Press release research at Lloyds Register shows: ikm belgian Quality Systems and the Dutch kkm are similar

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 Research at Lloyds Register shows:

IKM Belgian Quality Systems and the Dutch KKM are similar

 Leuven, May 26, 2003. – The Dutch assurance system Keten Kwaliteit Melk (KKM – Chain of Quality Milk) and the Belgian system Integrale Kwaliteitszorg Melk (IKM – Complete Dairy Quality Management) are similar to each other as far as their effect on dairy companies is concerned. This has been determined by the independent and international certification and inspection office Lloyds Register.  

Lloyds Register offered its research report and statement last Monday, May 26th to both organizations who requested it, the Belgische Confederatie van de Zuivelindustrie (BCZ – Belgian Confederation for the Dairy Industry) and the Nederlandse Zuivel Organisatie (NZO – Dutch Dairy Organization). 

It is the goal of both the KKM and the IKM to assure the quality and safety of farm milk in the Netherlands and in Belgium respectively. Both systems provide extra guarantees on how farm milk is produced. Independent inspections assure that quality commitments are met by all dairy farms in question.  

Dutch dairy companies guarantee their buyers that uncertified milk is collected separately and that it is not used for producing finished dairy products for the consumer. The Belgian IKN system came into play a little later and now covers 70% of all milk in Belgium. Also in Belgium IKM certified milk is being produced separately from other milk in a number of dairy processing plants. Now that the Lloyds Register has determined that the methods for both quality assurance systems combined with the legal requirements of both countries are similar for both certification organizations, the dairy industry as recognized certification organizations are similar, it allows the dairy industry in both countries to exchange certified milk with each other. 

Up until now this has not been the case. This means that dairy companies in both countries are confronted with three types of milk, i.e. IKM certified milk, KKM certified milk and uncertified milk. This leads to higher logistics and processing costs. Both industry organizations, the BCZ and the NZO will present a report to their members.

 Note to the editor: for more information, please contact::

Renaat Debergh, secretary-general, BCZ-CBL, tel.: 016/30 07 70 or 0476/42 00 06

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