS, BETWEEN TWO SAINTS, FILM FOR SALVADOR, WELCOME TO HADASSAH HOSPITAL, JOHAN CRUIJFF – EN UN MOMENTO DADO (theatrically released in Spain in 2004), GARDEN OF REMEMBRANCE, JOAQUIN SABINA - 19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES and TRAMONTANA and ABOUT CANTO. His work has been awarded in the Netherlands and abroad and has been shown at many international film festivals.

2012 Blind Fortune, 74 minutes. About blind lottery sellers. Photography; Goert Giltay PvH Film

in coproduction with Euromedia/M30M and Canal Sur TVEA

2011 About Canto, 78 min. IDFA 2011. Documentary about the impact of he musical piece Canto

Ostinato on the lives of nine characters. Cristal film 15.000 visitors

2009 Tramontana; Feature, 100 minutes. Pieter van Huystee Film. Opening night Dutch Film

Festival 2009. Photography Goert Giltay

2008 Joaquin Sabina, 19 dias y 500 noches; 82 minutes. Documentary. Awards Buenos Aires,

Lima and Alicante. Golden Calf nomination. Pieter van Huystee Film

2006 Garden of Remembrance; 46 minutes, documentary about Pilar Manjon who lost a son in

the Madrid train attacks of 2004. IKON Television. Pieter van Huystee Film.

2005 For One; Educating film for Ministery of Defense, 19 minutes. Fotografie; Stef Tijdink.

Prod; Pieter van Huystee Film

Happiness, Short featurefilm; 10 minutes 35 mm.

2004 En un Momento Dado, film about life and work of Johan Cruijff in Barcelona. 93 Minutes

35 mm.

Bi Ba Bo; Musical. 14 minutes 35 mm.

Slotstuk; about the composer Simeon ten Holt, 14 minutes.

2002 Between two Saints, een journey from San Sebastian to Frigiliana, Malaga.

54 minutes.

Cine Ambulante, about a travelling filmprojecteur in the villages round Salamanca.35 mm.

61 min.

Welcome to Hadassah Hospital, Israel. 54 minutes

A Film For Salvador, documentary, 55 minutes

2000 San Sebastian-Malaga, road-movie for Human Broadcast Company, 50 min.

1999 Death without end, feature, 100 min, Motel Films.

Unmercy, feature, 16mm, 47 min. Pieter van Huystee Film & Tv and Human broadcast


The prisoners of Buñuel, documentary 60 min, Pieter van Huystee Film & Tv and Human


Company. Prix Don Quijote and Fripesci 2000

Pro and Contra, series of 5 min. Programs for Human Broadcast Company

1997 Living with your eyes, 55 minutes. a film about the Dutch documentarist Johan van der


Special Award Portugal 1998

The future is in an hour, about the last gypsie blacksmith Salvador Vega, filmed in Spain,

documentary, 16 mm, 90 min. Jury-prize, Figueira da Foz, Portugal.

  1. Detail Unwound, documentary on the composer Thom Willems and choreographer William Forsythe, 16 mm, 75 mm. Various International Festivals.

  2. Off Minor, feature, 16 mm, 80 min. Golden Gate Award, Filmfestival San Francisco. Nomination Banff, Canada.

1994 Fathers and sons, feature, 16 mm, 20 min. Various International Festivals.

  1. A heroe of our time, 35 mm, feature, 20 min. Various International Festivals.

1991 Nostalgia for Death, film-essay based upon Octavio Paz, shot in Mexico.

16 mm, 90 min. Various International Festivals.

1989 We all love Julio, feature, 16 mm, 80 min.

1988 Miniature, short on Johan van der Keuken, 16 mm, 10 min.

  1. Between Front and homefront, documentary on the composer Simeon ten Holt, 16 mm, 50 min.

1986 Duende, filmessay based upon Garicia Lorca, filmed in Spain.

Photography; Goert Giltay, 55 min, 16 mm. Dutch contribution Input 1989.

1985 A Modest unleashening, documentary on the composer Jan Boerman.

Photography; Goert Giltay, 55 min, 16 mm.

  1. The way of all flesh, feature. Photography; Goert Giltay, 60 min.

1983 The living Silence, documentary on the painter Klaas Gubbels.

Photography: Goert Giltay , 16 mm, 50 min. Nominaton Golden Calf.

