Unit 5 Running away? Lesson 21 a sore point

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Unit 5 Running away?

Lesson 21 A sore point

Ms Hall

Class 9, Mike Wilson's back in school today, after a second operation on his leg. Hopefully it will be more successful than the first, because he's had a very hard time. Before the start of the lesson, I'd like to remind you that he will still need our ..1.. . He's managing very well with the help of a ..2.. , I'm told, but if anybody sees him in any ..3.. , I trust they will ..4.. to help. So shall we get all those bags off the floor? And put your coats over the backs of your chairs, because we don't want anybody to ..5.. over them, do we? Right, I'll just go and fetch the ..6.. for this morning's lesson. Settle down, I shan't be long.

1 steun

2 wandelstok

3 moeilijkheid, probleem

4 hier: aanbieden

5 struikelen

6 dvd-speler


I'm so pleased you're back, Mikey! I've been worried sick about you. Will you be able to sit at your desk?


If you go on like that, you'll make him feel worse.


Yeah, I'm ..7.. fine. It doesn't help if people fuss too much.

7 hier: zich redden


I'm ever so sorry, Mikey. I wish I could do something. Does it hurt?


If I'm on my feet a lot, it does. The doctors fixed it with ..8.. ..9.. but that didn't work, so now they've ..10… the bones . There's a good ..11.. that it will ..12.. , but I'll never play football again.

8 metaal

9 pen

10 aan elkaar zetten

11 kans

12 genezen


That's a real shame, but you weren't that good anyway, were you?

Five minutes later...

13 oponthoud, vertraging

Ms Hall

Sorry about the ..13... Hello, Mike, nice to see you again! Now class, in last week's PSE lesson, we were discussing why so many young girls run away from home. We then looked at the ..14.. question of teenage ..15.. . Can anybody remember what the ..16.. research showed? Yes? Darren?

14 gevoelig

15 zwangerschap

16 meest recente


My mum reckoned this was an ..17.. ..18.. for ..19.., Miss.

17 ongeschikt, ongepast

18 onderwerp

19 derdeklasser

Ms Hall

Well, I ..20.. that opinion, because ..21.. is on the school curriculum and this is an important subject. ..22.. a ..23.. ..24.. , Britain has the highest teenage pregnancy ..25.. in western Europe. And this can of course ..26.. to family breakdown if the teenager doesn't get lots of support from her friends, her brothers and sisters ..27.. . Er, you look uncomfortable, Mike. Are you feeling all right? OK. Now, Darren, you are welcome to leave the class if you have any ..28.. but not so fast … I was planning to show you a few ..29.. from a very ..30.. and ..31.. film. The ..32.. of the film is Juno, and it's about a young ..33.. teenager. Has anybody in the class already seen it? No, well Juno has ..34.. sex with her boyfriend and gets ..35... She thinks about ..36.. but her family is very supportive. In the end she has the baby who is then ..37.. .

20 betreuren

21 Verzorging

22 volgens

23 recent

24 onderzoek

25 hier: cijfer

26 leiden tot / leidde(n) / geleid

27 enzovoort

28 bezwaar

29 scène

30 ontroerend

31 grappig, amusant

32 titel

33 Canadees

34 hier: onveilig

35 zwanger


Mikey? You OK? What's the problem, Mikey?

36 abortus


Nothing, I've just realized something. And it's not my problem, it's my sister's.

37 adopteren

Unit 5 Running away?

Lesson 22 At cross-purposes


Hi Sharon, can I come in?


No. ..1.. ..2... Go away. I'm expecting a call from someone.

1 toestemming

2 weigeren


Please, I just want to talk to you about something.


And I just want you to hop off. Get out and shut the door behind you ... Which ..3.. of 'get out' have you ..4.. understand?

3 deel, gedeelte

4 niet kunnen, er niet in slagen om


If you've got a personal problem, I'll listen sympathetically and ..5.. you when you ..6.. to mum and dad. Or do you think I should talk to them for you? Anything to ..7.. our family from ..8...

5 steunen

6 bekennen, opbiechten

7 voorkómen

8 uiteenvallen


Have you gone completely ..9..?

9 gestoord, krankzinnig


I'm sure you feel embarrassed about this, but it'll only get worse if you don't ..10.. anyone. I've heard you talking to Namil but she won't be able to help.

10 in vertrouwen nemen


What do you mean, help? I don't need any help. I'm not the one who has to ..11.. a ..12...

11 trouwen met

12 vreemde


What stranger? If he's the father of your baby, he won't be a stranger, will he?


Baby? What baby? What are you saying about me?


Nothing. Sorry. We had a PSE lesson about ..13.. teenage pregnancies.

13 ongewenst


What, and you immediately thought of me! Charming!


I'm sorry if I misunderstood, but I ..14.. you talking about women's refuges with Namil. And I know that's where ..15.. girls ..16.., so … Sorry.

14 toevallig horen

15 hier: weggelopen

16 hier: onderdak zoeken


You idiot. If you want my advice, you should stop listening to other people's ..17... Listen, it's Namil who's in trouble, not me. And if I share her secret with you, will you stop ..18.. ..19.. about me?

