Vocabulary List Wired vwo

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Vocabulary List Wired vwo
In this word list you will find many of the words you come across in this unit. They are put together in order of assignment and in order of occurrence in the text. These words may be part of your vocabulary test.


Spreading the news


Social commentators have been warning the people about the negative influence of violent TV programmes for years.



I work for a highly monolithic company. Change isn't exactly welcomed here.

monolithisch, een eenheid vormend

to embrace

The word 'art' embraces many things, including paintings, sculptures, literature and poetry.

hier: omvatten


The magazine was terminated because circulation was too low.

hier: oplage

to carry

This Australian soap opera is carried by TV stations all over the world.

hier: uitzenden

to serve

My father's advertising business serves at least fifty clients.

diensten leveren aan


This new cleaning apparatus comes with a vast array of accessories!



Leland moved to Paris because he was drawn by its metropolitan glamour and excitement.


to be polled

Sixty per cent of the voters polled said that they had voted against the current president.

meedoen aan een opiniepeiling

to be engaged in

Currently Tammy is engaged in the production of a new Broadway musical.

betrokken zijn bij

channel of communication

As a result of the massive power failure, all channels of communication were down for almost an entire day.


news gathering

News gathering is his greatest passion, so obviously he wants to be a reporter or a journalist.

nieuwsvergaring, het verzamelen van nieuwsfeiten


The dissemination of these new facts about the Israeli government is of the greatest importance. The people have a right to know!



The change of governments in that African country brought on a massive upheaval.


to centre on

My grandmother's entire life centred on her children.

zich richten op


The ubiquity of fast-food restaurants and drive-ins has contributed certainly to the problem of child obesity.



Wired UK (Listening text)

to tune in to

So tune in again next week for another Top 40 Classics!

afstemmen op (een radiozender)

to transmit

Paula says she can transmit brain waves and use them to communicate with aliens.


to cater for

Our company caters for children of all ages who like sports.

zich richten op

to keep abreast of

I don't really keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of IT.

op de hoogte blijven van


Don't turn the set on again! Why don't you go read a book or something?

hier: toestel


My brother is boring. He just sits in front of the box all day, watching stupid cartoons.

hier: 'het kastje'

licence fee

You didn't pay your licence fee? Well, in that case I think I know why your TV is 'broken'...

kijk- en luistergeld


The family unit is one of the pillars of society.


to gripe

Stop griping about the weather and find something else to do indoors!



The latest news

crime correspondent

Well, if you're so interested in crime and journalism, why not become a crime correspondent?



What an awful man! He knowingly sold you that wreck of a car!

willens en wetens


Justin told Britney rather callously that she was too goody-goody for him..



No, you're mistaken. Rowan is not a widower, he's a divorcee.

gescheiden man / vrouw

to inflict

The brave knight inflicted a mortal wound on his enemy.



Yakshina had a very florid bruise on her face, but she claimed she had walked into a doorpost.

in het oog springend

solicitor's clerk

It helps to know a little bit about the law if you want to be a solicitor's clerk.

notarieel assistent


In the 18th century, many Europeans fled to America to escape religious prosecution.

(strafrechtelijke) vervolging

sexually transmitted disease (STD)

Chlamydia is one of the most common STDs. It is also one of the hardest to detect.

seksueel overdraagbare aandoening (SOA)

to collapse

My parents' marriage collapsed when my mother found out my father was having an affair.

hier: stuklopen


If you don't want to have any more children, John, then maybe you should consider a vasectomy.

sterilisatie (van man)

to appeal

I would like to appeal to everyone to donate as much or as little money as they can spare to this worthy cause.



Seriously sensational

to brand

I forgot to pay for a pen and because of that I was branded a common criminal!


to blast

The opposition blasted the new law on smoking in public.

hier: kritiek leveren op

to woo

My dad wooed my mother for three months before she finally agreed to marry him. Isn't that romantic?

verleiden, het hof maken

sex predator

The FBI has a database full of sex predators they want to keep an eye on.



John was so rude to me! He was simply vile.

smerig, verachtelijk

to cage

I can't believe Lily stole another car five minutes after she was released! She should be caged for life.

achter de tralies stoppen


Don't shoot the messenger!

to push past

When little Roger fell into the pond, Mustafa pushed past the shocked crowd to save him.

voorbij dringen

to graze

It's not too serious, the bullet just grazed your forehead.