1982 Diary: Anatomy, 16 mm, 15 min.

1981 Feast of Ashes, feature 16 mm, 50 min.

1978 Diary: Round Moon, 16 mm, 15 min.

1977 Wanted: enemy, feature, 70 min.

1976 Creation and reality, documentary 45 min.

1975 The Hand, short feature, 15 min.

Filmography Pieter van Huystee Film
In 1995 Pieter van Huystee started his own production company. Since then he has produced 135 film projects, most of them documentaries, but also feature and short films and single plays – with both renowned Dutch filmmakers like Johan van der Keuken, Heddy Honigmann and Peter Delpeut and young talented directors. In 2000, Pieter van Huystee was awarded a Golden Calf, the highest distinction in the Dutch film industry, for his work as a producer.
Documentaries include a.o. AMSTERDAM GLOBAL VILLAGE (Johan van der Keuken, 1995) Prix des Cinémas de Récherche Marseille 1997, Dokumentärpreis des Bayerischen Rundfunks Munich 1997, THE GREAT POSTAL ROAD (Bernie IJdis, 1995); O AMOR NATURAL (Heddy Honigmann, 1996) Prix Italia 1997, THE UNDERGROUND ORCHESTRA (Heddy Honigmann) Prix SCAM Cinéma du Réel Paris 1998, Jury Award Yamagata 1999, THE LONG HOLIDAY (Johan van der Keuken, 1999) Silver Spire Award San Francisco 2000, Special Honorary Award Thessaloniki 2000, CRAZY (Heddy Honigmann, 2000) Audience Award IDFA 1999, Golden Calf Utrecht 2000; THE LAST YUGOSLAVIAN FOOTBALL TEAM (Vuk Janic, 2000) EBU Best Sports Documentary 2001; DUTCH APPROACH (René Roelofs, 2000) Comenius Sonderpreis Medaille Germany 2001, Dutch Academy Award 2001, FOR THE TIME BEING (Johan van der Keuken), Official selection ‘Quinzaine des Réalisateurs’ Cannes 2002, LAGOS/KOOLHAAS (Bregtje van der Haak, 2002); LA MANO (Heddy Honigmann, 2003); International première Museum of Modern Art New York, Official selection IDFA 2003 ; ARNA’S CHILDREN (Juliano Mer Khamis / Danniel Danniel, 2003) Official selection IDFA 2003; PUTIN’S MAMA (Ineke Smits, 2003) Official selection IDFA 2003, ‘Best Dutch Documentary’ HotDocs 2004 ; JOHAN CRUIJFF – EN UN MOMENTO DADO (Ramón Gieling, 2004); THE RED YEARS (Leo de Boer, 2005) selected for the Highlights of the Lowlands IDFA 2005 ; GOD IS MY DJ (Carin Goeijers, 2006), shown at the IFFR 2005 and in national theatres; IN EUROPE (36 epsiode series based on the bestseller In Europe by Geert Mak); THE DICTATOR HUNTER (Klaartje Quirijns, 2007) Nominated European Film Academy Award 2008, Best Documentary’ Courmayeur Noir In Festival Italy 2007; JOAQUIN SABINA – 19 DIAS Y 500 NOCHES (Ramon Gieling, 2008) Official selection IFFR 2008; SWEETY (Menna Laura Meijer, 2008); CARMEN MEETS BORAT (Mercedes Stalenhoef, 2008) Official selection Joris Ivens Competition IDFA 2008, Dutch Entry Oscars 2009; THE NEW RIJKSMUSEUM (Oeke Hoogendijk, 2008) Dutch Sound and Vision Award 2009, CRIPS (Joost van der Valk & Mags Gavan, 2009), FAREWELL (Ditteke Mensink, 2009) IDFA Competition for Feature-Length Documentary, Golden Calf best Documentary Film; SHOUT (Sabine Lubbe Bakker & Ester Gould, 2010); OTTO FRANK, father of Anne (David de Jongh, 2010); CLOSING IN ON TANJA (Leo de Boer, 2010); WILDERS, THE MOVIE (Joost van der Valk & Mags Gavan, 2010); DIVINE PIG (Hans Dortmans, 2010); PEOPLE I COULD HAVE BEEN AND MAYBE AM (Boris Gerrets, 2010) Winner Mid-Length competition IDFA 2010 and Visions du Réel Nyon 2011; TIGER EYES (Frank Scheffer, 2011); DEWOLFF (Carin Goeijers, 2011), GOZARAN (Frank Scheffer, 2011), THINGS THAT MATTER (Frans Bromet, 2011), KILLED IN ACTION (Robert Oey, 2012)
Features and single plays include FELICE.. FELICE.. (Peter Delpeut, 1998) Golden Calf ‘Best Feature’ and ‘Best Male Performance’ (Johan Leysen) Utrecht 1998, ‘Best Visualisation’ Chicago 1998, NOORDELOOS (Kees Vlaanderen, 2001) FIPA d’Or ‘Meilleure Interprétation Féminine’ (Juul Vrijdag) Biarritz 2001, QUICKSAND (Kees Vlaanderen, 2004) Dutch Academy Award 2004 for ‘Best Male Performance’ (Johnny de Mol) ; STILL WORLD (Elbert van Strien, 2005) Nominated a Golden Calf for Best Short Film Utrecht 2005; TRAMONTANA (Ramón Gieling, 2009) Opening film Dutch Film Festival 2009.
By combining daring with decisiveness, Pieter van Huystee Film nowadays has become one of the leading Dutch independent production companies, highly esteemed for the quality and wide range of its projects. Moreover, many of its documentaries and features are screened at festivals all over the world and have been awarded many times. www.pvhfilm.nl


Ramon Gieling


Pieter Van Huystee


Goert Giltay


Patrick Janssens


Paul M.Van Brugge


Daniel Muñoz

Assistent camera, light, grip

Eugene Van Den Bosch


Marc Lizier

Assistant director

Ana Sánchez

Assistent to director and production

Salvador Gieling


Pascale Luycks

Luis Lozano

Salvador Vega

Production Malaga

Paulino Cuevas (Euromedia Productions)

Uitvoerend producent

Natascha Teunissen

Productie PVH film

Dorothee Van Der Veer

Claire Van Den Ende

Isabel Lavilla Riera


Comissioning Editor Ikon Television

Margje De Koning
Coordinator van co-producties RTVA

Pilar Ortega


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