17 gesprek

18 verspreiden / verspreidde(n) / verspreid

19 gerucht


Yes. I promise. Cross my heart. Sorry.


And stop ..20.., will you? It gets on my ..21... OK, so you know Namil's family? She's a cousin of Rashid's.

20 je excuses aanbieden, zich verontschuldigen

21 zenuwen




Yeah, Spud. Well Spud's uncle and aunt have ..22.. a ..23.. for her, and not ..24.., she's dead set against it. In fact, she's refused to ..25.. it.

22 hier: regelen, arrangeren

23 huwelijk

24 verbazingwekkend

25 overwegen, nadenken over


I don't ..26.. her! But if they ..27.. and say she must, she'll have to, won't she? Then she won't be able to ..28.. school or see her friends again.

26 de schuld geven, kwalijk nemen

27 voet bij stuk houden

28 hier: afmaken


Well, there's a difference between a ..29.. marriage and an arranged one. I mean, Namil's parents can discourage her from having boyfriends that aren't from Pakistani families, but they won't force her into a marriage with someone she doesn't know. I hope they won't, anyway. They've made her wear ..30.. clothes from time to time and she has considered running away, but I think I've persuaded her to stay.

29 gedwongen

30 traditioneel


Have you? That's brilliant!


Well I'd hate to be in her shoes. I've been able to help her think about her ..31.. and then talk them over ..32.. with her parents. But until she does, don't you ..33.. breathe one word of this to anyone, all right? Because I'll break your other leg if you do, OK?

31 optie, keuze

32 rustig, kalm

33 wagen, durven


OK Sharon. I won't tell anyone. And I'm sorry if I …


I'd just shut up now if I were you, little brother. Why don't you go and make me a milkshake? You're not that useless …

Unit 5 Running away?

Lesson 23 Heart to heart

Dear Namil

1 Industrieel Ontwerpen

I hope you won't be offended if I write to you and describe myself and my life here in Pakistan. I am not yet 35 years old. I have lived in Rawalpindi all my life, except for the four years when I studied ..1.. at your ..2.. Nottingham University. Our families are distantly ..3.. and ..4.. your ..5.. has been in a ..6.. ..7.. , I am told you will ..8.. the old ..9.. .

2 geweldig

3 familie van, verwant

4 hoewel

5 opvoeding

6 westers

7 cultuur

8 waarderen, respecteren

9 gewoonte

I know you ..10.. that you won't be able to finish your ..11.. if you leave your country. My advice is that you should continue with your studies after we are ..12.. , because I know you are very young. If you come to live in Rawalpindi, you will be able to ..13.. the famous Fatima Jinnah Women's University. The FJWU is a place of ..14.. excellence with ..15.. research ..16.. and a well-equipped ..17.. . There are many undergraduate courses, including an excellent course in English. It would be a good idea for you to continue with your ..18.. of Shakespeare and other famous writers and ..19.. there.

10 vrezen, bang zijn voor

11 hier: opleiding

12 getrouwd (zijn)

13 gaan naar (als student)

14 academisch

15 uitstekend, uitmuntend

16 voorzieningen, faciliteiten

17 bibliotheek

18 studie

19 dichter

You will certainly be concerned that life with me in Pakistan will be strange and ..20.. for you. I am sure you will miss your friends' ..21.. at first, but I have younger sisters who will introduce you to other women. If you ..22.. to meet me somewhere, I think you will find that we have more in ..23.. than you suppose.

20 eenzaam

21 gezelschap

22 akkoord gaan met, goed vinden

23 gemeen hebben

If you do not find me ..24.., I will accept your decision and never bother you again. I am not an ..25.. man and I will not force myself on you if you show yourself to be ..26.. .

24 aantrekkelijk

25 onredelijk

With the greatest respect and best ..27..

26 onwillig


27 wens

Dear Hussein

Thank you for your letter. I must admit that I was surprised and ..28.. when I first heard that my parents wanted me to marry you. I couldn't believe my ears. I am only sixteen years old and I haven't even thought about marriage yet. I cannot imagine marrying anybody, especially not somebody I've never met.

28 geschokt, geschrokken

29 hier: grootbrengen, opvoeden

My parents have ..29.. me as a Muslim girl, and I try to understand the customs and traditions that they have always believed in. At the same time, I have a ..30.. ..31.. of friends, boys and girls that I meet at school or chat to on Facebook. I have often felt ..32.. between those two worlds, because my English friends are allowed more freedom than me. When I heard about you, I felt even more ..33.. .

30 breed, groot

31 hier: kring

32 scheuren / scheurde(n) / gescheurd

33 verward, in verwarring

If I come to live in Rawalpindi, I won't be happy. I'm sure your sisters' ..34.. would make me feel less ..35.. , but I'd miss my own friends and family too much. Your university sounds very good, but I don't want to study anywhere that's women only, and I'm not sure I want to study English anyway. Basically, I don't know what I want, but I am convinced it is not an arranged marriage.

34 vriendschap

35 heimwee (hebben)

I hope I haven't ..36.. or ..37.. you because I'm sure you are a very nice man. I spoke to my parents about you last week and they have agreed that I can stay in England if I want.

36 van streek maken

37 teleurstellen

Yours truly


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