I just don't know what else we can do to stop the rising tide of truancy.

hier: golf

chief constable

Lilian is the youngest chief constable in the history of the Birmingham police department.

hoofdcommissaris van politie


The feud between the two families had been going on for so long that nobody remembered what caused it in the first place.


to be acquitted

O.J. Simpson was suspected of murdering his ex-wife and her boyfriend, but to everybody's surprise he was acquitted.

vrijgesproken worden


'Yardie' is a slang name for a drug dealer or gangster of Jamaican descent.

Jamaicaanse drugsdealer / gangster


Quantum leap in communications

quantum leap

At first we thought little Joseph might be mentally handicapped, but these past few months he has made a quantum leap in his development.

ongeveer: gigantische sprong

to unfold

Stay with us on Channel Four; we will be following the events in Moscow as they unfold.

zich ontvouwen

to blanket

The AIDS problem is something which blankets the globe.



The death of his mother had a profound effect on Jeremiah.


to be housed

In the future, all communication tools needed at home or in the office will be housed in one and the same unit.

ondergebracht zijn

merchandising outlets

Big companies like The Gap have merchandising outlets all over the world.


to rely on

The success of our skiing holiday relies on the snow conditions in Austria.

afhankelijk zijn van

to reconstitute

Isn't it marvellous, the way a picture that has been transmitted over so many miles is perfectly reconstituted on your TV screen?

weer opbouwen


Samira opened the window, thus trying to get rid of the awful smell of rotten eggs.

zo, op die manier

fibre-optic cable

The introduction of fibre-optic cable has sped up communications enormously.



Sulphur is one of the three main components of gunpowder.



Rishi pushed a strand of hair out of his eyes.

streng, sliert

to wire

Has your office been wired for broadband internet yet?

bedrading aanbrengen, hier: geschikt maken voor

on demand

Designer clothes are usually produced on demand.

op verzoek

to permit

This new system permits clients to log on and view the status of their order.

het mogelijk maken om


Daniel will just drop by unannounced at any given time.



Their headmaster is a very staid man. He always wears the same suit with the same tie.

bezadigd, saai

to register

You can register any comments via our website: www.bbc.co.uk/homes.

hier: kenbaar maken

to customize

Of course, this kitchen can be completely customized to your needs and wishes.



You might want to take a long-shot of that scene, because this way you can't see everything that is happening.



When the camera took a close-in picture of the princess, everybody could see she was crying.



The batter stepped up to the plate, swinging his bat and flashing the pitcher a threatening look.

slagman (bij honkbal)


Pundits are saying that all polar ice may melt in our lifetime.


to differ

My brother and I differ on the present we should give to our mother for her fiftieth birthday.

het ergens niet over eens zijn


Thanks to the fragmentation of the opposition, the government was re-elected.


occupational culture

Going out for a drink after work is an important aspect of the occupational culture of advertising agencies.



There was an absolute plethora of food and drink. I simply didn't know what to have.



The Matrix Reviewed

to close the book on

This verdict closes the book on one of the most controversial court cases in British history.

afronden, een eind breien aan


The Oscar-winning actress was subjected to a barrage of questions.



How can you already be so jaded when you're only eighteen years old?



A renegade policeman has confessed to shooting and killing five addicts in the greater Washington area.



When there's a thunderstorm, a big tree in the middle of a field isn't exactly the best possible refuge.



There has been an unheard-of strike at the local hospital.


to make a last stand

The three desperados made a last stand against the sheriff's men.

je klaarmaken voor het laatste gevecht


The two football teams treated their supporters to a spellbinding match.


to envelop

The graveyard was enveloped in fog, which made it look very spooky.

hullen, opslokken


There's a subterranean river here, which surfaces about thirty kilometres to the north.


to revolve around

The novel revolves around a young man who is looking for his birth mother.

draaien om

to go by the wayside

All politeness went by the wayside when John accused his boss of firing him because he was overweight.

terzijde worden geschoven

hit someone over the head with something (to ~)

All right, I know I made a mistake, you don't have to keep hitting me over the head with it!

iets meer dan nadrukkelijk zeggen of duidelijk maken

to resolve

The conflict between Liana and her sister still isn't resolved.


to solidify

I know Richard is being annoying, but he's just trying to solidify his new position as head of the department.

consolideren, verstevigen

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